Robert Linden, CBS Music ExecutiveWe’re sad to report the loss of Robert Linden, a name most of you will not be familiar with. Robert was instrumental in the production of several Star Trek soundtrack projects, including the recent TOS Soundtrack Collection from La-La Land.

Producer Lukas Kendall reached out to TrekCore to commemorate Robert with this short piece:

CBS music executive Robert Linden, 57, died April 3rd while battling leukemia. Robert was associate director of music at CBS Television Studios and amongst his wide variety of responsibilities acted as a curator of Star Trek’s musical legacy, keeping close track of the original scores and documentation. He provided essential access and assistance for recent Star Trek soundtrack productions, particularly La-La Land Records’ 15CD box set, which quite literally would not have been possible without his help. He was widely respected and appreciated within his field of the film/TV music business—and as a musician himself, had many fans and friends within the L.A. music and arts community.

On a personal note, Robert extended far more courtesies to me over the course of several CBS soundtrack CD productions than I had any right to expect. He was a warm-hearted, gracious and helpful executive who tirelessly sought to do good work. Star Trek fans are surely aware of the many Hollywood personnel who have contributed to the franchise over the years, rarely with credit. Robert is surely one, and on this sad occasion I would like to bring him out of anonymity even if it is too late for him to take a bow himself. He was a sweet and decent man and I very much enjoyed working with him.

For more information, see Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline Hollywood.

– Lukas Kendall