It feels like a lifetime ago that I wrote the last article on the TNG Remastering project, but after a six month wait we are finally closing in on the release of the Season Six Blu-rays! Back in March we brought you the spectacular trailer teasing the set, so it’s high time that we dug a little deeper. In this article we’ll be comparing some of the newly remastered high definition scenes with their SD DVD counterparts with the aid of uncompressed 1080p screenshots from the trailer. Meanwhile, we have high quality download options for the trailer for those who want to avoid the compression inherent with YouTube’s version.

CBS Digital signed up for the remastering of all three final seasons of TNG, no mean feat given the noticeable increase in complexity as the show matured. At this stage in the game, CBS-D have become such a well-oiled production machine for rebuilding Star Trek: TNG in high definition that their work looks almost effortless. See for yourself with the higher-quality trailer below, presented for download at 1080p, 720p and 480p resolution.

Download480p (36 MB) • 720p (120 MB) • 1080p (301 MB)


The trailer pulls together a delicious collection of clips from the action-packed season, including the long awaited debut of Deep Space Nine in high definition. From the work on display here and the other images I’ve seen so far, it’s no exaggeration to say that CBS Digital have once again knocked the ball way out of the park this season. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite shots alongside their SD counterparts for comparison:

Original SD (DVD) Remastered HD (Blu-Ray)
Back in the early nineties, CGI was still in its infancy. The colliding planets from the Detrian system were an early example of computer-generated special effects being used on TNG, originally rendered by Digital Magic. The newly remastered gas-giant collision retains the original artistic intent while adding a whole new layer of realism. This shot is pure eye-candy (indeed, it’s sat as my desktop wallpaper for the past 3 months!). CBS Digital lead VFX compositor Eric Bruno‘s trademark technique of bouncing a bit of local light off the Enterprise model is once again present, and succeeds in making the shot all the more substantive. (TNG 6×12: “Ship in a Bottle“)
Deep. Space. Nine. Three words fans have been dying to hear in connection with this remastering project ever since it began. Fan demand for DS9 in high definition is huge, so we’ve all been eagerly awaiting the TNG/DS9 Season 6 crossover episode “Birthright” for the first glimpse at the station in hi-def. Lead CBS-D compositor Eric Bruno certainly doesn’t disappoint – he’s injected new life into the old Cardassian floating bicycle wheel!

The station is sparkling with never-before-seen detail and revitalized color, previously hidden in the murkiness of standard definition. The yellow structures (“EPS thermal control radiators” according to designer Rick Sternbach) around the central core just pop off the screen, while the Ops control tower can now be discerned to be an ever-so-slightly different shade to the rest of the station – taking on a brown tinge. The craftsmanship and design of the model comes oozing through in HD – I’ve fallen in love with the show all over again just by looking at this shot. Simply stunning. (TNG 6×16: “Birthright, Part I“)

Scotty’s appearance in the 24th Century will always go down as one of TNG’s greatest moments. In standard definition, “Relics” suffered from an overly soft and blurred appearance (moreso than many episodes that preceded it). Thankfully when CBS Digital re-scanned the original 35mm film from the episode and worked their magic with color correction, detail came pouring through. The haze has truly been lifted! This classic Trek moment looks superb in high definition, and the reconstructed sections of Kirk’s Enterprise bridge look vivid and alive. (TNG 6×04: “Relics“)
The birds-eye view of the Enterprise in Data’s dream stands as one of the most unique and technically brilliant camera moves around the 4-foot Enterprise model. This shot really shines in high definition, and the CBS Digital team have once again done the 4-footer proud. The detailing on the panels, alongside improved contrast, black levels and color timing all guarantee that this is one shot you’ll want to replay over and over again once you grab the Blu-rays! (TNG 6×16: “Birthright, Part I“)
The alien vortex has been recreated in this shot from “Schisms”. It retains the basic properties of the original vortex (coloration, brighter outer ring), but enjoys a more clearly defined structure in high definition. Notice the huge improvement in detail in the carpet in Riker’s quarters and the grill paneling on the wall. It’s still hard to believe that all this was lost in standard definition! Plus, there’s the welcome presence of correct color timing which finally allows us to say goodbye to the pervasive purple hue which plagued this episode! (TNG 6×05: “Schisms“)
There’s barely an episode that goes by without at least one energy discharge in Star Trek! In terms of visual effects the energy patterns may appear random, however CBS Digital goes to great pains to ensure that the remastered version follows the outline of the original SD version as closely as possible, with artists such as Tony Graf going frame-by-frame to trace each energy tendril and reproduce it in high definition (TNG 6×16: “Birthright, Part I“)
As much as the outside of the Dyson Sphere impresses in HD, the inside succeeds in causing my jaw to well and truly drop! All that beautiful detail and color were present in the original matte produced back in 1991. Freshly scanned from the original 35mm film print and color corrected, the artistic prowess of original matte painting creator Eric Chauvin shines in this remastered shot. The extra detail now visible in the matte really lends a sense of scale, leaving the viewer in no doubt that the Enterprise is dwarfed by the massive Dyson Sphere. (TNG 6×04: “Relics“)
Another of the sixth season’s most memorable visual effects shots: Amanda and Q take a stroll along the hull of the Enterprise. This shot was tricky to pull off back in 1991 and really suffered from the limitations of compositing techniques available to the original artistic team. Fast forward to 2014 and shots like this become child’s play to a visual effects artist like CBS Digital’s Eric Bruno. Eric has managed to integrate both of the characters into the scene flawlessly (notice the huge improvement in the blacks of Q’s uniform). Meanwhile, the Enterprise model is given some “extra love” with realistic lighting and shadowing alongside some much needed color correction (goodbye purple!) (TNG 6×06: “True Q“)
The two Rikers meet. Shots involving this particular type of editing trickery always fared worse for ware as the original visual effects team were confined to a standard definition workflow while working their editing magic. With the latest editing software and a high-definition workflow, CBS Digital are able to churn out scenes like this without any of the characteristic increase in softness that we’re so used to seeing on DVD and SD broadcasts. CBS Digital colorist Marvin Hildebrandt once again offered his skills to ensure consistency in uniform colors and skin tones. The difference between SD and HD is simply night and day. (TNG 6×24: “Second Chances“)
Riker’s shattering realities were originally created in 1992 using CGI at effects house Digital Magic. Niel Wray‘s CG team at CBS Digital had to start from scratch with this unique effect with only the standard definition copy to work from. The shot is comprised of four different layers – Riker, the Tilosian Doctor, Riker’s prison cell and Ten Forward. They are edited slightly differently in the remaster, however the resulting effect still manages to shock and wow, just as it did when I first saw it over 20 years ago! (TNG 6×21: “Frame of Mind“)
This shot truly blows me away. The compositing on display here with the 4-foot Enterprise model is first class – the golden tones reflecting off the saucer’s underside and the bussard collectors on the nacelles are PERFECT for this scene and lend a huge amount of realism to the Dyson Sphere star which the Enterprise is swiftly moving away from. Major kudos to CBS Digital compositor Janice Lee who worked on this shot – she’s done a terrific job! (TNG 6×04: “Relics“)


What do you think of the remastering of Season Six from the HD screenshots and trailer? Let us know if you agree with our analysis!

The trailer also gives us a teasing glimpse of the next round of deleted scenes – two of more than two dozen coming with Season Six. Setting aside the Troi/Amanda scene from “True Q“, all attention is undoubtedly on the big one: never-before-seen footage of Jimmy Doohan’s appearance in “Relics” This meeting between Scotty and Troi has been discussed by fans for years, but this Blu-ray release is the first time it’s ever been made available to the public. Scotty questioning Troi what she actually does on the ship is hilarious, and the punchline of “You’re a psychiatrist” is pure gold. Having seen the full scene, it’s not hard to advocate that Season Six is worth the price based solely on the inclusion of this gem from the Star Trek archives!


Finally, some pretty awesome news to further sweeten the pot. CBS Digital film hunters Sarah Paul, Kiki Morris and Sean Sweeney have managed to track down every piece of the original negative for Season Six meaning NO UPSCALED FOOTAGE on this set! Our huge thanks to Sarah, Kiki and Sean for their unrelenting quest to track down as much original film as they can. Great job guys!

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season Six will be released as a six-disc Blu-ray set this month (June 2014). As usual, the set will be loaded full of special bonus features including a three-part documentary, episode trailers, new audio commentaries, a gag reel and the aforementioned truckload of deleted scenes!

Fans in the US & Canada can expect a release date of June 24 for this set. Fans in the UK have to wait a bit longer this time, as Paramount Home Entertainment (UK) have nominated July 21 as their release date. Meanwhile fans in Germany can grab their copy on July 3.

Haven’t already pre-ordered? Secure your copy today using the links below. Fans wanting the single disc “Chain of Command” Blu-ray will have to order from Amazon in the US as most European distributors have decided not to release it.

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  • Darkthunder

    Three words: Deep. Space. Nine.

    Please CBS, announce a remastered DS9 series already! Love the HD detail on the above shots. Several of my favorite episodes were part of this season (not the least of which, Relics).

    • spooky

      I think they’d be crazy not to do DS9 on Blu-ray. I’d be seriously disappointed if they did not.
      Anyway, I can’t wait to own series six and seven, have all the previous five seasons and even gave away the previous DVD sets that I had. I still have my DS9 and Voyager DVD sets. So, c’mon CBS, bring all the Star Trek serieses to HD so that I can relive Star Trek in Blu for the next couple of years. 😀

      • shanebroughton

        Relax everybody, DS9 is going to get remastered. It’s just going to take a bit of time…

        • J Skagnetti

          Deep. Space. Nine.

  • Daniel Shock

    Yes! Looks amazing! Bring on season 7 and DEEP SPACE NINE!

  • jerr

    “Fan demand for DS9 in high definition is huge”. If that’s true, then that will be the next project. We’ll see I guess?

    • mjdavid

      I read somewhere last year that DS9 is one of the most watched Trek series on Netflix’s instant streaming. I think, like Enterprise, more people are giving Deep Space Nine a chance than when it aired originally. I do hope when (I refuse to say if lol) they do it, they take full advantage. DS9 had such a large cast of recurring actors who became just as important to the show’s fabric as the eight or nine central characters, the amount of newly produced VAM has the potential to be quite awesome. While there is no word yet, I think if the show is being worked on we won’t actually hear about it until we get a release date for Season 7 of TNG.

      • MSR

        I would be one of those people. When I was younger, it didn’t feel like Star Trek because they weren’t flying around on a spaceship… and there was no Deanna Troi 😉

        In all seriousness, though, the politics didn’t interest me at the time so I passed it over until it came to Netflix. Gave it a shot and loved it as much as TNG. I’m excited to see it again in HD.

  • Scotty’s Whisky

    Eric Bruno really knows the Star Trek look that we want. CBS would be foolish if they passed up on the opportunity to use CBS Digital’s current team for Deep Space Nine.

  • mjdavid

    LOVE the trailer for Season 6!!! I can’t wait, this season has some of my favorite episodes – “Relics,” “Chain of Command,” “Rascals,” “Schisms,” “Face of the Enemy,” “Realm of Fear,” “Frame of Mind,” “Second Chances,” “Starship Mine,” “The Chase,” and “Lessons.” There are only a couple of episodes I didn’t really enjoy, but I have a feeling I’ll find new appreciation seeing them in HD, much like I did lesser-liked episodes from the first five seasons. The trailer shows the stunning transformation of this series into HD, and while I personally had no real issues with Season Four’s transformation, I am VERY happy production of Season Six went back to CBS-D and makes up for the extended wait time. Obviously this means the next series to get the HD treatment (DS9?!?! Yes, I know there’s no official word but a man can dream can’t he?) will take longer to roll out as I doubt we’ll get three seasons in one year like we did with Seasons Three, Four, and Five of TNG. The amount of care put CBS-D has put in is tremendous.

    Content wise my only real gripe about Season Six is – much like other seasons – they seemed unable to find a worthy story for Gates McFadden. Her character was chief medical officer, held a field rank of full commander (on par with Riker’s rank), and there was the whole repressed love of Picard. While Beverly Crusher has notable roles in several episodes the only Crusher-centric story is “Suspicions.” I liked this episode mainly because it took her out of the “traditional medical role.” It wasn’t as good as “The Host” but it was far superior to Season Seven’s “Sub Rosa.” I guess she did have notable roles in “True Q,” “Chain of Command, Part I,” and “The Chase” but I think her character development was largely overlooked.

    Meanwhile, I think the writers really excelled in further develop the character of Deanna Troi, really taking her out of the traditional role of psychiatric care of the crew. “Face of the Enemy,” “Man of the People,” and “Fistful of Datas” put her in fun situations. Obviously Picard, Riker, Data, and Worf were very well developed throughout the season.

    Odd question – and perhaps it was just a scheduling thing or a budget reduction issue – but did it ever seem odd to anyone else that “Suspicions” was Whoopi Goldberg’s last appearance on the series before returning for ‘Generations?’ I do not recall seeing Guinan anywhere in the seventh season.

    It’ll be great to have a three-part documentary again since the docs for Seasons Four and Five were two-part docs. While the newly produced documentaries are usually my favorite pieces of VAM for these sets, I think this time the bevy of deleted scenes have me just as excited.

    • SpaceCadet


      While it is “suspicious” from a viewer standpoint that “Suspicions” was Whoopi Goldberg’s last episode ever of TNG, one has to remember (don’t know how old you were at the time), that Whoopi was an A-level Hollywood actress (and one of the highest paid) in the early to mid ’90s. She won the Academy Award for “Ghost” while the series was in its 4th season. Then “Sister Act” came out around the end of the show’s 5th season and her career went through the roof. That’s why she was barely in the 6th season and not at all in the 7th. Frankly, it was kind of unprecedented to get a film star of her caliber on a television series in the first place, much less one that was a sci-fi syndicated show seen as a knock-off of the original series!

      • hypnotoad72

        Thanks for the info! I was wondering why Guinan virtually disappeared; she was one of TNG’s best additions… it was great to have her in the show at all!

        And as knock-offs go, TNG brought something new to the table. Even DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise, added something new.

        • SpaceCadet

          Oh, I agree. TNG is my favorite Trek series and probably favorite show of all of time. I grew up on it but I recall at the time how Trekkers who considered the original series the only real Trek failed to embrace the Next Gen. That started to change after the 3rd season though once the show got really good and The Best of Both Worlds blew everyone away.

          • mjdavid

            I was in high school at the time. I knew she was an A-list actress, I’ve just always wondered if that was intentional, like the producers said “hey this will be her final episode with us.”

  • DavidJ

    I have to admit by this point my excitement for these blurays has started to wane a bit, and it was hard not to take the HD quality for granted. But seeing these awesome pics has reminded me of just how awesome this project truly is. Can’t wait to pick up this set now.

    • hypnotoad72

      My excitement is still there, as I’ve often checked back…

      Am hoping DS9 and Voyager both get the restoration treatment.

  • Terry J. Erdmann

    Ah, we’re so ready for this!

  • Drunk Garak

    Thinking of the prospect of DS9 in HD, and the erroneous articles yesterday about a new Netflix/Star Trek show. CBS might not be be ready to develop a new Star Trek show, but if the economics of converting DS9 to HD for Bluray aren’t clear cut enough to make a strong enough business case for CBS, maybe Netflix would be interested in cost sharing the DS9 HD transfer in exchange for streaming rights.

  • Chris915

    There’s an effect in AE, that could easily shatter layers like in that shot from “Frame of Mind.” 🙂

  • jonny_r

    TNG in HD is awesome! DS9 in HD would be even greater!!

  • Justin Olson

    This article makes me very happy… to an almost unreasonable degree. Great SD/HD comparisons and the trailer in high bitrate1080p made watching it again and going through it shot by shot a joy. Season Six finally looks like it should — amazing. Accurate colors and a lovely film texture, what’s not to like?

    And the news that there is no upscaled footage is wonderful — and a surprise! So far, each and every season has had at least a small amount of upscaled content somewhere (Season Five having the most, obviously — which in itself was a surprise). So this is welcome news.

    Can’t wait for TrekCore’s always thorough review!

    • SpaceCadet

      @Justin Olson,

      Actually, both the second and third season blu-ray sets contain no amount of upscaled footage. :o)

      • Justin Olson

        Believe it or not, they do! It’s a very small amount, however (as I indicated).The video on the monitor during Data’s psychotronic test in “The Schizoid Man” is completely upconverted and featured nearly full size in a very blurry frame. And Geordi’s VISOR imagery in “The Enemy” is also completely upscaled (as it was in “Heart of Glory.”)×06/theschizoidman_hd_283.jpg×07/the_enemy_hd_064.jpg

        • hypnotoad72

          For the first, I suspect all the film elements were lost or destroyed.

          Not sure on the second, though it may have been created entirely on VT and upscaling would provide no major value.

          • Justin Olson

            For “The Schizoid Man” sequence seen on the monitor, only three out of the 30 shots weren’t available in HD: a meadow with yellow flowers, a waterfall, and a shot of flames. Everything else is either from the first four TOS movies, from the first two seasons of TNG or some graphic that could have been easily recreated.

            Here’s Ex Astris Scientia’s observation article:

            For Geordi’s VISOR footage, Modern VideoFilm was able to recreate the newer look in “The Minds Eye” based on the actual footage that was shot. It may just be possible that CBS Digital and HTV Illuminate were unable to locate the footage that shot for “Heart of Glory” and “The Enemy.”


          • archer9234

            Yeah. I bet those 3 shots were stock shots done from various other TV projects. And were VIdeo tape only from the start. Those can be excused.

        • archer9234

          Also the crew manifest images used in the Conundrum episode. Those were upscaled.

          • trekcore

            Interestingly I sat in on the meeting where this issue was discussed at CBS Digital. The team couldn’t find any of the original photos used for the bio screens and so set about finding similar ones. They managed OK for Picard and Crusher, but when it came to the others, the photos were just too dissimilar. The Okudas and CBS decided that – rather than use different photos – they’d cut out and upscale the originals.

  • pittrek

    Does anybody of you guys know why the original SD versions were so bad? OK, I can imagine that the motion blur visible on shots like the “birds eye view” of the Enterprise or the DS9 shot are a result of a poor film (24fps) to NTSC video (30fps) transfer, correct? But why were the colours so WRONG? I originally thought only season 1 looked horrible with the pink tint, but now I see that even the later seasons had lots of colour related problems – does anybody have a technical explanation WHY the colours were wrong?

    • Justin Olson

      It’s difficult to answer that with any degree of certainty, other than pointing out that NTSC video has always had problems with color (Never The Same Color, etc.). You’d think that when TNG switched to component D1 in Season Four, the colors should have looked much, much better immediately, but they didn’t, for whatever reason.

      One thing I can say is that starting with Season Seven (1993-1994) the colors looked markedly better and more accurate. Right around this time (1993) the International Color Consortium was formed by eight companies including Adobe, Apple and Kodak. They created an open, vendor-neutral standard for better cross-platform color management between devices. ICC Profiles defined the color spaces or attributes for all manner of input and output devices used in the film and television industries and the color mapping between those devices became more accurate.

      You can read more here:

      • jerr

        that’s now what NTSC stands for lol

        • Brian C. Bock

          That’s an old TV engineer’s joke. Been around since color TV was born.

    • archer9234

      I say as each time the tapes were played. And TNG is syndicated for decades! They started to degrade badly. Causing more and more color problems.

      • Justin Olson

        Each individual station didn’t have access to the master tapes, or even dupes of the master tapes, used for the DVDs — those were safely vaulted away. Once post-production work was completed on each episode, they were uplinked via satellite to the local affiliates across the country, who then made their own tapes for broadcast (and re-runs) during Paramount’s official “week of” for the airing of the episode.

        • archer9234

          Then they degraded while in storage.

          • Brian C. Bock

            Video tape doesn’t degrade in this way. You get drop outs and sparkles and rolling with degraded videotape, not colors that shift from shot to shot or scene to scene. The color problems were there from when the show was first mastered. Video compression exacerbated the problem of course because anything that isn’t in sharp focus doesn’t compress well. Part of all this problem is because it didn’t matter back then. TVs weren’t capable of faithfully reproducing color anyway. I think it’s amazing that the make up and sets held up so well on HD because there was a lot of detail in it that just was not necessary for NTCS and PAL. But I guess the makeup and costume and set people needed to make sure anything would be camera-ready incase there was a closeup.

          • archer9234

            I probably was putting too much VHS thinking into it. When I’ve copied and copied again. The image color issues got worse as it went. So I thought when the original team edited the episodes. They sometimes need to do a transfer of a section again. So it was a copy of a copy and caused color more issues.

  • James

    I’m really loving watching TNG in HD – season six had some cracking episodes.

    I am worried about the ‘softness’ of some of the episodes, both here and in DS9 season 1. It seems to me that the cinematographers purposely went for this ‘hazy’ look that you mention afflicted ‘Relics’. Soft focus and low contrast. I wonder what the thinking was behind this artistic choice?

    I recently watched the Enterprise blu-rays and was a bit dissapointed. It’s like the show was shot in greyscale – the color pallete is washed out (intentionally) and the music (at least until season 4) is that sort of wallpaper – not really there kind of stuff that was pushed from S4 of TNG onwards.

    By contrast, TOS (and TNG) look incredible, especially with TOS. Colors really pop of the screen and the sound remix is wonderful.

    • trekcore

      Totally agreed, James. On DVD (and broadcast), TNG Season 6 and DS9 Season 1 were *incredibly* soft, far more than any other seasons of SD Star Trek. I’ve no idea why the 1991-1992 seasons suffered so badly (moreso even than the TNG Seasons that preceded S6), but they’ve always stuck out to me like a sore thumb.

      Now for the good news – Season 6 on Blu-ray looks PHENOMENAL. The image is sharper than the Season 5 Blu-rays, and the hazy look that afflicted “Relics” has been – for the most part – confined to history. There are a few soft focus shots sprinkled through it (Picard raising a toast to Scotty springs to mind), but 95% is pin-sharp. “Time’s Arrow, Part II” has the highest amount of ‘hazy’ soft focus shots, although this is clearly an artistic choice (the same happens with Part 1). Still, even with this episode, the crispness of the newly scanned 35mm print is mindblowing – just wait until you see the colors on Dr. Crusher’s PURPLE dress!

  • Trekmonster

    Everybody says it, but I’ll repeat it anyway: Deep. Space. Nine.
    Sounds like a new campaign 😉

    Go Trekcore go!

    • J Skagnetti

      I will be picking this up only because of DS9. That and Season 6 rocked. But we need word on DS9 Blu-rays! MUST HAVE Deep. Space. Nine.

  • Neill Stringer

    How long till DS9 is announced? Can’t wait for season 6 on blu ray, damn annoyed I have to wait another month given the delay in the UK

    • archer9234

      I say this is going on. Thanks to Birthright, they all grabbed the film reels from at least the pilot of DS9. And is doing a cost test. If it passes, because I see CBS seeing DS9 as a weaker money maker, regardless how fans feel, this is true compared to TNG. They need to make the decision once S7 is completed. Because the team is busy with TNG and can’t do it all at the same time.

      But they also can’t wait too long or S1 DS9 will take longer and longer for it to come out. They may also tell them to work on the show at 4K right at the start. Which will make it more expensive. Like how Cosmos was finalized in 4K, but Fox complained about the cost.

  • Riker

    What do you think about the proportions of the Qs standing on the enterprise? For me it seems the people are to tall. If its so they’ve hab the chance to composite it correctly, so why didn’t they?

    • Hermann

      They seem to be too tall. But they are Qs. They surely can change their size.

      • MSR

        That’s been my rationalization.

    • archer9234

      You gotta fudge the size. The model is so big and they couldn’t get any closer with the camera. And if they made them smaller. Their faces would be really hard to see.

      • Brian C. Bock

        Exactly. If they were doing that shot anew today, they’d do a push-in shot so you go from seeing the whole ship to just a close up of those two on its back. But their mission is not to make new shots, but to honor the look and feel of the original. So I think they made the right choice.

        • Kirk Riker

          This is one of the few shots where they had the opportunity to express the gargantuan scale of the Enterprise. That they failed to do this during the remastering process is, frankly, unforgivable.

      • Data

        The tvs are getting bigger and bigger. I got a 60 inch tv and the faces would be seen accurately.

  • FriendofSonic

    Target sales ad was leaked. No TNG love at all. 🙁 Best Buy, save us!

  • Denny Crane

    Because DS9 season 1 and TNG season 6 play at the same time (as season 7 resp. 2) I would have loved to see them to be published on blu-ray at the same time. Pity!

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    I’d buy every season of Deep Space Nine at full retail on Day One!

    “At this stage in the game, CBS-D have become such a well-oiled production machine for rebuilding Star Trek: TNG in high definition that their work looks almost effortless.”
    All the more reason to continue on IMMEDIATELY to Deep Space Nine. And then to Voyager after DS9 is complete. You have your production team in place, and as the years tick by, SD broadcasts will be largely left behind in the dust. Best to refurbish the entire Trek catalog NOW, while you can still sell disks before the majority switches to digital, and also recoup costs on streaming and broadcast rights in the future. What happens when the license to stream on Netflix expires? CBS can get more money from Netflix when they renew the license if they have everything in HD. And since Trek has always been a good catalog seller on DVD, having it in HD is also a no-brainer.
    I’m also still waiting to buy the original Animated Series on Blu Ray. It’s already on Netflix in HD, I’d be happy to buy a set to support the DS9 war chest fund 🙂

    • pittrek

      TAS is on Netflix in HD? I wish now Netflix was available in my country

  • William T.

    Deep Space Nine and Voyager will never appear on blu-ray. It doesn’t pay.

    • SFSeries&Movies

      I hope u r wrong but I heard TNG Blu-Ray’s did not sell as well as hoped by CBS. Fingers crossed! 🙁

      • pittrek

        Are there any “official numbers” available?

        • SFSeries&Movies

          Perhaps but not that I could find out, tried though. I heard it from someone who’s linked to the Axanar project at the Fedcon in Germany this year, but honestly he didn’t know either (bout the future of DS9 blu-ray’s) but he did tell bout the blu-ray’s. So it may could move forward but I myself have been wondering for a few months now why it took so long between season 5 & 6, while the earlier seasons, the releases where much closer to one another. Perhaps they are really deciding right now if it’s a go or not, spread the last two seasons over one year so they have time to crunch the numbers.

          • TheRenegadeRebel .

            It took longer because in the beginning they had two teams leap-frogging the seasons. Now it’s just CBS-Digital. One team doing three seasons in a row will take longer.

          • SFSeries&Movies

            thxs wasn’t aware of that

    • Brian C. Bock

      LOL. That’s not bad trolling. Take a thing that everyone believes will happen and hopes will happen soon and then say it will never happen. Considering they can then resell DS9 and VOY based on a remaster on TV, on streaming services and iTunes, and on discs, they’ll have no issue recouping any costs.

  • hypnotoad72

    Given that 35mm film will degrade over time (the “vinegar effect”?), at some point wouldn’t all the archived films disintegrate – at which point, a re-remastering for higher resolution wouldn’t work… never mind any possibility of seasons 2 and 4 being remastered properly…?

    • Justin Olson

      Sure, but that’s why they promptly returned each season’s film back to Iron Mountain Pennsylvania once they were done with it. At the low temperatures and humidity they store the film at (55 degrees Fahrenheit and 35% humidity, I believe), they’d easily last a century (from 1987) before they began to show any signs of vinegar syndrome.

  • bytes

    Since the first time I saw Q and Amanda standing outside of the Enterprise, I felt they looked way too big. Still do.

    • Brian C. Bock

      Probably so, but I cut them slack on this for two reasons, one real-world and one in-universe. 1) If they’d made them smaller it would be difficult to tell where they were without an establishing shot with a push in, which is probably what a show like this would do today. 2) They’re Q. They aren’t locked into any shape or size/scale.

      • bytes

        Hey I really like the filming reason. I’ve never thought of that. I think you are right. In the 4:3 that would be difficult to have a recognizable beauty shot of the ship, and have the actors placed descently on the screen.

  • Stephen Pinsent

    I’m just going to say it here as I say it everywhere else… I want DS9 on blu ray… it was part of the reason I’ve been buying TNG on blu ray, doing my part as a fan. Now come on CBS, let me spend more money on Trek!

  • Chris Benoit

    DS9 looks fantastic in HD, I really, really hope DS9 is next for a HD transfer, it’s well in need of one and it’d be great to finally get the best picture quality and uncut versions of the episodes to watch, given that the R2 dvd’s look like bad VHS transfers and the BBFC butchered quite a few of the episodes for blood and violence (despite the episodes shown on Sky one being unedited).

  • Adrian Dinca

    You say in the aricle that there is no upscaled footage but I clearly see an upscaled segment in Second Chances, right after the series intro, when the two Rikers meet for the first time. Can you confirm?

    • Adrian, that’s not upscaled footage. That’s simply the quality of the original footage used in the bluescreen work at the time — there are several layers of live-action footage composited together as the two Rikers walk around each other, causing the look of the footage you see there.

      The same issue appears in Season 4’s “A Matter of Perspective” where Jonathan Frakes walks around Riker’s holographic duplicate; it’s an unavoidable situation based on the originally-filmed plates.

      • Adrian Dinca

        Thanks for the explanation. It definitely looks like lower resolution because of the composited shot.