Fans in North America have been waiting for months for a box set full of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Star Trek: Enterprise Blu-rays.

While it seems like that’s not going to be a purchasing option in the US or Canada, but we’ve seen the TNG set from the UK and from Australia, along with the UK’s Enterprise release, we’ve not got a look at the four-season Star Trek: Enterprise collection out now in Australia (also available in Germany).




Like the Australian Next Generation collection, the seasons come backed together in an outer box, where the UK set repackages the Blu-ray discs into one big, oversized case.

The “Full Journey” collection is available down under for $149 AUD at JB Hi-Fi, Australia’s main source for Star Trek on Blu-ray.

Thanks to reader Petr Kropotkin for sharing the above photos!

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So which do you prefer? Australia’s streamlined collection pictured here, or the UK’s jumbo-sized disc collection? Do you prefer keeping each season separate? Sound off in the comments below!

  • StalwartUK

    Don’t know why they redid the packaging for the UK. Surely the Australian approach is cheaper and easier, just take the individual seasons and stick them in a box.

    Apparently the German sets are just like the Australian ones, so the UK is the odd one out.

  • Petr Kropotkin

    Just a clarification that the slipcase is thin cardboard that opens from the top. But apart from that, it’s the four series in their usual packaging.

  • Moshe Z. Matitya

    I very much prefer the approach of the Australian collections. It makes much more sense to package each season in its own case, rather than put bazillions of disks into just one or two giant, heavy, fat cases, as the UK collections do.