We’ve got a couple of news bullets from Vancouver’s STAR TREK BEYOND production, starting with a taunting tweet from guest actor Idris Elba.

After last week’s photos revealing Sofia Boutella’s alien makeup and costume to the world, our biggest question about the cast is what role Elba will play in the upcoming film — and what a tease this is!

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A new STAR TREK BEYOND outdoor set is under construction in Vancouver’s neighboring city, Richmond, BC. First spotted by Twitter user Jamieson84 last week on Richmond’s Triangle Road, what started as an undefined build of plywood has sprouted into a large complex very similar to the gigantic Kent Hangar Field set we’ve been watching for several weeks now.




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We learned of one other new outdoor location shoot thanks to a hint from Zachary Quinto’s own Instagram feed on late Tuesday night.

rolling on home from the quarry.

A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

We’ve learned that STAR TREK BEYOND is spending the week filming at the Pitt River Quarries in Red Dear, BC, a rocky location northwest of Vancouver.


Quinto’s set-side Spock selfie from Tuesday evening was shot at this location, and the cast and crew will be shooting at this location for the next several days.

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Omaze has announced the fifth member of their “To Boldly Go” winner’s crew.


There are just a few days left to donate to the Omaze Star Trek fundraiser!

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Finally, congratulations to Michael P., the lucky winner of our Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage concert giveaway contest for the London performance at Royal Albert Hall!


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  • That’s just cruel! But I’m glad he is enjoying himself on set. 😀

  • Eric Cheung

    If his costume is quite unique, that suggests he might not be Starfleet, possibly not even Federation. I was kind of hoping he might be Dr. Daystrom, but I’m not sure he’d wear something that’s “out of this world.” Federation civilians wore pretty plain clothes in TOS, especially if they were scientists or engineers.

    I’d guess that he’s an alien of some sort, possibly of the same species as Boutella’s character?

    • Claire Brsk

      I keep clinging to the hope he’ll be an epic Klingon.

      Maybe the Klingons have decided to annex & enslave the planet Boutella is from and the Enterprise is the only ship in the area to try and help them…

      • Eric Cheung

        I keep clinging to the hope that he’s not a villain, because the ratio of villains to films is way way higher than the ratio of villains to TV episodes. Villainy isn’t really what Trek is about. It’s more about antagonists that we learn aren’t the enemy, our own prejudices are.

        • Claire Brsk

          I’d say that’s probably because it’s easier to get away with an episode without much of a dramatic aspect to it, than with a movie. Movies tend to be more interesting and also do better when the stakes are higher, and that usually requires conflict etc.
          Technically, even episodes where the danger turned out to be not from an actual “villain”, can have drama, like the situation with the Horta, but this kind of thing doesn’t translate to movie format quite as well.

          But Star Trek has a rich history of fascinating antagonists who are so much more than mere villains, and who really make you feel for them, like Khan in Into Darkness. (And to a certain extent in Space Seed, where he was also an antagonist rather than just a villain. In TWOK his actions fall more in the “villain” category, though it could be chalked up to the mental damage he suffered during those 15 years in hell and the loss of his wife etc.)

          So I don’t necessarily see it as a Klingon warrior having to be a villain, he could be an epic antagonist too. At least, that’s certainly what I hope Elba might play! 🙂

          • Eric Cheung

            I don’t entirely buy it. When people say that movies tend to be more interesting with outright villains, they usually mean movies with numbers at the end of them.

            Gravity, Interstellar, Contact, Close Encounters, ET, The Abyss, Master and Commander, Star Trek (TMP and TVH), and Titanic are some examples of movies pitched at the blockbuster audience that didn’t need moustache twirlers. And all those movies had really high stakes.

            There’s an arms race going on over the last ten or twenty years or so that says that a movie can’t have high stakes unless we see cities or planets destroyed. But the more recent movies I cited above appeared to be oblivious to that arms race. Those stories can work on. The big screen, but it’s the perception that they won’t coupled with the resulting pressure from the studios that quashes them when it comes to franchise blockbusters (as opposed to the *mostly* non-franchise blockbusters) above.

            Devil in the Dark had stakes that pit an entire colony against an entire species. The Ultimate Computer and The Doomsday Machine had the threat of intelligences potentially running amok, and seeing that destruction would have likely diminished the power of those stories. Imagine remaking The Alternative Factor as something actually coherent (as they often say, “it’s better to remake a troubled story than a beloved one). Something along the lines of Arena or The Corbomite Maneuver could be even better with the scope of the big screen. They seemed to hint at something larger, and with the Roddenberry-style twists that make the best Trek.

          • Maya Quinto

            I cannot say enough how much I agree!

            If I see one more city flattened in a movie I’ll scream. But no one will hear because the movie will be too loud.

          • AdmNaismith

            ST-IV didn’t have a villain, and it did pretty well.

    • Maya Quinto

      Lord, I hope they don’t hide Elba’s face. He is stunning. Pardon the creaky Trek pun.

  • daniel

    I wonder about Idris Elba’s Star Trek costume it sounds awesome.

  • Benjamin Yoris

    What about a classic uniform from the TWOK era ? That would be so … exciting ! Time travel anyone ? Shatner Kirk ? …. I’m so desperatly wanting this ..

    • Claire Brsk

      Yeah, I’d have loved to see an uniform inspired from the maroons, though maybe not right away, as I wish they had kept the 2009 & STID look for a while.

      Shatner Kirk showing up as well is what I most hope for!

  • ReveurIngenu

    Wow, do those people represent Star Trek fans? Why so much obesity?

    • Matthew McKenzie


      One could congratulate a fan for winning the opportunity of a lifetime, and be happy for their success and the memories they’ll have. Or – one could find something arbitrary, vain, and obnoxious, to criticize and demean that success. Your faux question/comment was wholly unnecessary.

  • DemosCat

    What I think would be fun. Idris Elba as Dr. Daystrom is on board Enterprise to oversee an major upgrade of the central core. While there, he becomes caught up in whatever adventures occur with the crew.

    At the end of the movie, Dr. Daystrom and Mr. Spock are walking together to the transporter room.

    Daystrom: You know Mr. Spock, the events of the last few days have been an inspiration.
    Spock raises an eyebrow: Have they indeed, Doctor?
    Daystrom: Yes. I knew exploration was a risky business, but to have experienced it for myself!
    Spock: So it has been since before recorded history, when people first ventured away from home. The same pattern followed on Vulcan and elsewhere as well.
    The doors to the transporter room snap open as both men walk in.
    Daystrom: But don’t you see? It doesn’t have to be! Look at early space exploration. It was mostly unmanned probes.
    Spock: True, but that was due to severe technological and resource limitations. Once those problems were solved, people did what they have always done–go do things for themselves. A probe has its limits.
    Daystom grins broadly: That is where I intend to prove you naysayers wrong. You’ve given me an idea for a revolutionary approach! It will make duotronics obsolete!
    Daystom steps onto a transporter pad, his eyes shining with excitement.
    Spock: I look forward to reading your next paper, Dr. Daystrom. (Nods to the transporter chief.) Energize. Live long and prosper, doctor.

    • Maya Quinto

      Heehee! I love that. I can just hear the TOS end-of-the-teaser music in my mind:


  • Steven Carter

    Why the Obiesity?- They are Americans aren’t they? Americans are largly Obese.

  • Snap

    I’m not sure why Google claims the Pitt River Quarries is in “Red Deer” when there is no city by that name in BC, let alone the Lower Mainland. It is actually located in Pitt Meadows. Red Deer is a city in Alberta, a significant distance away (1,108 km) north-east of Vancouver.

  • Mainlander

    There is no Red Dear, BC…