Back in March we revealed the cover art for Star Trek Enterprise‘s second season Blu-ray release (shown on the right). As we always caution with early looks at cover art, this was subject to change. It looks like that warning was apt as today we’ve received word that a new version of the cover art is being used for this release.

The new art (again) keeps the background motif found on the Season 1 set intact, albeit colored blue. In contrast to the earlier design, the new version sports a far bolder look with a wonderful montage of the crew spread over the front framed by a nice shot of the Enterprise NX-01 leaving orbit of a planet. It’s a big improvement over the first artwork, so kudos to CBS for taking the time to redesign it. Click on the image below to view it in higher resolution.


Star Trek Enterprise Season Two will be released on Blu-ray on August 20 in the United States, August 19 in the UK and August 21 in Australia. It will feature the continuation of the behind-the-scenes documentary started in Season 1 and will also boast a brand new cast reunion which brings together the entire principal cast of Star Trek Enterprise, moderated by Brannon Braga. We’ll have pre-order links and a press release as soon as CBS releases the information! Stay tuned!

Order Star Trek: Enterprise Season 1 Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: Enterprise Season 2 Blu-Ray today!

  • Jacobvongunten

    Looks great! For those in the UK who missed the pre-order price at Amazon the other day, S2 is up for pre-order at Sainsbury’s Entertainment for £22.99.

  • What an improvement! Even though it reminds me a bit of the Babylon 5 cover designs, it’s a huge step up from the preliminary artwork.

  • archer9234

    OMG this is great. This is what Season 1 should of been. They satisfied me from dropping the ship artwork in the poll choices. Gives me a bigger reason to not ignore season 2.

    • Jacobvongunten

      Cheap pre-order is back up – now only £21.82!

  • Pablo

    Why are the nacelles on the NX01 on the S2 set wrongly coloured?

    • archer9234

      The ships greyed out.

  • Jamie

    A big thank you to Trekcore for your earlier link to the Amazon UK Pre-order for Enterprise Season 2 at £24.99, I managed to get in there before they took it down, and now I should be getting the Season 2 BluRay set for less than I paid for the DVD set when it was first released.

    Now I just need to wait for Season 1 to come down in price and I’ll be happy.

    Can’t wait to see the Trekcore review for this Season.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Matt Littledyke

    Definitely better than the initial version can’t wait also I managed to get in with the £24.99 price myself

  • John Wells

    That looks so much better and definitely an improvement, both over the previous Season 2 cover and even the Season 1 cover!

  • pittrek

    The bottom part of the image is horribly composited, I hope they fix it before they release it 🙂 But other than that it looks great

    • hypnotoad72

      The faux warp effect of the ship drives me nuts as well, but the compositing is rather good IMHO

      • pittrek

        Actually I was talking about the bottom left part where you can see the bottom part of their bodies with the same “opacity” as the planet, I’m not a native english speaker but I hope it’s clear what I mean 🙂 Overall I like the picture, except this part. And of course much better than the season 1 box cover

  • Platitude

    Much better!

  • Tony Todd’s Tears

    Much Better!

  • Pablo

    S2 set is back up on for a pre order price of 21.82 sterling.

  • Russ Shackleford

    Anyone with the Season 1 set from the UK know if the cover art has that ratings logo on it that is showing? I want to order the Season 2 set, but I’m a stickler for uniform cover art and that ratings logo will bug me like crazy if they put it on Season 2 as well.

    • trekcore

      The 12 BBFC logo is on both the slip case and the case inside.

      • Russ Shackleford

        Darn. I was hoping it was just a sticker on the slipcover or the shinkwrap. Well, thanks. Now I gotta decide whether I can put up with the logos in exchange for saving a lot more.

        • Jezza92

          In the UK it’s the law for rating logos to be on all Blu-rays/DVDs, unless they’re expemt from classification. Very rarely are they stickers for these sorts of releases, usually they’re only for fancy box set releases.