Star Trek: Voyager actor Tim Russ has already reprised his role as Tuvok in Star Trek: Renegades, the Kickstarter-backed pilot episode coming later this year, but now Russ is lending his voice to an upcoming Star Trek Online adventure as well.

The fifty-seven-year-old actor returns to fill the Vulcan role of Admiral Tuvok in “A Step Between Stars,” a featured episode coming in February, celebrating the online game’s fourth anniversary.

admtuvok tuvok-renegades
Russ as Tuvok in ‘Star Trek Online’ and ‘Renegades’

STO community manager Brandon Felczer interviewed Russ in a new video released today:

Felczer: “How does it feel to be reprising your role as Tuvok?”

Tim Russ: “After working on Voyager, and since the show’s gone off the air, I’ve actually reprised the role a couple of times… it’s like putting on a pair of old shoes, you know. They’re really comfortable and you can do it very easily, but it seems like it has a life of its own; it just continues to go.”

Russ joins several other Trek on-screen alumni who have participated in the Star Trek Online story, including Leonard Nimoy, Michael Dorn, and Denise Crosby.

Source: ‘Star Trek Online’ YouTube Channel


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  • Darkthunder

    It’s too bad they’re intent on using that crappy “Intrepid wannabe” bridge, rather than remaking the bridge in a more canon look. They have the TOS Connie bridge, as well as the Defiant bridge. Time for some Intrepid love.

    • archer9234

      Yeah. I seriously don’t get their logic. Just make the show accurate bridges too.