These deals are no longer active.

Amazon UK is offering deep discounts on Star Trek Blu-ray sets, with seasons as low as £17! We don’t know how long these will last, so order today and help keep TrekCore ad-free!

These sets are all region-free and can be imported to the US with no playback issues.


TNG S1 (£18):
TNG S2 (£17):
TNG S3 (£18):
TNG S4 (£17):
TNG S5 (£17.50):
TNG S6 (£30):
TNG S7 (£37):
ENT S1 (£17.50):
ENT S2 (£18):
ENT S3 (£17.50):
ENT S4 (£18): S1 (£18):
TOS S2 (£12):
TOS S3 (£17.50):


  • DJ Mike

    TOS is discounted as well – Season 2 can be had for an incredible £12 right now.

  • P Wright
  • Greg

    For Enterprise, only Seasons 1+2 are labeled as Region Free. Seasons 3+4 are labeled as Region B/2 only. Is this a listing error on Amazon’s part? I seem to recall reading that all of these sets were issued region free.

    • They’re all region-free, no matter what the Amazon page says. Import without worry.

      • Greg

        Thanks for the quick reply!

  • TrekRules

    Excellent. Already had 7 preordered because it was still cheaper than buying in Canada(strangely they didn’t update my price….) but this make it like $60 – no way will match that. Placed new order.

  • Jamie

    I was awake at 5am and randomly checked Amazon, as soon as I saw the CRAZY price for the TNG BluRay sets 1-5 and Enterprise Season 4 (got 1-3 already) I added them all to my basket and paid straight away in-case it was an error.
    This is the price I’m more than happy to pay especially as I have TNG on VHS and DVD already, I personally couldn’t justify paying the original £50 a boxset price for essentially the same product albeit a bit better looking.

    Hooray for Amazon!

    • vincanss

      It’s mildly annoying and brilliant at the same time! Depending on exactly how many one would have already picked up pre-price drop. 🙂

  • Steve Bromby

    This is excellent news! Been waiting for Amazon to reduce the cost of the blu-ray sets, and Trekcore’s troubles earlier in the week with their YT page being taken down have only persuaded me to continue getting the sets. Am up season 3 of TNG now – just ordered it from Amazon UK. Kudos Trekcore for letting the UK Trek fans know about this. 😉

  • vincanss

    Argh noo..I ordered Enterprise season 4 literally just a day or two before they put the prices down grrr. At least season 6 & 7 of TNG are excellent prices so I shall have those…

    • Contact Amazon customer support, they may be able to help you out.

      • vincanss

        I may do just that. Thanks

        • Jon Cockroft

          I did that yesterday. Replied in an hour. I asked for a refund on the difference (would have taken amazon credit) and they did!

  • pittrek

    Oh that’s “great”. After spending several HUNDREDS of Euros they now get this cheap 🙁

  • James

    It’s not just the Blus. Full series boxsets on DVD (search Star Trek: [Series] Re, aside from Voyager/Enterprise which are under ‘The Complete Collection’) are going between £24 (Ent) – £38 (TNG/DS9/VOY), TOS is also at £46. Movies are at £19.50 (DVD) and £37 (Blu) and TAS is a mere £6.50

  • vincanss

    Back to their old prices now. Star Trek original series season 2 is £54.99 up from £12!

  • Chris Benoit

    Damn it, I missed them. 🙁