As we reported on Friday, more than 75% of the behind-the-scenes bonus material produced for the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray release has been locked away into retailer-exclusive packages. Between several brick-and-mortar stores, online streaming services, and Apple’s iTunes Store, there’s over three-and-a-half hours of additional features waiting to be explored.

Here’s a preview published by, advertised as part of the Blu-ray package… but in fact, it’s a clip from “Rebuilding the Enterprise”, a featurette included ONLY in the Target-exclusive release package.

There’s so many different VAM packages out there, it seems that even the official site can’t keep it all straight – so let’s see if we can’t clear this mess up, starting with the video exclusives.



Video VAM, Group I: Target Exclusives

These first six featurettes runs about thirty minutes in total and are carried on additional bonus discs by Target stores in the US, by Sainsbury’s in the UK, and are included in the German version of the 3D/Blu-ray/DVD combo set.

One more feature reported to be included in the German 3D set is the inclusion of the full-sized IMAX version of the film – the only physical release currently advertising that aspect ratio – which will alternate between 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) and 16:9 (IMAX) as appropriate.

Update (Sep 10): What a mess! We received the German 3D Blu-ray “Super-Set” today and unfortunately must report that the content is exactly the same as the standard US release. Paramount Germany’s official press-release for this set incorrectly stated that the Target Exclusive VAM would be included along with the full-sized IMAX aspect ratio presentation.

None of these releases are reported to include the iTunes “Enhanced Commentary.”


The Voyage Begins… Again (2:29)

This short piece illustrates the ramp-up to Into Darkness, where director JJ Abrams and writers Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof each speak briefly about the difficulty in finding where to begin the sequel’s story.

Also shown is the cast’s return to the Star Trek sets, where it’s clear that their time apart since 2009’s production has done little to reduce the camaraderie between the actors.

. . .


Mr. Spock and Mr. Spock (4:15)

It’s always nice to see Leonard Nimoy on screen, and this feature centers around his transformation from human to Vulcan – as well as his friendship with fellow Spock actor Zachary Quinto.

The second half of the video follows Nimoy to the Bad Robot studios, where he and Quinto rehearse (and then film) his Into Darkness appearance, on a cozy bluescreen stage away from the main production.

It’s clear from this piece that all of the crew are beyond pleased to have him involved with their second film – and Nimoy seems just as glad to be there.

. . .


Rebuilding the Enterprise (5:30)

Instead of spreading the Enterprise sets across different stages, the Into Darkness construction team built the entire ship on one enormous, interconnected set, all on one stage. This allowed for many more lengthy camera shots following the characters around the ship, rather than forcing separate takes to be combined in editing.

Production Designer Scott Chambliss takes time to point out improvements in the use of electronic on the sets – clearer screens, smoother animations, and super-bright rear-projection systems to create the illusion of curved in-wall control monitors.

After boasting that the 2009 captain’s chair was protected from theft (unlike several other captain’s chairs in Trek production history), he also points out several off-the-shelf, modern-day items used to create futuristic components around the ship.

. . .


Vengeance is Coming (4:27)

The oversized Vengeance warship was designed by the writers to be a deliberate perversion of everything good about Starfleet: a ship built for destruction, as part of Admiral Marcus’ plan to put the Federation on a war footing.

Believe it or not, the Vengeance sets are actually a massive redress of the Enterprise – another parallel with The Wrath of Khan, where the Enterprise and Reliant shared the same bridge! After all of the filming was completed on the Enterprise bridge and corridor, the Into Darkness construction teams took about six weeks to completely repaint and modify everything into the impressive dark black sets used in the Vengeance segments.

. . .


Visual Affection (9:02)

As suggested by the title, “Visual Affection” digs deep into the world of visual effects used in Star Trek Into Darkness, everything from virtual volcano eruptions to the creation of dozens of “digital doubles” – CG replacements for actors through the use of motion-capture photography. Another interesting segment reveals the construction of a complicated turbolift scene, faking the journey between decks of the Enterprise.

A funny moment is included when JJ Abrams is reviewing a potential design for the Vengeance display consoles, and the artist who created it managed to misspell just about every single word on the graphic, sending the whole production team into fits of laughter.

The final segment centers around the ending Spock-vs.-Khan brawl, showing off just how large the futuristic version of San Francisco really is – not just what you see on-screen, but buildings set “behind” the camera to keep reflections and lighting effects looking realistic.

. . .


Kirk and Spock (5:34)

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are interviewed about their characters’ personal journeys through the film, starting with a brash, reckless Kirk and an emotionally-unavailable (pardon the pun) Spock who truly doesn’t understand what it means to be the friend of a human.

Zachary Quinto: “This movie is about Kirk truly understanding what it means to be a Captain, and Spock truly understanding what it is to be a friend.”

Christopher Pike’s death is meant to serve as a catalyst for change in both men, causing Kirk to question his own abilities as a leader, and Spock to more fully understand the human condition through the mind-meld at the moment of Pike’s death.

This is also where THE SCENE is addressed: Kirk and Spock’s final conversation through the engine reactor door.

Writer Roberto Orci: “The difference [between STID and Star Trek II] is in Wrath of Khan, that scene was the punctuation to the end of a friendship. In this movie, this a realization to Spock that [he and Kirk] ARE friends.”



Video VAM, Group II: Best Buy Exclusives

This second grouping of video features appears to be available only from Best Buy stores in North America. While the Canadian release will include these extras on a bonus disc, the features are available through Best Buy’s CinemaNow streaming service when the Blu-ray set is purchased in the United States.

We’re no fan of CinemaNow – we voiced our displeasure at the video quality back when the first season of Enterprise was released on Blu-ray – and unfortunately, there looks like there won’t be any physical offering of these contents in the US at all.

As of this writing, however, CinemaNow is offering the entire thirty-minute exclusive VAM content for free to anyone in the US. This may be intentional, or it may be a mistake fixed by tomorrow – we don’t know. If you want to watch ’em, I’d recommend you do it as soon as possible.


Down With the Ship (6:09)

When the Enterprise artificial gravity system begins to fail as it falls towards Earth, it tosses the crew all around the corridors and other areas of the ship – and just about every part of that was actually performed in-camera for the Into Darkness shoot.

Between hanging from a rotating section of scaffolding, flailing around on the floor of the sets, a section of corridor built wall-side down, and strapping Anton Yelchin (Chekov) into a wire rig to yank him through Engineering at top speed, it’s clear that a lot of technical expertise went into the production of that sequence.

. . .


Unlocking the Cut (5:10)

Editors Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon get footage from the set withing 24 hours of the first day of shooting, so they (along with their team of assistant editors) have to jump into their jobs right away when production begins.

This piece highlights two distinct changes that occurred between shooting and editing. Originally, Kirk is standing over Spock as Pike dies, and he watches his mentor die. By rearranging it so that Pike dies while Kirk is out of the room, the audience is more closely aligned with Kirk’s state of shock when Pike’s fate is revealed.

It’s also revealed that the bar-room scene – where Pike and Kirk talk over drinks – was shot after primary production on the film had concluded. The editors determined that an additional scene was needed between Pike and Kirk to balance out the dressing-down in the Admiral’s office, so the Bad Robot team built the set right at their studio and filmed it to fill that hole in the story.

The feature also follows Zoe Saldana (Uhura) to the Bad Robot audio stage, where she is shown recording ADR dialogue for her Klingon language lines on Kronos.

. . .


The Sound of Music (and FX) (5:27)

The first half of this segment centers around composer Michael Giacchino and his development of Khan’s theme, as well as having to make musical rewrites when scenes come back from the editors cut in a totally different way than for how the score was originally written.

Sound designer Ben Burtt describes several different sounds used to enhance the realism of the film – from wind and crowd noises and Klingon disruptor fire to turning plastic phasers into metal weaponry through the use of incidental sound effects.

. . .


Aliens Encountered (6:50)

Bookmarked by a look into Zachary Quinto’s daily transformation into his role as Spock – with each hair in his Vulcan eyebrows put in place one at a time – this piece covers a wide variety of makeup techniques used to create the multitude of alien species seen throughout Into Darkness.

One particularly interesting segment revolves around the twin Caitian women found in Kirk’s bed: it turns out that their long prehensile tails were not CG creations, but were actually mechanically-controlled creations of the prop department. Chris Pine’s hilarious reaction upon first encountering the ‘living’ tail is something that really needs to be seen by everyone.

. . .


NIF: Home of the Core (4:32)

The National Ignition Facility at Livermore Labs served as the high-tech stand-in for the Enterprise warp core, and Star Trek Into Darkness was the first film ever permitted to film inside this highly-guarded research facility.

To protect the sensitive equipment from accidental damage, the production team actually hired a group of NIF engineers and scientists to appear as background extras in the film – only people who actually knew what they were doing were allowed to touch any of the control systems!

The feature also takes a brief look at all the plant-on labels and stickers created to turn the real-life equipment into Starfleet-issue technical systems.

. . .


Safety First (2:26)

This hilarious final feature centers around Simon Pegg’s practical joke at NIF, where he convinced several members of the cast that they would need to wear a special “neutron cream” to protect their bodies from “neutron damage” coming off of the main laser reactor.

Perhaps the best portion comes when it’s revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch was convinced to sign a waiver about the use of neutron cream – and that he hadn’t actually looked through it until he was asked to read it aloud on camera!



So What’s Up Down Under?

Just as we were preparing to publish this article, we received a copy of Paramount Australia’s press information for their Into Darkness Blu-ray options:

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS – 2 Disc TRIPLE PLAY – RRP $49.99 (Run time 132mins)
The STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Blu-ray is presented in 1080p high definition with English 7.1 Dolby TrueHD, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. The DVD in the Triple Play is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 TVs with English 5.1 Dolby Digital, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

The Triple Play also includes access to a digital copy of the film as well as the following Blu-ray bonus features: Creating the Red Planet; Attack on Starfleet; The Klingon Homeworld; The Enemy of My Enemy; Ship to Ship; Brawl by the Bay.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D Superset – RRP $59.99 – (Run time 132mins)
The STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D Superset pack includes all of the above, as well as the film in high definition and 3D on a disc presented in 1080p high definition with English 7.1 Dolby TrueHD, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. The 3D Superset also includes access to a digital copy of the film.

· Limited Edition 2 disc Blu-ray / 3D Combo (including Digital Copy) with bonus Villain Ship (RRP $69.99) – Exclusive to JB Hi-Fi
· DVD with limited edition comic book titled ‘Countdown to Darkness ’– Exclusive to Coles (RRP $39.99)
· Star Trek Into Darkness Triple Play Steelbook available in two Khan artwork options – Exclusive to JB Hi-Fi (RRP $49.99)
· DVD Double Pack (Star Trek (2009) / Star Trek Into Darkness) – Exclusive to Big W (RRP $42.99)
· Blu-ray Double Pack (Star Trek (2009) / Star Trek Into Darkness) – Exclusive to JB Hi-Fi (RRP $49.99)

Looks like those rumored exclusive features – deleted scenes, outtakes, and a roundtable interview segment – were just that: rumors. Everything seems to line up with the US-based options, so that’s one less purchase you VAM fanatics don’t need to worry about.

Coming soon: the iTunes Enhanced Commentary is more than just audio,
and it’s the best feature yet… but can you handle the download?


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  • corysims

    FYI, the iTunes enhanced commentary is part of the Target Exclusive. Per the digital copy code with every release in the US, if you redeem it through iTunes, you will get the film in HD and the iTunes Extras, which includes the enhanced commentary.

    • At this point, the iTunes commentary works with the digital code included with EVERY release in the US, not just Target.

      • corysims


  • James

    Thanks for these articles, and thanks to Aaron for the review. I absolutely must see the Mr Spock and Mr Spock feature – Nimoy is a class act. It’s a travesty that thanks to Bad Robots greed I will have to watch most of the VAM on YouTube.

    I’ll still buy the blu-ray (probably from Sainsburys), but I guess I’ll end up buying it again when the super-special edition comes out down the line.

    I’ve still got about four different versions of TMP at home.
    1. The original VHS tape.
    2. The VHS tape with the extended cut.
    3. The Directors edition DVD
    4. The original cut on blu-ray.

    And I’ll end up buying it again on blu-ray when the inevitable Directors Edition upgrades are done! Star Trek might be anti-capitalism, but it sure makes a good cash-cow!

    • Chris915

      Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call it anti-capitalism… but rather, humanity moved past the need to work to live… people no longer need to work to provide the basics of life for themselves… so naturally capitalism kind of faded out…

      • James

        One of the surprising things about the world of Star Trek, as Gene Roddenberry presented it in The Next Generation especially, is that it appears to be a communist society. There is no money, everyone has access to whatever resources they need, and no-one is required to work. Aliens who still believe in hoarding money and material acquisitions, like the Ferengi, are viewed as barbaric and foolish.

        • Chris915

          Which I don’t think is a bad thing, I’m all for getting rid of people having to pay to survive… it’s barbaric in my opinion, that someone has to pay to get something as basic to life, as clean water…

          Of course, people still work in Star Trek, because they can do what they like for fun, they don’t have to work at something they don’t like, just so they can survive… for example, Sisko’s father runs a little food place… Picard’s elder bother owned a vineyard until he died…

          To me, it’s an ideal system for a society… but it’s up to us to make it work.

          Yea, as Janeway said, the Ferengi view Wall Street as holy ground, lol.

          • James

            Maybe one day, when we aren’t killing each other…

          • archer9234

            Will be able to do that once replicators are invented. Then nothing needs to be actually manufactured. Needing money will fade.

  • Chris

    Does anyone know if the Star trek/Star Trek Into Darkness Bluray 2 pack ( will have the extras from the first release of the 2009 movie? I missed that when it came out, and the bluray that’s available these days only has the one disk with less extras.

    • archer9234

      If 09 is missing disc 2. You don’t have the bonus features. 09 came with 2 Blurays. One movie, one Bonus Features.

      • Chris

        Does the new 2 movie set have the disk though? I’ve not seen it in the shops, only online

        • archer9234

          I don’t know either. It would have to say 3 disc set. If it says 2, it omitted 09 disc 2. Need a picture of the back.

      • Chris915

        Yea, I bought Star Trek 09 on Amazon and it only came with 1-disc… it pissed me off…

        • archer9234

          Ugh, they really should warn you what version you’re getting.

          • Chris915

            Well, this is what I bought:

            But I didn’t see a 2-disc version…

          • archer9234

            The one you needed was the 3 disc one. The 3rd disc is just the worthless DAC Xbox game demo. That’s the one I bought. I guess its discontinued because I see it at $40 there.

          • Chris915

            Yea, I didn’t buy the 1st movie on blu-ray until this year.

  • StephenD

    Is that correct about the set being on the Paramount lot? I was told by a Paramount employee that this film was a bit upsetting as the sound stages at the Paramount lot were occupied, and the big paying residents (NCIS:LA and Glee would not dismantle during their hiatus), so this film was the first Star Trek feature not shot there (I think they used Sony’s old MGM studio in Culver City, but I’m not certain of that).
    Apparently one scene was shot at Paramount just so they could say some of it was….
    No confirmed sources or any of the above, so it would be nice if someone in the know could comment.

  • archer9234

    This is just confusing.

  • RillIris

    Has it been stated for certain someplace that Best Buy’s US release is Cinemanow only for it’s VAM? I ask because none of the other titles they’ve had with exclusive extras by Cinemanow have had alternate art, that I’m aware of at least, and in the case of The Hobbit the extras were both on disk and by Cinemanow, I think that could hopefully be the case this time.

  • Christopher Roberts

    Let’s say I opted to import the German release, because it has two unique features – 3-D disc containing uncropped IMAX ratio on applicable scenes and Target features included on the Blu ray…

    Anybody know if the menu screens are only in German, or would there be an English option offered on start-up?

    • Kaine Morrison

      I’d do the same if I knew it was Region Free…

      • Christopher Roberts

        CBS/Paramount’s treatment of Trek to date, suggests region free.

        However if it wasn’t, Germany would be Region B. Which is the same as here in Britain.

        • Kaine Morrison

          If it’s “B”, that won’t work for me as I’m in the USA…

    • damdam

      I think it’s safe to say that the menus will be available in English. They have been in every (Star Trek) DVD/BluRay I own. I live in Germany.

      • Christopher Roberts


        • damdam

          Will do.

  • Luca

    “One more feature reported to be included in the German 3D set is the
    inclusion of the full-sized IMAX version of the film – the only physical
    release currently advertising that aspect ratio – which will alternate
    between 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) and 16:9 (IMAX) as appropriate.”

    Product details page for the 3D set on lists both aspect ratios and apparently no DVD for this set

    • Simon

      No. It’s just 2.40. All HDTV material is “16×9”. Even TNG-HD which is “16×9 1.33”

      • Christopher Roberts

        Are you saying those reports about the German release are wrong? That the 3D is uniformly 2.40:1?

        • Simon

          I was referring to what the Amazon UK page says.

          AFAIK nobody has the German release in hand to verify.

          • trekcore

            We’re waiting to receive the German release to clarify. The press release states “DVD und BD: 2.35:1; 3D BD: 16:9 / 1.78:01”

          • Christopher Roberts

            Thanks for clarification. Will await 1st hand reports of what is actually on the German 3-D+ Blu ray+DVD+Digital set.

            Anything in the press release about a trailer?

          • Frank

            Here’s a review of the German 3D Combo Blu-ray:
            Only six featurettes! They lied in their press release!

          • trekcore

            Hmm, this review only seems to mention the 2D features. The German press office sent us the 2D version – we expect they’ve done the same with everyone. We’re waiting to receive the 3D copy.

  • Connor

    Cancelled my $80 Amazon order just so I’ll get more features at a cheaper price at Target… this is ridiculous.

    • Holy Hand Granade

      Cancel it all together and download the torrents. Schrew these carpet-baggers. Vote with your $$$.

  • Jason

    Will there be a future release with everything together?

    • This being Paramount you can be certain that they will re-release this film many more times in the future.

      • Colin

        I don’t believe there will be a future release with everything. I have only to look at how Paramount has treated the first 10 films. The TOS films have video issues which haven’t been fixed. And, I think within a year or two, that the commentary on ITunes will not be available.

        • I’ve been frustrated with Paramount’s treatment of Star Trek for about a decade now. They milked it for everything it was worth with lazy releases. Everything from home video to the video games to books and magazines. I really wish CBS or another entity would’ve gotten a hold of the films. They’d be treated better elsewhere.

          • Robert Karma

            I think they only Blu-ray Paramount did justice to was Wrath of Khan. It looks and sounds fantastic. For some reason the suits at Paramount believe Star Trek fans will buy their crappy releases and then the special editions and the Blu-ray editions and now several Blu-ray editions and downloads just to get the VAM. I checked and it turns out that Paramount’s marketing division is run by a fellow named liquidator Brunt formerly employed by the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

          • hanshotfirst1138

            I’m still waiting for the director’s cuts of I, II, and VI, which we’ll presumably be waiting for until hell freezes over.

  • OphidianJaguar

    Pathetic and upsetting that the special features are split up. Also disappointing that the IMAX ratio was cut. Do they honestly think that it will confuse people!? It worked wonderfully in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, the IMAX scenes looked amazing in high def on my 50″ plasma. I am seriously questioning the sanity of Paramount. Because I am a lover of steelbook I will be purchasing the blu-ray steelbook from Best Buy.

    • I’m thinking most people will assume the disc is defective or their player is malfunctioning if the ratio changes several times throughout the film.

      • archer9234

        That’s why the back has all the info. If the person doesn’t care to understand it. It’s their problem.

        • Consider this: How many people have complained about the TNG Blu-rays being in 4:3?

          • archer9234

            What does that matter? A person has a option to crop the black bars out if they choose to. They have the info on the box to warn and give the info. The rest is up to the person. We’ve been dealing with aspect ratio’s for years now.

          • I’m just saying, lots of people “[don’t] care to understand” such things concerning home video releases.

          • archer9234

            Then they have no right to complain.

          • The Scherm

            I questioned the sanity of Paramount in 2009 when Orci and Kurtman cut the testes off of my favorite Sci-Fi franchise and turned it into pro-war propaganda with bad science and worse story-telling.

          • The Scherm

            They take our money for another mans dream that they get all kinds of wrong. People have PLENTY of right to complain.

          • archer9234

            You didn’t read what I was replying to.

          • Tired of bad trek

            Only some companies shoot and process it correctly, so audiences don’t have to deal with this bullsh*t.

          • Rod Squad

            Plenty did. Paramount gives zero f*(&s

  • This is an aggravating mess. I miss the days of buying one DVD and getting all the special features. Studios double dipping was annoying enough, now we’ve got all this store-exclusive nonsense.

  • Robert Markham

    All that hullabaloo for what is officially the least-liked “Star Trek” movie ever. Hilarious.

    • Simon

      Officially? A bunch of butthurt fanboys voting at a convention isn’t “official” by any means.

      • The Scherm

        Officially – I went in in 2009 with very high hopes. You can thank the writers for “fanbois” realization that this is total crap. Especially to people who know better and have come to expect more from a Franchise like Star Trek. It’s cheap and tawdry. A perversion of its own essence. Yes – FANS who go to conventions took a vote and this turkey bottomed out. Soon, I hope it will go away forever. I would really rather have no Star Trek at all then this crap. Oh – And they inflate their box office receipts with both 3D/ Imax bumps and Box office inflation. Financially, this film tied with Star Trek: The motion Picture and had it a$$ handed to it by Wrath of Khan (If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do so – so you’ll know how badly these hacks ripped it off.)

    • Kaine Morrison

      The Special Features are Better and More Entertaining than the actual Movie!

  • Gutted.

    As someone who was massively looking forwards to the extras after the last films awesome collection of behind the scenes stuff, I was hugely disappointed. So much so in fact I’ve opted to not buy the blu-ray at all, and instead get myself a 1080p torrent downloaded. If they release it with all the extras, I’ll buy it then.

    • Alice Susan Harding

      Right on. It’s pure greed on their part. It’s appalling. Don’t they make enough as it is?

      If everyone gets themselves a torrent that will teach them a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry.

  • Gutted.

    hopefully someone will gather all the extras together and release a torrent with them all in one place. Paramount need to get a taste of what Microsoft had with their Xbox one, ie. a massive backlash that costs them a lot of money. maybe then they’ll stop trying to milk the fans for every penny.

    • The Scherm

      They truly are disrespectful to their audience. They must think they’re awfully “important” people. Sad – they also think that what they are doing is smart. It ain’t.

  • Kreg Roenfeldt

    With 2009’s “beer factory” engineering room, and 2013’s “science lab” warp core… I’d have to say I’m rather disappointed. That to me is like a High School project film using a real place and pretending it’s something fictional, because the kids don’t know how or have time to make an imaginary set. Works for a moment, but once you know what it really is… it’s dumb.

    • archer9234

      I didn’t mind certain things. But I did hate that it made Engineering like what 3 decks big? The core is huge. But not the main operating area. Which bugged the crap out of me. Even Ent-E’s engineering room isn’t that freaking massive. The “beer” set made it look like it was housed in the warp nacelle.

      • Kreg Roenfeldt

        Hah hah ya. It’s like running around Sam’s Club or Costco and yelling “I’m giving it’s all she’s got Captain!” and touching no buttons, levers, or any control stations. Oh wait, that did happen in the first one.

  • alfredodedarc

    It just makes the potential purchasers more likely to just wait until the cable release. The movie itself was so thin on content and heavy on unnecessary scenes that there probably are no deleted scenes; Abrams probably used everything.
    A bad movie with limited VAM is not going to be a big seller. It is as if Paramount wants an excuse to port Star Trek back to the small screen. If so, good idea!

    • James

      We know there is at least one deleted scene as JJ showed a scene of Harrison in the shower. Incidentally ST09 is the 3rd best selling bluray in the United States… ever. It has sold 3,878,678 units on bluray for and additional $84,732,687 to ST09’s $102 milion from DVD.

      Only a small number of fans will be able to resist purchasing the movie, despite the lack of VAM. it’s a greedy thing that Bad Robot have done here, but its not unprecedented. I remember paying 12.99 for two episodes on VHS!

      • Robert Karma

        I understand from reading across the Internet that this was a Paramount marketing decision and not a Bad Robot decision. Is there any evidence to the contrary?

        • James
          • Robert Karma

            We get an unnamed “inside source” which always worries me. Maybe this is the first major release using this marketing method to boost Blu-ray and digital download sales. Given the profits over people mentality of big business I wouldn’t be surprised. What is the advantage for JJ Abrams and the Bad Robot folks to tell Paramount to release the VAM in this manner that is guaranteed to anger the Star Trek fan base? Do they get a bigger cut of the profits via this method in their deal with Paramount Home Entertainment? It seems like the incentive lies with Paramount for milking this for all it is worth but I could be wrong. I’d like to get something more reliable than an unnamed inside source. No matter who made the decision, it really sucks. Thanks for the link!

      • Nerdist

        These numbers are skewed. They are beefed up by 3D/Imax tickets and not adjusted for Box office inflation. The reality is – This move did “ok” with a 56% overall profit margin. Truth be told, it tied “The Motion Picture” and got its a$$ handed to it by Wrath of Khan. They are screaming that it’s this huge success because they have to. The writers are scared for their jobs, as they should be after insulting the entire fanbase with their work and their behavior. may it end abruptly.

        • James

          My numbers aren’t skewed as they relate to ST09’s startling performance in terms of DVD and blu-ray sales.

          It’s true that 3D and IMAX tickets boosted sales, but then The Motion Picture was in the cinema for like 6 months in 1979 in a much less crowded market. I’d sure say that STID did OK – check out the adjusted for inflation worldwide figures below!

          1. Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) $462 million 2. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) $447.1 million 3. Star Trek (2009) $419.8 million 4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) $283.4 million 5. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) $234.2 million 6. Star Trek: First Contact (1996) $223.2 million 7. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) $195.5 million 8. Star Trek: Generations (1994) $189.1 million 9. Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) $168.8 million 10. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) $166.1 million 11. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) $132.2 million 12. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) $87.4 million Source: 1701News

  • Colin

    The more I hear from TPTB, the more I feel alienated from this latest incarnation of Star Trek.

    Over at TrekMovie, Joseph Dickerson wrote an opinion piece about he feels Star Trek is broken. Bob Orci responds,

    “I think the article above is akin to a child acting out against his parents. Makes it tough for some to listen, but since I am a loving parent, I read these comments without anger or resentment, no matter how misguided.” (Post #310)

    I fhink this franchise is in serious trouble. I am seeing fans who like this movie attacking those who don’t with vociferous insults. I am beginning to believe that the TPTB have developed an arrogant and condenscing attitude toward members of the fan base. And, finally, I am seeing this franchise being watered down so as to sell tickets.

    • Christopher Roberts

      Judging by those comments, I’d say Bob Orci’s view of this relationship is completely the wrong way around. They’re the rebellious teenagers who’ll someday look back and regret on a few decisions they’ve made. Even though, it earned them respect among their peers at the time.

    • James

      I’m not convinced that the comment was really from Bob Orci. Trek Movie is weirdly unregulated – you can post under any name and comments aren’t monitored regularly. If it is him, then it shows he listens to the fans – even if his tone here is condescending.

      My own view is that whilst a number of trekkies dont like the new movies, they are in a minority as evidenced by TrekMovies own polling which showed that 70% of people rated the new film as Good-Excellent.

      I acknowledge that the new movies have problems (as did the old ones). That opinion peice on TrekMovie is valid and raises some salient points, but to say Trek is broken is a little strange. I’d argue that Trek was broken by the very weak Next Generation Movies and by the Enterprise TV series. Enterprise had such potential that was never realised (sigh). To say that Trek is broken after we have had the most successful Trek Movie ever in terms of box office and one that is critically lauded (see the rotten tomatoes scores!) is simply weird. It’s not like The Final Fronteir just ended up in our laps 😉

      Finally, I see evidence that the powers that be do listen to the fans. Many complained that ST09 had no allegorical message – this was addressed by the new film, as were complaints about the ships engine room (although it seems that some still dont like it).

      I think eventually people will come around. When I first really got into TNG, there was a real group of hardcore trekkies who belittled my love for the show. Data was a stupid name, Picard was too grumpy and Kirk was a far superior character. Dont even get me started on the hatred towards Wil Wheaton!

      • archer9234

        It’s odd really. I liked 09 and don’t want to see Darkness. I just don’t like it when we’re seeing a modified retread of something done before. But in the end the money talks. They’re gonna keep making this way since it gets them half a billion dollars.

        • James

          I think it had a much deeper plot than the Transformers films! Like you, I do hope that we will ‘boldly go’ in the next movie and that JJ and co. take a chance on a change of pace like Nimoy did with The Voyage Home.

          • Trekker

            Sure – I might see it if they hire new writers.

      • The Scherm

        It was Orci – He “appologised” on his Twitter account. I challenged him to a pitch contest, loser takes a hike, winner gets Trek. Neutral Industry judges.

        Coward deleted it. He can’t even stand up to a newcomer. If you or I had their friends, we could be writing the next Trek movie and no one would care how bad it was either. I hope justice finds this world one day and sets things back on their feet. I really do.

        • Alex Gregory

          Wait, what? You seriously expected Orci/Paramount to decide the job of writing the next Trek film on a challenge from a random guy on Twitter, and you have the balls to insult him after the fact?

          I’ve been critical of Orci in the past, but I don’t think anyone can deny that the man has brass balls when it comes to wearing his opinions on his sleeve. I’ve seen him getting into discussions/arguments with fans, not only on TrekMovie but on sites like Ain’t It Cool. You may disagree with his actions or his remarks, but he genuinely says how he feels, and he certainly isn’t shy about criticizing those he feels are in the wrong, using his own name no less.

    • Steve

      ***I fhink this franchise is in serious trouble. I am seeing fans who like
      this movie attacking those who don’t with vociferous insults***

      And vice versa. In fact, I see a thousand times more aggression from those who didn’t like it towards those who did. Trust me, i know, I’m one of those who did like it.

      Those CinemaNow features are still free btw. You do need to give credit card info, though.

  • Tony Todd’s Tears

    They should call the feature on the Warp Core “The dilithium crystal chamber, that had no dilithium crystals”

  • Jonathan

    Can someone clarify for me if I get the 3D version from target I still get their VAM?

  • Victoria

    The prank clip is something all fans need to see! I’m SO glad it’s free!

  • The Scherm

    Sad – I will not be purchasing any of them. If they want my money again, They’re going to have to fire those terrible writers and hire writers who really care and “get” what Star Trek is about…It’s clear that $$$ is the new final frontier. Money and “being someone important” I am sure the attitude is not exclusive to Bob Orci’s internet outbursts. Turns out, they laughed long and hard at the pain they caused the existing Star Trek community in their goal to brainwash a bunch of 12-year-olds into joining the Navy. Do me, Gene Roddenberry, humanity, and yourself a favor – Download this turkey from a hack site If we vote witho our wallets, they might just start treating audiences with respect again..

  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    What a mess – like the movie. I paid for my cinema ticket – that’s the last money I spend on this movie. I’ll wait until it all appears on eBay dirt cheap and maybe….just maybe….I’ll spend a few quid on a 2nd hand copy.

    On a totally different note – TrekCore – will you be reviewing and publishing details about the Starships collection that’s a few weeks old now? I’ve bought the first issue and am picking up issue 2 tomorrow. Mixed feelings about the build quality of these models, but holding out hope.

  • epictry

    Well, that pretty much makes waiting on pins and needles for my bluray for the past few months a waste of energy and hope. Paramount can suck it.

  • dyruss

    Do you know STID is $10 cheaper thanks to free Target gift card (earned after first purchase of $25 or more):

  • Natasha Reeves

    Was there no blooper reel like on the first Star Trek? I was for sure there would be one and now I am left up the creek with a third of my special features. Does the studio really want illegal downloads? Because this is an excellent way to ensure it.

  • Trevor Clarke

    If someone is wondering, special features released as exclusives in UK’s Tesco’s store through digital download service Blinkbox are confirmed to be:

    Aliens Encountered (6:50)
    NIF: Home of the Core (4:32)
    Unlocking the Cut (5:10)
    The Sound of Music and FX (5:27)

  • hanshotfirst1138

    The most frustrating part of this is that while I can pick up the Target exclusive, because I’m Stateside, I can’t get the Canadian release. I know this because I checked the link, and it’s out of stock. If they’re going to do this, the least they could do is make both available for the fans willing to shill out the cash for more than one release. Hopefully the redeemable digital copy will at least have the iTunes version. Between this and the nonsense with Google Plus and YouTube lately, I’m none too happy with the Internet. Well, unless I want to pay the silly sums on eBay.