The “Star Trek: The Compendium” Blu-ray release is just a few weeks away, and Paramount Home Entertainment today unveiled the rumored rebate program for fans who previously purchased either Star Trek  or Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-ray in their initial releases.

All one must do is visit and complete a form, which requires the UPC barcode number of a purchased Star Trek or Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray set along with the “Compendium” UPC barcode number — and a “Compendium” receipt of purchase.


To qualify, fans must purchase the “Compendium” set between September 9 and October 31, and must submit the form by mail to Paramount by November 30.

This program is only available to residents of the United States.
DVD purchases are not eligible for this program.


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The Compendium
on Blu-ray today!

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  • archer9234

    $5… Just remove the first movie dammit. I don’t want the first film. Why is that so hard to do? Make two versions. One with both One without. It’s just artwork and cardboard costs. Paramount always seems to never get things right the first time anymore. It’s so easy for companies to make 3D bluray, bluray, DVD, SINGLE DISC DVD versions. But can’t do this?

    • Harry M.

      Just buy the second movie on it’s own. Duh.

      • The issue is that this set will have every “Into Darkness” bonus feature (plus a few new ones), which were originally scattered across several different retail releases.

        • Harry M.

          …which we knew was eventually going to happen.

          Meanwhile, these special features are worth next to nothing.

          • That depends on if you are a fan of bonus content — this will have a LOT of “Into Darkness” material, including the IMAX version of the film with visual commentary, deleted scenes, a gag reel, all the Target and Best Buy features, and a few new ones as well — so it’s a significant amount of additional material.

          • Hey berto

            It also will have the expanded IMAX aspect ratio. But still.. $5 is a little weak considering they’re doing this to make up for an error in judgement. We should be getting STID as a single release at around $20. That would be reasonable.

            Is there any reason we should be excited about the original ST09 in this set? Anything new? The existing Blu is great with tons of great extras. Are they really doing anything to improve upon that?

        • Kaine Morrison

          It is still missing a LOT of bonus features.

      • archer9234

        This is the only version to have all the missing bonus features. That’s the problem…

  • Stuart Baird

    Any word on a UK release guys?

    • StalwartUK

      Looks like we’re getting shafted… as per usual.

      Paramount Blu-rays are usually region free, right?

      • archer9234

        Yeah, usually free.

    • We’re still investigating that — don’t know yet.

    • At the moment, it looks like it’s North America only. We’ll be sure to check on the region coding when we get our hands on the set.

  • James

    Cool. Really looking forward to seeing the full Imax scenes. Nice of Paramount to offer a rebate scheme! It’s a shame the rebate is US only, but I’ll sit patiently waiting for a UK release in the future.

    In fact, what I really hope for is a new ‘complete box-set’ with all the movies including remasters of the originals. I’ve purchased these films so many times over the years, but I’ll always pony up the cash for a quality Trek product 😉

  • Platitude

    I would love to have all the special features and the IMAX version, but I hate double-dipping. As a poor college student, its hard enough justifying buying all the movies that I do, let alone multiple copies of them. I’ll probably have to pass. Wish Paramount would have just done the Into Darkness release right the first time.

    • Hey berto

      I mean, at least we get something, but $5? That’s kind of weak. I think I may just wait and buy the set when it drops in a year or so.

  • Jed Raybould

    What UPC code from Into Darkness that will be required? The only copy of Into Darkness I have is the Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray 2D + DVD + Digital Copy release.

    • It’s likely any retail copy of STID will work for this format, as the rebate form doesn’t specify.

  • Kaine Morrison

    A LOT of bonus Features are still missing from this set.
    Mostly all of the ones that were XboX Exclusive. They did put some of the Deleted scenes in this set, but not all of them. Also, all of the behind the scenes XboX exclusives are still missing.