For many fans, collecting the new Star Trek Hallmark Christmas Ornaments every year has become somewhat of a tradition. The line of decorative ornaments was first started back in 1991 and since then has continued with fresh concepts each year. This year is no different as Hallmark have unveiled two specially designed ornaments for fans to adorn their trees with.

This year sees a mix of new and original Star Trek with the U.S.S. Kelvin from JJ Abrams’ 2009 film Star Trek being featured as one of the ornaments, and the classic fight scene between Kirk and the Gorn in The Original Series episode “Arena” taking the other spot.

The USS Kelvin model has a rather stylish nacelle/deflector dish light. You can pick this one up now at for around the $30.00 mark however stocks are limited.

The Kirk/Gorn ornament is undoubtedly our favorite – it’s an iconic scene and Hallmark have immortalized it rather wonderfully in this cute ornament! It’s also available from for pretty much the same price-point, around $30.00. Again, stocks seem to be limited on this, so if you want it – grab it quick! (I’ve just ordered mine!)

We’ve also had word from Hallmark that there will be a Comic Con exclusive version of the Kelvin featuring battle damage, so if you’re at San Diego Comic Con this year, remember to make a beeline for the Hallmark stand to grab yourself one! Stay tuned for further information, including the availability of a Scotty Tree figurine to go with previous years’ Kirk, Spock and McCoy from the Hallmark “Legends” Series.

Are you a collector of the Hallmark Christmas Ornaments? Let us know in the comments below! And give us your suggestions for next year’s ornaments – we’ll be sure to pass them on to Hallmark!