Star Trek: The Next Generation is heading into the deep, dark depths of the Klingon Empire with the upcoming feature-length release of the two-parter “Redemption” on Blu-ray. CBS have released a dramatic new trailer promoting the special Blu-ray and we’ve got a detailed high definition breakdown of it in this new article.

We’ve got hold of the trailer in full 1080p which you can watch through YouTube below or download it for far greater quality at the resolution of your choice!

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Much like the blood-pumping “Best of Both Worlds” trailer, this raw and dramatic preview of “Redemption” gives the two episodes a feature film-like quality. The stylized opening of Picard’s footsteps carries a nice amount of symbolism and there are some great music choices with war drums in the middle section being particularly Klingonesque. The ultimate payoff in the trailer has to be hearing the narrator attempt to pronounce “Redemption” in Klingon (“quvqa’ghach” apparently) – a stroke of genius on the part of the designer here. There’s also a nice preview of a deliciously over-the-top Robert O’Reilly (Gowron) in the trailer, hinting at the exclusive 30 minute bonus documentary “Survive and Succeed: An Empire at War” which is included on the disc.

As we mentioned before, both parts of “Redemption” were remastered by CBS Digital to ensure a nice level of consistency over the season break. The remastering quality on display here is certainly on a par with the beautiful job the team did with Season 3 and “The Best of Both Worlds”. We’ve got a new selection of HD stills from the trailer plus we’ve taken a selection of our favorite shots and put them alongside their original SD counterparts for some commentary and analysis below.

Original SD (DVD) Remastered HD (Blu-Ray)
The improved black levels, contrast and color here are astonishing. As I’ve mentioned previously, Season Four had some particularly egregious color timing/gamma issues in SD which are all the more noticeable when you directly compare to the wonderful HD. The rich sumptuous fur texture on Toral’s uniform sleeves jumps off the screen in HD – a beautifully remastered picture.
What an amazing difference. The Klingon Great Hall is an amazingly designed set, but due to the preponderance of shadow and red lighting, it’s always been poorly reproduced in standard definition. The superior black levels, color and resolution of the HD show us every nuance of shadow and tiny details on walls in the background are finally visible. Once again, the Klingon uniforms look incredible here – the red furred arms and gloves are terrific!
It’s sometimes all too easy to take a ‘standard’ bridge scene for granted, but the improvements in color still manage to impress. Those command reds are bursting off the screen again!
There’s some stunning model work on display here. This shot had originally been lost when it was first used in Season Two’s “A Matter of Honor” and as a result was recreated using CG. Thankfully in the time between, CBS located the footage and have restored it here in all its glory. The Klingon weapon fire has been digitally created from scratch to match the original. The leap in detail is vast – a great shot!
The jump in resolution that HD brings really benefits a scene like this. The Klingon writing on the console goes from being blurred and illegible in SD to clear and defined in HD. Those budding Klingon language scholars can finally translate the dire warnings that Worf is reading on his console! Also note the finely detailed texture of the lighting grill above Worf which is fully resolved in HD. The Klingon bridge looks so much more authentic in HD – the scuff marks on the walls add a rugged look to it which feels so very Klingon!
There’s some great work on display with the compositing of these Klingon ships. The Vor’cha class lighting is far more realistic, going from somewhat overlit in SD to a nice balance of light and shadow in HD. The patterning on the underside of the hull is far more pronounced now and looks superb. The team have also faithfully reproduced the rather unique Klingon weapon being fired. Shots like this would easily have taken CBS Digital days to put together and the impeccable attention to detail really shines through in the completed episode.
The Bird-of-Prey is a magnificent looking ship, but shots like this take it to a whole new level. What was a blurred poorly defined viewscreen shot has been totally transformed in HD. The model is clearly resolved making it possible to see the smallest of detail on the ship’s hull. Something as innocuous as the viewscreen interference lines will have created a lot of work and discussion at CBS Digital. They need to be recreated, but they’re so poorly resolved in SD, what form should they take? What angle? What opacity? What frequency? The team will bother over the tiniest of details in order to make sure that they are reproduced as faithfully as possible.
Eric Bruno and has his team have done some great work integrating these models into the scene. The numerous passes have been composited seamlessly and the ships have gone from being somewhat toy-like due to the bright exposure to a far greater level of realism. It’s going to be such a treat to see the Nebula-class U.S.S. Sutherland in high definition!
The burning Klingon city is – for me – the most iconic shot of the whole trailer. The movement and scale of the flames are far more realistic in the remastered version. The inferno underneath the city is truly hellish in design and the billowing clouds of smoke add a great sense of perspective. This is phenomenal work and a vast improvement over the original!
The sun and solar prominence has been recreated using CG and looks pretty magnificent to me! The prominence is now far more visible when it shoots up destroying the Klingon vessels. The ships themselves are clearly resolved and suffer from none of the artefacts present in the standard def version. Yet another great shot!


Star Trek: The Next Generation – “Redemption” is released as an exclusive single-disc release on Blu-ray on July 30 in the United States and Canada. The disc will also see releases in Australia, Japan and Germany, however fans elsewhere in Europe need not worry – the US release is region free and available to import from who are offering their usual discount.

The release comes with a nice complement of bonus material (which is exclusive to this disc) including a 30-minute documentary, “Survive and Succeed: An Empire at War” which features new interviews with Robert O’Reilly, Gwynyth Walsh, Michael Dorn, Dan Curry and others. There’s also a brand new 90-minute audio commentary with writer Ronald D. Moore sitting alongside Mike & Denise Okuda.

Pre-order your copy of “Redemption” at using the link below! Every order through our links helps to support the site and keep TrekCore going. Be sure to let us know what you think about the new trailer in the comments below as well as the quality of remastering on display.

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  • It’s so good to be able to SEE what’s happening in those live-action shots. So much of the Klingon stuff was so dark and murky, you could barely tell what was happening in the DVD release.

  • Russ Shackleford

    Got a question about stuff like the CG recreation of the BoP shot which was later found. In the event that things like this occur, with any shot, model or regular footage, would CBS go back to the earlier episodes that are lacking the original shot or had an upscale and replace it? I know that they aren’t going to issue a replacement disc for something that’s a matter of seconds, but for example, if they stumble upon the shot from BoBW that was upscaled, would they bother to go back and reinsert it?

    • It’s hard to imagine they would go backwards, as the discs have been released and there’s so much work still ahead to complete TNG. There’s not really an “incentive” to take that kind of step back, especially not for a three-second shot.

      • Russ Shackleford

        Right, I realize they won’t do anything as far as the discs are concerned, but wouldn’t the incentive be there for the stuff that can easily be updated, namely potential broadcast masters and streaming/digital copies like iTunes? I mean, I don’t presume to know just how much goes into the editing of the show, but if they already scanned the material, surely they could just crop out the replaced shot and dump in the original shot in its place. I know they filed away all the filmstock, but I’d imagine that doesn’t apply to the digital masters they have created now.

        However, what James mentioned about them not replacing the CG when presented with the chance kind of kills the potential for it. It’s too bad because while the CG BoP actually looks pretty nice, the model looks so much better when viewed side by side.

        • Frequent Guest

          For iTunes, I’m hoping we might get volume(s) with the extended episodes from the recently found workprints. But more than that I want Paramount to let CBS Digital do extended/remastered/restored versions of the first 10 movies. We still don’t have HD versions of TMP’s SLV and Director’s Edition. At least half an hour of footage (Including alternate takes?) was cut from Generations, including the original opening with Kirk’s orbital skydive. I think a lot of posters at TrekBBS have said that they want an extended version of Nemesis.

          I think I read on TrekBBS that we weren’t getting a theatrical release for Redemption. Why?

          • Russ Shackleford

            I’d rebuy digital copies if they did create extended versions. I’d also go for UltraViolet digital copies. They did it with BoBW, but getting it for seasons would be awesome.

          • hypnotoad72

            Not into digital copies. The amount of compression kills so much detail that it’s not worth it. A 5GB streamed “HD” video cannot compete with a 50GB blu-ray in terms of legitimate resolution/detail and color gamut (detail is blurred out, colors are diluted or bleed outside their borders (especially reds)… or blocky artifacts… it depends on how much compression is used…)

          • Russ Shackleford

            Sure, which is why I’m still buying the BDs. I’d love it if they started to include UV copies along with the BDs, not as a replacement or anything. I’d also rebuy the seasons on UV just to have it all. I agree a stream can’t compete with BD except for the convenience factor, which is why I want it. If I’m stuck at the airport or something, being able to fire up a TNG episode when the mood strikes would be welcome, and on my phone or tablet, getting perfect quality isn’t of concern, but the HD remastering would still look better than the SD DVDs when streamed. If I’m at home though, it’s BD all the way.

          • archer9234

            You can do a better job if you take the time in getting a bluray ripper program. Do the compression and work yourself. Will always be better than a stock UV copy.

          • Russ Shackleford

            Sure, I’ve ripped plenty of things (in fact, most of my media collection is digitized on a media server in my garage, although 99% of that is direct copies of the discs untouched), but that still doesn’t solve the problem of “Hmm, my flight was cancelled, now I have a 3 hour wait before I can catch another flight. Some TNG sounds good.” and then I fire up my UV app and stream away. It also doesn’t take up space on my devices until I commit to something I want to watch instead of trying to predict what I might suddenly find myself in the mood for. Nor does it suffer from the potential unavailability that Netflix stuff can have if/when license agreements expire.

            I’m not here to argue the merits or downsides of UV as a whole, only that when you consider that the studios don’t even seem to charge extra for them now, would it really hurt to begin including them more? I don’t believe it would.

          • archer9234

            It depends if enough people care about UV. That’s probably what’s stopping it. I don’t really. I toss out the codes. Since I don’t like streaming on portables.

          • trekcore

            Right, there will be no theatrical release for Season 4 (It would have been Redemption). It’s a shame, they were a lot of fun.

          • James

            Paramount and CBS are two separate companies, and they don’t seem to be getting along. CBS-D working on the movies is a pipe dream, unfortunately.

        • archer9234

          It depends on what they want to fix. They didn’t go back to Encounter and fixed the few shots that had mistakes. Like the Picard shot that transitions between the light fade. It was suppose to have a camera shake. And they never replaced the CGI ENT in the first shot of Sins. Nor fixed the overscan setting in the final episode.

    • James

      They don’t go back and reinsert. In season 1, there were a couple Enterprise shots which were found midway through the season. Earlier episodes had CGI, and later episodes had the original model. Then in Sins of the Father for the season 3 set, CBS had the opportunity to reinsert the model shots to replace the CGI, but chose not to.

    • trekcore

      In some cases, if mistakes are discovered after release, CBS will correct them so iTunes and broadcast versions are correct. This happened in a couple of cases for Season 3. Regarding going back and re-inserting footage, it would be doubtful but not impossible.

  • Sypher

    This looks amazing. Now the darkness of the Klingon aesthetic works. The detail is there, but the mood is balanced so that their armor is no longer polyester feeling. I can’t wait.

  • rafaelscreative .

    Major nerdgasm watching this trailer. I wish there were plans to show it on the big screen like BoBW. July 30th can’t come soon enough.

  • John Wells

    While I’m gutted that there isn’t going to be a UK release, this does look amazing. I’ve always been a fan of the ship shots and they look amazing here (especially that one of the bird-of-prey on the viewscreen!). One thing I noticed from the trailer though is that the bits with Sela in the shadows you can now clearly see her, which will make her cliff-hanging reveal later pretty pointless.

    • The US purchase option is probably your best way to get it in the UK; it should fall below the customs threshold for UK import.

      • John Wells

        Yeah, I’ll see how much it’ll cost. Thanks.

  • Joseph

    It may be my computer screen but some of these screencaps from the HD remaster appear to have their black levels crushed so much that we’re actually seeing less detail than the SD versions. I hope it comes off better when watching the actual Blu-Ray.

    • hypnotoad72

      Yuppers. The black crush on that otherwise much-improved bridge scene is excruciatingly bad. While season 4 won’t likely be anything like the nightmare season 2 was, and while it’s overall better than the SD release, I suspect there will be an unevenness to the restoration. Just not as bad.

  • Sky


  • archer9234

    Really great they where able to recover the ST III & IV BOP film elements.

  • Allen Williams

    The vorcha class still looks like a toy, but everything else looks great.

  • Stuart Cass

    Does anyone know why theres not going to be a UK release of this? Sorry if I’ve missed it and it was posted elsewhere but I can’t figure it out. I’m kind of annoyed by it because I’m from the UK and have been supporting every single release and I’d have thought we’d have a fair few trekkies over here who’d do the same thing. Importing isn’t so much a problem, it’s more of the fact we now feel like an afterthought which isn’t cool (also if it’s region locked then that means I won’t be able to view it).

  • Chris915

    I keep watching the trailers for S4 and Redemption, because the quality is just phenomenal!

    Even if the S4 trailer has some incomplete shots.

  • David James

    Wow, it’s amazing how much more DRAMATIC this episode looks now. Especially in the Klingon sets.

    • hypnotoad72

      At first I thought the same but I wonder if the remastering has too many crushed blacks, culling subtle detail that people take for granted – especially the moment it’s pointed out to them. Even blooming (a color higher than the legal allowance, flooding or ‘blooming’ into adjacent areas isn’t as grating (as long as it isn’t severe…)

      Overall, it’s an excellent job – the color timing is GORGEOUS and consistently so. That’s even more valuable than crushed blacks, blooming, et al…

  • Sykes

    Surprisingly, that viewscreen shot seems to be a completely CG
    recreation. Does that mean the wall/screen element couldn’t be found?

    • trekcore

      I don’t think the wall is a replacement, Sykes… that looks like the original element to me.
      Same with the Klingon ship.

      The only thing recreated is the planet, starfield and interference lines.

      • Sykes

        None of the details match. The lower wall panels are different (uniform where the originals were alternated) the red label is in a different spot, the upper panels pattern is different, the shape of the lower central “ribbing” is different, and the angle of the upper one is different too. If you overlay the images and flick back and forth, the differences are striking. I must note though, I think the new shot looks awesome.

        • trekcore

          Hmm… so I’ve gone back and forth. The ship is certainly original, but I take your point on the viewscreen. It may be an alternate take (they occasionally developed several “props” such as the viewscreen and allowed the producer to choose his favorite), then again it could be some very skillful CG work. Either way, it’s virtually indistinguishable without overlaying the shots! It certainly had me convinced!

          • Sykes

            Yeah, you’re probably right on the ship element…I think I was maybe too zealous in my proclamation in that regard, mostly just because I was surprised to see the viewscreen replaced. Maybe it didn’t hold up to HD? (Am I remembering rightly that that particular viewscreen was built as a miniature rather than a set-piece?) Actually, looking at the original episode, the close-ups look like it may have been rendered as a still-frame. There is frozen grain, and photoshop cloning duplications all over it…both very good reasons to replace it.

          • archer9234

            Not really. Even if they did use a frozen frame from a model element. They can simply take the same footage and redo the same touch ups needed from the original element. You wouldn’t need to redo the shot from scratch. Unless they lost the footage in the first place.

  • James

    Wonderful, this really looks like a feature film now! Eventually, when all the remastering is done, I’d live a box-set of the TV movies to be released. Better still, I’d be over the moon if Trek came back in the form of say 4 TV movies per year.

  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    Robert O’Reilly is white??

    • archer9234

      Most klingons are played by white actors, actually.

      • Matt_Cardiff_UK

        Well I didn’t know that!

        • archer9234

          The Makeups that good.

  • TooDark

    Sorry, I don’t like it. Some of those pics are way too dark, with the contrast turned so far up that some of the details in the shadows get lost. I actually prefer the SD version; “ovrerlit” is preferable to “underlit” any day!

    • sky

      They are not underlit they look the way they suppose to look now! Its intended to look like this from the original director of photographie!

  • me

    Compare the new shot of the bird of prey with the supposedly CGI version in A Matter of Honor:×08/amatterofhonor_hd_158.jpg – I much prefer the latter.