Two years ago, fans thought it would be impossible that a show like Star Trek: The Next Generation could ever be remastered in high definition. Like spinoffs Deep Space Nine and Voyager, TNG was originally shot on film but subsequently edited at video resolution.

Thanks to CBS’s faith in Star Trek as a product and a strong determination to preserve it at HD resolution for future generations, an unprecedented remastering project was green-lit. The project goes back to the original 35mm camera negatives of The Next Generation, with the team at CBS Digital rebuilding each episode shot-by-shot in a similar fashion to how the show would have been produced back in the 1980s. Visual Effects are being freshly composited using the latest software available and planets and CG effects are being rendered from scratch with a keen sense for detail and authenticity.

The Challenges of Reproducing CG Work

A key difference between TNG and later shows is its dependence on physical models over CG elements. This gave CBS a huge advantage in the remastering project, as the majority of 35mm footage of the physical models still existed in the Paramount vaults. Of course, different passes (model, matte, lighting elements etc.) of shots have to be recomposited, but this is a far less daunting prospect than having to reconstruct CG models from scratch.

On the few occasions where CG models were used in The Next Generation – the most notable being the Crystalline entity from “Datalore” and “Silicon Avatar” – Niel Wray and his CG team at CBS Digital have to start from scratch in building the elements. Any original files that may have been used to render the shot back in the day have long since been lost. As any CG artist will tell you, rendering shots in CG is complicated enough, but when you have to reproduce something, not only in appearance but in motion, the level of difficulty grows almost exponentially.

Complex CG battle sequences with dozens of ships in each shot were common during the last two years of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Considering a show like Deep Space Nine which relies so heavily on CG models (especially in the last two seasons), the task of reproducing 50 different CG ships following complicated flight paths, firing at each other and exploding left right and center in grand battle sequences would border on the impossible given time, financial and resource constraints in any DS9 Remastering project.

Original CG Assets

It’s long since been the belief of fans – and indeed CBS – that the scene files used back in the 1990s to render these CG shots have long since been lost. After all, it was far easier to neglect computer files than it was rolls of physical film. Couple that with how hard disc space was such a valuable commodity 15 years ago, and an assumption that the original files were lost or simply overwritten could certainly be believable.

As part of an upcoming feature profiling the original CG artists who worked on Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise, I set about researching and contacting a number of the team who were responsible for CG work back in the day for effects houses such as Foundation Imaging and Eden FX. A startling breakthrough came during an interview with former Senior CG Supervisor Robert Bonchune who worked on all three post-TNG spinoffs and won a host of Emmys for his CG work on several famous episodes. During the interview – which will be published later this month – Bonchune revealed that he still has in his possession all of the original CG scene files which he worked on during his time working on Star Trek.

CG work on Deep Space Nine was originally split between two FX houses, Digital Muse and Foundation Imaging, as Bonchune explained:

Digital Muse was doing most of the work on Deep Space Nine – I don’t know if they’d changed their name to Eden FX – but they did most of the CG for that show. We [Foundation] did a fair amount of work for that show as well, but I can’t say that we were regularly doing weekly work on DS9. We were certainly part of the bigger shows, because they just didn’t have the capacity to do it all; it just needed two big teams.

The spaceship stuff is a little easier. If you have all of the assets – all the ships that are needed – and you load the scene file, theoretically, if it loads all the ships with textures it needs, then yes, you’d just hit ‘render.’

[Deep Space Nine] is much more difficult for the last three [seasons] because of the combination of CG and motion control – and when there was CG, it was usually those massive, full-blown war scenes. Going back and revisiting it isn’t as simple as just hitting ‘render’, but it’s still pretty straightforward.

Bonchune went on to describe how he has all of the original assets for not only his work with Foundation Imaging on Deep Space Nine, but also the vast majority of Star Trek: Voyager:

Unless someone has some fantastic algorithm for up-rezzing to make it HD quality – and I guess that could be possible – but to redo it is to virtually start over from scratch. You’re talking about what they did for the Original Series, getting a real team to sit down and redo basically everything from the third season on, almost from scratch.

If they ask one of us – and if they use a team that uses LightWave – it’ll be much easier for them to redo… because the guys who worked on it, like me, have the assets. We have the original ships; we have most of everything that was used [in the making of the series]. That would eliminate a ton of the cost of rebuilding.

So, how would I approach it? The same way I did at the time – I’d figure out what was done in CG, and we’d just start from there. And today, it would be easier! Literally, you could just load the scene files and hit ‘render’ – it would be done! I mean, not everything… but a lot more than you’d think.

Quality of the Assets: Do They Hold Up In HD?

What’s more, Bonchune went on to reveal in our interview that while he was working in CGI and Digital Effects on Star Trek, a large amount of work was purposefully over-built with the team putting in a huge amount of detail which could never be seen at standard definition, but which makes a re-render in high definition all the more tantalizing:

…If it was built by my team, it was overbuilt. It’ll hold up. I would be more surprised to see something that doesn’t hold up. I would be shocked if it doesn’t hold up to high definition.

This was an absolute revelation to me, and made even more surreal by how calmly Rob Bonchune announced the news in our telephone interview. Clearly, the potential ramifications for any remastering of Deep Space Nine and Voyager are huge. Given access to the original scene files which were used to create the show’s CG sequences, the difficulty of remastering DS9 and Voyager would be considerably reduced and a transition to HD would appear far more feasible than if CBS had to start from scratch.

I asked Rob if he would be so gracious as to provide TrekCore with an exclusive sample of an HD re-rendered still from his archive of assets. He was all too eager to agree and show off how well the work done by the team at Foundation holds up in HD, 15 years after it was first produced.

The shot in question shows the USS Honshu, a Nebula-Class ship featured in the 6th Season Deep Space Nine episode “Waltz“.

Original SD (DVD) Re-rendered in HD
The remastered USS Honshu – our first look at how a 1080p re-render of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would fare. As Bonchune notes – The registry of the ship was changed at some point, but is easy to revert to the final aired version. “The shot was done without any motion blur or touch-up, but you get the idea of how much clearer the ships is […] I even see a few places where the polygons will have to be multiplied out to smooth the nacelle ends properly.”

The sheer quality of the re-rendered shot blew me away when I first received it. Rob was certainly correct when he said the team “over-built” the models back in the day – there is a stunning amount of detail that comes through in the HD render, from the patterning of the hull plating to the escape pod hatches to the tiny ship’s registry number on the top of the ship’s sensor platform – this is one impressively made CG model. If this is any indication of the type of quality inherent in the original scene files, then not only would it make a high-definition remastering of the show far more feasible economically- and practically-speaking, but by referring back to the original files, you have the opportunity to preserve the show’s original artistic direction and match the look as closely as is humanly possible.

In Summary

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager are far more challenging to remaster in HD due to their use of CG. Until now, the original assets used to create these CG shots were presumed lost.
  • Through talking to original artists such as Robert Bonchune, I discovered that a large number of the assets still exist for these shows.
  • The scene files can be accessed using current technology relatively easily.
  • A large amount of the work produced originally was over-built and should hold up well when re-rendered in high definition.
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  • OMG

  • Wow! That is amazing! I might actually start getting my hopes up!

  • M. Wright

    This is a huge scoop! This is incredible news! I really hope the powers that be at CBS green light DS9 next year with this news.

  • Drunk Garak

    Great journalism! Very exciting. However, I noticed even when the show was airing, that many of the models in the bigger space battle scenes seemed low-poly with noticeably low-res blurry textures — probably to reduce render time. Showing a single ship shot in HD is great, but those aren’t the really complex scenes that would give CBS pause. I’m still not sold that a really complex scene wouldn’t look like a N64 cut scene if all the detail of HD is revealed. I want to see the show in HD, but revealing cheesy low-res CG might detract from the impact and realism of DS9.

    • Comprehension is Essential

      You need glasses. The DS9 battle scenes did not have low-poly models. The real problem with the scenes is apparent in episodes like Sacrifice of Angels, where models were duplicated and placed randomly in the scene without any background fighting going on. You’d see ships doing absolutely nothing but taking up space.

      The models are clearly high-res, even for 2000s standards. There is nothing about DS9 that looked like a Nintendo 64’s rendering capabilities.

      • DangerousDac

        The Sabre and Steamrunner classes at least have VERY fuzzy textures and low poly geometry. And thats why they are featured in the deep background of most shots in DS9’s space battles.

        • Comprehension is Essential

          Your point is what, exactly? That’s standard practice in rendering. When I create a scene, the items that aren’t in the foreground will receive fewer details than the items that command your attention. It saves rendering times and looks exactly the same. There’s no reason to put a lot of detail into something that only takes up a small part of the screen in background shots.

          • DangerousDac

            You said they did not have low-poly models – My point is that yes they did. You could not get as close as you did to the Defiant with many other ships in the battle scenes.

          • Comprehension is Essential

            Of course you could.


            There is nothing “fuzzy” or “low-poly” about any of the ships in the foreground, including the Steamrunner passing behind the Defiant in that scene.

  • It looks a little too smooth, some texturing would go well towards immersion.

    • Note the caption quote – it’s missing the post-render beauty effects.

      • hypnotoad72

        As the re-rendered model stands, it looks like the quality used in TOS’ remastering, which wasn’t too bad at all… Any additional detail/effects post-render would blow it out of the stratosphere.

  • This made my sadly shitty day MUCH better! Thanks!!!!!

  • This is incredible news! Thank you for not holding this news back until your feature goes live (which I’m very much looking forward to now).

    I wonder if they will be able to make any changes to the reused footage from the finale and a few other episodes, change the angle slightly so it at least looks different and also change up the registry on ships that we know have already been destroyed (the Defiant/Sao Paulo etc). I have no idea how feasible this would be tbh, but it would be awesome.

    • ROThornhill

      Here here. Those recycled shots were pretty disappointing considering the build-up the finale had. I’m guess they just ran out of money and/or time. I would love to see some additional shots of the Dominion’s attack on Cardassia Prime too. I’m all for sympathetic restorations of the original shows, but in this case I think it would be a definite improvement. If they did create new shots it would be great if they could get the original fx team to produce these. Tobias Richter has some great meshes they could use…

      • mbmarquis69

        Considering that DS9 didn’t have that many recycled shots from its final 3 seasons, I, too am hopeful they would choose to insert new shots. Those in the finale stood out like a sore thumb.

  • Wow! I’m super excited! You can near guarantee a full purchase from me (baring any financial crisis)!

  • This is so absolutely amazing! Great news for people like me who absolutely adored all the CGI battle-scenes in DS9 and Voyager. I really hope CBS make use of Rob and his team in remastering DS9 for Blu-ray (and soon!).

  • James

    Did the same FX houses work on Enterprise and if so would it be a possibility to get 1080p CG for the final two seasons? (I recognize that it might be a bit late for S2 considering it has a release date)

    • Enterprise was shot in HD, CBS decided it would be too expensive to convert all the CGI to 1080p so released it as is.

      • Muzer

        Weren’t the final two seasons *specifically* produced in HD? (The first two seasons were shot in HD but AFAIK not originally aired in it). Perhaps they have HD CGI. Anyone know?

        • There’s a difference between 720P and 1080P or 1080i. It’s HD, but not as high a resolution as Blu-Ray is capable of reproducing.

          • Muzer

            Yes – but:

            a) British HD broadcast TV (I don’t know about American HD TV) is all 1080i so I find it unlikely they would have rendered the CGI in anything lower-resolution than that if they’re rendering it in HD at all.
            b) If you’re rendering it in 1080i60, why not render it in 1080p60? You’d probably need to render that many frames anyway if you want the interlacing to have full effect.

          • kadajawi

            The ultimate resolution of 1080i, unless going through some fancy deinterlacer that won’t even get close to real time on an i5, is more like 720p though AFAIK. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they rendered at 720p and upscaled it. Also, didn’t Darth Mojo mention that for BSG they rendered at something like 720p and blew it up to 1080p, so that it looks more realistic (if it is too sharp it won’t look real enough, it won’t blend in well with the live action footage).

          • Chris915

            I personally can’t stand interlaced video… progressive scan FTW! 😀

          • bbock

            Yes but the show was produced specifically for an American television network (UPN), so they rendered it at that bare minimum standard. It’s interesting though that the Wiki page says it was produced in 1080p, but broadcast in 720p. But that doesn’t seem likely. If they aren’t releasing it in 1080p it would have to be that the original wasn’t in that format.

  • WOW

  • archer9234

    Thank you! Unlike the team who lost all the stuff for Babylon 5. It be nice to see a still from the Voyager Timeless crash.

    • kadajawi

      The CGI on B5 wasn’t any good anyway (due to technical/financial limitations I suppose?), it’d be nice if they’d remaster that too, with proper new models.

    • Fine by me, as Babylon 5 is staggeringly dreadful. It’s just a hollow, artistically dull pastiche of TOS and LotR; literally nothing redeemable in its five year run.

      Now Morgan & Wong’s Space: Above and Beyond on the other hand… now THAT’s a show that could really benefit from a visual overhaul!

      • ZafyrGoaLum

        I am still waiting for season 2.

      • The Stranger

        All ideas are rehashed at some point. Even if b5 is a re imagining of other ideas and themes. That being said the brilliant George RR Martin (JRR Tolkien anyone?) Has been praised time and time again for is brilliant game of thrones. But is there really much skill in continually fucking with the readers (watchers). Shock tactics will keep us watching but in a kind of peeved frame of mind. Ill take bab 5 over thrones anyday. Antagonising complete…and Go!

    • Larry

      The B5 team also worked on “Voyager,” “Star Trek: Enterprise” and the director’s cut of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”

      In fact, that company, Foundation Imaging, was ALSO responsible for “Timeless.”

      • archer9234

        I was talking about the archive team. Who lost most of the CGI material for B5.

  • sypher

    This is amazing. If it helps to convince CBS that DS9 is feasible, then it’s all worth it.

  • Michael

    This is the single best news I read in a long while! Thanks for doing the research. Now here’s hoping CBS gets wind of these news and contacts the original CG artists. The example provided here sure has me convinced that it can be done. CBS-D would have to apply their usual “sweetening”, but then it would look brilliant and true to the original SD content.

    Again, thanks for covering this! There’s no way in hell I would miss DS9 on Blu-ray. I would actually pay double the price of the TNG blu-rays! That’s how much I want DS9 in HD to happen!

  • Holy crap! The HD version of that ship looks incredible, and lightyears better even than the CG work in TOS-R from many years later. To be fair, I remember some shots of the CG Defiant looking a bit more cartoony than that, but as long a they have the original files it shouldn’t be too hard to add in more detail.

  • Not to get greedy or anything, but any chance you could have this guy send you a few more shots? Pretty please?? 😀

    • Mark Ward

      There were some great examples of Voyager’s CGI in high def posted in 2008:

      • Interesting that Adam “Mojo” Lebowitz confirms in the comments there that they didn’t start rendering multiple passes and do compositing until Voyager’s finale, “Endgame.” So that means 99.9% of the DS9 and VOY CG shots are all one pass renders with every necessary element in the scene file. So, as long as all the linked assets were backed up (textures, materials, etc.), it really would be rather straightforward to render anew in HD.

        • Mark Ward

          Good point! Hadn’t considered that.

      • The Voayger renders are looking astonishing … Even better than the DS9 render above

  • Jamie

    Truly inspiring to know that Star Trek, what I would call proper Star Trek (sorry JJ and Co) is still beloved and cherished by the people who worked on it.

    Thank you to everyone involved I can’t wait to see DS9 and Voyager in HD, just think what Species 8472 will look like!!

  • New Horizon

    This is the best news I’ve heard since TNG:HD was announced! 🙂

    How can CBS NOT take advantage of this opportunity? This is their chance to preserve these shows for the ages…and backup all of the original scene files for future use!!! CBS…here is your chance. Please do it. 🙂

    • hypnotoad72


      Especially as the 4k standard will be commonplace in about 10 years’ time (TNG is being redone at 2k, and by the time 4k is standard – and 4k is pretty much the biggest level 35mm will scale to – newer rendering and restoration techniques will make the next generation of remastering the Next Generation and its spinoffs a bit less tedious… and, re: CGI, full photorealism might be possible and practical by then as well…

      • Tony Todd’s Tears

        TNG is being redone at 1080P which is a lower rez than 2k, 35mm has an approximate resolution of 8K. But it really doesn’t matter anyway because the human eye really can’t resolve past 2k anyway. 4 and 8k are mainly used for visual fx purposes when shooting green screens and such.

        • 1080p is essentially 2K (well okay, 1.9K). TNG was scanned at 2K (2048 x 1556). The slowest speed (50 ISO), finest grain film emulsions have a maximum resolution of about 160 lines per millimeter of negative, so a 24mm wide piece film (4-perf 35mm Full Camera Aperture) would be just about 4K; a 37mm wide piece of film (8-perf 35mm VistaVision) would be around 6K; a 52mm wide piece of film (5-perf 65mm Super Panavision / Todd-AO) would be around 8K. Of course, film speeds and grain vary from stock to stock and optics play a big role in how sharp an image ultimately appears.

          • Dima R

            2k?? Are they going to rescan the film again when 4k and 8k will hit the market?

          • Even most feature films made today only post in 2K. This is television, so 4K is definitely overkill. The Blu-rays will look just fine upconverted on a 4K Ultra HDTV if that’s what you’re worried about. 🙂

          • barnaby rudge

            Excellent explanation of film grain emulsion and equivalent resolution. It gives me a handy short cut for when I have to explain the importance of high resolution scans of film.

          • Bris Ben

            When Star Wars episode 2 came out it was shot on 1080 but was cropped to about 800. No one complained. All these new formats, 2k, 4k, 8k are just tech getting better, but right now it works best as an originator ie (shot on the high format) but for release it doesn’t need to be any more than 2k. Even avatar 3d in IMAX was 2k

  • burtyb73

    it is inevitable that cbs will hd ds9 and voyager. this is because star trek remains very lucrative and it pretty much maxed out the narrative possibilities of this type of serialised sci fi genre. still, this is a great piece of investigative sci fi journalism. thanks trek core, i still cannot wait to see ds9 in hd glory!

  • Even if only half the shots are retrievable like this, that’d be such a massive headstart for them. Hell, even it was just the CGI models that had survived, it would have been a start.

    I really hope they choose to do SOMETHING with this – even if it’s just remastering a few of the most popular episodes. It’d be such a shame for it to just sit around like that.

  • Chris915

    Aside from the noticeable segmentation around the rear of the nacelle, it doesn’t look that bad. Some texture improvement could be used as well, like the nacelle grills…

  • Muzer

    This is absolutely fantastic. I assume (given that you seem to have contacts judging by previous stories) you’ve informed CBS Digital/whoever needs to know of this development?

  • I only have one problem with this. the CG Defiant model in DS9 was fugly, just compare it to the physical model,its hideous. Other then that, awesome.

    • Chris915

      I think Tobias Richter just made a Defiant model, his Enterprise D is currently being used in the TNG remastering…

      Here’s his Defiant:

      • Tobias Richter has been doing amazing work for many many years. I’m kind of amazed the CBS has actually employed The Light Works to do work on the TNG remaster for CG stuff.

        • RobTrek

          Me to considering what we did we did in to weeks and for far cheaper. And our models are 14 years old. What do you think we could do now, 14-15 years later with software with FAR more capabilities than in 1998. (Wait till I actually use those 14 years.)

          CBS never heard of us is the main reason we were never approached. They talked to the Okudas and Drexler. Drexler has Tobias on his “good asset list” (for now). Senior members of our team had a falling out with Doug (which is sad to me by the way. I really thought we were friends and could work out anything. When your raised in Canada, you think of stupid things like that).

          Actually, including other projects, the senior Trek team animators have well over 20 years of continuous CG work and problem solving and optimization solutions under our belt. And could we optimize!!!!!

          Welcome to Hollywood….like many I could write you guys a novel on the stuff I’ve seen and heard.

          • PlayLoud

            Ouch, using the wrong to/too/two twice in the same sentence!
            But yeah, I agree with you completely!

    • You wanna see fugly? Google Phil Broad’s HUGE renders of the CG Voyager model they based off of the physical model.

      Not a single line was left straight.

      • Chris915

        Yea, the CG model isn’t exactly up to HD standards…

        Some shots, it looks good:

        • The kicker is that the physical model is *beautiful*, and a testament to the sorely lost-art of prop and model making…

          …and the windows and details aren’t melting off the sides.

          • Chris915

            Well, from what I’ve been told, it’s because the CG model was made rather quickly…

          • FI/Eden FX having to rush elements because of insane scheduling? Yeah that sounds about right.

            To be fair, it was built using early 3D scanning tech directly from the physical model, and sadly they still had immense trouble with it, probably to the point where they couldn’t fix the mesh without scanning the model several times.

          • Chris915

            Yea, some of the geometry on the CG model is distorted… like the saucer top phaser arrays… other than those distortions the CG model looks good for it’s time.

        • Yuk! sorry, but that look real bad to me.

  • Mike

    Absolutely the best news I’ve read all week!!!! C’mon CBS, bring us DS9!

  • That’s great news. I keep my fingers crossed that CBS will go for it.

  • This is excellent news. Even with the original assets, I assume we may have to wait a bit longer for some of the later seasons to be released; even touching up the huge space battles during the Dominion years is surely a substantial undertaking. I hope CBS hears about this, as it should have quite an impact on their perspective about the feasibility of DS9 on Blu-ray. I’d happily pre-order season 1 of DS9-HD right now.

  • Chareth

    You guys are amazing! Trekcore continues to be the new gold standard for Trek sites. I’m so impressed you dug so deeply into this on your own and made this breakthrough. And to get a frickin’ 1080p still as well… You clearly excel at building relationships, and we Trek fans are in your debt. I truly hope CBS takes advantage of these assets. I’d love if you could convey their reaction to us when you give them the news!

    • Matt_Cardiff_UK

      Ditto everything Chareth said. The USS Honshu in 1080p looks absolutely stunning. I think if we see DS9:R come to fruition, TrekCore should have an official credit from CBS along the lines of consultant / research.

    • Adam Rasmussen

      In the end, it’s going to come down to how much money the TNG blu-rays make. It will have to be enough to justify the expense of doing DS9, which also would probably not sell quite as well as TNG.

      • Kenton

        Not to mention the possibility of a Voyger HD remake if they make enough money off the Next Gen and DS9 Blu-rays!

  • Mark Ward

    Not bad at all, but personally I’d hope they take a slight shift away from the “exactly the same” TNG approach and improve the quality of some of these meshes. The Defiant Class CGI barely holds up to standard definition and is a real shadow of the studio model.

    • New Horizon

      I hope they stick to their guns and ‘restore’ DS9 just as they have restored TNG.

      • Mark Ward

        The early CGI in particular really suffered from the immaturity of techniques and technology..

        Personally I find that jarring, especially when mixed with the beautiful studio model work. It’s like having sequences taken directly from “Lego DS9”.

        • archer9234

          Come on. It was 1998. CGI was never gonna be up to today’s standards. They where working on TV time and computers that are several times weaker than today. Don’t base quality of a show on today’s standards. But the era it was done in. Would you bash TOS’ effects. When compared to today’s stuff? I put my head in 1966 and remind myself. This was ILM quality for the show.

          • Mark Ward

            Well actually it was 94/95. But I’m not bashing the original show, I’m just saying that if they are going to reproduce it to more than four times the original resolution it would be a really bad decision to leave in all of the original 1990’s meshes.

            I’m surprised anyone would disagree with that to be honest.

          • archer9234

            Because we get that when movies in the 90’s are remastered. We are still getting the old CGI stuff from that. Those things no longer hold up either. Twister has some obvious CGI. People just want things as close to 100% as it was.

          • Mark Ward

            Twister was designed for the big screen and high resolution viewing… these TV shows were not. We have already seen new CGI models used for TNG, I’d hope to see more of the same for DS9.

          • archer9234

            And the CGI in twister is still not as good to today’s standards. Re-watching the Truman Show movie also shows this problem. My point is that if the show was finalized on film from the get go. We’d be getting the same CGI without question. That’s what I want. If it still exists, use it. Just fix and smooth out the models.

        • Smithian

          Oh I don’t know… The lighting really sells it, Digital Muse especially made these models look much more realistic than I had come to expect. Voyager had much worse teething problems.

      • Chris915

        I agree, I think they should try and improve the CG models as much as possible, but still keep the shot setups the same, in motion, lighting, etc…

  • hypnotoad72

    If the materials exist, it is far cheaper to take advantage of this good fortune than to wait and be in dire straits.

    DS9 is not my favorite Trek spinoff, but a lot of it I liked. Seasons 4 and 7 I adore… count me in as a customer…

  • Mike C.

    Wouldn’t CBS technically own these files since they originally paid to have them produced?

    • They might own the copyright. But they don’t have the data in their possession. I doubt he could be compelled to present the data to them without some type of compensation. Ideally, in his business, that would be a nice contract for FX work.

    • Altovar

      This is usually specified in the contract, but if it’s a typical case then: CBS owns and (can use) the end result, but only the rendered end result. In most cases like this, the creator must give permission to the owner to modify the finished shot. Everything that happens until they hit the “render” button and deliver the finished product is called “work product”, and only the artist has access to it. The same applies in graphic design for example: a if a company pays for an artist, or a design house to produce a brochure, they only get the printable, non-modifiable pdf version of the product, not the original work-files.


  • Its funny how that nebula class model holds up better than some of the shots from enterprise. It definitely needs work though. I can tell its fake, but I don’t know why. Then again I can say the same thing on many shots of enterprise.

    That Defiant model posted here though, that looks even better than his Galaxy model. Very impressive. He is a CGI genius.

    • Chris915

      Well, this seems to be a full proper 1080p render, whereas the shots from Enterprise were up-scaled to 1080p for it’s blu-ray release.

      The lack of grain, etc. makes it too clean, so it tends to looks fake, once everything is all spiced up, I imagine the shot will look good.

      Plus, the segmentation on the back of the nacelle do a disservice to the realism…

      Yea, Tobias is a genius, but when it comes to the Galaxy Class, it’s a hard ship to model, due to it’s very organic shape…

      • Tony Todd’s Tears

        Perhaps CBS D will still give the CG a once over to update it a bit, add some grain.

        • Chris915

          Well, you see the quality they did with that probe shot for Season 3… 😉

  • M33

    Man, you should REALLY get this info to MIKE OKUDA! He’s on Facebook and does respond!

  • I’d Pre-Order DS9 Season 1 Instantly, if it were announced!! 😀

  • Nick

    I would buy the fuck out of DS9 on blu ray

    • Thurman Glover

      I would buy the fuck out of it as well. And that’s regardless that I already own the series on DVD.

      • mbmarquis69

        I re-watch the entire DS9 series every few years. I began again recently after the release of the first season TNG on BD. I was heartsick. The resolution on those DS9 DVDs just doesn’t cut it. But it’s my understanding that the TNG BluRays are selling quite well, so maybe that will mean DS9 is just around the corner.

        And who knows, maybe DS9 will sell better than we think. It’s really grown in popularity over the years.

        • Borgscan

          I re-watch each of TNG, DS9 (especially DS9) and Voyager a couple of times per year, but then I have lots of time to do so even while working (coincidentally I’m a CG artist).

          I’d buy DS9 and Voyager on blu ray.

          • Guest

            If I just had a BluRay-player, I’d buy the fuck out of TNG, DS9 and Voyager (as long as the last two get ReMastered that is) all together 😀

        • Rowan Charlton

          I want to get TNG on Blu-Ray. But I find it too expensive, and waiting for an obvious future box set that will be cheaper than getting them all individually. But I hope they do, do a Deep Space Nine and Voyager though. I just hope they do it before Blu-ray becomes obsolete. At the moment, I have all the DVDs of the movies, but Into Darkness on Blu-Ray. And a Blu-Ray box set of The Original Series. Would just like a Blu-Ray collection of the shows on my shelf.

    • The MOSEPH!!


  • Frontier

    This is pretty epic. Especially that the files still exist and such. It’s good news!

  • The only thing that has me concerned, is that this guy only has the files for Foundation Imaging, and they weren’t even the ones who did most of the effects work.

    Digital Muse did MOST of the work according to this guy, and according to Memory Alpha their files were transferred to Eden FX, which is still around. So I fear there’s still a chance those files could have been accidentally lost or overwritten at some point…..

  • Bridger

    I love the news but I really really hope that they fix the CGI models so that they look like the original physical models.

  • Dima R

    Why didn’t they use tape backup??????

  • Kreg Roenfeldt

    TrekCore, you guys come up with some of the best stories to tell. This was a pleasure to read. What an amazing find. To see 15 year old still re-rendered for today. Original data once again brought to life. This is incredible to see. To imagine such a thing to actually be a reality. This would certainly satisfy my OCD issues, knowing that original data is being used. Awesome…

  • Xavier

    Amazing. All that shot above needs is a little motion blur and grain to make it look more in line with the live action footage.
    I knew they used detailed models! They took the Galaxy Class from GENERATIONS and recreated the Nebula from that. The CGI looked amazing back in the late 90ies, considering it was done on a TV show budget. Look at “Sacrifice of Angels” and tell me which motion picture has such an awesome fleet vs fleet space battle… RETURN OF THE JEDI sure, maybe REVENGE OF THE SITH… but else…

  • This is fantastic, thank you TrekCore, you are amazing. The picture blew my mind, DS9, my all time favourite TREK, I really hope DS9 gets this transfer to HD!

  • This would be great also I can’t wait to see how the station holds out in HD in the TNG episode Birthright part 1

  • kadajawi

    I have to admit that 1080p still doesn’t look to me as the SD still, but it is pretty good. (In SD you can sense there is more detail to it, that you can’t really track down, that makes it look real. In 1080p it’s too sharp, and you can see that that’s all the model can give you. There is no added detail, surfaces are smooth.) Hopefully the team that rerenders these will update the models a bit and make use of the increase in CPU power we have these days.
    Back in the day while watching the show I was absolutely certain it was all model work, I think I’m quite decent at spotting CGI. I think that they overbuilt the models was what made it look so realistic.

    • archer9234

      They specifically said in the article all the extra realism details weren’t used. You do realize that all CGI looks like that when just rendered. When the lighting, shadowing, motion blurr aren’t done on it.

      • kadajawi

        I agree with you… to a certain degree. But apart from lacking a bit of grain, blurriness and color grading I don’t think it looks any different from what was used on DS9. Just bigger and sharper. I don’t notice any motion blur or different lighting effects, the shadows look quite similar, …

        I wonder if the models created by Tobias Richter are better though. His stuff looks absolutely amazing (though I guess he used all the extra realism details).

        • New Horizon

          As Archer said, there has been no additional work done to the 1080 render. It was simply rendered out at 1080 to give an idea what it would look like. Lighting, motion blur, etc would have to be worked on in more detail later. This is simply a ‘raw’ sample and with that in mind I think it looks absolutely fine.

          • kadajawi

            Indeed it does. That Tobias Richter did spoil me a bit though. 😛
            Anyway, very good news these are.

          • PlayLoud

            This is great to hear. I thought it looked too cartoonish when I first saw it. Your explanation sets my mind at ease! DS9 would be such a great series to have in HD!

          • vincanss

            I would gladly take cartoonish and sharp and detailed overly blurry and retro… Horses for courses and all that.

  • Daniel

    This is so awesome! Great news!

  • I think the Honshu looks great! Fantastic research from TrekCore, I hope that CBS deem DS9 to be worthy of the Blu-Ray treatment. Does anyone know if sales of Season 3 have been better than the poorly received Season 2?

    • archer9234

      I’ve looked around. Still haven’t found any sale’s numbers. It’s probably too early. Wait around June.

      • I still have seen no concrete proof that Season 2’s sales were significantly lower than Season 1’s…

        • Muzer

          Indeed – it’s easy for something to be a critical failure but a commercial success (just look at TMP ;))

        • New Horizon

          Season 2 did so poorly here in town that our local store wasn’t even going to bother stocking Season 3 until people protested. The quality of Season 2 didn’t do a lot to help this project.

    • trekcore

      From what I understand Season 3 was certainly better received than Season 2

  • Roelof Jan

    Truly amazing. Voyager was the first Star Trek series i watched, so i have a soft spot for that show. But this High Definition talks about DS9 and VOY brings me to another rumour that hasn’t been answered anywhere. I heard that Season 7 of DS9, and Season 5,6 and 7 of VOY, were shot with Widescreen 16:9 in mind (1998 – 2001) but still produced in 4:3. (BUT shot with 16:9 in mind) I would LOVEEEEEEE to see this getting into widescreen, especially the season 7 battles of DS9

    • Roelof Jan

      Does anyone here know this for a FACT that these seasons were shot with widescreen in mind?

      • While I have no idea whether or not this is true, my GUESS is that even if there was an effort to make the show presentable in widescreen, the 4:3 image would only be further CROPPED to 16:9 (as was the case with Broken Bow) causing the picture to be far softer and loosing original elements from the scene.

        While it would be sort of interesting to see non-Enterprise Trek in native widescreen… if Babylon 5’s cross filming in 16:9 and 4:3 is any indication… you’d perhaps get a couple of extra plants on each side of the screen.

      • Freddy

        Sorry but this is nonsense…even the ENTERPRISE Pilot was in 4:3 until last minute decision to shoot the new series in 16:9.
        ‘Fight of Flight’ is the first 16:9 episode EVER on Star Trek.

        • VulcanCafe

          You are both correct. Most cinematographers shoot with a view similar to the attached. Then they choose to ‘protect’ for certain aspect ratios (keep all critical elements in the scene within bpth 4:3 and 16:9 in this example, and keep all behind the scenes stuff out of view in both).

          While TNG was shot in 35mm they protected for only 4:3 which meant that some crew members might be seen if the 16:9 was used. The early TNG blu-ray had an excellent documentary on why not go to widescreen. I also remember something about the effect shots only being in 4:3, and barely that.

  • ZafyrGoaLum

    Is it too much to hope to see Voyager’s battlescars over the course of the series a la Battlestar Galactica?

    • Yes. Voyager is not BSG.

      There’d be plenty of battlescars in Year of Hell, though.

      • ZafyrGoaLum

        It’s not BSG, but where do they get their bodywork done? That ship looked showroom when it got back to Earth.

        I remember seeing, many years ago, a picture of Voyager as it would have really looked if not for the great Reset Button at the end of every episode. She looked amazing. Far from being unsightly, they gave the ship a lot more character. Since the model in BSG didn’t actually exist, they could beat it up over the run. I would love to see Voyager like that.

        The little damages, odd repairs, mis-matched paint. Things that would show the cost of safely taking her crew across 70,000 lightyears.

        • kadajawi

          You don’t happen to have that picture anywhere?

          • ZafyrGoaLum

            I look for it periodically, but no. I am hoping it is one of the file folders I have been dragging around with me for several years. If I find it, I will post it.

        • bbock

          Maybe even in the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant B’Elanna Torres can match paint.

        • colbster

          They have replicators to replace parts! No worry about matching paint.

    • Chris915

      Here’s a high res picture from “Year of Hell.”

      • That’s really cool! Thanks Chris915!

        • Chris915

          No problem, I might contact Mojo and ask how some of the effects are done.

          Also, another person I know, also rendered out some of the CG DS9 shots he has… of course, he touched them up a little, but I think they look amazing…

          • Craig

            Holy crap! Those look incredible! Practically life like. Almost spot on for physical models! Wow!

          • Chris915

            I agree.

          • Mark Ward


          • Chris915

            He also rendered out the video:

            Mind you, it wasn’t 100% finished, as the JemBug fades away instead of exploding in debris… he finished it, but hasn’t uploaded the finished video.

          • ROThornhill

            The completed shot plus another gorgeous one are now up on youtube.

            Looks incredible. It deserves a Trekcore blog post all to itself 🙂 I can’t believe the difference to what we saw originally. Hopefully CBS are aware of this and will get the re-rendering started as soon as possible.

          • Chris915

            Mind you, IRML has really spiced up the shots…

          • ROThornhill

            Ah, ok. For some reason I thought this was Robert Bonchune re-rendering the old CG files, but I guess theIRML has created these from scratch. Either way, it’s fantastic work – doesn’t look like CG at all and matches the timing of the original scene perfectly. In a perfect world CBS would be reaching out to him to help re-create the FX for DS9. Here’s hoping….

          • Chris915

            That’s because these are the original DS9 CG scenes that IRML has, but IRML spices up everything he works on…

          • Gene

            OK that makes sense now, because re-building all those assets from scratch by one person, is staggering to imagine, almost impossible, and would take a long.. long time.

          • Chris915

            Yea, many of the ships used in DS9 have been modeled by someone… I have a Vor’cha, Bird of Prey, Defiant Class, Galaxy Class, etc. made by various people…

            But yea, most if not all of the CGI assets have been saved.

            The wormhole effect is another matter, apparently it was created using proprietary software that no longer exists, so if they remaster DS9, they’ll have to figure out how to recreate the wormhole from scratch.

          • Hmmm I think there was an extras part on one of the DS9 DVDs where they talk about how the VFX team made that wormhole. Maybe they could use some information from that to help remake it. I’m sure there’s tons of ways to do it now, and software has only gotten more robust since then. But yeah it would take some serious finesse to make it look identical.

          • Chris915

            Hmmm, yea, it should be relatively easy to recreate…

      • ZafyrGoaLum

        I have seen that one. What really impresses me is the customized model someone built.

  • tortillarat

    Hopefully in What You Leave Behind they would remove the reused battle scenes from earlier episodes and other Trek and replace them with something new. I remember reading there was also supposed to be a battle at Cardassia Prime which got axed due to time and budget restraints; I hope they’d add that too.

  • Trekboyjohn

    Unreal news. I already own nearly everything in DVD format but am currently upgrading to blu! TNG-R is breathtaking. Can’t wait for more news regarding my favorite Trek – DS9!

  • I’d really love though if they actually did some new stuff for Deep Space, I mean the stock footage took something away from the scale of DS9 and I think if possible, perhaps the space battles could use less in the way of stock footage.

    • colbster

      What do you mean by stock footage? Reused shots? Stock footage is usually generic footage you buy so you don’t have to shoot it.


    *puts nerd magnification glasses on*

    the registry numbers on those 2 Nebula Shots are different !

    i can clearly see “NCC-?020?” on the SD shot

    a quick look at memory alpha reveals only one ship fits here

    USS Honshu NCC-60205 ( DS9 : “Waltz”) [as the article states]

    the HD shot is the

    USS Bonchune NCC-70915 ( VOY : “Message in a Bottle” – VOY : “Endgame” )

    so technically this isn’t a DS9 episode render at all but a VOY episode render.
    (or… hihi *tinfoil hat mode* they re-used the same art asset, edited the registry number for the voy shot, and he rendered the DS9 shot with the VOY registry number loaded instead)

    • trekcore

      As I mention in the article – Bonchune states that “The registry of the ship was changed at some point, but is easy to revert to the final aired version”. The shot is the original, from DS9 “Waltz”, not Voyager.

      • ZERO BANG

        right conclusion without reading it all *nerdfactor +1* 🙂

  • Jdizzle925

    This is so freaking awesome. I was frustrated thinking how long its taking the company to release TNG in Bluray but I didn’t realize how much work is required. Just ordered the first 3 seasons of TNG in bluray and I can’t wait for the rest to be released, including DS9 and Voyager!

  • hypnotoad72

    “to preserve it at HD resolution for future generations,”

    But only as 2k scans, or when the green light is given will it be done at 4k? The resolution is there, to do it in 2k then re-do it again in the future is going to be expensive as well… so why wait? Hoping for better technology when the time comes? That would be the only reason I could fathom right now…

    • Stefan Haynes

      The difference between 2K and 4K is negligible at best, unless you own, like, a digital projection theater.

      It would be utterly pointless to convert them to 4K.

      • 11thIndian

        You say that now, but 5 years down the road when 4K TVs are at the same commodity prices as HD sets are now- people will be yelling for 4K conversions just the same.

        And while there’s absolutely a law of diminishing returns with increasing resolution, based on the size of your screen and how far you sit from it; there are definitely benefits to 4K in certain home theatre set-ups. People sitting 10′ away from 30-40″ screen technically can’t see any difference between 720p and 1080p. But would you give up 1080 because some people can’t benefit?

  • Shadow

    To further along the project, those behind the project when it happens should get on YouTube and contact many people on there who have been re-doing many scenes from various Treks as CGI (theyre doing these re-renders as a HOBBY no less) to help out with the project. Some are… not so good, but others are so impressive its a shock theyre not working for major digital imaging houses by now. User mylex67 on YouTube is a standout one in the IMPRESSIVE category.


    wow! its amazing, truly love it

  • Moeskido

    Excellent news. Rob Bonchune was responsible for one of my favorite modern versions of the Constitution-class ship, seen in Enterprise’s “A Mirror Darkly.” I have faith that these CG artists can bring this material to high-def. I certainly hope they are suitably compensated for their effort if this project proceeds.

    Now I’d like to see what the remastering team would do with live-action DS9 footage that was shot in low light. There are a large number of scenes on the DVDs that get very grainy in certain shots.

    • darxmac

      If they bring out ENT as BluRay then it would be nuts not to give DS9 the same treatment …

      • Moeskido

        I agree, but I’m guessing DS9’s footage will somehow take more work to locate, organize, and restore. I hope I’m wrong.

        • darxmac

          True. If i remember correctly ENT was shot with RED cameras from season 3 onwards so source material is probably execelent

          • Smithian

            Season 3 of “Enterprise” was the last season of “Star Trek” to be shot on film. Season 4 was shot on the Sony HDW-F900 camera. RED was only on the scene starting in 2005 to begin with.
            Season 3 started to broadcast in HD, I don’t know all the details of how that season’s CGI was rendered, I believe I read it was still 720p.

  • BeaveVillage

    Looking at the comparitive USS Honshu SD & HD pictures, I have to say the SD has some sort of heart to it the HD version doesn’t have. It just looks more realistic in its blurred mess somehow. It’s tough to describe in words. I’m sure it will look better on a motion TV screen than captured HD screenshot, I want DS9 in HD asap.

    • 11thIndian

      Let’s not forget that this i just the raw render from the 3D application. Shots like this would be integrated into the cut and have a pass by a colorist who was working on the whole show. Outside of the overall blurriness of the SD image, this could very easily be made to match.

    • Mario Rodriguez
  • Stephen

    I hope that ds9 will come out on blu ray

  • Chris Benoit

    Since this year was the 20th anniversary of DS9 and the TNG HD releases will be finished up next year, it’s the only logical conclusion that DS9 will start being released on Blu-Ray HD next year.

    They’re probably working on it right now.

    • Gene

      I sure hope so!

  • Gul Dumat

    I already own DS9 on DVD, but I would buy DS9 on Blu Ray in a second if it was released. Just look at how stunning the USS Honshu looks in 1080p. It’s too bad Robert Bonchune didn’t give a shot from the battle in Sacrifice of Angels in 1080p, that would have looked even better, but I’m still amazed he took the time to provide an image at all. As for whether they should use the original footage or create new CG scenes, I’d be fine with the original just getting up-rezed. The only exception would be the scene from “The Die is Cast” where the Founder’s planet is bombarded (it looked pretty terrible in the original footage), and the series finale. In the latter, they re used a lot of previous battle footage (probably for budget reasons). If they released DS9 on Blu Ray I’d love to see new CG scenes for the final battle of the Dominion War, but I can’t see them doing it.

  • Bris Ben

    I work in visual media and while I have no doubt the original elements can be re-rendered in HD …. That shot doesn’t look any different compared to its SD counterpart. It just looks like a different colour grade. Ill make the assumption maybe its not the original image- in which case, honest mistake while copying an image for a web page

  • Drewby

    I look at other truly outstanding shows that need this kind of treatment but the studio’s just neglect them, Babylon 5 for instance, and I pray that CBS gets behind this. Admittedly Babylon 5 is not in the same league as Star Trek, and by a different studio, but to have Deep Space Nine, one of the most majestic, action packed and moving science fiction shows put into HD would be such a break through. More over it could even help push CBS and Paramount into really considering a new show which there is a huge cap in the television market right now of this kind of space drama.

  • Larry

    I certainly hope all of the series become available.

    However, as others will no doubt have already pointed out, “DS9” did not fully embrace CGI until about the fourth or fifth season. Prior to that, they used the same motion control visual effects as “TNG.” So restoring the first couple of seasons would actually be little more difficult than it was for “TNG”–at least, not if Paramount was equally diligent about archiving the 35mm elements…

  • Dave Lister

    Never read this until now, damn it would be amazing to see both DS9 and Voyager remastered in HD once they’re done with TNG. Then I’d definetly buy a BluRay-player of some kind and buy all of TNG, DS9 and Voyager!

  • Fox

    Great! So you know this, Bob knows this, and we know it…. But does CBS know?

    Someone, please, tell them. I’m aching to buy some DS9 blurays.

  • colbster

    The key thing is how they framed the shots. If they kept the 16:9 / 2.35:1 film frames clear (i.e. no microphones or light stands visible) then they can really make a proper HD conversion. Otherwise they’ll have to crop it to 4:3 like TV, which isn’t cool. Seinfeld was able to re-edit all their episodes in 16:9 by doing a little zooming. Also they should keep it in 24 fps and not try and frame blend it to 29.97 – causing strobing and other issues.

    • Sykes

      It’s “not cool” to keep it in the original aspect ratio? Weird.

      • colbster

        They only post produced it in 4:3 like old Standard Def TVs. The film cameras shot everything in 16:9. Watch a remastered episode of Seinfeld and you’ll see how great idea it is!

        • Sykes

          I’ve seen it. What exactly is there to be gained other than “filling your TV”? This is the same mentality that had them pan & scanning movies for 4×3 in the old days. It’s ridiculous.

          • CFunk

            You’re ridiculous.

          • Guest

            You’re awesome.

          • kadajawi

            While I’d prefer them to keep the original AR, it might limit the show to existing fans of it. On the other hand if you make it as if it is a new series, and market it as such, to NEW audiences, it should probably be 16:9. And if that can be done well enough, perhaps with input of people who worked on the show back then (as they did with The Wire), maybe that’s the way it should be done. Maybe create a version at the same time that is 4:3… more work, yes, but perhaps not that much more. After all, DS9 in HD and 16:9 is better than no DS9 in HD in 4:3 or any other AR.

  • Has there been any recent updates on the matter? Any official word from CBS?

    • trekcore

      Nothing in the public domain I’m afraid. All I can say is that CBS are continuing to look closely at DS9

      • As long as they are interested and are looking, it means it could be a real possibility 🙂 Thanks Trek Core!

  • Matt Littledyke

    I guess it’s better to wait until they have the next gen project out of the way first so they can spend more time getting it sorted as there was more complicated effects in DS9 than the other shows

    • darxmac

      The TNG S06 BluRay has a “#1 Best Seller” in SciFi TV tag on right now, so i guess that good 🙂

      • Matt Littledyke

        Yes I can’t wait to see what the station looks like in Birthright Part 1 in HD

  • Smithian

    I hope Eden FX (then Digital Muse) also still has its files from its DS9 and Voyager days. Foundation did some very cool, very ambitious work, but Digital Muse’s CGI was stunning. The textures, lighting and explosions they did were amazing. Just look at “Sacrifice of Angels” and how much more realistic (or at least true to how the motion control photography looked) the battle sequences are until the after-credits sequence of the Defiant strafing by the camera before the Klingons show up. From then on it’s Foundation, and the shots are epic, but not as polished as the previous shots.
    This news is great for Voyager, certainly – Foundation did most of that show’s FX. I’d much rather stunning rerenders like this experiment were funded than up-resing CGI like was done with “Enterprise.”

  • Adam Dresch

    Would love to see both DS9 and Voyager remastered into HD
    It’s a shame the ships in DS9 never had any shields during the battles, supposedly? due to the budget.
    Would be nice if they added those and re did the battle scenes.

    • Mario Rodriguez

      yep, and toss in a few missing ship classes just to see if we’re paying attention; like the norway, ambassador, and new orleans classes. Those ships were notably absent from DS9 on the first run through and it’d be cool to see a few of them hidden around the background combat just so we could spot them in the remaster.

  • Mario Rodriguez

    And with a little film grain and blur, thank you photoshop! It looks just like the show but in higher definition…

  • Mario Rodriguez

    And with a little film grain and blur, thank you photoshop! It looks just like the show but in higher definition…

  • Dave 01

    I suppose one option would be to up convert the big CGI scenes from standard def.
    Not really a deal breaker as where not talking about a lot of footage.
    Deep space nine only used a limited amount of pure CG scenes as I remember unlike Babylon 5.
    And if this is the only way to see DS9 HD then I,m all for it.

  • Ethan

    Then how was enterprise released

    • kadajawi

      Enterprise, as in ENT? It was already produced in HD. Releasing that is absolutely trivial, compared to redoing TOS, TNG, DS9 or VOY.

  • kadajawi

    Question: Would it be possible if, say, Netflix gets involved? Basically the idea is… Netflix needs content in HD. They can re-release the show, which, IIRC, is the least dated of all the Star Trek shows. It sure as hell would be cheaper than to produce an entirely new series. With the right advertisement DS9 could be huge today. It is almost designed for binge watching. It has continuity, there is no black and white. It is epic and well made.

    And it sure as hell is better than BSG (aka idiots doing stupid things in space).

  • Josh

    I’m only just now discovering this fascinating article. Has there been any updates to getting DS9 or Voyager an HD remaster? It seems like the question of getting the CG assets has been largely resolved.

  • Jinchuuriiki

    Are there are any updates for that news?

  • Ryan Laing

    I think star trek voyager need to be on blu ray

  • Marcos Jacoby

    The next step is 4K.
    Give more 10 years and the 4K tv sets will be more common.

  • Dorin Velovar

    Come on I want to buy DS9 on bluray I cant support you by buying any other series as I am not a fan of them…

  • dingleburt

    Don’t mean to be a killjoy or anything but why are they bothering with 1080p? If they want to future proof it why not do it in 4k at least that way you are pretty much restoring all of the detail from the original film. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Sehin

    Put some Norway classes into several shots in Season 6 and 7, perhaps eliminate that ugly Yeager-type and all will be fine with me.

  • Colby

    Any update on DS9 and Voyager in HD?

    Guessing it would be quite a bit cheaper and faster to update to HD now than it was 3 years ago when this thread started.

  • Matrix

    I guess that’s a no.

  • Damon Tarklin

    TNG’s pictuer was way worse than DVD quality so it needed an update much more than DS9 and Voyager.

  • Michael Kurland

    Does this mean that the CG effects elements from “Star Trek: TMP Director’s Edition” might still exist? If so, don’t just stand around, Bonchune, Lebowitz and Dochterman! MAKE IT SO!

  • Daniel Cox

    Please release DS9 for 2018, it’s 25th Anniversary