As we announced last month, a standalone disc of “Unification“, the two-part fifth-season episode which brought Spock to Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be released along side the TNG Season Five Blu-ray set on November 19… and we’ve got a copy of the new trailer released earlier today by CBS!

The special release will come with its very own exclusive set of special features, including a new documentary entitled From One Generation To the Next (not to be confused with the similarly-titled 1988 documentary) and feature-length commentary.

In case you missed this update from our previous article, we’ve confirmed with Paramount that “Unification” will not be released in the UK. Like “Redemption“, UK fans can order “Unification” from the US through and it will play fine in your UK player and should avoid any import duties due to the low price. Order at Amazon here.

We don’t yet have a copy of the full-resolution, uncompressed video file, but as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to bring you downloadable versions of the trailer video, along with a full analysis of the remastered picture quality. In the meantime, lock in your preorders below!


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  • SFC3

    Not many VFX shots. Interesting choice for trailer footage.

    • James

      Agreed. Not the most exciting trailer – and if that’s the best bit of footage from the VAM, then I might pass on this one. Check out how it was originally advertised – love that music!

      • jerr

        I believe the first time they used that music was Devil’s Due. I loved it the first time I heard it

        • James

          Do you know who it’s by?

    • That opening shot of the Enteprise is a CG replacement. Besides, the major focus is Nimoy.

      • hypnotoad72

        It’s good CGI, though. 🙂

  • Chris915

    I still don’t think I’m buying the separate release as both parts of “Unification” are included in Season 5, so I see no reason to spend the extra money on top of Season 5… and the VAM is simply not justification for me.

    • Allen Williams

      no “last time on star trek” nonsense. I hate it when I watch two parters now because I always watch both.

      • jh389

        I don’t think I’ll ever hear a more First World Problem then that.

        • hypnotoad72

          The world is the world. Whoever came up with “First World” was probably thinking of a different sort of class warfare…

          • AndyH

            I find it interesting to watch the “Last time on Star Trek…” to observe which items they chose as crucial to the last episode’s story, which items they omitted, how they sequenced the recap compared to how the episode actually unfolded, and how that differs from my perception of the episode. Sometimes they also use visual shots that didn’t make it into the actual episode.

  • Colin

    What! – no TIme’s Arrow special edition? Phooey.

    • Gilbetron

      I know! I am so utterly disappointed about this

  • burtyb73

    A curiously low key, almost apologetic trailer. No Uk release again, but this is a release i will skip unless they pump up the VAM content.

  • vincanss

    A curious decision to put this release out ahead of Time’s Arrow seeing as all of it is on the season 5 set. Surely everyone buying TNG on Blu are getting the season sets? Or most.

    • Christopher Roberts

      Spock’s presence in this, gives it a higher profile and will more casual purchases from those into the new crowd.

      • vincanss

        I figured. I don’t mind either way, I like the 2-parter and will get the single release but hope they do Time’s Arrow too.

      • The Bandsaw Vigilante

        Yeah, I remember watching this two-parter in November, 1991 (right before “Star Trek VI” hit theater screens) and getting stoked for that film, because of the teases/references planted in the “Unification” TNG episodes.

        As you mention, Leonard Nimoy’s appearances on TNG were a huge deal, and even got my father to watch those episodes when they were broadcast.

  • Christopher Roberts

    Love the TV Movie editions, despite having to import. I guessing Leonard Nimoy hasn’t contributed to the new documentary, from the looks of that trailer. Hope they’ll get chance to cover all the various TOS character appearances on TNG, from DeForest in the pilot and Jimmy Doohan in Relics.

    I imagine Time’s Arrow will come out just before Season 6. Maybe they’ll double these up per disc? Otherwise we’ll only get from of the following – Chain of Command, Birthright, Decent and Gambit.

    • Mike

      I barely remember “Journey’s End” but I would enjoy having that. If there’s a stand-alone for “All Good Things…” I imagine it would go there, but if not I hope they can license it for Season Seven’s VAM. I was not aware there was a documentary with Terry Farrell when DS9 was launched …

      • matthew

        netflix has it.

  • Mike

    From the studio’s perspective I understand choosing “Unification,” however this ‘feature release’ could just be included as a bonus feature on the Season Five set, with the option to watch it as two episodes or one. The documentary could also be put onto the Season Five set as well. Continuing with set precedent it would make more sense to release “Time’s Arrow.” This makes me think that there won’t be a stand-alone release for “All Good Things…” since that was filmed, aired, and released as a feature-length release. I do have to wonder, though, what newly-produced VAM could they actually come up with to justify a stand-alone release of “Time’s Arrow.” It’s possible, I suppose, “Time’s Arrow” will accompany Season Six’s release and “Descent” will accompany Season Seven. It’s possible they could do “All Good Things…” but I would imagine that would come after Season Seven.

  • hypnotoad72


    I wonder what would happen if Picard there was put in a room with Janeway…

    I hope Voyager gets a blu-ray release; I’ve been rewatching season four and ***WOW*** the number of clunkers are few and the number of great episodes (is the bulk of the season)…

    • Mike

      I feel pretty certain ‘Voyager’ and ‘DS9’ will get blu-ray releases, but I think like ‘Enterprise’ there will not be stand-alone releases like ‘TNG’ is getting.

      • Mike C.

        Season 4 pretty much is a series of TV movies. Season 3 would be impossible. Season 2 could have Minefield and the one with the automated ship repair station. Not much else. Season1… nada.

    • Alexander

      Season 4 are Voyagers best season. 5 was ok. 6 and 7 was as lame as ENT 1 + 2