In a recent interview with WIRED Magazine on the nature of the new “cinematic universe” trend sweeping Hollywood, Paramount Motion Picture Group president Marc Evans speculated on Star Trek branching out into the connected-film galaxy.

I often think about the areas of the ‘Star Trek’ universe that haven’t been taken advantage of.

Like, I’ll be ridiculous with you, but what would ‘Star Trek: Zero Dark Thirty’ look like? Where is the SEAL Team Six of the ‘Star Trek’ universe? That fascinates me.

That’s not to say a plan is truly in the works for this kind of Federation-spanning storytelling (like next year’s Star Wars: Rogue One ‘anthology’ film, sitting off to the side of the Skywalker-centric Star Wars adventures) though fans have often spoken of a desire for storylines set at Federation Headquarters, deep in the Klingon Empire, or other corners of the Trek universe that hasn’t received much focus in the last five decades of on-screen action.

What are your thoughts on other avenues you’d like to see Star Trek explore — maybe not a black-ops strike force, but maybe a lost tale from the Dominion War, or a MACO mission during the Earth / Romulan conflict?

Sound off in the comments below!


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  • Paul Whitcombe

    Actually, Shatner showed a bit of Star Fleet Seal Team 6 in Star Trek V. The combat fatigues, etc . . . hinted at the Starfleet Marines. It could have been so much cooler, but the seeds of it were there!

    • Thomas Elkins

      I must admit I actually like Star Trek V. I know it’s the worst of the franchise but some of the things that William Shatner contributed, such as the more tactical looking Phasers, are actually pretty amazing

      • Hayde Christiansson

        Star Trek V is great and it is a lot like the Original Series

    • Star Trek V is obviously flawed but there are bits and pieces I like as well. We got a great new bridge design. Some nice music. And the crew bonding as a family. It was nice to see some of Earth as well.

      I would like very much to see a “Director’s Edition” of Star Trek V to iron out some of the wrinkles.

      • Zarm

        Here, here! While Shatner’s still alive would be nice…

  • Hayde Christiansson

    Star Trek anthology show, set during any period, so for example one episode could be Kirk era and another could be post Nemesis

    • The Fox

      fan series is doing that. actually called star trek anthology

      • JazzCat

        Not really. Anthology thus far is about two separate stories so far — trying to recreate Assignment Earth, and a TOS-based starship series featuring Yeoman Colt from The Cage as a starship captain. So far all they’ve been able to do have been some mediocre trailers and some opening titles that really don’t showcase a lot of imagination.

        • The Fox

          they getting there. i have spoken with the actual guy behind it, he tells me they have about a dozen story arcs in mind.

          ou must also appreciate most star trek fan films are not professional so funding is an issue

          • JazzCat

            I completely appreciate that funding is an issue. I just don’t happen to think that what they’ve shown so far really reflects much creativity beyond “Yet another ship, yet another crew” and trying to resuscitate a premise that went nowhere (Gary Seven).

          • The Fox

            they wanna build on it.
            Their goal is a story arc type twilight zone thing. with story arcs that are unrelated.

    • JazzCat

      That would be prohibitively expensive to do. If Trek were generating dollars like Marvel is, I could see it happening… but I doubt Paramount is willing to drop the cash to do such a premise justice.

  • Daniel Lowe

    “More Explosions! Why is Star Trek not like Transformers?”

    –How I read his statement

    • OphidianJaguar

      Even the TOS movies were not like the TV show, more bombastic.

      • Sykes

        When were the TOS films bombastic? Or I should say, when were they more bombastic than the show?

        • Daniel Baghdoian

          True. TOS had a lot of action and adventure. More than the shows that followed it.

          • Clerk

            Deep Space Nine would probably disagree with that assessment,

          • Tom Musgrave

            Deep Space Nine may have had more action, but not adventure. I used to like Deep Space Nine, but after I went on a binge watching spree of TOS, I realized that Deep Space Nine was responsible for the pervasive notion that the Federation had to always be under siege to be interesting.

        • OphidianJaguar

          Correction, they were more grandiose. The movies were always “bigger” than the show, naturally. And that is how the Paramount Prez is thinking. But with making something “bigger” usually comes more violence and explosions (which the TOS movies were full of compared to the show) and less thought and philosophy. My fav Trek movie to this day is still the Undiscovered Country.

          • Sykes

            Did the TOS movies really have more violence and explosions than the series though, or just better executed violence and explosions?

    • Clerk

      “Star Trek: The Search For More Money”

  • JazzCat

    I don’t even want garbage like Axanar or Renegades. Just give me another goddamn film with Kirk and crew already!

    • Thomas Elkins

      Whaaaaat?! Axanar is amazing.

      • JazzCat

        No, it isn’t. The Prelude they did is shiny, but poorly written. When they finish the full film (if they ever do) then we can debate the merit of whether it’s “amazing” or not. Until then, we only have the 20 minute sizzle reel Peters has been trucking around to every convention his Kickstarter money will let him attend instead of shooting the damn picture already.

        Peters can proclaim from on high that his film is ‘professional’ but it’ll still be a shitty fan film.

        • Thomas Elkins

          Wow, who crapped in your Gagh? Well whether or not it’s good/amazing is subjective so all I can say is I liked it and I thought it was pretty amazing.

          • JazzCat

            Good for you! As you said, whether it’s good or amazing is subjective and I agree entirely. But just because YOU think it’s amazing, it does not follow that everyone else does. Nobody “crapped in my Gagh.” I am pleased as punch you liked “Prelude to Axanar.” I did not. I’m not really understanding why that’s a problem for you.

          • James

            I don’t like the idea of ‘War Trek’ and thats my beef with Axanar. That and the Am-Dram acting. Much prefer Star Trek Continues.

          • JazzCat

            I concur whole-heartedly. While Continues has faltered a bit in my opinion with their last two episodes, I find them, generally, to be the superior fan film of the three big operations (Continues, New Voyages, Axanar.)

          • Zarm

            Well said; and agreed about the last two.

          • OphidianJaguar

            Maybe because your being vague why you dont like it, so you think its bad..why? Other than poor story…yea yea fine, w/e…give the deets!

          • Daniel Baghdoian

            “Who crapped in your Gagh?” ROFLMAO

        • Hayde Christiansson

          Well said, real stuff not fan films

        • OphidianJaguar

          Oh wow…. they have daily updates, 3 different blogs on the site alone, and monthly podcasts, tons of photos. You want a movie to happen overnight. They showed was what they could make with $100,000 and what it took, they have been filming…look up the Vulcan clip. Not to mention their goal of 1.6 mill which they almost have. Look how long Star Trek Horizon is taking. So do we go by numbers…the roughly 2 dozen people I have shown Axanar to and love it, or think its amazing. It may not be hollywood level, but the 20 minute short is damn good.

          Oh…and here is a list of awards, nominations, and official selections Axanar has been bestowed. But no, they give out awards for garbage. Again entitled to your opinion and views and no justification needed…but does not make you correct. 29 awards for a 20 minutes short….damn…must be terrible…shit…NO ONE SHOULD WATCH IT.

          2015 (29 awards, 8 nominations, 8 selections)

          First Glance Film Festival Philadelphia
          —–Best Fan Film

          Geekie Awards
          —–Best Short Film

          California International Shorts Festival
          —–Best Narrative

          Dragon Con International Film Festival
          —–Best Fan Film Short Film

          Comic Con Film Festival
          —–Best Visual Effects

          Maverick Movie Awards

          Action on Film 11th Annual Internation Film Festival

          Accolade Global Film Competition
          —–Winner Award of Excellence Special Mention

          Best Shorts Competition
          —–Winner Award of Excellence Special Mention

          Widescreen Film & Music Festival Florida
          —–Best Music Score

          Gwinnet Center International Film Festival
          —–Best Short Film

          The Zone Sci-Fi Fan Film Festival
          —–Best Director (Christian Gusset

          Best Ensemble Cast
          —–Best Mini Movie

          Best Score (Alexander Bornstein)
          —–Best SFX Makeup VFX

          Indiefest Film Festival
          —–Best of Show

          36th annual Telly Awards New York (12,000 entries, from 50 states and 5 continents
          —–Silver Award
          —–Bronze Award

          Star Trek Fan Film Awards (Treklanta)
          —–Best Production Design
          —–Best VFX
          —–Best Soundtrack
          —–Best Original Screenplay
          —–Best Director
          —–Best Dramatic Presentation, short film

          Jury Remi Award (48th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival)
          —–Remi Winner

          Scruffy City Film and Music Festivalw
          —–Best Score
          —–Best Sound Design
          —–Best Composer


          Nominated for Parsec Award (celebrating speculative fiction podcasting)

          Nominated for LAIFF Awards

          Nominated Wide Screen Film Festival Florida

          Best Narrative Short

          Best Direction

          Best Music Score

          Best Sound Design

          Best Actor

          Nominated Depth of Field Internation Film Festival Competition


          Official Selection Salt Lake City Comic Con Film Festival

          Official Selection Boston Science Fiction Film Festival SF40

          Official Selection Underexposed Film Festival South Carolina

          Official Selection Sci Fi Film Festival Parramatta Australia

          Official Selection Tricities IFF

          Official Selection Glendale IFF

          Official Selection The Golden Blasters National Irish Sci Fi Film Festival

          Directors Choice Underexposed Film Festival

      • OphidianJaguar

        Axanar IS FUCKING AMAZING!

        • JazzCat


    • July?

    • OphidianJaguar

      Branch out, open up…Axanar……is fucking awesome!

      • JazzCat

        I’m glad you enjoy it. I find it vastly underhwelming thus far.

        • OphidianJaguar

          Fair enough, but see…. when people say underwhelming, sounds like you need more JJ Trek.

          Renegades is garbage, pure garbage. Pacific 201, looks interesting.

          Axanar to me is canon (head canon anyway). The documentary style of Axanar was unique enough it caught my attention. The story of Garth of Izar, the visuals and I think the story are quite strong. I wont argue that its perfect, but it is the best attempt at Star Trek by a fan film to date I think is safe to say.

    • Daniel Baghdoian

      I enjoyed Prelude to Axanar. Looking forward to the full length film.

  • Thomas Elkins

    I got. Star Trek: Enterprise film taking place during the Earth-Romulan War featuring the Enterprise cast, (duh), and the MACO. I’d watch that the hell out of that because it not only gives them the action movie they want, but it connects to both the Prime and JJ Universes simultaneously while involving and honoring a major historical event in the established lore of the franchise.

    • Clerk

      Well we were sort of going to get something like that with Star Trek: The Beginning, until the Paramount president canned it so she could take “full” green-lightning credit for Star Trek XI (only for her to leave Paramount months later).

    • Mrplatitude

      Paramount gets the war movie and Enterprise fans get to see a story we’ve always wanted. Sounds like a win, as long as they get some good talent behind it.

  • Saquist

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been pushing for. CBS is a hord of baffoons for waiting so long to launch a franchise as storied as Star Trek in the same level as Marvel, DC, and Star Wars

  • Er Nandkishor Kasat

    This is Ultimate idea, perfect way to keep the Franchisee Spinning Movies & Money for the Production. No other Fiction has so many options to explore as Star Trek has, 5 Diff Crews & numerous story lines, You guys need to explore them all……

  • Philip

    I’ve been thinking this for last couple of years… For example… who did Starfleet send in to try and take out the Borg Cube in Best of Both Worlds b4 resorting to the Wolf 359 failure? I’d imagine some special ops group went in and tried to infiltrate the cube, and disengage it before the fleet arrived… That would make for a “Rogue One” type flick for the Trek Universe..

  • October_1985

    Big-explosions, macho-led, military-themed action spinoffs is really what Star Trek is about, this guy really gets it…

    • OphidianJaguar

      Even the TOS movies were not like the TV show, more bombastic…so..

      • Clerk

        Are you going to just keep repeating this over and over in the hope it will become true?

        • OphidianJaguar

          Are you going to keep being a dick? Hmm? Im 32, been watching trek since I was 4, I don’t owe ANYONE an explanation for my comments…Ass.

          • Clerk

            Well I didn’t ask you for an explanation, so you seem to have some reading comprehension issues. Also, saying you don’t “owe anyone an explanation” is basically your admission that you can’t back up your statement.

            And no, “I’m 232 and been watching trek since I was a fetus” (exaggerated parody of your statement) isn’t evidence.

  • OphidianJaguar

    “Like, I’ll be ridiculous with you, but what would ‘Star Trek: Zero Dark Thirty’ look like? Where is the SEAL Team Six of the ‘Star Trek’ universe? That fascinates me.”


    “fans have often spoken of a desire for storylines set at Federation Headquarters, deep in the Klingon Empire, or other corners of the Trek universe that hasn’t received much focus in the last five decades of on-screen action.”


    “but maybe a lost tale from the Dominion War, or a MACO mission during the Earth / Romulan conflict?”


    • DaMac

      The Macos in the Romulan War is a great idea, or just a Romulan war drama in general. Has the added benefit of applying to both continuities as well.

      • Zarm

        Well… 2 out fo the three, when it comes to the Romulan Wars. Enterprise’s ‘who-the-heck-cares-what-TOS-said’ continuity and Abram’s might match up, but the original authority on the subject- the one that actually came up with the concept- probably wouldn’t fit so well with the newer vision.

        • DaMac

          I’m more a TNG era fan than a TOS fan and honestly forget the changes there. Enterprise’s Romulan setup stuff was pretty good though.

          • OphidianJaguar

            Agreed! I was really looking forward to 7 seasons when I was religiously watching Enterprise on air….we were going to get out Romulan War! Alas..nope.

        • OphidianJaguar

          “Enterprise’s ‘who-the-heck-cares-what-TOS-said’ continuity” In what way? Just examples.

          Also, there have been many continuity errors over the years…so….people just need to ignore that shit lol jeeze.

          • Zarm

            Per Balance of Terror, Romulans did not have warp drive. Only subspace radio existed, so no visual communications. No cloaking device, which was a new development. Basically, the entire premise as laid out is inconsistent with the tech level and events Enterprise threw in.

          • DaMac

            A whole lot of TOS stuff was vaguely ignored in every show and movie after that. I don’t think that’s really any worse than dozens of other little things.

  • DaMac

    I get the appeal of the idea, I really do. And a large part of me thinks “you know, it WOULD be neat to see these types of things within the Trek universe. Other aspects of the Trek universe than just the explorers.” Enterprise Season Three was kind of thrilling in that sense, a war story, same as a lot of second-half DS9.

    On the other hand I think a lot of fans, maybe not me but a lot of fans, want that peaceful exploration idea to be the focus of Trek and bristle at the idea of anything else. Whether they are right or not is subjective, but whether they will watch or not is the real question. I remember evangelizing Enterprise when it was in season three and most of the Trek fans I talked to said it wasn’t Trek to them.

  • patrick

    My answer is simple, this 4-decade fan of STAR TREK will not pay for TREK-the teenage years, nor TREK-CSI, nor TREK-the secret police. No TV-program has ever had more non-fiction books published which covered its creation and philosophy. Since those creative efforts have spawned 5 series and 13 films, one has to assume TREK has already been successful and doesn’t need re-creating in the image of OTHER franchises.

    • Hayde Christiansson

      It seems most likely the New Trek show will have 90210 and One Tree Hill type of stuff

  • cyclotis

    There is a Romulan War script by Eric Jendresen sitting around Paramount.
    The only detailed summary that I’ve seen of it was a review by Merrick at Aint It Cool several years ago:

    • Clerk

      Yeah, that would have been Star Trek 11, except the Paramount president wanted a movie she could take full credit for approving under her watch (The Beginning was developed under previous Paramount management), so she canned it.

  • The Fox

    sounds to me paramount is gonna drop the whole reboot concept and do star trek the beginning and do something fans can actually get behind

  • James

    Not fussed about War Trek. How about a bunch of scientists exploring a World or World’s that turn out to be alive and the population of the planets is killing / enslaving them. Now the crew must literally save the planets, but there is some horrible trade-off which they must overcome.

  • Clerk

    I have to concur with Daniel Lowe. Marc Evans’ statement doesn’t come off as “I want to make good Star Trek movies on these topics”. Rather, it sounds more like he wants to make copies of popular movies and take generic action movie scripts and slap the Star Trek franchise onto them.

    It’s like when studios turn generic movie scripts into “adaptations” because they hastily inserted elements of the novels they are supposedly basing the story off of. (see World War Z, I Robot).

  • Zarm

    Something… NOT combat-oriented? Heck, maybe a science ship, focused on exploration rather than combat? That’d be a nice change of pace. Or an SCE-type group of problem-solvers/response team?

    • Coupon: The Movie

      How about a Starfleet Medical show aboard a hospital station. ER in space where they have to learn about strange new lifeforms in order to save them?

      • Zarm

        Tricky concept to pull off frequently without repetitiveness- but man, if they could get the formula right, that sounds awesome!

  • GIBBS v2

    Game of Trek

    No seriously, Trek needs to imagined with a larger brush. More ships, more captains, more exploration, more politics. Game of Thrones does an amazing job juggling multiple groups of people all loosely threaded together. Why can’t we simply do Star Trek: Federation.

    You want a bigger universe where you can have your Exploration ships and your Seal Team six all under one roof, write a bigger, smarter show with more players and weave them all together.

  • SpaceCadet

    No no no! Having multiple spin-offs on the air at the same time is what ultimately diluted the franchise and sapped general audience interest as well. Let just one show air at a time and be able to breathe. And Trek is not about war and military combat. Especially in these modern times, we need a hopeful future to look forward to!!!

    • Zarm

      I think the dilution of the product is a myth. Enterprise and Nemesis were crappy products, and at the time, they were the only offerings. So the franchise faltered. It wasn’t because the brand was watered down (except perhaps on the creative side), it was because all the entries in that wave happened to hit a low-point simultaneously. And just like with Stargate and Spider-man, the producers couldn’t own up to putting out something substandard, so they instead claimed ‘oh, the franchise just got tired; gotta discontinue/reboot.’ Pretty sure a new Trek series or TNG movie right on the heels of Enterprise/Nemesis, had it been good, would have succeeded no problem. (Likewise for another Stargate series or Spider-man movie).

      But, of course, we can never know what would have happened. Just my theory. Either way, I think the hunger for televised Trek right now could definitely support multiple spinoffs without dilution, whether the phenomenon is real or not.

  • DavidDesjardins

    sure, why not? it’s not like JJ’s efforts diluted the franchise at all.

  • I am not Herbert

    …I’d like to see a Klingon Empire show …bridge it with Capt. Worf, Gowron, Martok, Kurn,

    only problem?: nu-trek movies (and paramount) SUCK! =(

  • Mo

    Evans sounds like a caricature of everything that’s ever been wrong about Paramount’s handling of this franchise. Of course all he can think of are war stories.

    He’s seen what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has accomplished, and doesn’t understand how its success is due to good judgment, good taste, proper planning, and (most important) a deep understanding of the source material. All he sees is money being left on a table.

    He has no truly consistent, connected story-world in mind here. He just wants more product with the logo on it.

  • disqusr

    Yeah, while this is really even just speculation on his part as he even says he’s been ridiculous, it makes me a little nervous the way it seems that Paramount itself is wanting to go on this. I liked it a little better when they wanted it more like Guardians. But, at the same time, maybe this is an indication that Paramount is trying to create a cinematic universe here. Time will tell.

    • Mo

      Paramount doesn’t have the cultural smarts to either create a cinematic universe on its own, or to trust the right people who can. I’m fairly confident they’ll embarrass themselves with one or more very timid attempts at a diluted product that’s meant to appeal to short attention spans.

      Those attempts will likely fail, and Paramount brass will declare Star Trek a failed franchise.

  • Captain Jon

    Star Trek should’ve done this twenty years ago! They had the opportunity to set the new standard and missed it! Instead of Insurrection being a TNG solo movie it could’ve been a TNG/DS9 Dominion War movie! And Nemesis could’ve combined all three 24th century series to show the Alpha Quadrant post-Dominion War!
    Sure, they did a few crossover appearances for some characters that were cool at the time but there was potential there that was never fully explored! Star Trek COULD have and SHOULD have set the new standard that Marvel has now set by doing it in the late-90s. Ah well…live and learn.

  • CoolGeek

    ” This is not MY Star Trek!!! ” comments incoming from pathetic Nutrek haters in 3…2….1…

    • Darkthunder

      You call it Nutrek haters… I call it stating facts: Star Trek is not “Zero Dark Thirty”. Not even at the darkest hours of the Dominion War. Paramount Prez needs a reality check.

      • Thomas Elkins

        What do you call “The Siege of AR-558”? Star Trek has the ability to offer many different genre, such as comedy (ST:IV) or political thrillers (ST:VI) but for some reason old crotchety Star Trek fans refuse to accept Star Trek as an action piece. Why is that? This is particularly interesting when asking fans what their favorite film is. 99.9% of the time “Wrath of Khan” is going to be mentioned and yet that movie features a super villain out for revenge which culminates in a space battle. So that’s perfectly acceptable but a Star Trek film talking place during a war is not?

        I just don’t understand Star Trek fans sometimes.

        • Zarm

          I think Trek fans feel that an action-only focus, with nothing else, is the problem. TWOK had deeper themes about aging and sacrifice. The Dominion War- well, I can’t comment, because that’s one of my least favorite sections of Trek- but for those who like it, I think they would still suggest that it wouldn’t have worked without years on non-combat, character-exploring buildup and much deeper themes on religion, morality, and politics woven into it.

          I think these fans feel like the new movies are action-with-no-higher-ambition, while Star Trek stories past have tried to tell deeper, broader, or more meaningful stories with action elements integrated into them. And that something like a ‘Seal Team 6’ is setting up for failure because it aims no higher than simple action, and nothing else; none of the needed depth. For all the action of the Dominion War, or within TWOK, that’s not all those shows/movies were *about*; just a component of them.

          That’s my best understanding.

          • Darkthunder

            The Dominion War was not ONLY about the war either. It had deeper issues, with some truly great episodes. In the Pale Moonlight, displaying the “grey” of the war, Sisko being fed up with all the casualties, and makes plans to bring the Romulans into the war to assist. The Siege of AR-558, showed issues with being in a warzone for an extended period of time. It’s Only A Paper Moon, with Nog dealing with his PTSD after being wounded in combat.

            Star Trek Into Darkness, had a terrific actor, portraying a generic villain. Not Khan. Khan has many attributes besides “super strength”, and none of those were depicted in the movie. Arrogance and Super Strength is what they reduced him to. The powers that be at Paramount, don’t know a thing about how to properly portray their characters.

  • Matineer

    They completely miss the mark. Absolutely. The beauty of the “Star Trek” concept is you can do anything, anywhere in any time or dimension — why would you limit yourself to Space GI Joe? Enterprise had MACOs and that got them nowhere. They think they’re on the right track because an ever-expanding international box office (because new territories are opening) has provided high but low yield returns for a little while. The new shows aren’t that profitable, which is why they’re filming in Canada, Dubai, anywhere they can save a buck. “Seal Team 6?” — how about designing a good phaser for the new movies?. They didn’t want a Trek that was too “Treky,” so instead of taking the time to get ship, tech and costume designs that audiences and merchandisers would salivate over — for decades ( The TMP refit) they satisfy themselves with “Han Soloesque attire” and steampunk engine rooms — stuff recognizable from other shows or so generic merchandising is pointless. They have no idea how much money they’re leaving on the table. Of course, a “Seal Team 6” Star Trek might be so far off Roddenberry’s original concept they could avoid paying high royalties to his estate — which may be the ultimate point.

  • Demode

    Other Trek tales… How about a few more movies set in the PRIME timeline. One starring Captain Picard would be nice.

  • Thomas Elkins

    I don’t understand Star Trek fans sometimes. Star Trek has a rich history which offers all kinds of different types of stories, ranging from drama, comedy, murder mysteries, political thrillers, and so on. Yet for some reason fans continue to be resistant to actual military conflict, which is strange because military conflict has been a pretty important part of Star Trek since the beginning. The whole Federation-Klingon War was a pretty big deal for not only TOS era but the TMP era as well. So why can’t we get a movie set during one of these conflicts?

    I know Star Trek pretty much takes place at peace time, excluding two seasons of DS9 and one season of Enterprise, but even when they were at peace they would reference conflicts the characters had taken part in. Just to name a few:

    Federation-Romulan conflict
    Federation-Cardassian Wars
    Federation-Tholian conflict
    Federation-Talarian conflict
    Federation-Tzenkethi War

    Then of course throughout the actual shows themselves you had Romulans and Cardassians attempting to goad the Federation into war nearly every time they appeared. So why is it that we can hear about these conflicts but “it’s not Star Trek” if we actually get to see them? Because Star Trek is about exploration? I agree that that is what the core of Trek is and I would expect a television series to be just that, but why can’t a movie kick up the action of a bit?

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture was the only film to truly explore a strange new life-form and Star Trek fans thought that was boring as hell. Ask them what their favorite Star Trek film is and you’re probably going to get “Wrath of Khan” as your answer. This is interesting because Wrath of Khan is a movie about a super villain out for revenge, who gets his hands on a super weapon which leads to a nifty space battle. So that’s ok but a movie taking place during a war with soldiers is not?

    I just don’t get it. Star Trek offers so much but somehow this is the line that shall not be crossed, even though it has totally crossed it before.

    • SpaceCadet

      Not true: Star Trek IV was about a strange new life form, the alien probe, and not about conflict with an established species. It was also the most successful Trek film until the reboots. All it takes is the writers to be creative to fashion an exciting tale that doesn’t have to resort to space battles all of the time.

      • Thomas Elkins

        I didn’t count Star Trek IV because it’s not all about exploring or getting to know the Probe. The Probe only serves as a background villain and gives them an excuse to go back in time where the movie turns into a time travel comedy. I mean they originally planned to have Eddie Murphey in it. This is different from TMP because they spent the entire film inside V’Ger where they actually interacted with it and tried to learn something about it. That was the entire plot of the movie. We learned what motivated V’Ger, we learned who and what it was, whereas the Probe appears to be a threat at the beginning of IV, is absent throughout the rest of the film and it goes away in the end without us knowing anything about it other than it talks to Humpback Whales.

        • SpaceCadet

          My point is there was an intellectual threat at hand, one in which the crew does some problem solving. Not once were there spaces battles or weapons fire. It was refreshing and still highly entertaining.

        • Snap

          As Spock would say “There are other forms of intelligence on Earth. Only Human arrogance would assume the message must be meant for man.” The probe may have been the device which sets the time travel plot of the movie into question, but the purpose of the probe took the exploration in a different direction: inward. In the future, the humpback whales had gone extinct due to human interference and exploitation of the planet. It doesn’t matter that the probe couldn’t care less about humans and only had something to say to the whales.

    • BatesHotel

      Don’t we get enough wars and explosions on the big screen (and the news) already? Let Trek take a detour from every other franchise’s ordinary and do something extraordinary without big fireballs and carnage. So tired of watching every story end with violence solving the plot’s problem/issue. Trek should aspire higher.

      • Maya Quinto

        THIS ^

    • Kahula

      because we don’t have cars that magically transform into giant robots? (Where did the rest of bumblebee go when he was humble camero?)

      TWOK is more well-known NOW only because of that wreck of a movie in 2012(?). You’re right to say war-time Trek would be interested, but only if it concentrated on more of the diplomatic/violence conflict rather than actually showing bombs, bombs and more explosions everywhere.

    • Q__

      Although Star Trek: The Motion Picture is also most (worldwide) financially successful Trek movie of all time.

      After adjusting their takings for inflation, we have:

      1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) – $568,227,090
      2. Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) – $468,531,354
      3. Star Trek (2009) – $419,106,085
      4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) – $322,926,725
      5. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) – $282,974,814
      6. Star Trek: First Contact (1996) – $269,259,567
      7. Star Trek: Generations (1994) – $230,210,447
      8. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984) – $222,410,580
      9. Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) – $195,648,063
      10. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) – $187,564,209
      11. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) – $146,207,336
      12. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) – $94,423,328

      So, maybe boring exploration isn’t that bad? 😉

      • gorehog

        Is that box office or all time sales? Net or gross?

    • Zarm

      Actually, TMP is my favorite film. (No trolling; for real. That Goldmsith score, this lavish effects, the tone of exploration and the unknown…)

    • Arch Stanton

      I agree with you 100%. In recent years, the so-called “fans” of just about every sic-fi film and television series have turned me off with their constant whining, complaining, negativity and over-all resistance to anything that they haven’t seen a million times before. The slightest deviation off the worn out old path is met with the vilest vitriol and childish attacks. The latest batch of turn-off are these SJWs, which have glommed onto Trek as a vehicle to support what is, essentially, a communist agenda. I’m glad the studios have told Pegg to make the new film less- Star Treky. These “otaku” fans have spoiled a fantastic concept for too long. I hope to see Star Trek revitalized into something for everyone. My hope is to see the adventures of JJ verse Captain Pike, in the Enterprise that preceded the new one seen in the 2009 film.

    • gorehog

      I don’t have a problem with Star Trek war stories. I have a problem with changing the essential nature of the Federation and changing how the stories are handled.

      My best example is in Star Trek (2009). They changed the phasers. And I don’t mean they changed to pulse phasers everywhere. I mean that that got rid of the Phaser I, the small, pocket phaser that was a multipurpose energy projector. It was conceived as a tool, similar to a knife, that could weld, cut, heat, signal, dig, charge other devices, and be used as a weapon. The Phaser II carried the Phaser I. It amplified and focused the beam making it more powerful. I know, that makes no sense but that was the concept. The Phaser III was the rifle and used the two previous phasers as it’s power source. Then you got into larger units that were their own things. In one episode you even see Scotty using the Phaser II as a cutting torch to get into Main Engineering.

      They did away with that. The phasers now have only two settings, stun and kill. That’s all. Here’s a quick list of places that phasers were used as tools previous to 2009:
      1) Scotty cutting a bulkhead (TOS)
      2) Sulu heating a rock to keep warm when stranded (TOS)
      3) Geordi smelting and forging climbing spikes (TNG)
      In Star Trek 2009 Kirk could have made the climb out of the escape pod easier if he’d cut handholds into the ice, or even stairs. He didn’t have a phaser in the survival kit he could use as a tool I suppose. Then again he also didn’t have a phaser to shoot the animals that were chasing him so…just poor writing? Not to mention that welding teaser where they showed a guy welding plates onto the hull of the Big-E…that shoulda been a Phaser II.

      They do terrible things that we’re not going to hear about again. Khan’s blood cures multiple uncured diseases? Can they replicate that? Is that something we’ll never hear of again? I mean…it cures degenerative diseases in children! It cured warp-field radiation sickness in Kirk! They need to not forget that happened and keep it in the narrative. That was huge.

      Oh BTW, there are things that were not effected by the timeshift in Trek 2009. V’ger is still on its way. The Founders are still on their side of the wormhole blissfully unaware of the destruction of Vulcan. The whale probe is coming. The Guardian of Forever is still in play. Zephraim Cochrane is still sitting on his little planet being kept eternally young. They’re ignoring all of this to create a new action film franchise with the Star Trek brand.

      You’re generally right. Movies need to be a little more spectacular. Its an event. And I’m ok with that. The new series really should play a little more in the realm of discovery than the movies. Some more of that Twilight Zone/Outer Limits feel would be great. I really miss that. That sense at the end of the story that “Whoa, that’s some crazy stuff that went down.” Stories that inspire conversation and not just “It was so cool when the planet blew up!”

  • Capt Sisiko

    I think Trek can be spun off in the areas that Marc Evans says. What he must consider though is he must ensure Roddenberry’s vision and the necessary level of human optimism is at the core. If they don’t want to adhere to that then please don’t call it Star Trek. Just make a new original sci-fi action adventure movie.

  • Bshaw

    Anyone miss Rick Berman already?

  • OphidianJaguar

    Bottom line, people are getting upset over change. Yes we all know, intellect, philosophy, morality are all key components to Star Trek…but how pissed were TOS fans in the 80’s when TNG came out!? Right! “Who is this bald British captain” Blah blah blah. I could only imagine those die hard TOS purists watching the DS9 Dominion war arc…So give me a break over this shit. If a seal team six MACO Star Trek is all I can get…ILL FUCKING TAKE IT! It will NEVER erase the past.

    • I am not Herbert

      HA!! …i will NEVER just (bend over and) take it! nu-trek SUCKS!! =(

      …and paramount sucks for (attempting to) foist it on us!

      you probly don’t vote either… =(

  • Michael Spadaro

    I’d like to see a series that follows Worf during the time he was an ambassador. Lord knows Klingon politics should prove to be interesting plot fodder.

  • Maya Quinto

    I’d like to see search & rescues and interdiction of pirates and arrests of traffickers of intelligent beings; how an on-scene captain of a starship deals with terrorism; and occasionally a science-based mystery — also a Starfleet medical team dealing with various ills and disaster on different planets with the political problems that often take place (cover-ups of poor safety practices). In other words classic Trek, examining current issues through the lens of Trek, along with some applicable Coast Guard-type stuff. (“Semper Paratus!”)


  • Arch Stanton

    In the classic trek episode, “Balance of Terror”, they talk about the Romulan War that occurred over a century before Kirk and Spock’s time. Do the peacenik Trek fans think they won that war with flowers, hugs and kind words? Even Stephen Hawking warns us that alien life in the universe may not be benevolent. They certainly explored that fact in Enterprise, which got it’s ass kicked falsely believing that everyone in the cosmic neighborhood wants to be pals and exchange cookie recipes.