As Enterprise prepares to launch from drydock with the release of Star Trek: Enterprise – Season 1 on Blu-Ray in a couple of weeks, we’ve got an exclusive look at the cover art for the second season set which will hit shelves later this year. The artwork is shown in a brand new trailer promoting the second season which will be included on Disc 1 of Season 1 along with the trailer for TNG‘s “The Best of Both Worlds” which we’ve already profiled.

Season 2 carries on with the same background motif used in the first season set, this time in blue. All seven primary cast are shown in a publicity shot taken for the show’s first season. You can view a larger version by clicking on the art below.


The original publicity shot that the art is taken from is shown below. The designers opted for the Season 1 cast publicity shot over the Season 2 variant (we’ve shown it below for comparison). Be sure to let us know what you think about the choice in the comments at the bottom of this page!

Cast publicity photos from Enterprise‘s first (left) and second (right) seasons.

Please bear in mind – as ever – that the artwork is provisional and subject to change between now and release-date. We’ve got pre-order links below for the first season of Enterprise which is drawing ever closer and we’ll have a full review of that set very shortly!

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  • archer9234

    I guess they used the s1 version because it shows them more evenly (that and archer’s foot isn’t cut off). And since there’s no physical differences in appearance to the cast, it was no big deal. At least Phlox and Malcolm aren’t ignored.

    • Yes, it’s good enough. Having decided on publicity cast calls, I do wonder how S3 & S4 will be handled. Hopefully not by still using S1 or S2 shots because Archer has a different look, and T’Pol & Phlox also have makeovers.
      Unless there’s something for S4 I’ve never seen, these seem to be the only options:
      …and they’re wide.

      • archer9234

        Yeah. What are they gonna do for S3 and 4. I can’t recall any proper photos (at least released) made for those seasons. I guess they could use those single character photos from the s3 wallpapers.

        • Mike

          There were a couple for Season 3 that could be used, perhaps Season 4 will just have the ship itself on the cover?

          • archer9234

            It’s possible. I was just thinking they just want the crew on the cover. Since they threw out that poll for no real good reason.

        • James

          I was really hoping, although I know it would be difficult to have:

          Season 3 – Post Azati Prime dirty/damaged uniforms
          Season 4 – Clean uniforms, S3/4 style makeover intact

      • Mike C.

        Looks like JB only has one stance for publicity photos! So glad they made her over for 3/4. She looks so much better. More… human.

  • MattR

    The Season 2 one is kinda dark. Overall, it’s kinda boring.

  • Simon

    Never realized how tiny Hoshi is…

  • New Horizon

    Not the finished version of the art I hope? The cropping around the characters is a bit…rough…for a professional product.

    • trekcore

      Right, it’s provisional artwork and subject to change. I’d imagine it will get a polish before it’s finalized.

  • I wonder if they plan to put up all 4 this year. If they do I’m buying. Its tied with Voyager for first place for me. If there had been another season I don’t think it would have had any problems beating out Voyager. Mostly because the first 2 1/2 seasons of voyager were crap.

    • archer9234

      Putting out all 4 seasons in a year might be too much. Doing two a year would be better. Easier on my wallet. I’m already taxed with TNG and ENT. Plus the people who want TNG ENT and BOBW would be even harder.

      • I’ve been in that situation, and it was just a matter of picking the best set with the amount of money I had at the time. Then waiting until I could afford the next. It was slightly easier after I realized just how horrible TNG’s DVDs were. Then in 2006 when I could afford everything, I decided not to until everything was in HD.

        • Mike C.

          Same here. I have a price threshold for TNG that I do not go over. Patience! I might, however, splurge on ENT.

    • Mike

      Season 2 of TNG was released in early December and Season 3 will hit in late April so we’re almost five months in between on those. That means Season 4 of TNG will likely come in August or September so they can rush out Season 5 for Christmas … maybe not, but considering they cut down the number of months between the releases of TNG to just under 5 months I can’t see them waiting until the end of the year to release Season 4. As for ENT I could see Season 2 hitting as early as late summer, with a Season 3 release for Christmas. It’s heavy on the wallet, for sure, but the demand is there (especially since they usually sell them around $65 on release day). Plus getting 3 seasons of ENT out by then end of the year means they can start selling DS9 by mid-2014 (I’m guessing VOY will be the last series to come to Blu-Ray).

  • Mike C.

    The suits changed colors for season two. This is wrong. FAIL.

    • It’s not the final artwork, so it’s not quite a fail… yet.

    • archer9234

      Even I didn’t notice that. But that could be fixed with a color re-balance.

  • Wes

    Will there be a trailer for season 2 of Enterprise on both the season 3 set of TNG-R and ENT Season 1 blu ray sets?

    • Mike

      Hmmm … from a marketing standpoint it makes sense to do it that way, but does Season 1 of ENT have a trailer for Season 3 of TNG? If not then they will probably not put trailers for Season 2 of ENT on Season 3 of TNG.