With all the recent announcements on the upcoming release of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s third season and “The Best of Both Worlds” on Blu-Ray, the focus has drifted from the debut of Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-Ray in just over a month’s time. Season 1 is scheduled to hit shelves on March 26 in the U.S. and Canada and a few days later in other countries.

The folks at CBS/Paramount have provided TrekCore with a special look at the release in the form of a brand new trailer. We’re presenting it here in full high-definition with download options in varying resolutions below.

Download480p (52 MB) • 720p (107 MB) • 1080p (224 MB)

The trailer takes on a similar style of the UPN Network promos first used to advertise the series, focusing on the fact that it is set before Picard and Kirk. The trailer features a peak at the raft of new bonus material included on the set including Roger Lay Jr.’s three-part documentary “To Boldly Go – Launching Enterprise”, the “In Conversation” piece between executive producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman and finally my most anticipated piece – “On the Set”, an in-depth look at the production of an episode (“Vox Sola“) recorded during the filming of the show. We’ll have more about this piece and the set as a whole in an upcoming interview with Roger Lay Jr.

Whilst it’s difficult to gauge the quality of the transfer from the trailer, it’s clear from the shots that the high-definition print certainly trumps the DVD quality we have become used to. VFX shots which have had to be upscaled to full 1080p fare relatively well, and live action footage looks wonderful (especially the outdoor shots from “Desert Crossing“).

Fans worldwide can lock in a pre-order for Season 1 of Star Trek: Enterprise below.

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  • archer923

    Well that was a fun trailer. They actually had footage of them filming Vox Sola and didn’t include it in the DVD set. That was really dumb lol.

    • Quinn

      That “On the Set” piece is something that’s never been seen before… I don’t think a copy of it was available when they were doing the DVDs.

      • archer923

        It was shot during Vox Sola. They had the footage to do it for the DVD release. That was my point. They chose not to. Probably space reasons.

        • Quinn

          CBS didn’t shoot it… but as the article says, more about will be coming along soon enough! 😉

          • archer923

            It still existed back in 2001. That’s what I’m getting at…

  • Quinn

    I was hoping the clip of the “In Conversation” piece with Berman and Braga might show some of the ‘extremely candid’ parts of the talk, but I guess they needed to stick with the “We made good choices” part for the promo.

  • Legolars

    I can’t say that trailer made me want to buy this set. I’m still on the fence about buying ENT on Blu. I’ll wait for the price to drop first.

    • Ashley Williams

      If its anything like TNG, it will. TNG dropped over half from anouncement to the actual release on both seasons 1 & 2. Also keep in mind this hasn’t been redone in anyway as far as we know, which means that they don’t really need to make anything back other than the costs of the blu-ray masters (which is probably cheep as hell)

  • pittrek

    Wow, I never realised how HORRIBLE the CGI is. But the good thing is the transfer of the 35mm looks pretty nice

    • Quinn

      Well, it looked nice in 2001, at least!

      • pittrek

        Actually I think it looked nice in 480i/576i 🙂 Anyway, I’m buying it

  • Esmeralda

    It is very obvious that VFX scenes are upscaled to full 1080p. VFX scenes are really bad.

  • Craig

    I cant tell a difference from the HDNET copy’s I have. Looks the same, though maybe slightly less hazy.

    • Quinn

      Please don’t discuss piracy here.

      • Darkthunder

        Not sure how HDNET can be considered piracy. Looks pretty legit to me. Not that I have any interest in utilizing their service, mind you.

        In regards to the blurays, my DVDs of the Enterprise series will do nicely for now. Rather wait for the DS9 series on BluRay.

        • Quinn

          “Copies” of HDNET broadcasts would be considered piracy, as they are not available for purchase.

          • archer923

            Please stop assuming the person didn’t make their own files from their TV/DVR. I do it all the time. For shows that aren’t available in Bluray. It’s like we forgot people use to make personal copies from TV shows.

  • David James

    Wow, I had almost forgotten how cheesy and generic the dialogue was on this show.

  • Ashley Williams

    what do you think of T’Poll. I think shes pretty. Shes got an awfully nice bum!
    Naw shes a vulcan!

  • Sky

    The visual effects of TOS-Remastered look better than the effects of “enterprise”!! TNG-Remastered looks like feature film effects!!

    • Esmeralda

      I agree. TOS-Remastered has better VFX than Enterprise. It is sad. It is really obvious that ENT VFX scenes are upscaled. They look blurry compared to live action. ENT really needs new transfer and VFX scenes should be redone in Full HD resolution.

      • Ashley Williams

        Well of course it looks better. TOS-R was 2006. That was about a year after ENT was canceled. ENT was 2001. 5 years gives you a huge room for improvement, and more often than not the quality of a show is locked in at season 1. I’ll be curious to know what season 4 looks like since it wasn’t shot on film.

      • archer923

        They aren’t gonna pay to redo every shot. What happens if files are lost, like Babylon 5?

        • Esmeralda

          They do not need old files if they choose to redo VFX scenes.

          • archer923

            A Huge amount a money used on a failed series (compared to the others). Not a good idea.

    • archer923

      TOS remaster effects are pretty bad in a lot of episodes. ENT is better most of the time.

      • Esmeralda

        I disagree. VFX scenes in TOS-R are better. They have more details. And planets are more convincing.

        • archer923

          I don’t agree. The Ent textures and lighting are poorly done. Compare the TOS ENT, to the one used in a Mirror Darkly/TATV end shot.

    • mswood666

      Well on my HD, the cable HD release of ENT from several years ago is for the most part far superior to the TOS remastered. Not to say all their fx work was great, but for the most part it was superior. Certainly space shots. The one place I think that TOS might be superior is some of their digital matte recreations. And a couple of planets. But thats about it.

  • Edward Plunkett

    I don’t agree…

    Enterprise VFX are surprisingly convincing 12 years later, even in 720p-upscaled 1080p!
    Apart from a bit of aliasing, ENT VFX worthy of SGU (2009) ones, and far better than cheap TOS-remastered CGI.

    And by the way, the Enterprise dialogues were neither “cheesy” nor “generic” at all. Actually, they were grounded and hard-SF type: kinda “Right Stuff” inside Trek future.

    Enterprise is arguably the most compelling Star Trek spin-off!
    Can’t wait this Blu-Ray release…

    • Hermann

      VFX looks quite artificial. The look reminds me of “Babylon 5”.

  • Ashley Williams

    I was a bit surprised on the effects. Some of them just flat out scream CGI, but others actually hold up pretty well. The live action looks awesome. I’ve seen this show on cbs.com (which claims hi-def), and I didn’t see much of a difference over the dvds, but this is a huge improvement.

  • adamclark83

    Be getting this for sure.

  • Neill Stringer

    April is going to be an awesome month for Trek.

  • Kyle

    Never really liked Enterprise, while it was a good show on its own, it never really felt “Star Trek” to me, especially the opening theme YUCK

  • Mike C.

    Right on.