We’ve got a couple of news bullets from Vancouver’s STAR TREK BEYOND production, starting with a taunting tweet from guest actor Idris Elba.

After last week’s photos revealing Sofia Boutella’s alien makeup and costume to the world, our biggest question about the cast is what role Elba will play in the upcoming film — and what a tease this is!

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A new STAR TREK BEYOND outdoor set is under construction in Vancouver’s neighboring city, Richmond, BC. First spotted by Twitter user Jamieson84 last week on Richmond’s Triangle Road, what started as an undefined build of plywood has sprouted into a large complex very similar to the gigantic Kent Hangar Field set we’ve been watching for several weeks now.




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We learned of one other new outdoor location shoot thanks to a hint from Zachary Quinto’s own Instagram feed on late Tuesday night.

rolling on home from the quarry.

A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

We’ve learned that STAR TREK BEYOND is spending the week filming at the Pitt River Quarries in Red Dear, BC, a rocky location northwest of Vancouver.


Quinto’s set-side Spock selfie from Tuesday evening was shot at this location, and the cast and crew will be shooting at this location for the next several days.

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Omaze has announced the fifth member of their “To Boldly Go” winner’s crew.


There are just a few days left to donate to the Omaze Star Trek fundraiser!

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Finally, congratulations to Michael P., the lucky winner of our Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage concert giveaway contest for the London performance at Royal Albert Hall!


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