TrekCore can reveal that the entire principal cast of Star Trek: Enterprise have reunited today to film a special cast reunion piece for the upcoming Season 2 release of the show on Blu-ray. Scott Bakula (Archer), Jolene Blalock (T’Pol), Connor Trinneer (Trip), Dominic Keating (Malcolm), John Billingsley (Phlox), Anthony Montgomery (Travis) & Linda Park (Hoshi) were all present along with the show’s co-creator Brannon Braga.

Brannon tweeted a great picture of the team earlier today:

Enterprise Cast Reunion

The reunion follows a similar format to the massively popular TNG Cast Reunion which was included on the second season Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Securing the schedules of all principal actors is a daunting feat to say the least, so it’s to the credit of Roger Lay, Jr., Robert Meyer Burnett and CBS that they’ve pulled something this spectacular off yet again!

Stay tuned as we’ll bring you all the latest news on the release of Season 2 of Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-ray as we get it!

UPDATE: We can now reveal that the reunion was completed with a special surprise guest. Actor Jeffrey Combs who played Shran in the series surprised the cast with an unannounced appearance! We can’t wait to see the results in what is sure to be a thrilling addition to the next Enterprise Blu-ray set!

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  • Awesome picture! It’s great to see them all again.

  • I really don’t get it why they have to SFX Billingsley’s smile on this photo too … Oh wait 😀
    Joking aside, this is great news, I can hardly wait.

  • I’m happy to see this level of cast involvement – I hope we can get these types of reunion pieces for the (potential) DS9 and Voyager sets as well… eagerly awaiting to hear what they have to say!

  • archer9234

    A really good reason to pick up the second season.

  • Wes

    If it’s anything like the TNG Reunion that CBS did for Season 2 of TNG-R, then I would be happy!

  • M. Wright

    Yes! Excellent news 🙂

  • myself

    Not only do we have the 3 principle cast, we also have some of the supporting characters too! – Sure is good to see the one on the far left again. He must have said an average of at least 4 words an episode!

  • Guest

    Wow everyone looks great. If not even better.

  • “Hey dude, we’re putting the band back together!” 🙂
    Something I actually never thought I’d see. Thank you! Can’t wait to see Season 2 in HD.

  • Gilbetron

    I can’t wait to see this reunion. Season 2 of Enterprise is probably one of the weakest seasons of Trek ever produced, but I’m a completist and I’m glad the VAM folks are rewarding me for it. 🙂

  • Kreg Roenfeldt

    The group looks great. If not better than during the show.

  • Simon

    Hooray: Linda Park!
    Good to see the crew all back together. Would prefer it if it were a 5th season episode they were filming but I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

    • archer9234

      It be interesting if they could afford one more episode as a bonus feature on season 4. Not even make sets. Act it out theater style.

  • Anthony should smile more. lol

    • archer9234

      He should be the one that talks the most during the reunion. Seriously, he did less than Sulu…

      • Mike C.

        I thought his portrayal and character were a missed opportunity, too. At least he got a sub plot in the penultimate story.

        • archer9234

          Oh, yes. I was like: Wait a minute…Travis has dialog. Holy ****. And then the shows dead.

  • Marcus

    Jolene Blalock is the only one who appeared in a costume. The others… John Billingsley looks like as if he just fell off bed….

  • pittrek

    Yesterday I have FINALLY received my copy of Season 1, and now this … I love surprises 🙂 I have never realised how much Connor looks like Frakes 🙂 But John looks like some homeless guy…

  • Loved TNG’s ‘Re-Unification’ Featurette, so will love this. and even though he wasn’t in every episode, i always considered Shran to be the (unofficial) 7th Main Character on the show

  • Jake

    Maybe now they can do season 5

  • Mike

    Loved Jeffrey Combs! Such a versatile actor … Shran and Weyoun were very memorable characters. I hope he participates in the DS9 reunions.

  • Get it done already! The show’s been cancelled for a long time now! Give us Season 2!

  • archer9234

    I hope Combs gets to say Pink skin somewhere in the reunion.

  • Jezzer

    I LOVED this show Highly unlikely but I’d be thrilled to see it back OK it had a serious “blip” but was really back on track & there is so much potential STILL there I live in hope!!!!