During an earnings report conference call with reporters today, CBS Corporation’s president and CEO Les Moonves talked for a bit about the decision to launch STAR TREK: SERIES SIX (our placeholder title) on the online streaming service CBS All Access rather than on broadcast television.

A lot of conversation went into what we were going to do [with the new show].

While stressing that CBS will continue to supply other content to both Netflix and Hulu, Moonves described the Star Trek franchise as the “family jewel” for their ongoing business.

We’re looking to do original content on All Access and build up that platform. Netflix is our friend, [but] a competitor. They compete with Showtime [which is a CBS holding]. All Access will put out original content and knowing the loyalty of “Star Trek” fans, this will boost it.

There’s about a billion channels out there and because of “Star Trek,” people will know what All Access is about.

Moonves continued, discussing the international plans for extended distribution.

All the series have done well in terms of streaming. Added in to that, “Star Trek” is a huge international franchise. Our international distribution guy is going crazy; he can’t wait to get out to the marketplace and sell that.

Right away, we’re more than halfway home on the cost of the show from international alone. The risk is small in seeing the track record. We think it’ll be great and bring in a lot more subscribers. We’re really excited about it.

[The new show is] world-class effort that will make all “Star Trek” fans proud.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood

*   *   *

Of course, Star Trek is no stranger to new distribution methods.

The abandoned Star Trek: Phase II sequel series was intended to be the cornerstone of a never-formed Paramount Television network, a move repeated in 1995 when UPN started on the back of Star Trek: Voyager. 1987’s Star Trek: The Next Generation, of course, was a groundbreaking example of a produced-for-syndication series sold directly to location stations in the United States, bypassing the standard broadcast model.

Specific non-US distribution plans have not been finalized or announced yet, but yesterday’s announcement from CBS does indicate that some form of streaming and television availability will be part of the release of SERIES SIX.

We’ve got lots still ahead of us in this new adventure — so hang on as we start the first new Trek adventure in years.


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  • DangerousDac

    Interesting he says that half the money is already there from International so the pressure is off so to speak. I think although they hope Trekkies will sign up to All Access, they’re well aware a lot of folks won’t. Especially because CBS as is had little to no shows with crossover appeal for Trekkies, so they literally will only be buying it for the show – in this case, they had to hope the show is good, and good for the folks who would pay the money.

    Perhaps this does mean a return to the Prime universe?

    • kadajawi

      That they said it’s not related to Beyond sounds like Prime universe to me.

      Also, that’s what streaming services do. They want to get customers that haven’t subscribed yet, not new ones.

      I hope it’s enough with these services though, I want to watch Jeremy Clarkson’s next show, so Amazon is a must. The Marvel shows like Daredevil… Netflix is a must. Now All Access?! What was wrong with going with Amazon or Netflix? Is another streaming service really necessary?

      • Oerwinde

        With ad revenue declining and more and more people going with streaming services, it was only a matter of time before the major networks started looking at their own streaming services. 6 bucks a month for CBS’s entire back catalogue plus new original content really doesn’t sound that bad to me.

        • towergrove

          But the problem is they don’t provide all of their back catalogue. And someone who purchases media I would much rather buy the shows that I like rather than pay to rent them in perpetuity.

        • archer9234

          It will be once, all TV stations do this. I’ll wait for a bluray release, and pay once. Don’t care about waiting. I waited for GTA V PC for 3 years.

        • bbock

          Are you aware that CBS pumps it full of advertising? So you are paying for ads. Netflix doesn’t have any ads. Amazon has no ads. And you can now get Hulu with no ads. CBS is providing a rotten experience.

    • robjoh

      Trekkers can complain and be negative all they want,in the end they KNOW they’ll watch it anyways,lol!

  • iamawild

    Dear CBS, remember you friends in Canada and the rest of the world!

    • jerr

      did you see : Added in to that, “Star Trek” is a huge international franchise.

  • Leslie E Owen

    In my circle, I’m hearing international is an enormous priority. The word I keep hearing is New. Not Old.

    • towergrove

      New? Not old? What does that mean?

  • Thomas Elkins

    I don’t like the whole streaming only thing. Being forced to pay a monthly fee to watch a show that takes place in a future where money and greed are absent feels wrong to me.

    • Beric

      21st century economics is a reality whether you like Star Trek, or not.

    • kadajawi

      If it makes the difference between getting the show made or not, then please, do it.

      You could also hold out until the last episode, then subscribe for a month and binge watch it.

      • Snap

        Or, buy the blu-ray release and have the highest quality version of the show with, presumably, bonus materials (maybe even commentary) which you would be able to own forever and not have to pay month-to-month.

        Looking on the potential bright side of the streaming model, maybe it will allow for extended run times without having to cater to conventional ad breaks. It may also allow the show to survive longer than most network shows if live ratings are taken out of the equation.

        • Gilbetron

          Yes, absolutely. Great comment.

        • kadajawi

          I agree, though the Blu-Ray will take a while to be released (all that bonus material needs to be created too), and it will cost. Subscribing to the streaming service for a month to watch all episodes back to back (and I hope they are written for that) will be the most affordable legal option to see it.

          The advantage of streaming is that it will hopefully bring in much more cash per viewer than regular airings on TV would (ad revenues are… not so high, many more people need to watch it to make it financially viable). That’s how HBO, Netflix etc. can produce expensive shows for small audiences, and they don’t need to water it down and appeal to the masses.

          • danielcw

            “(ad revenues are… not so high, many more people need to watch it to make it financially viable)”

            Why do you think so?
            Ad buys and rates on U.S. networks are not really in decline.
            Both rumors and speculation by ad-people and press releases from companies paint the opposite picture.

  • Matt Littledyke

    I can see this turning into another bargaining tool for the suits who have no clue about what they are talking about. They are alienating the people they are trying to please.

    • Maya Quinto

      Indeed sir, indeed. See them describe the gaping mouths just ready for that Star Trek hook. Ugh. I know they have to make money, but it sounds so … chilly.

  • Chris R

    I can already tell that if this show is on CBS All-Access exclusively, I am going to be bootlegging this show

    • I find it hard to believe that Trekcore is okay with such blatant talk of illegal activity. You’re saying you’re going to steal the new Star Trek show. Well done. Your options are pay the monthly fee or wait for it to be released through another channel. If you choose to steal it, that’s on you, but how about not talking about it in a public forum?

      • Chris R

        Lol “illegal activity”

        Whether I talk about it or not doesnt stop the fact that millions and millions of people are committing “illegal activity” every day

        It doesnt stop the fact that millions of people will bootleg the new Star Trek. Im just being honest, hiding from the truth doesnt make it go away

        • I’m not sure what you’re point is. How does any of that counter anything that i said?

          • DemosCat

            The problem as I see it, is that it’s not any one service, but that everyone seems to want to get a piece of the action (I should look for the image of Kirk and Spock holding Thompson machine guns).

            Most people already pay for basic cable and broadband. On top of that you have services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, CBS All Access, Amazon, and now Youtube Red. Any one by itself isn’t that expensive, but when added together it gets to be pricey.

            A while back I cancelled cable and put up a digital antenna, but you still have to at least get DSL or naked broadband for Internet service. My thought is, if I shell out for too many of these extras, I’m right back to paying as much or more than I did before. Also keep in mind that in the US we pay more for these kinds of services, and have slower speeds, than Europe, Japan, and other parts of the world.

            I think it’s the cumulative nickel and diming that gets people thinking about, shall we say, less expensive alternatives. Some people who would not consider torrenting have no problem signing up for a service, canceling at the end of the trial period, then signing up again in a constant catch and release cycle. Isn’t that a form of cheating too?

      • James

        Agreed. Theft is theft.

        • sluggmaster

          Notice he’s talking about illegal activity and he is named after the drug dealer in the 2003 smash hit ‘The Room’ directed by Tommy Wiseau? People are very strange these days…

          • kadajawi

            Or you know, his name could really be Chris R(something). I heard people like that exist…

    • CBS has to make money on the show, or they’ll stop making it; they’re a TV network, not a charity. The way to ensure that the new series dies is for everyone to bootleg it.

      • Startrek Family

        I don’ agree with bootlegging but there’s a big difference between trying to make a healthy profit and just plain greed. This is just a greedy money grab.

      • Maya Quinto

        Or that people are priced out of watching it.

        Just playing devil’s advocate. …

    • Nocturnesthesia

      +1 for brutal honesty.
      I am not a fan of subscription services, since I rarely watch TV it isn’t worth it to me. I do like the “have it for free, but pay to not be interrupted by loud, obnoxious, repetitive ad spots” option, though – Get me hooked with good content, and I’ll be happy to pay a few bucks to eliminate the ad banners and random 500% volume Lysol commercials. Ideally I could buy Trek episodes for $4-5 apiece via something like the Playstation Store or some equivalent. If something like that doesn’t become an option, I’ll wait for the Blu Ray.

      • fresh3456 .

        That’s all i’m saying. I will gladly subscribe to CBS All-Access if they put out great content, like Netflix. But am I paying $5.99 a month to just watch this new Star Trek? Fuck no, im bootlegging that shit

        • Just a Guest

          I will be getting the CBS All Access service for the NCIS franchise (only one of which is on Netflix), the new Supergirl (long time superhero fan), Elementary, and a number of other CBS programs. Lots more than just Trek in there, and BTW CBS All Access is not an upcoming service, its already out, take a look.


    • Maya Quinto

      Yeah, why not — Game of Thrones is the most popular BitTorrent show out there … it’s always mentioned in articles to indicate just how popular GoT is.

  • kadajawi

    If all shows are doing well on streaming… come on CBS, DS9!

  • DemosCat

    “This new series will premiere to the national CBS audience, then boldly
    go where no first-run ‘Star Trek’ series has gone before – directly to
    its millions of fans through CBS All Access,” said Marc DeBevoise,
    Executive Vice President/General Manager – CBS Digital Media.

    I had originally thought the above meant *each* episode of the new ST6 would be broadcast once (at least in the US) before moving to All Access. Now I’m realizing it’s the old “the first one is free” to get you hooked, before moving *exclusively* to All Access.


    • kadajawi

      It’s funny, because as a Netflix study has shown people don’t get hooked on the first episode. It takes a few.

      • bbock

        Exactly. I usually give a new show three episodes. The first is a gimme because it’s usually a pilot and they have so much to explain and characters and premises to introduce that it’s really difficult to make it representative of what the show will become.

      • Maya Quinto

        Thus proving CBS execs are pure idiots. I mean they haven’t even checked what works on Netflix or Showtime???


  • M33

    I thought Seth MacFarlane was suppose to do this series…

    • kadajawi

      He still might, as showrunner. Kurtzman will only produce… thankfully.

      Also, Seth MacFarlane wants something positive… and I, personally, hope it won’t be. Not too much at least.

      • bbock

        They need to keep MacFarlane away from it. He was good at animated babies, talking dogs and teddy bears and body function jokes. But keep him away from Star Trek. We don’t need Fart Trek.

        • DemosCat

          Oh God. I just had this mental image of Quagmire playing Captain Kirk. “Hey hey hey! Going where no man has gone before… the lady’s room!”

          Naturally, the captain’s quarters would look like a pimp pad. Giggity Giggity!

  • Captain Jon

    I’m not surprised by this approach. It’s one that I had considered being the best possible way to bring Trek back to TV; through streaming. It’s becoming increasingly popular thanks to Netflix. Also, because CBS’s schedule is already so packed with hits, it’s the only viable way (at the moment) to produce a new Trek series.

    Maybe if the series does well enough with viewings they’ll consider moving it to their weekly lineup?

    • kadajawi

      Star Trek is their crown jewel. It would get a prime time slot in their schedule I think. But they think Star Trek is SO important to people that they will sign up for their streaming service, which would bring them even more money. That is how streaming services operate… have that one thing people can’t do without, so that they will sign up.

  • Reggie

    If the only way to get a new Star Trek show is through digital streaming then I’m all for it if CBS does this right. 1st, forget the typical show lengths we get when airing on the Network it self. instead of 40 to 42 min shows with commercials let them run closer to an actual hour. (Most of Daredevil’s shows on Netflix were almost an hour)

    2nd – I’m okay with fewer episodes if that means a higher quality show for each episode produced.

    3rd – Original timeline or Alternate timeline I don’t care so long as the show they create is consistent and respectful to everything that has been made before it television shows and movies included.

    4th – A new show does not have to involve a Star ship with the Name enterprise on it. Star Fleet and the Trek universe is big enough for many different shows about what goes on out there.

    5th – Today’s show have all lost the art of an show openings, if it’s primary airing is online then there should be no reason not to have an opening like all previous Star Trek shows have done.

    6th – Give the show a chance and by that i mean at least 2 to 3 seasons, give it a chance to build an audience and the show/characters to come into there own. Don’t be so quick to get rid of the show.

    • Sykes

      Agreed…there should be fewer eps per season to focus on quality, and let the running time of each ep be what it needs to be. There’s no reason not to have a 45m ep, then a 60m ep, then another 45-50m ep…whatever works best for each individual story.

      • bulletproof1979

        Won’t happen – 45 minutes or an hour it has to be reasonably consistent to fit a TV broadcast schedule internationally.

        • cosmodad

          It’s pretty clear from Moonves’ comments that they are banking on the very lucrative international rights from the show, that pretty much guarantees a 45 minute per episode length. Might also hurt the chances of a short run of episodes too as international partners might want 26 episodes.

          • Sykes

            Many “prestige” TV shows have shorter seasons now, so I doubt it’d be too hard of a sell.

          • cosmodad

            I think they can sell less than 26 episodes to international markets, but I do think they’d prefer to sell a full 26 episode order.

          • Muzer

            I was under the impression that only American channels cared about having 26 episodes? I mean, look at the UK, our series lengths seem to be pretty much random.

        • bbock

          Also, CBS will use Star Trek as interstitials for their commercials. Yes, CBS All Access charges a subscription fee AND forces you to watch ads.

        • Sykes

          Okay then, that. Episodes can be 45 or 60 minutes. 😉

          But other shows don’t have much problem with that. Dexter and Walking Dead, for example, have malleable run-times without a problem.

    • Zarm

      “5th – Today’s show have all lost the art of an show openings, if it’s
      primary airing is online then there should be no reason not to have an
      opening like all previous Star Trek shows have done.”

      Yes! STRONGLY agreed!

      • GIBBS v2

        Voyager might be my favorite credit sequence. (if thats was we are talking about). It captures the vast exotic beauty of space and the music is incredible.

        • Zarm

          I agree! The visuals are spectacular- especially the flight through the nebula and rings sequence- and the score by Goldsmith is simply majestic. He managed to top his own work with the TNG/Motion Picture theme, which is no mean feat.

          I generally loathed Enterprise’s opening, but I did wonder if they did what they did partially with the thought ‘As far as a starship flying around, there’s really no way to top that last show.’ 🙂

          Even DS9- neither my favorite show nor theme- has a real stately majesty, nailing the feel of a vast, majestic monolith standing alone in the depths of space. And of course, TOS and TNG still had iconic melodies, the exciting buildup of that monologue, and for one particularly fantastic season, awesome light-rays behind the title. 🙂

          I get that we’re in the LOST era of micro-openings, just titlecards- same with the JJ movies- but Star Trek both needs and *deserves* a superb opening credits sequence.

        • OphidianJaguar

          Agreed, and its my second favourite theme song, next to the TMP, TNG Star Trek them. Voyagers theme is severely underrated. For me, its not the TOS jingle but the TMP/TNG theme that represents Star Trek. But Voyager is far better than DS9’s theme song. VOY Jerry Goldsmith, DS9 is not.

        • Ron Aaron

          Voyager’s opening credits sequence and score are definitely the BEST! I wish they had refreshed the sequence with the same score around season 4 or 5, just to get something different though. If VOY never makes it to HD, I hope at least they find a reason to release the opening in HD! Just imagine how gorgeous!

    • Chris Hurdiss

      “5th – Today’s show have all lost the art of an show openings,” – If it’s credit sequences you’re referring to, I disagree that it’s a lost art. Just look at the likes of Game of Thrones, Homeland or Orange is the New Black – fantastic title sequences.

      • Maya Quinto

        Game of Thrones’ title sequence is one of the best I have ever seen. I don’t like all the blood, gore and sexism but that opening sequence is gorgeous.

  • StalwartUK

    They’ll probably flog it off to Sky here in the UK, which will probably mean we’ll be well behind the US schedule.

    As others have said here there’ll be other ways to watch this if things don’t go so well.

    • bulletproof1979

      No – Star Trek will be big news and Sky are well aware of the dent piracy can do to ratings. It’ll be on as close to US broadcast as possible.

  • Jake

    “All Access will put out original content and knowing the loyalty of ‘Star Trek’ fans, this will boost it.”

    “Our international distribution guy is going crazy; he can’t wait to get out to the marketplace and sell that.”

    “The risk is small in seeing the track record. We think it’ll be great and bring in a lot more subscribers.”

  • bulletproof1979

    Some of you guys are a bit too close to Trek to see the wood for the trees.

    There is absolutely zero per cent chance this new series will be set in the “Prime” universe. To the public at large the old series are relics of the past, long forgotten.

    The new series will have to appeal to the widest possible audience and you do that better by linking in to a hugely popular movie series in some way, than trying to resurrect something though of, rightly or wrongly, as tired and worn out. Obviously.

    I’m not big fan of the new movies, but blockbuster movies have pressures that don’t necessarily apply to TV series. Fingers crossed they can come up with something both popular and that honors the past so that those fans can get on board too…

    • bbock

      Actually, no. It doesn’t need to appeal to the widest possible audience. They are specifically using this new Star Trek to lure existing fans to pay them money for their ghost town of a subscription service. It’s direct to streaming, so it can appeal to a more niche audience. If it were on CBS, they’d need broader appeal and my guess is they don’t think it would work. They might be right since sci-fi has never done well on the big networks. This might be changing as the broadcast networks have had to adjust their expectations on viewership. There are a lot of comic book hero shows now and they seem to be doing well. It’s hard to see if this says anything about sci-fi, although they share some qualities. Best thing that could have happened is a deal with Netflix or Hulu, which have an extensive base of content people want. CBS is just too niche AND they will force feed you commercials like Hulu did before it added the commercial free premium option.

      • Maya Quinto

        I heartily agree with the latter part of your comment.

        I have no idea why CBS don’t partner with Showtime or Hulu or Netflix.

        Sorry to be a Negative Nelly but it seems they are setting Trek up for a spectacular failure. I mean, pinning the entire “network” on one show to lead as the golden goose? Here’s hoping they don’t lay an egg :-p

    • Mike Haas

      They’ve already said (look at the announcement article) this new series WILL NOT tie into the JJ Abrams Trekverse. Which is what I expected considering that CBS has the TV rights and Paramount controls the film rights of this franchise.

      • bulletproof1979

        They’ve said no such thing – they said it’s not linked to the next movie – that in no way means it’s not in the same universe.

        • Mike Haas

          Follow the logic – if they are saying its not linked to ST Beyond – then what in the JJVerse would it be linked too??? What are they going to reboot the entire franchise again? I doubt it. Most likely this will be a new show hopefully set decades after Nemesis / ST Voyager- perhaps around the same timeline as Star Trek Online (circa 2410)

          • bulletproof1979

            All the quote means is that the series doesn’t relate to to the plot of the film/ use Kirk/ Spook et al. You’re reading too much into it

          • Darkthunder

            Noone’s reading too much into it.

            It’s actually YOU who don’t seem to have all the facts. CBS has no rights to the JJverse. Any collaboration with Paramount would’ve been mentioned in the press release. It wasn’t. Therefore new show is in the Prime Universe, or a new alternate (we live in a multiverse after all).

          • Dartanion74

            Exactly where I was coming from on all fronts- though I don’t think a NEW universe is out of the question – a slight divergence from the current one seems likely to me in my opinion.

          • Darkthunder

            This is my thought as well. A divergence from the “Prime” timeline is more likely thou, given that the JJverse (or any “slight divergence” of it) belongs to Paramount.

            I’d prefer the show set in the Prime timeline, but not necessarily close to any of the previous shows. If they move ahead 15-20 years, they could still have cameos from the previous casts. On the other hand, moving it forward 100 years (or more), would free them from quite a bit of canon continuity, without ignoring it. And hey… It worked for TNG once upon a time. (from TOS to TNG, 75 years)

        • Mike Haas

          In addition – remember they CANT use the Trek JJ verse anyways because of the current licensing agreements. CBS ONLY has rights to the Prime Universe as of today anyway. And not the films.

        • Darkthunder

          PARAMOUNT owns the rights to the JJverse. CBS holds the rights to Star Trek on television, while Paramount has the rights to Trek on cinema. CBS would’ve mentioned a collaboration with Paramount, if the new show was set in the JJverse. Therefore:

          New show is set in either the “Prime” universe, different era. Or set in an entirely different universe separate from both the previous 5 shows, AND the JJ movies.

          Which one do you think will piss off the fewest people?

  • I’ve seen a lot of ranting about the fact that the new series is coming to All Access. But consider this:

    Star Trek fans often like to consider themselves special. Most of us seem to think that we’re a bit smarter than the average TV watcher and a bit more forward-thinking. One reason why everyone wants Trek to come back to TV is so that we won’t need so much mindless slam-bang action (as big-budget Hollywood movies seem to need) and can get character-driven stories about big ideas.

    If the new Star Trek were going to be on BROADCAST television, it would need sufficient ratings to attract advertising revenue, which means a certain amount appealing to the lowest common denominator. VOD might allow us to sidestep that.

    Being on a video-on-demand service means that as long as Star Trek attracts enough paying subscribers to recoup its costs, it’s a success. So being on VOD means that the new show can appeal to serious Trek fans without having to bring in a lot of folks who want non-stop action or endless romance or various kinds of drivel.

    VOD means that we can have character-driven stories about big ideas, which means that having Star Trek on All Access may be the very thing that ensures that we get the kind of Star Trek that so many of us have been wanting.

    No guarantees, of course — a lot of it depends on the quality of the writing (and the cast and directors, of course, but mostly the writing). But it gives us the POSSIBILITY, whereas other formats might not.

    Now that I think about it, I think that maybe it’s actually a GOOD thing that CBS is putting the new Trek on All Access, because it gives us possibilities that broadcast TV wouldn’t.

  • bbock

    I am NOT a fan of putting it on CBS’s streaming service because I already have Amazon and Netflix, and sometimes Hulu. If I added CBS, Showtime, HBO, VUDU, etc. then the bill would be higher than my already extremely expensive cable TV. Just wait until ABC, NBC, FOX and CW give up on Hulu and start putting up their own streaming networks. These people are trying to kill streaming TV too, or at least they are doing what it takes to kill it.

    That said, Star Trek The Next (probable) Abomination will have a longer life on a streaming service if CBS believes it will make a few million people actually want its service. While I’d like it on CBS proper, I suspect it would be a dud there. CBS needs BIG numbers to keep shows on the air. Their streaming service can afford to cary more of niche prestige show like Star Trek with fewer viewers.

    For those wanting a longer running time, don’t count on it. CBS All Access charges you $6.99 a month AND includes commercials. Yes. You are paying and yet you have to watch unskipable commercials. So CBS will carve out commercial space from the hour.

    Not enough has been said about Netflix’s series and how their lack of commercials changes the format and feel of a show. Today’s hour long broadcast dramas use a four, five or even six act structure which requires the action to come to a point of tension at every break. It can be jarring because it’s often done with false jeopardy and suspense that is simply resolved when the show resumes. If Star Trek actually did the Daredevil thing, they would have, you’ll pardon the expression, the best of both worlds of TV and the movies. They could have the depth and character development of TV with the energy flow of a movie. But since CBS wants to keep it carved up into interstitials for their commercials, that won’t happen, sadly.

    • Maya Quinto

      Agreed. I hate paying to see aomething and watching a bunch of commercials. When I was able to subscribe to Netflix I LOVED IT.

      One even has to watch commercials at the movies now! You pay all that money for tickets and there are, at minimum, three Coke commercials, plus ads for new tv shows, plus ads for cars JEEEBUS

  • OphidianJaguar

    My only concern….is Kurtzman. He is not a trek fan, Orci was (supposedly) the trek fan. But at least he is only producing. I am more concerned about the show runner and the writers. It would be smart (financially) to make it in the same alternate universe as the new movies, but as a long time fan, that is not my first choice. They could easily go decades after Nemesis in the prime universe and still make it bad ass. There is no need to repeat what has been done. “[The new show is] world-class effort that will make all “Star Trek fans proud.” I really hope that is true and not pandering to fans. Regardless, I’m excited for new trek. To the powers that be, please do right by it, please. Streaming is fine by me, i cut the cable cord months ago, good riddance to ancient cable TV. But again I am in Canada and have yet to hear how it will be distributed to us.

    • Philip

      Nicholas Meyer wasn’t much of a Trek fan either:) As long as Kurtzman allows there to be a solid writing room in play, then hopefully the quality of the stories will be there from week to week/season to season. Why not set it right after Spock/Nero leave the future and go into the past to see what the consequences were of the past being altered?

  • daniel

    “There is no better time to give Star Trek fans a new series than on the heels of the original show’s 50th anniversary celebration,” said David Stapf, President, CBS Television Studios according to StarTrek.com. “Everyone here has great respect for this storied franchise, and we’re excited to launch its next television chapter in the creative mind and skilled hands of Alex Kurtzman, someone who knows this world and its audience intimately.” For the Longest Time we have heard CBS is not interested in doing a new Star Trek TV series now David Stapf President of CBS Television is all for it. We have been waiting for over 10 years for a new Star Trek TV series and they kept it from us to wait for after the 50th? now I am happy we are getting a new series but the nerve of the guy for saying for the longest time we are not interested and now we are getting a series again I am happy but the wait is painful I would punch this guy out.

    • Maya Quinto

      Oh hahahaha “everyone here has great respect for this storied franchise” — so much respect they’ve waited this long to launch a new series.

      OMG I hope they at least get Ron Moore and/or Manny Coto for showrunners …

      • daniel

        I know it has been a long painful wait that’s why I said I wanted to Punch the CBS guy in the stomach the president of CBs for the longest time said we are not interested and now they are finally interested those bastards.

  • Gilbetron

    For those who are interested in a bit of industry talk, here’s a very insightful piece about the new series: http://www.vulture.com/2015/11/star-trek-cbs-all-access-house-of-cards.html?mid=twitter_vulture#

  • Patrick

    I’ll never have the bandwidth necessary for streaming at my current location, so this announcement means nothing to me, unless the material is released on dvd/blu-ray, in which case I would purchase the hard copy in order to consume it. I mention this only to let CBS know that there are indeed folks out there, especially in rural areas, who are on strict metered internet plans, some caps of which are prohibitively low for video streaming. Is it worth it for CBS to fight in my defense? Probably not, but I sure wish there was an advocate voice from all these big name companies to fight for those of us being screwed over by our ISPs. The same ISPs that count every single megabyte passing through their grubby little hands. I say, unlimited internet for all, 24/7, 365! Metered internet hurts everyone, including sales of CBS All Access.

    • Maya Quinto

      This is something that MAJORLY ticks me off:

      First, that Americans pay more money for less bandwidth than any other advanced nation; and

      Second, that rural users or other users who have restricted bandwidth (and here’s my question, WHY should any American have to pay for internet access or have limited bandwidth) are cut off, not just from entertainment options, but from many societal necessities. It’s not easy to apply for jobs or take online courses or get veteran’s services or any other number of things without internet access.


  • Irodk

    Prime universe or I torrent it.

  • Star trek Family

    The thing I don’t like is why should I have to pay for something with commercials, maybe if it was ad free I would pay. This feels like a money grab to me

    • James

      There is an add free version coming, you pay a little more though. $9.99 I think.

  • spooky

    I don’t have streaming access in my area… not decent one anyway so I’m a consumer that won’t be watching. I don’t like much of the creative behind it anyway. 😮

  • Capt Sisiko

    The primary concern is will the show represent a positive and optimistic view of humans/ The federation. Where enterprise and Into Darkness failed was that often times humanity or its allies were evil. Trek is at its best when humans are the good guys and the alien adversary or anomaly are the bad guys.

  • SisterChristian69

    Why are you guys putting “STAR TREK: SERIES SIX” in all caps and italics? That’s not the series’ title.

    • Just a placeholder title until we have something “real” to call the new show.

      • Just a Guest

        Except this will be series number SEVEN, not number Six, could at least get your placeholder right.

  • Trekaholic

    So excited. Would it be wrong to be place in a medically induced coma to skip over 2016 and get to the new Star Trek?

  • Just a Guest

    This will actually be the Seventh Series not the Sixth.

    1. Star Trek

    2. Star Trek: The Animated Series

    3. Star Trek: The Next Generation

    4. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    5. Star Trek: Voyager

    6. Star Trek: Enterprise

    Just sayin

  • Capt. Josh Broughm

    I’m fine with all this…..as long as we up north gets a piece of this. Hell, sell this to Bell, put it on Space & watch as the mint starts rolling.

  • Carnegie

    Shall we call it the 6th or 7th series (the latter including TAS)?

  • Zarm

    Why are we calling this Series Six? TAS may not be super-popular, or as well-known, but it was an official, Roddenbery-produced Star Trek series on network TV, starring the entire TOS cast (minus one) and running for multiple seasons.

    CBS’ new entry is the seventh Star Trek series, no matter how the marketing tries to ignore that.