Fans of Star Trek: Enterprise are on countdown for the release of the show’s inaugural season on Blu-Ray in little under two weeks time. TrekCore’s review copy arrived today and we’re thrilled with both the packaging and unique Blu-Ray menu system the team have put together for this release.


When we first revealed the cover art choice selected by CBS, a number of fans were somewhat disappointed in the decision to go with a generic ‘flat’ stock image for the release. However, when I set my eyes on the set this afternoon I was delighted to see that the slipcase design sports a stylish and sleek shiny embossed metallic finish which brings a whole new dimensionality to that image. It’s somewhat hard to capture the effect on camera, but I’ve snapped a few shots which you can see below

The set follows the same design standard as the new Blu-Ray season sets for Star Trek: The Next Generation Remastered. Slide off the slipcase and you have a 6-Disc Case which is the thickness of a normal Blu-Ray:

The discs themselves sport the now-standard plain blue coloring with no artwork. The set guide is visible behind the discs with a full breakdown of the contents for each disc with some beautiful new artwork of the Enterprise NX-01 docked beside the Kreetassan ship from the first season episode “Vox Sola“:


The menus presented in this set are some of the best I’ve ever seen designed for a Star Trek Blu-Ray or DVD release. They feature a three-dimensional styled NX-01 computer system with hints of the holographic time stream graphics from “Cold Front” and the opening title credits to the show. It’s an incredibly cool design which has to be seen in motion to appreciate how much work has gone into it. In the meantime, here are some stunning stills from the sequence:

Watch out for our full length review of the set coming soon in addition to a comparative analysis of Enterprise’s HD transfer in relation to the original SD DVD print. Enterprise Season 1 comes bursting at the seams with new bonus features including a brand new three-part documentary profiling the launch of the show, a candid conversation piece between executive producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman, a never-before-seen all access documentary detailing the making of an episode and of course a slew of audio commentaries and the original DVD bonus features!

The set is release in just under two weeks time, so make sure you’re ready by pre-ordering your copy at Amazon using the links below!

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