In a new interview on the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit publicity tour, got Trek actor Chris Pine to talk about his hopes for the next appearance of James T. Kirk in Star Trek 3.

TotalFilm: “If you were to sit down with the writers of Star Trek 3, and request any scene or moment for Kirk, what would that be?”

Chris Pine: “Well, for anybody that’s seen [Into Darkness], given the fact Kirk’s been revived by Khan’s blood, I think there’s definitely room for Kirk to go dark, which we’ve obviously seen in the Original Series. That would be fun, I think.”

We saw several versions of a “dark” Kirk in the TOS, from the evil half of the captain in “The Enemy Within” to the raving madman from the Mirror Universe in “Mirror, Mirror“, to the raw, Klingon-hating Kirk seen in the opening of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country — but whether this is just Pine’s speculation or a hint into the future of the film franchise, only time will tell.

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  • James Blackwell

    Star Trek 3: The Search For KIrk

  • Platitude

    That would be a really interesting plot point I hadn’t thought of yet. What could be the ramifications for Kirk of having Kahn’s blood in him? Although I think Into Darkness seemed to be too dark already for the main contingent of Trekkies, so I’m not expecting a positive reaction to this clip.

  • Guest

    Although such a plot point would make sense in the Abramsverse, everyone among the staff and actors should take a deep breath because “always darker than the previous one” just isn’t a viable direction for the movies.


    That would be fun to watch for a few minutes but ultimately kind of predictable. Kirk wreaks havoc; they figure out it’s the Khan blood; McCoy would come up with some sort of cure, and no lasting repercussions for Kirk of course because “he wasn’t himself.” Sounds kinda boring.

  • There are lots of dark movies out there; part of why Kirk has endured as a cultural icon for so long is because he’s a HERO, of the kind we rarely have anymore. I think a dark Kirk would be a mistake. It’s a truism that Star Trek is popular partly because of its optimistic view of the future, and that’s something that Orci and Kurtzman don’t seem to understand. But truisms often exist because they’re — wait for it 🙂 — TRUE.

    • OphidianJaguar

      Completely agree.

  • OphidianJaguar

    Picard went “dark” with his bloodlust for the Borg in First Contact. Admit it, the scene with Lilly in the observation lounge, we’ve never seen Picard like that. Kirk could go darker, do the whole humanity search, battle it out with his conscience and his humanity wins the end, a typical scenario, good wins over bad, optimism prevails. I could see his darker side being useful in the third movie if it revolves around a Klingon war. Frankly I don’t care for a 2 hour exploration movie, none of the movies were about exploration, they all dealt with a situation which was resolved. Save the exploration for a weekly tv series. Go bigger and badder with third movie, Klingon conflict all the way for me.

    • Platitude

      That scene with Lilly is one of Picard’s best scenes in the franchise IMO

      • Brian C. Bock

        “You broke your little ship.”

    • milojthatch

      Picard also ate a big piece of humble pie for it.

  • kadajawi

    Nah. Now blood can also change character? Seriously? Why not have Kirk mutate into some sort of amphibian?
    I don’t mind it going dark (again…), but come up with a better reason. Start in the middle of a war with the Klingons for example (there’s your action opener…), with Kirk having to make a sacrifice that makes him go mad (Chekov? He kind of annoys me… Or have a ship of cadets have to join the war cause they run out of ships/crew, and then have Kirk have to sacrifice them in order to win the battle). Then Kirk goes mad/desperate and wants to singlehandedly kill every single Klingon out there… and starts attacking unarmed transport ships and colonies belonging to the Empire etc. Some of his crew, including Spock leave the ship, they get another ship to hunt down Kirk on command of Starfleet. And when the Klingons see that they start to be ready for peace talks. (Ok, Klingons…?! Maybe Kirk could destroy Praxis…)
    Then again at least one “to boldly go…” movie would be nice. Like Insurrection. Something new. (The above plot would be a bit reminiscent of DS9…).

    • danielcw

      From my understanding, it is possible, that a death, or near death experience changes one’s character.
      Kirk was radiated and dead, so it does not seem reasonable, that parts of his brain died

    • “Kirk mutate into some sort of amphibian?” hehe because this already happened in Star Trek Voyager. 🙂

  • Brian C. Bock

    And that’s why actors don’t get to write the scripts. Although I’d like to see that whole universe go dark for good. Terrible.

  • Sykes

    Meh. Grim and gritty. Whoop-de-doo. So overdone. It’s not somehow great storytelling to make a character “dark”. I’d rather Trek 13 just be well written and make some sort of sense.

  • DaveCologne

    After three movies including a villain who seeks revenge it would be nice to make something different. Why not something mystical? Exploring space where no one has gone before. Although I know not a lot of people like ST 1 due to its slow pace, I enjoyed that one. It worked well in ST 4 (but that didn’t take place in unexplored space), wasn’t that good in ST 5 (please, no god story)… Or what about the planet-killer? It#s still out there. Peter David wrote a good novel about the origin of the planet-Killer, this was sent out to destroy the borg… What about V’Ger which is supposed to have encountered the borg? Voyager 6 is still out there too…
    BTW I was disappointed at the end of ST XII as I saw the repaired Enterprise… I had expected she would look a bit closer to the TOS-version…

  • What Star Trek 13 needs is conflict not related to war, like “Star Trek IV”, some space puzzle leading to some amazing discovery. Not simply people angry and yelling at each other.

  • Ahmed

    We already seen enough darkness in STID, we don’t need any more of it. For the 3rd movie, they should leave Earth & really go to new places & meet new threats. No more Khan, Klingon.. etc.

  • Kaine Morrison

    OK… he needs to leave as well….
    They need to ignore these movies and either start over in TRUE Continuity or after Nemesis takes place!

    • stephen lamar

      Hey some of us Love these star trek movies he had better stay going down the road hes on hes perfect for the captains chair

  • A-Rob

    Kirk to go dark side and then Bones would have a reason to take out the super-blood that’s inside of him, that make sense now! If the writers do that I’d be interested for sure!