insurrection_smallAugust 6th will see a special release from soundtrack label GNP Crescendo in the form of an expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s Star Trek: Insurrection score.

The first soundtrack was initially released fifteen years ago in conjunction with the film, but this Expanded Collector’s Edition includes nearly thirty minutes of additional music from the 1998 film, along with several alternate tracks!

According to GNP Crescendo’s website, the expanded edition also includes “a 16-page booklet, copiously illustrated with film stills, includes authoritative notes by Jeff Bond (author of The Music of Star Trek: Profiles in Style) and Lukas Kendall.”

We’ve got an look at the track listing for the album. Those tracks listed in bold were not included on the original release:

1. Ba’ku Village (6:53)
2. Out of Orbit / Take Us In (1:44)
3. Come Out (2:34)
4. In Custody (1:14)
5. Warp Capability / The Planet / Children’s Story (2:33)
6. The Holodeck (4:35)
7. How Old Are You / New Sight (6:14)
8. Lost Ship / Prepare the Ship (2:39)
9. As Long as We Can (1:40)
10. Not Functioning / Send Your Ships (2:55)
11. Growing Up / Wild Flowers / Photon Torpedo (2:55)
12. The Drones Attack (4:15)
13. The Riker Maneuver (3:15)
14. Stay With Me (1:48)
15. The Same Race (2:50)
16. The Collector (1:10)
17. No Threat (4:18)
18. Tractor Beam (0:38)
19. The Healing Process [revised] (5:04)
20. The Healing Process [original version] (7:17)
21. End Credits (5:30)
22. Ba’ku Village [alternate ending] (3:53)
23. The Holodeck [alternate opening] (1:12)
24. Growing Up [alternate] (1:21)
25. Tractor Beam [alternate] (0:38)

GNP Crescendo have already previously released similar limited edition expanded soundtracks for Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: First Contact.

UPDATED: GNP/Crescendo have just sent over high-resolution artwork for the new release:

You can head on over to GNP Crescendo’s website to secure your pre-order for $19.98.


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  • Lenonn

    Excellent. I really enjoy this score by Goldsmith. I’m also hoping this bodes well for an expanded Nemesis release.

    The only thing missing from this is the music playing during the reception Picard and Data’s attempt at Gilbert and Sullivan.

  • Neill Stringer

    Already pre ordered. Loved Jerry Goldsmith’s music for this one. THe Healing Process (revised) sounds great, been wanting to get this piece as it was in the film.

  • Yotsuyasan

    Awesome. This is the last film soundtrack I was definitely waiting on! (I’m torn on Nemesis… On one hand, I love Jerry Goldsmith. On the other, it is the one Trek film I do my best to pretend doesn’t exist.)

    • Like the rest of the film, the Nemesis soundtrack is bleak and depressing. Pass.

      • Yotsuyasan

        Been a long time since I watched Nemesis, so I can’t really recall the quality or tone of the music… So I suppose I’ll take your word on it…
        Thus, Yay! Insurrection expanded score! Finishing off the three Next Gen films! (What’s that, you say? There’s a fourth film? Surely you jest!)

  • Vincenzo

    My favorite Star Trek movie soundtrack!!! I can’t wait..

  • archer9234

    YES *Explodes*

  • Alex

    Importers to UK need to be aware of customs charge, I was stung when I imported BOBW and Generations. Great CDs though but pricy when that’s included.

    • trekcore

      Yes, I think the UK customs boundary is around £18 … over that and Royal Mail will charge you import duty

  • Connor

    Is there hi rez artwork available for all the expanded soundtracks?