Speaking at the Dubai International Film Festival, Jamal Al Sharif of the Dubai Film and Television Commission — who we spoke to back in September —  revealed today that the twenty-day excursion to Dubai took more than $32 Million from the STAR TREK BEYOND budget.

‘Mission: Impossible’ set a benchmark at $22 million. [BEYOND] is somewhere around $32 million dollars, plus soft incentives. This is just the Dubai budget. The main budget is over $200 million, I believe, he said.

We have customised incentives — we tailor it. From hotels, equipment, studios, location fees, police, civil defence, ambulance. We waived custom fees. These things really add up.

Al Sharif also described the massive infrastructure and cargo requirements that this film brought from Vancouver.

Everyone came to me and said, ‘This is Star Trek. Be careful. It’s big. They have big requirements. They have big demands.’ I said that Star Trek is one small event in the middle of Dubai.

“They shipped 11 tonnes of props from Canada to Dubai. Emirates Airline handled it… Dubai customs had to search 11 tonnes of goods in 24 hours [and] scan them. You can’t find this in any other country. 10,000 square feet of warehouse were filled up with boxes of props.

Star Trek was a big benchmark for Dubai’s infrastructure. Until almost a week before shooting, everyone was asking me: “Can we do this?” I always [responded] in a positive way: “Yes, we can do this.” In the back of my head, I was like, “This is trouble. What did I get myself into?” But you never show that as a leader.

While the official trailer release from Paramount Pictures is just over the horizon this week, the first behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with several cast members were included in a minute-long sizzle real showcased at the Dubai Film Festival, though unfortunately we’ve confirmed that it’s not available for online distribution at this time.

Source: Gulf News


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