Zachary Quinto took to Instagram this evening in full Spock regalia, straight from the STAR TREK BEYOND set, to show off another look at the revised Starfleet uniform first seen in great detail during last week’s leak from the Vancouver set.

everything will (probably) be ok.

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This is our best look yet at the redesigned Federation duds the crew will be wearing in the new film — the raised collar callar is much clearer here, and a glimpse of the darkened underarm panels can be seen as well — and it’s now clear that the Starfleet-delta-pattern fabric is gone in this revision. As with the previous two films, the arrowhead insignia is attached to the front of the uniform.

His hand sure looks beat up, though, in this shot — and it’s clear that Vulcan blood remains green in every Trek universe.


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  • Mat Rowe

    Looks like he’s wearing a wig.

    • It does, doesn’t it? He posted an Instagram picture a couple of weeks ago where he’d gotten his hair cut in order to do the press tour to promote his Hitman movie, and I wondered how he was going to grow the bangs back in time to film Star Trek again. I guess the answer is … he wasn’t!

      • Maya Quinto

        I think it’s the wig for the stand-IN, in the makeup chair picture with all the wigs. Because he’s been sporting his Spock haircut in several Instagrams. I think for the “Hitman” publicity he slicked his hair back or used lots of hair paste product to make his bangs stand up? Or is his hair long on top too? (Haven’t seen “Hitman” publicity.)

        As for the Spock skintone question, if you’re a fan of the yellow TOS makeup then please explain TOS Spock’s PINK lips.

        The whole thing is a vexed question. Why not green blush and green lips?

        • AFTER Quinto posted the Spock Instagrams, he posted one of him getting his hair cut. Post haircut, he posted this one, which makes it look like he’s wearing a wig. So maybe he’s wearing a wig while waiting for his hair to grow out again?

          The out-of-universe explanation for Spock’s pink lips is that they didn’t decide that Spock had green blood until they were filming “The Man Trap.” And although “The Man Trap” was the first episode AIRED, it was the fifth episode MADE (not counting the first pilot). So Spock’s lips had already been established as pink by the time director Marc Daniels decided to give Spock green blood.

          We can make up plenty of in-universe explanations for that. Human lips are pink because the skin of our lips is translucent and the blood shows through, but Vulcan lips could be opaque and merely have pink pigmentation. Or maybe Spock wears pink lipstick to cover up the green because his human colleagues spent too much time staring at his lips and not enough time listening to what those lips said. 🙂

    • Nomo JJ

      Looks like he’s got duck-face.

  • Donny Pearson

    Cool! I must admit: the Starfleet-delta-pattern-fabric uniforms may have been inspired by Superman’s suit from “Superman Returns,” which had a pattern fabric full of the House of El’s coat of arms.

    • Maya Quinto

      Well, I did like the Delta-patterned fabric, but was not a fan of the “pajama” fit.

      These uniforms look very nicely tailored, not cheap at all. I question the black/dark sides, they look odd with the charcoal trousers. I like the neckline though. The little wrap detail at the throat. Glad they didn’t change the uniform emblem.

  • SciFiBrony

    It always bugged me a bit that despite having green blood, there’s still clearly RED blood circulating in his face.

    • Yeah, they painted Leonard Nimoy flat yellow in the TV show, for just that reason. I’m not sure why the reboot movies aren’t giving Quinto the right skin color. But then, his eyebrows look straight across in that shot, instead of angled UP, the way they should be.

    • Paulonius42

      The pinkness of Quinto’s face and pointy ears annoyed me in both films. It looks like they intentionally made his skin pinker all over.

  • But why they had to change it? It looked so cool, so far I don’t like the new uniforms, they feel a bit “cheap”. I hope it will look better on the screen.

    • Brian Johnson

      Yeah, they kind of remind me of the cheapy uniforms from the ST: Renegades fan film.

      What if there’s some sort of time travel or alternate universe action in the new movie and these uniforms are from the future or another alternate universe?

      • Claire Brsk

        Ouch. lol
        I feel they remind me of TNG uniforms (the new duty tunic does, at least) and Enterprise ones for the away mission new clothes. So nothing on a fanfilm level, but I still wish they had stuck with the TOS style instead of other Trek series.

  • Herman

    I don’t understand why the change uniforms again. Three movies in seven years that cover a period of only a few weeks (or month) and they have already new uniforms.

    For me Quinto appears always like a puppet with his Spock make-up. Now he seems to wear a wig. That already made Nimoy look odd in ST11+12 because in TOS and the former movies he always had his own hairs.

    • “Three movies in seven years that cover a period of only a few weeks (or month) and they have already new uniforms.”

      The gap between “Star Trek” and “Into Darkness” was about a year, and there was another year before the final scene of “Into Darkness.” Given that “Beyond” is taking place “deep into the five-year mission,” this is likely at least a year or two after that as well.

      • Darkthunder

        I don’t see the problem with changing uniforms in a short timespan. From 2364 to 2370, they changed uniforms at least 3 times.

      • Hermann

        Can’t be right. The whole setting conveys the impression that everything takes places within in a short period. Uhurabe and Spock: a couple for years? The whole TOS series (+ TAS) spans a period of five years and was produced within three years. Supposed ST11 to ST13 span a period of three or five years, they completely neglect the development of the characters. It is no reliable that the crew works together for already three or five years because we have no background like the TOS Crew had.


        • SisterChristian69

          The post from TrekCoreStaff is completely correct. The movies make the time jumps clear. The five-year mission begins at the end of STID, but they’ve already been together as a crew for a couple of years before that, per Trek 2009 and STID.

          • Mike Stein

            And the 5 year mission that starts at the end of STID is 5 years before the 5 year mission of TOS.

  • SisterChristian69

    What’s the point in redesigning the uniforms again?

    • Demode

      They did it twice in the TOS movies.

      • SciFiBrony

        And three times in TOS itself (The Cage, Where No Man Has Gone Before, rest of TOS)!!!!

  • SciFiBrony

    Honestly, I’m not a fan how “pointy/sharp/stiff” the shoulders are or how high the collar is, but everything else I LOVE about these uniforms over the 2009/STID versions. They seem to fit the actors far better and not fall so loosely/casually over their bodies. With the exception of the shoulders and the high collar, this feels MORE like TOS than the last two films! I like it! Also I wasn’t a fan of the delta shield pattern in the fabric of the other uniforms. It felt OVERLY designed. Sometimes, less is more.

  • KyleH

    There’s got to be a reason for the Spock wig… Continuity across months of filming, or a cowlick that makes it just not work (like at the side of the back of the head) or something. The hair has always made Quinto look more like he’s a performer rather than an alien male with a traditional haircut from his alien culture… and pulls me out of the illusion. Ears and eyebrows have been great though IMHO.

  • daniel

    Something is happening to Spock in this movie if the is any indication.

    • Maya Quinto

      Other than the scraped-up hand, I think Quinto is just looking “wince”-om for his Instagram selfie.

  • Nick Dickens

    As much as I love the new ‘re-energized’ Trek I must admit Pike’s admiral suit in the first film at the end was a nice homage to Admiral Kirk’s in TMP. I wish they’d just create a truly iconic design like the original series and TWOK ones. They don’t have to follow what’s gone before slavishly. That’s one reason I loved Kirk’s black top in the first film (2009). And wouldn’t women not wear mini dresses – now without sleeves all the time?

  • deanomh

    I loved the uniforms the way they were, paying homage to the original series. This new look is stiff and cheap looking. In spite of that, the tailoring seems to be more along the lines of a dress uniform. So I hope this new look is supposed to be dress uniform version. They don’t look cool or comfortable at all.