CBS has just sent TrekCore a copy of the full press release detailing the contents of the upcoming releases of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 7 and Star Trek: The Next Generation – “All Good Things…” on Blu-ray.




The Journey Into High Definition Concludes on December 2
With New Collections Packed with Exclusive, In-Depth Special Features

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (October 16, 2014) – Brilliantly remastered into high definition, the concluding episodes of the iconic series and its feature-length final episode STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION® – SEASON SEVEN BLU-RAY and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION® – ALL GOOD THINGS BLU-RAY arrive December 2 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution.

The crew of the Starship Enterprise makes its final remarkable voyages with these classic episodes, which were retransferred from original film into stunning high-definition. Each Blu-ray also includes a new collection of special features that dives into the Star Trek® universe like never before.

tng-s7-coverSTAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – SEASON SEVEN includes all 25 episodes of the final season and a trove of never-before-seen interviews with cast and crew, including the three-part documentary “The Sky’s The Limit: The Eclipse Of Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “In Conversation: Lensing Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Along with an unreleased gag reel and exclusive deleted scenes, the seventh season collection features some of the most acclaimed episodes of the series such as the conclusion to the two-part episode “Descent;” Worf’s (Michael Dorn) conflict with his human foster brother who violates the prime directive to save a doomed primitive race in “Homeward;” the two-part episode “Gambit;” Data meeting a woman who claims to be his mother in “Inheritance;” and the stunning, final confrontation between Picard and Q (John de Lancie) in the series finale “All Good Things…”.

Plus, the thrilling final season also features can’t-miss guest appearances from Kirsten Dunst, Terry O’Quinn, and former L.A. Laker James Worthy.

agt-coverSTAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – ALL GOOD THINGS presents the epic feature-length series finale remastered into high-definition. The 1995 Hugo Award winner for “Best Dramatic Presentation,” the thrilling adventure was also hailed as a “picture-perfect” (USA Today) ending to the series.

A journey that takes fans to the end of the universe and beyond the boundaries of time itself, “All Good Things…” begins when Q tells Captain Picard that he is to be the cause of humanity’s ultimate annihilation. Thus begins an incredible journey through space and time that follows Picard’s first voyage on the Enterprise to 25 years into the future.

Fans can revisit the engrossing finale with the newly produced documentary “The Unknown Possibilities of Existence: Making ‘All Good Things…’” and never-before-released deleted scenes.


STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – SEASON SEVEN will be available in 1080p with English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, English Stereo Surround, French Stereo, German Stereo, Latin Spanish Stereo, Italian Mono, and Japanese Mono. The six-disc collection also includes English SDH, and French, German, Castilian, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles. The Blu-ray is Not Rated in the U.S. and rated PG in Canada. It will be available for the suggested retail price of $130.00 U.S. and $150.00 Canada.

The disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One:

Special Features

  • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW!
    • Descent, Part II
    • Liasons
    • Gambit, Part I
    • Gambit, Part II
  • Archival Mission Log: Mission Overview Year Seven (SD)
  • Episodic Promos (SD)

Disc Two:

Special Features

  • In Conversation: Lensing Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD) – NEW!
  • Gag Reel (HD) – NEW!
  • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW!
    • Dark Page
  • Archival Mission Log: A Captain’s Tribute (SD)
  • Archival Mission Log: Departmental Briefing Year Seven: Production (SD)
  • Episodic Promos (SD)

Disc Three:

Special Features

  • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW!
    • Inheritance
    • Parallels
    • Sub Rosa
  • Audio Commentary: Brannon Braga on “Parallels” (2008)
  • Archival Mission Log: Starfleet Moments and Memories (SD)
  • Episodic Promos (SD)

Disc Four:

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary: René Echevarria and Mike & Denise Okuda on “Lower Decks” – NEW!
  • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW!
    • Thine Own Self
    • Masks
    • Genesis
  • Archival Mission Log: Special Profiles (SD)
  • Episodic Promos (SD)

Disc Five:

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary: René Echevarria, Naren Shankar, and Mike & Denise Okuda on “Preemptive Strike” – NEW!
  • Closed Set: A Tour of the Real Enterprise (SD) – NEW!
  • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW!
    • Journey’s End
    • Firstborn
    • Bloodlines
    • Preemptive Strike
  • Archival Mission Log: Inside Starfleet Archives: Dressing The Future (SD)
  • Episodic Promos (SD)

Disc Six:

Special Features

  • The Sky’s The Limit: The Eclipse of Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD) – NEW!
    • Part One: Umbra
    • Part Two: Penumbra
    • Part Three: Antumbra
  • Journey’s End: The Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation (SD)
  • Archival Mission Log: The Making of “All Good Things…” (SD)
  • Episodic Promos (SD)

*   *   *

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – ALL GOOD THINGS BLU-RAY will be available in 1080p with English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, English Stereo Surround and German Stereo. The collection also includes English SDH and German subtitles. The Blu-ray is Not Rated in the U.S. and rated PG in Canada. It will be available for the suggested retail price of $28.28 U.S. and $32.00 Canada.

The disc breakdown is as follows:

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary By Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga – NEW! 
  • The Unknown Possibilities of Existence: Making “All Good Things…” (HD) – NEW!
  • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW!
  • Episodic Promos (SD)


There are several notable video features missing from the Season Seven Blu-ray set. We’ve been told the HBO “Comic Relief” special was unable to be included due to legal reasons, and it also appears that the TNG Viewer’s Choice Countdown — which aired as a television marathon in the week leading up to the series finale in 1994 — is also missing.

The biggest letdown, however, is that the three newly-produced features filmed for inclusion with the 2007 TNG 20th Anniversary Complete Series DVD Box Set do not appear to be part of this final release.

20thThe Next Generation’s Impact: 20 Years Later · Hosted by John de Lancie · 29 minutes

impactThe Next Generation’s Legacy · Hosted by Wil Wheaton · 26 minutes

vfxStar Trek Visual Effects Magic: A Roundtable Discussion · 25 minutes

This is quite a disappointment as these Blu-ray sets have been consistently advertised as including all previously-released DVD content — and these three features are not available in any other set than the big, expensive DVD box.

Including them with the standalone “All Good Things” disc, for example, could help raise buyer motivation for purchase, since the ninety-minute cut of “AGT” is also part of the Season Seven release — and since all three are standard-definition footage, the Blu-ray disc could certainly accommodate the additional file size without any noticeable reduction in HD picture quality.

Some further notes and observations on the press release:

  • We’re definitely looking forward to Michael Okuda’s “home movie” tour of the TNG sets, included on Disc Five as the new “Closed Set” feature. This rare, never-before-released video was first announced at the Las Vegas convention this summer, and is sure to be a real treat.
  • Season Seven is set to be full of yet another wonderful array of deleted scenes, with more than fifteen restored episode clips expected to be included on this set. Unfortunately, the series finale’s scenes — including an appearance by Star Trek: Voyager actress Martha Hackett — will be once again kept exclusive to the “All Good Things” single-disc release, along with the sure-to-be-wonderful “AGT” audio commentary from Ron Moore and Brannon Braga.
  • Along with the new “All Good Things” track, there are two all-new audio commentaries on the Season Seven release, for fan-favorite “Lower Decks,” as well as an unexpected choice in “Preemptive Strike,” the final appearance of Ro Laren — but the expected “Sub Rosa” track, teased by Brannon Braga and Seth MacFarlane in the past, seems to not have been completed. Thankfully, Braga’s archival “Parallels” recording from the 2008 Alternate Realities Collective DVD release is also included in this set, covering one of the final season’s strongest episodes.
  • Season Seven and “All Good Things” will be released in the United States and Canada on December 2. Season Seven will be released in the UK on December 15, and in Germany on December 18.

While fans in Germany and Australia will be lucky enough to see an “All Good Things” release in their respective countries, others will once again have to turn to Amazon US to pick up the disc. As with all Next Generation Blu-ray releases, “All Good Things” can imported from Amazon US worry-free, as the region-free disc is fully compatible with your Blu-ray player (and the low cost for the standalone disc should fall under any import duty threshold).

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your copies of Star Trek: TNG Season 7 and “All Good Things” on Blu-ray at Amazon using the links below — or preorder the region-free, complete TNG Blu-ray Box from Amazon UK!


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  • Sol System

    Someone told me recently that the PS4 can’t play region free Blu-Rays. Is this true, cos I really want to order the Next Gen TV movie Blu-Rays.

    • Chris915

      From what I just looked up, regular non-developer models of the PS4 are region locked.

      PS3 was also region locked for blu-rays.

      • danielcw

        Yes, and? The discs would still work. Also most, if not all Blu-Ray players are region locked.

        • Chris915

          He asked the question, I answered.

          Also, he has to make sure he gets region-free blu-rays… as some blu-rays are still region locked as well.

          • danielcw

            Sorry, but I fail to see where you answered his question.

            Also he has to make sure that he buys Blu-Rays that match the region of his player. But that is always the case for all TNG-series Blu-Rays so far, as they are worldwide discs for all Blu-Ray-regions

          • Chris915

            I must’ve read his question wrong or he changed his comment, because I swore he was asking about the PS4 itself.

      • archer9234

        Here you want proof. I’m in America. Here is the Australian release of Iron Man Armored Adventures. It’s region free. I’m playing it on my PS4.

        • Chris915

          I wasn’t asking for proof.

          I saw many people post in forums on my search that many of their blu-rays still have region A on them, despite a large portion of all blu-ray movies being region free.

          • archer9234

            You’re right. Some companies mess up. is the worse on info though. Take this. The Australian release of Mythbusters says Region 4 on the box. It isn’t locked though.

    • Justin Olson

      I see no reason why the PS4 (or any blu-ray player, for that matter) wouldn’t be able to play region free discs. It just means the disc isn’t locked to any specific region.

    • Simon

      Whoever said that has their wires crossed because the vast majority of Blu-rays out there are Region Free…the PS4 would be worthless as far as Blu-ray playback if it were so.

    • danielcw

      The long explanation:

      The Playstation 4, like almost every Blu-Ray-player, is locked to a region.
      It will only play discs, that have the same region set as itself.Every commercial Blu-Ray has on or more regions set.

      “Regionfree” Blu-Rays aren’t region-free, they are the opposite, they are all-region, because they have all regions set.

      So the TNG Blu-Rays will work on every PS4 from every region, because every TNG Blu-Ray appears to have all regions set.

    • lew1984

      Although I don’t have a PS4 I can assure you the PS3 plays the disks with no issue, I’m in the UK and have bought the single disk features imported from the US and they play fine. I can’t really think why the PS4 would be any different?

    • MSR

      I have played Enterprise Season 2, which I purchased from Amazon UK, on the PS4. Worked just fine. Same goes for Battlestar Galactica. I don’t see why TNG would be any different.

  • Chris915

    I usually wait until the week before the release to pre-order, so I know I’ll have the money.

    They’ll always find a way to push you into buying the standalone release.

  • Justin Olson

    Awesome! Looks like I guessed the episode order by disc correctly on my S7 episode guide — don’t have to change a thing!

  • Charlie

    This looks great! I’ve got Season 2 – 5. Can’t wait to add 6 and 7. And uh.. 1.. I guess 😛

    • SpaceCadet

      Well, I like to believe season one is generally so bad that it’s good! Okay, maybe not good, but funny? Lol. If anything, it’s cool as a contrast that shows you how much better the series was by the end that it’s almost like a completely different show! And the bonus features on the set are excellent as well.

      • Charlie

        I remember ‘Code of Honour’ and ‘The Naked Now’ being pretty hilarious (in a bad way). 11001001, The Battle, The Big Goodbye and Conspiracy are pretty good episodes though. Data/Lore, Hide and Q and We’ll Always Have Paris are okay.

        I got Season 2 and season 5 for a combined price of £36 on a few weeks back. It just doesn’t seem right paying £31.95 for just Season 1, even though I know they worked very hard remastering it! I think it’ll probably be the last one I get. I will get them all though! And DS9, if that happens.

  • archer9234

    I can’t believe the 20th anniversary bonus features are missing. That is really wrong. Not a lot of people saw those. And need to be in this set. Now the viewer choice marathon, that who cares. It would be really 5 mins of frakes talking. The rest is just the run of episodes. I had all the bumpers on tape. It’s nothing special. I can understand the joke skit with legal issues. Which still sucks. But not the 20th bonus.

    • Destructor1701

      A return of Seth McFarlane for that one would have been perfect.

      I find his comedy productions to be hit and miss, but his “Cause And Effect” commentary, opposite straight-man Brannon Braga, was an absolute HOOT!

  • Aqua

    I’m kinda surprised that The Pegasus and Journey’s End didn’t get audio commentaries. The one for preemptive strike is kinda out of left field.

    Great to see that lower decks is getting one.

    • archer9234

      Yeah. It would of been nice if Weaton did it. I really wanted a main cast member from TNG to do a comm on the show.

  • Eric Cheung

    The above link to the complete series box set lists it as region-free, but when clicking on the link, it actually says Region B/2. I’m not sure I want to take the risk right now.

    • All the Star Trek television Blu-ray releases have been region free, and Amazon consistently lists them as being Region A (North America) or Region B (Europe) locked. Plenty of people have imported sets from other countries to save costs when they see a good deal — import without worry.

  • The UK/worldwide sets aren’t just region free, they’re the EXACT same discs as the US editions only with localised disc & cover art. says it’s region B/2 because it says that for pretty much every DVD or BD on the site, just as the .com site says that everything is region A/1. Buy with confidence.

  • Stephen

    In all I’m very happy with the final release, although the audio commentary for AGT kind of blows the lid off nonsense that the VAM on the standalone releases wouldn’t have happened otherwise.
    Can’t wait to see Mike’s home video!! (shame on you, Mike, for not recording it on 35mm for future HD conversion

  • CoolGeek

    ” So what are you waiting for? ” – How about the price to drop to a decent level?

    • As always, the cost will be reduced as we approach the release date.

  • pittrek

    Well it’s quite annoying they didn’t include EVERYTHING, but as a deleted scenes fanatic I’m very happy to see the amount of deleted scenes added to these releases 🙂

    A question for those of you owning the missing featurettes – are they worth searching for?

  • MIKK89

    Got Seasons 1-7 on Blu-Ray on Pre-Order from (though false advertising… ‘The Full Journey’ Should include ‘GENERATIONS’, ‘FIRST CONTACT’, ‘INSURRECTION’ & ‘NEMESIS’)

    • Justin Olson

      Agreed. It should be called “The Complete Series,” not “The Full Journey.”

  • Justin Olson

    I have to say that it’s rather inexplicable that those three featurettes made for the 20th Anniversary DVD set are MIA. It’s possible they’ve either been held back for a Complete Series blu-ray box set in the U.S. (which seems unlikely, though not impossible) or they are going to be used for a TNG TV Movies blu-ray box set somewhere down the line.

    According to both and, the “Full Journey” blu-ray set is only 41 discs and that only accounts for the seven season sets as they are with nothing else added. Assuming that info is correct, of course. They both list the discs as being Region B which we know is patently false.

  • SpaceCadet

    I’ve always felt that “Preemptive Strike” was one of the standout episodes of season 7 so I’m pleased it’s getting an audio commentary, same as “Lower Decks”. I think “The Pegasus” should have gotten one too and it’s too bad some of the “lesser” episodes like “Sub Rosa”, “Masks”, and “Genesis” didn’t get joke commentaries. And also disappointed we never got any actors to do any commentaries. But oh well, still looking forward to this set!

    • Eric Cheung

      Commentaries on all episodes should be a no-brainer on any TV series release by this point.

  • James

    I like how the box art uses the same style as the TOS box art. Shame that the blu rays didn’t sell better. Guess that means no DS9 then. 🙁

    • mjdavid

      I fear you may be right, but I keep hoping for a surprise announcement either at the end of the year AFTER the release of Season Seven or sometime next year … but probably not 🙁 … Season One of TNG was released in 2012, which was the 25th Anniversary of TNG. Perhaps that’s their plan for DS9; it’s 25th Anniversary would be 2018, though.

    • SpaceCadet

      I thought the blu rays were selling fine. Where did you hear otherwise?

      • James

        Season 1 sold in high numbers as reported by TrekCore:

        Actual figures for subsequent seasons are hard to come by, but I have read quotes by Meyer Burnett and Roger Lay – both saying that they were poor.

        I found some Amazon sales figures showing that TNG was doing badly, but that Enterprise sales were really terrible.

        TNG S3 #3,173

        ENT s1 #24,584

        TNG S2 #6,025

        TNG S1 #5,582

        No sales numbers but these rankings show that even the 5 year old
        release of TOS season 1 (# 20,191) was outselling ENT S1.

        What we can infer from this limited data is that there just isn’t the interest in the newer series when compared to TOS. And I have my own pet theory….

        Season 1 of TNG sold a ton of copies and was really successful on blu-ray. I
        cant find definitive figures for the other seasons – not sure they
        charted high enough! I think this is terrible news, maybe first time
        trekkies – excited by Abrams’ movies gave it a go, hated it and didn’t
        give the subsequent (and brilliant) seasons a chance. That’s just
        speculation though.

        • Thomas

          Star Trek always has been a long distance runner. The shows never have been very successful neither on TV nor on DVD/Bluray. But, seen in the long term, they made their money. Otherwise they never would have started the TNG restauration project.

          • James

            Not true. TNG, DS9 and VOY were hugely popular on TV, with decent ratings as shown in the graph below.


            All of the movies sell fantastically well on DVD and blu-ray as did the TOS blu ray box sets. TNG has sold well in the past on DVD, maybe people just didn’t want to shell out more money for something they already owned?

          • Thomas

            Even 11 million viewers aren’t “hugely popular”, 4 million have been rediculous. You don’t have to sugarcoat it. Even Stargate sells better. Many trekkers are quite strange. They always want more and the best, but aren’t willing to invest money in better quality. Some say that their old tube tv set and VHS oder DVD are good enough for them. Hello? You like to travel to the 24th century but you haven’t arrived in the 21th?

  • John

    I wouldn’t publish any CBS press release until they reactivate the trekcore YouTube channel.

    • Tuskin38

      It might not have even been CBS who did it, might have been an automatic process.

      • Destructor1701

        You’d think it would have been resolved by now, then.

        • New Horizon

          Any updates on that Trekcore?

          • trekcore

            It was CBS who made the strikes. We’ve been talking to them this week. We should have an update for Monday.

  • Wes

    Do you guys want to know what would have been really cool on the box set? Some of the cast coming together to doing a commentary track for AGT… it would have been cool. I am disappointed that the 20th anniversary featurettes were not included on the box set. Now, if they release a 30th anniversary complete series set in 2017 on blu ray and include those featurettes, it will be a tremendous insult to the rest of us who have bought the sets since 2012. Oh btw, we need a trailer for CBS to remaster DS9. From what I understand the sales of the TNG box sets have NOT sold as well as CBS has hoped… if it had been better, they would have considered DS9. Come on fans! Buy TNG on blu ray, it is the only way to have DS9 on blu ray!

    • mjdavid

      I find your thinking to be highly speculative … “From what you understand sales of TNG box sets have sold as well as CBS had hoped? If it would have been better they would have considered DS9.” What’s your source for this conjecture? I’m not trying to be argumentative, but how do you know what CBS’ sales expectations were compared to ACTUAL sales figures? There is no way to know that CBS-D would have already OK’d DS9 in HD even if the TNG-Blus had sold three to four times as much as they already have. We don’t know what their plans for 2015, 2016, 2017 are … DS9’s 25th Anniversary is 2018; I would seriously hate to think they’d wait that long, but S1 of TNG was released in summer 2012 (that series’ 25th anniversary).

      As for the bonus features and a 30th anniversary complete box in 2017 … there’s already a complete series Blu ray box planned for release in December in the UK … If something like that comes to the U.S., I don’t think it will have any extra bonus features.

      • James

        “Roger Lay: We all love DS9 and its holy mission. Hopefully these TNG
        Blu-rays keep selling. And if you guys love the show please support them
        and pick them up. And hopefully we will move on to the next show.”

        source: TrekMovie

        Also here:

        “Seriously, that’s it. It’s that simple. If CBS can point to strong sales
        numbers of its existing Trek TV releases on Blu-ray, the decision to
        keep releasing Trek TV series on Blu-ray becomes really easy for them to

        Season 1 sold a ton of copies and was really successful on blu-ray. I cant find definitive figures for the other seasons – not sure they charted high enough! I think this is terrible news, maybe first time trekkies – excited by Abrams’ movies gave it a go, hated it and didn’t give the subsequent (and brilliant) seasons a chance. That’s just speculation though.

        I think that if I were in charge at CBS then I’d have released remasters of the big two part ‘TV movies’ and then released season by season sets.

        • mjdavid

          I am not referring to sales numbers … I have seen those .. What I meant was we cannot know what is in the minds of the execs who actually make these decisions. These numbers tell us nothing as far as what it actually means to get the next two series in HD. Can we speculate? Sure, but it doesn’t mean much; it’s not like they are ever going to say what the “magic number” is, so sales data doesn’t mean much when it comes to future HD predictions…

          I don’t think a release of the other series will come down to numbers; I think it will come down to fans making noise and CBS-D listening. But that is just my own speculation.

      • James

        Current Netflix ratings for the Star Trek Franchise

        TNG: 2.7 million

        TOS: 1.9 million

        VOY: 1.4 million

        DS9: 971,000

        ENT: 962,000

        Oh dear.

        TNG cost $9m to remaster for HD. You can take that figure and multiply it by 2
        or 3 to get to the cost to remaster DS9 (with the greater number of F/X and the need to recreate a lot of it. Sadly, DS9 is a show that isn’t popular and therefore doesn’t need future-proofing for syndication. It’s pretty sad. But true.

  • Kaine Morrison

    I’m very disappointed that not only is the Best Buy bonus features missing, but that they also couldn’t add the German exclusive bonus from an earlier season to this as well.
    I’m going to be extremely pissed if they are all on the Boxed Set though!

  • SpaceCadet

    You know there are always kickstarter campaigns if fans really want to see DS9 and Voyager remastered on blu-ray. Fans can just fund the restoration project themselves.

    • Gerald

      Don’t worry. DS9 and VOY will be published on Bluray. That is as good as certain.

      • jerr

        perhaps an upscaled version…I Don’t see a full TNG-HD transfer as likely

        • George McFly

          No. A full hd transfer. Noone would buy an upscaled version. Watch the upscaled Tribble-episode. It has no benefit and looks as bad as the original sd version. Of course CBS will do a full hd restauration auf DS9 (and VOV). Star Trek is and will always be the milker for CBS. In the long term it will always be profitable to offer a version of the show that is technically up to date.

          • Destructor1701

            Where might I find this upscaled Tribble episode?

          • George

            As far as I remember it is on the TOS-Bluray, 2nd season, isn’t it?

          • George

            Mmhh… Yes, you can find “Trials and Tribble-ations” on the TOS-bluray, 2nd season. But I am not sure wether it is upscaled or not. Sometimes you can read it is presented in SD, sometimes it should be presented in an upscaled HD version. I think it is an 1080i-upscale of the original 480i SD version.

          • New Horizon

            I suspect it would have to be upscaled to be included on the bluray.

          • Destructor1701

            Fascinating!.I hadn’t realised, I’ll have to check it out!

  • Patrick

    Any word on release of VAM related to the making of the Enterprise-D model?

    • “The Trek Not Taken,” released exclusively to Best Buy with Season 3 (and in Germany as part of the Season 4 set) is all about the Enterprise-D model:

      • Patrick

        Hey thanks for the reply… in that thread, someone asked “Maybe it’ll be on the USA Season 7 set???” and TrekCore replied “Unfortunately not. The exclusivity contract with Best Buy means that the piece cannot be reproduced in that fashion.
        However, we’ve certainly heard rumblings of a similar Visual FX centric piece further down the line – so don’t be too disappointed!”

        Any thoughts what these “rumblings” were about? Might we expect some similar Visual FX special feature, or was The Trek Not Taken all there is?

        • trekcore

          Those “rumblings” were from the VAM team last year, however it seems their plans changed and they never ended up creating the S7 Visual FX feature they were planning.

  • Ron

    i really hope they skip DS9 and go straight to Voyager. I cannot stand DS9, its missing something.

  • pweir

    can’t wait for final season to be released! Any news on whether this season is complete or is there any missing footage?

  • Kieran O’Connor

    Does anyone know when All Good Things will be released in Australia? I know it’s available from Amazon, but I’ve been picking up each special from JB Hifi however before release the option to buy it from their website was taken down and they’ve since not mentioned any word that they’ll get it in.

    • Unfortunately, there are no plans for an Australian release of “All Good Things” at this time. Your best bet is to import it from Amazon’s US store.

  • Marc

    Still no sign of AGT in Germany. 🙁