Following hot on the heels of the newly released trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 6 on Blu-ray, CBS have given us more HD Trek to marvel at with a special preview of the single-disc release of TNG’s “Chain of Command”. The release is set to feature both parts of the hard-hitting episode edited together in a feature-length presentation with some exclusive bonus material including an audio commentary and documentary. Like Season 6, we’re expecting “Chain of Command” to hit shelves around June.


“Chain of Command” has always been one of TNG’s best two-parters, albeit excelling in different areas to classics such as “The Best of Both Worlds”. The trailer is intense in every way, skillfully communicating the high stakes of Picard’s mission and the dire straits he finds himself in at the hands of the cruel Gul Madred.

There’s a nice preview of the bonus material, including a hint at a new deleted scene, one of several removed from the final cut of the episode. For the first time we can see Data and Jellico discussing the Federation’s defense plans for Minos Korva, the very thing we see Gul Madred ask Picard about in the episodes’ torture scenes! Jellico reveals that he only received the plans himself that day, so Picard never saw them… meaning that Picard will never be able to answer Madred’s questions about Starfleet’s plans.

Much like Season 6, watch out for a host of articles featuring commentary, analysis, HD screencaps and downloads from “Chain of Command” in the coming weeks.


Here’s a closer look at the Chain of Command cover art, featuring an emotionally wrecked Picard with the cold calculating stare of Gul Madred, separated by a motif which incorporates the same design as Madred’s office-come-torture chamber.


Be sure to let us know what you think about the new trailer in the comments below as well as the quality of remastering on display.

UPDATE: Both Season 6 and “Chain of Command” are now available for you to pre-order from Amazon! Help support TrekCore and head on over to Amazon through our links below to lock in your pre-order today!

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  • James G.

    Great trailer. I like the motif in the case, but Picard’s head doesn’t work. It’s too Photoshopped and is too big, compared to Madred. I think it would have been cool to have four lights on the cover.

    • Matt_Cardiff_UK

      Totally agree!

    • Dr. Cheis

      Picard’s head just doens’t look the same without being able to see his full dome.

    • Sky

      Picards head just looks bigger because of the perspective the blu ray package does have! In fact Madreds head takes in MORE space than Picards. Take a look at the blue stuff in the middle which I think is exactly middle placed (with correct perspective look on the cover). Further more what you mean with photos shopped is because its no real blu ray package but a cgi and the effect of the edge is coming over picards face.

  • milojthatch

    I’m excited for this. However, I think CBS is missing the boat by not making these single disc two part episode releases extended cuts. I think it would help encourage fans that may not care for the exclusive extras of these discs to pick them up anyway with the various season sets.

    • mjdavid

      I would agree … I purchase these because I really want the extra bonus features, however they would sell more if they could find just a few deleted scenes to actually edit back into the episodes.

      • milojthatch

        Exactly! It’s too bad no one (with power) at CBS TV thought of this.

  • bgoo2

    Not only extended cuts…. but at least one of these single-disc releases should be a widescreen release. Yes, acknowledging that it has to be an episode without a matte-box on the lens…. and all the other technical issues to overcome to make it letterbox. At least pick an episode with the least amount of equipment on the outside of the 4:3 frame to avoid, etc. There has to be at least ONE episode out of 278 that iends itself to be 16:9 friendly as a result of chance that enough scenes had full clean 16×9 frames on set.

    • bbock

      The show wasn’t shot to be seen in 16:9. If a show is good (and this one is) who notices the aspect ratio anyway, unless it destroys the composition (like pan and scan or poorly framed shots).

      • bgoo2

        Yes, it was indeed composed for a square frame. But with literally everyone now and in the future watching it on 16:9 screens, there is a sense something is missing and very 80s when you see the black sides. And knowing that the visually information on the sides exists for many shots, you feel like something is being hidden from you.

        To do 16:9 for at least “one” episode (All Good Things!) would give it a completely new air of “cinema”.

        At least for one. Just one.

        The Canadian network SPACE broadcasts all the remastered TOS in 16:9. They went thru and adjusted each scene so it’s centred properly in the 16:9 frame. It looks fantastic and gives a touch of a new experience. It was a great experiment and a nice way to view something new that we’ve seen 1000x over.

        • mjdavid

          If you go back and watch the VAM on the Season One disc they talk about this in the feature on Disc One … they show how they would have to actually alter the content in order to make 16:9 possible. The purpose of the remaster is not to alter the content.

          • bgoo2

            Yes, I’m aware. I want the content altered. Alter it, dammit. FULL ALTERATION. 🙂

            If I get a chance to see a new variation on a TNG episode, I’m not alone.

            If there are purists that want the episode untouched (which I respect that opinion, of course) it would still be nice if a variation existed. Something a bit fresh and new. And the original will still exist, regardless.

            IDIC !!!!

          • Gilbetron

            I don’t really agree with you, bgoo. But that comment made me smile. 🙂

        • Daniel Pulliam

          Do you get the same sense that “something is missing” and that content is dated when you watch The Wizard of Oz? Or Gone with the Wind? Or Citizen Kane? Or anything originally composed for a 4:3 frame?

          • bgoo2

            Sir, it is apples and oranges. I don’t have the same passion or life-long addiction to Wizard of Oz so I couldn’t comment.

            The issue here is that we are living for the next while in a 16:9 world. Hundreds of scenes of TNG were filmed 16:9. Hundreds were not.

            Since this re-master is meant to accommodate 16:9, there is nothing wrong with showing the TNG product in a new light.

            Again, it boggles my mind that people with one viewpoint want to *actively prevent* something from happening that a large segment of people would enjoy.

            I respect if someone doesn’t want to see TNG in a 16:9 format. It would be bizarre to me. But I respect it. And fine, don’t watch if they ever release a 16:9 special edition episode.

            However, the prospect of seeing some TNG in 16:9 as it was actually filmed (!) does indeed excite me.

            I think it’s unreasonable that other humans would stomp their feet and actively protest to deny that I should ever be able to experience that should it fall upon the whimsy of producers to release such a product.

            Repeating myself… but TOS remasterd in HD is regularly shown 16:9 force-cropped on TV stations and it looks awesome. That doesn’t mean the full 4:3 doesn’t exist anymore to people!

          • Daniel Pulliam

            “I think it’s unreasonable that other humans would stomp their feet and actively protest to deny that I should ever be able to experience…” Eh…and I’d agree with that completely…if that’s what I was doing. At all. I merely posed a question. I never said your desire to see the show in 16:9 was stupid or even something I wouldn’t support. I was simply pointing out that you may want to consider artistic intent here. Just because something is filmed with a 16:9 frame (for some but not all shots, no less) doesn’t mean it is filmed and composed FOR a 16:9 frame. My analogy to Super 35 film stock stands. Many films shot in that process have “open-matte” releases (Dark City springs to mind). And while they show you “the whole frame”, they don’t necessarily show you what you were MEANT to see. The entire composition gets thrown off (much like it was with “Friends”, where the show was obviously intended for a 4:3 frame, so now close-ups are medium shots and actors stand peculiarly close together). Again, I’m not saying you’re wrong for being curious to see it. And I’m not saying it couldn’t be done if CBS wanted to put some resources behind it. I’m simply presenting the other side of the argument.

      • Allen Williams

        I’m willing to bet they could decrop a couple episodes if done carefully and for the shots that don’t work like the one they showed from season 1 as to why 16:9 wasn’t possible, they could carefully and selectively crop scenes maybe even a combination of both widening and cropping. I’ll agree its probably not feasible to do it for the whole show, but for these they could pull it off.

    • JohnnyO

      There are only 178 episodes.

  • SpaceCadet

    I’m not a fan of these stand-alone releases and never buy them. That said, I agree with the powers that be that this 2-parter is by far superior than the 2-parters of “Birthright” and “Descent” which were presumably the other options they could have gone with.

    I think the deleted scene with Data and Jellico sounds good in theory (not having seen it) and possibly would have made the episode even more effective if integrated. It would go to show that Madred’s torture of Picard isn’t so much about extracting information, but of exerting control over his subject.

    • bbock

      I think part of the issue with integrating these scenes is they probably aren’t scored. No music. Ever notice how flat deleted scenes feel?

    • mjdavid

      If it were not for the extra VAM on these standalone discs I would not purchase them either. Aside from having TNG in 1080p, the VAM on all these sets is the real treat for me.

    • Allen Williams

      I think they should have been available for those that don’t want the full season, but they should be included as well. I’m willing to bet most of us will not prefer 2 episodes vs combined episodes, but who knows. I was one of the ones that thought that 16:9 was possible until they showed us all the trash that was visible in the extended frame.

    • Chris915

      Only standalone release I’ve bought was Redemption and only because my dad wanted to see it…

  • Platitude

    Probably pick this up, but I continue to be disappointed with their cover art for these sets. The artwork has been consistently low res (the ships on the front cover of the Redemption blu-ray look particularly poor)

  • pittrek

    That’s actually great. But … are they definitely skipping Time’s Arrow?

  • Data

    CBS bring “Times Arrow” and all other 2 parters out as feature films too please!!!!

  • Sykes

    A firm fave. I’ll be buying for sure.

  • shanebroughton

    Yo CBS, I want a Time’s Arrow release also!

    • Allen Williams

      and the birthright. I want ALL multiple part episodes available as a single episode. Including Ent’s 3 parters.

  • Klingon Mami

    I’m digging the cover art HARD. These standalone blu-rays are a fantastic and less expensive alternative to buying the entire season. Each of these gave viewers a glimpse of the season and are fully representative of the series as a whole. If you’re a Trekkie/Trekker on a budget these are excellent options.

  • FriendofSonic

    Excellent! I haven’t seen this two parter in a while, so the trailer got me excited. It really is great.

  • Daniel Pulliam

    I really think CBS is hurting themselves by releasing these standalone two-parters so arbitrarily. I mean, Best of Both Worlds and Redemption actually made sense. They worked as 90-minute shows, sure, but more importantly, they actually offered fans a glimpse at the next season’s material. It was a taster for the next release. With Unification and Chain of Command, I just can’t justify the extra expense for a featurette or two when the actual show content is absolutely nothing I’m not already getting in the season box. For me, this is a real missed opportunity. They should have done Time’s Arrow and then Descent to follow the pattern they’d already established IMO.

  • Patrick

    I love this cover! I don’t remember watching this episode at all, so I can’t wait to see what all the hype is about. The trailer surprised me, having seen what looks like a naked and quite fit Patrick Stewart. I hope the blu-ray captures all of his stunning details! 😉