Well, that day many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived: the remastered edition of Star Trek: The Next Generation has finally rolled out to Netflix. Over the past few days, USA-based subscribers to the popular streaming service have been seeing the ragged, VHS-quality episodes of the celebrated series slowly update to the wonderful, high-definition restorations we’ve been talking about for the past three years.

While both Amazon Prime, Hulu, and iTunes have each carried out season-by-season upgrades to HD, each several months after each Blu-ray release hit store shelves, it appears that Netflix is following the same model as their HD rollout of The X-Files earlier this summer — wait until the project is completed, and replace the whole series at once.








There are still several episodes that have not yet been updated, but there are upgrades in place now from every season — so those gaps are likely to be filled soon. Additionally, this appears to be limited to subscribers in the United States (for now, anyhow); no news yet on an international rollout.

While having the high-definition remasters available on Netflix is certainly wonderful for convenience’s sake, the presentation is still below Blu-ray quality. Of course, the biggest drawback from the streaming package is the lack of the dozens-of-hours of bonus features newly produced for the spectacular Blu-releases.

If you haven’t purchased the sets yet and still had it on your to-do list, we really recommend that you still make the purchase in the future, because as we’ve repeated over the last few years, Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray is the gold-standard in Trek home media.