We broke a lot of Star Trek: Enterprise news last week: not only was TrekCore the first site to report the announcement of a new round-table writer’s reunion feature coming on the Season Four Blu-ray set in April, but we were the first to present the trailer and cover art for the final season set as well!


Since the news broke, there have been a couple of updates from around the web offering insight into what seems to be a can’t-miss look behind the scenes from the show’s primary writing team.

First, Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits reported some details of the writers’ conversation, from Trek VAM gurus Roger Lay, Jr., and Robert Meyer Burnett:

The Digital Bits: “VAM producers Roger Lay, Jr. and Robert Meyer Burnett tell me that lots more discussion of “season five and beyond” ideas will be included in the documentaries on the Season Four BD set…

I can’t wait to see this when it’s finally released on Blu-ray in 2014.”

Additionally, Enterprise writer David A. Goodman stopped by the comments section over at TrekMovie to answer the big question we were all asking: where was Season Four showrunner Manny Coto in Brannon Braga’s photo of the reunion?

David A. Goodman: “We had a great time, but it was a warts-and-all discussion that I think will surprise a lot of people…

Manny had a last minute problem at “24” and couldn’t make it. Brannon [Braga] and the writers who worked with him on Season 4 (Mike [Sussman], Andre [Bormanis], Judy and Gar [Reeves-Stevens]) spent a lot of time talking about his positive influence on the show.”

As disappointing as that news is, it’s a relief to know that Coto was intending to participate before his obligations to the “24” revival got in the way. His contributions to the fourth season of Enterprise brought about some of the show’s most well-loved storylines, so we hope to see him in the newly-produced interviews which will accompany the Blu-ray set.


Finally, we have the usual, often-requested high-resolution downloads of the Season Four Blu-ray trailer available through the links below, as well as a collection of HD screencaps from the preview footage. Looking at the still frames — especially at actor close-ups — you can really see how different the switch to digital photography made the series look in 2004.

Download480p (35 MB) • 720p (102 MB) • 1080p (335 MB)

As always, we’ll continue to update you on this set as we get closer to the April 1 release date. In the meantime, you can pre-order the season — or the compete series — through the links below.

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  • Jamie

    Such a shame the series didn’t get to run for another couple of years, but at least we were fortunate to get 4 Seasons of good quality television.

    When this drops in price on Amazon UK I will be finishing off my Blu Ray collection of Enterprise.

  • Guest

    I was hoping we’d get a feature-length combination of The Pegasus/These Are The Voyages with CGI or something to make Riker and Troi look younger.

    • mjdavid

      Hah! That would be awesome!

    • SpaceCadet

      No, I think they should leave it the way it is so we can watch Riker and Troi fluctuate in age and weight like they’re in some space-time anomaly.

    • archer9234

      Do we really need to connect Pegasus any more badly to TATV…

    • Kirksdeadjim

      Were you joking there or actually being serious?

  • mjdavid

    I’m happy CBS-D isn’t releasing a “special edition” boxed-set, they’re simply packaging the individual season packages together. The only real advantage to this “boxed-set” is for those who haven’t purchased the individual seasons as they release. ‘Enterprise’ really hit its stride at the end of the second season and I can’t think of a single less-than-stellar episode from the fourth season. While it was broken up into much shorter story arcs than the third season’s arc, each one was fantastic. Season Four was by far my favorite season of the series, and some important ‘Trek’ questions were finally answered. ‘Deep Space Nine’ hinted at the physical difference of Klingons from the TOS-era as compared to the 24th century, but ‘Enterprise’ actually answered that question in a satisfying manner. This storyline tied in nicely with Brent Spiner returning as Dr. Arik Soong, revealing his involvement with the Augments (a satisfying tie-in to the long-discussed Eugenics Wars). “The Forge,” “The Awakening,” and “Kir’Shara” are series highlights for me; the revelation of Romulan involvement at the conclusion of this arc would have been a very intriguing tie-in for a Season Five arc. The Mirror Universe episodes were pretty awesome, I loved the alternate theme song. My only real complaint with Season Four was the finale. I’m sure many fans have complained about it, but I also think it was a rush job since UPN cut their episode count for Season Four from twenty-six to twenty-two. Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis playing their TNG characters from their Enterprise-D days didn’t work since both actors had visibly aged. Surely they could have found a quandry for Riker to mull over from his Enterprise-E days?

    It’s hard to say if ‘Enterprise’ would have had a longer run in syndication or not; it’s not unreasonable to consider that ‘Voyager’ might have also ended prematurely had it not started in 1995. I think UPN simply didn’t know what to do with ‘Enterprise.’ They had nothing to pair it with. I have often wondered after watching the docs on the Season Two blus where Brannon Braga talks about asking Paramount to wait a few years after ‘Voyager’ if the series would have gone seven full seasons, but then we wouldn’t have had the writers, actors, and storylines we have.

    I’m REEEALLY HOPING that CBS-D’s decision to release Season Four just three months on the heels of Season Three (there were five-month gaps between the release dates for One and Two, and Two and Three) means they’re freeing up the second half of 2014 to launch one of the two remaining series.

    • Lava_Lander

      I imagine they’re doing it that way to “fill the gap” since TNG S6 won’t be out until mid-2014 (according to TrekCore’s facebook page).

      • mjdavid

        Well that’s disappointing since Seasons Three, Four, and Five were all released in 2013. That means it could be early 2015 before we get Season Seven, which will be incredibly lame since they released Season One in summer 2012.

        • Lava_Lander

          CBS Digital is doing S5, S6, and S7 which is why it’s a bit of a longer rollout this time — since they didn’t farm out S6 it’s going to take more time. I don’t think it’ll be 2015 for S7, though.

          • Mike C.

            Glad they see the light and decided to keep it in-house. It is worth the wait, IMO.

          • mjdavid

            Very good point … I certainly wouldn’t want the first season of whichever series will get the Blu-Ray treatment next to be farmed out. If I remember correctly “Birthright” had a few different exterior shots of the Enterprise-D next Deep Space Nine, they certainly wouldn’t want the initial Blu-Ray introduction to the station to look anything less than amazing.

    • archer9234

      That would require them to ignore the TNG show. And the whole forced lines of self gratification B&B put in would of had to be removed. Plus, make the final montage at the end have the ENT E instead of D.

  • BrianRoskamp

    I was in middle school when ENT came out, I didn’t have cable, and I had grown up on TNG on VHS. I didn’t
    really get to watch ENT live, but I was able to watched a handful of episodes during their first airing. I made special arrangements to watch “Broken Bow”, “In a Mirror Darkly” and “These are the Voyages” when they first aired. I was able to watch through the complete series several years later when I started collecting the DVDs.

    I know I’m in the vast majority here, but I personally really enjoyed “These are the Voyages.” I agree, it’s not a good series finale, but if it had been a standalone episode (with a little re-working to fit within the regular season, rather than several years in the future and killing off Trip) it would have been a great crossover episode.