As you may recall, Omaze ran a wonderful multi-week fundraiser campaign bringing Star Trek fans a chance to take a trip to the Vancouver STAR TREK BEYOND soundstages, all while helping to earn money for several great charities around the world.

Aside from those few winners who made it up to British Columbia before production flew off to Dubai, there were plenty of other contributors who earned To Boldly Go pins, photos, special video messages, props from the film, and even concept art from preproduction.


Now, a few if of those fans who donated to the charity drive has unexpectedly received their STAR TREK BEYOND concept artwork, months ahead of the film’s July release — and it’s something hinted at in the BEYOND trailer released last December.

Fan and Omaze contributor DB Wilson received this framed 20″ x 36″ poster this week seemingly out of the blue, as the Omaze donation page (now closed) had advertised its shipment after the summer release of STAR TREK BEYOND.


This poster features the USS Franklin, a Federation ship that appears to be the setting of the opening shots of the BEYOND trailer, where the Enterprise crew reunite after their dispersal across the planet where their own starship has crashed.

An odd design not featured before in the Star Trek canon, this starship certainly falls within the design aesthetic thus far established in the two previous films – those blue-bussard-collector nacelle caps and exposed main viewscreen portal line up with Chris Pine’s Enterprise, but the Starfleet markings have a decidedly prime-universe look to them.



So is the USS Franklin an unexpected name to see in the BEYOND storyline? Well, not quite — December’s trailer already told us this ship exists.


Looking closely, one can see that the patch on Spock’s jacket reads USS Franklin.


Also, a brief shot of Simon Pegg’s Scotty passing by a systems monitor also seems to highlight the outline of a ship that looks very much like this poster image, in profile:


So what role does the Franklin really play in the upcoming film? Well, we don’t know specifically yet, but we can make an educated guess.

We know that the Enterprise destruction sequence happens in the early minutes of the movie, after the starship has left Starbase Yorktown. The crew is obviously scattered across the planet — the trailer features Chekov alone outside an escape pod, Scotty narrowly avoiding falling off a cliff, etc. — but the shots of the seemingly old-fashioned spaceship interior have the crew back together.

We’re assuming that is the Franklin, on the surface of the planet — and this old ship must be their ticket back into space.

Back in August we saw some of the cast on the hull of some kind of vessel — one that had faint English writing printed on that hatch cover — so that too is likely the Franklin.

*   *   *

Here’s a closer look at the STAR TREK BEYOND logo used on the poster — not expected to be used in the upcoming marketing campaign — sporting the same design last seen at September’s press conference in Dubai.

logo-comparisonThe logo is seen here behind producer Jeffery Chernov at the Dubai press briefing.

Thanks to DB Wilson for sharing his photos with us!


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  • Eric Cheung

    I just hope the Enterprise gets put back together somehow. I don’t want an Enterprise-A. I want the crew to have the same ship for their entire five-year mission. There’s been too much destruction in these films.

    The Franklin has a roughly NX look to it.

    • Hey berto

      I agree, but not because of the amount of destruction in these so far (although after seeing the E get nearly destroyed in STID, this feels like a ‘not again’ moment). In TOS, the enterprise wasn’t a flagship, it wasn’t thought to be any better than any other ship in the fleet. But the ship became so respected because of the actions of it’s crew, and how the ship was romanticized, respected and revered, particularly by Kirk. This ship hasn’t earned that yet, and if anything it seems like it’s extremely vulnerable, diminishing the audience’s ability to see the supposed greatness of it. Not to mention, there’s always a bigger ship to overshadow it and make it appear inherently inferior.

      It seemed to be the newest and best in the fleet from the day it was introduced and sent on it’s first mission. If they wreck it in this movie and it doesn’t come back, then it’s really not going to mean much to me, and just another way to introduce a new version, when there was really no reason to even do that.. just another way to try to up the spectacle and try to shock the audience.. but that storytelling device is so overdone, it doesn’t have much affect.

      It simply appears they’re cashing in on nostalgia as the emotional thrust, and it doesn’t work because this iteration of the Enterprise hasn’t earned it’s place as the eighth crew member. Feels as it did with Khan.. just cashing in on the nostalgia without earning it’s place in this version of Trek and it doesn’t work.

      I don’t want to be closed minded or say this will ruin the movie.. I don’t know the context of what’s happening, but the outright destruction of the Enterprise seems a foregone conclusion for the film, and it seems like a gimmick so we’ll see.. but this is what worries me about it.

      • RTF1138

        Thank You I was just thinking about that that one line in Star Trek 09 about the Enterprise being the flagship of the Federation. As much as i love the Original Enterprise never once was flagship ever mentioned in the Original Series it was just one of twelve Constitution Class ship made for Five year voyages.

        Plus i agree that when the Enterprise was destroyed in TSFS it was sad and shocking but they earned that because you saw how much the refit could do in the previous movies.

        • Hey berto

          You know, ST doesn’t even use the term flagship correctly. Flagship is a term that signifies a naval vessel in any given fleet is carrying an Admiral aboard it. In ST it’s done to signify the greatest and most advanced ship in the fleet. So there’s that.

          And I’m ok with the ST 09 being that ST kind of flagship, but if it’s so great, shouldn’t we see it demonstrated WHY it’s so great? Again, (and it sounds like we’re in agreement here) what made the Enterprise extraordinary is how the crew made it great. It won speed records (as mentioned in ST III) not because it’s so great, but because the crew pushed it to it’s limits out of necessity, and still brought it back in one piece.

          All of this is hard to do over 2 films, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be building that case. We got a hint of how great the ship was at the end of ST 09, but in looked like Starlet’s little bitch in STID. It certainly looked resilient (again, thanks to the crew and specifically, Kirk) but it looked easily beatable in the process by another massive ship that seemed like an inexplicable jump in technology so quickly. I get that it can be explained, but it wasn’t, and it’s a huge gap.

          By the way, it wasn’t just the refit. TOS saw the Enterprise get out of impossible situations.. but again.. that’s hand in hand with the crew. This crew looks borderline inept by comparison.

          • OphidianJaguar

            To me flagship in Star Trek never meant the most powerful, advanced or greatest (depending on the context of greatest), there was more than one galaxy class. To me in Starfleet terms (since Admirals are rarely commanding starships) flagship always meant the main representative vessel regardless of power, size, or greatness.

          • Hey berto

            FYI, in Naval terms, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re commanding the vessel.. It’s just signifying the vessel that’s carrying the fleet commander. There’s still a Captain that commands that particular vessel.

        • OphidianJaguar

          No doubt, that was a deep moment in TSFS, every time I watch it, “it still gets me right here.” It was THE Enterprise.

    • OphidianJaguar

      Ah…based on the level of destruction, and the neck being severed..the saucer on the planet reminds me of generations…she’s done. But hey, could always use a few starships in atmosphere pulling her up with tractor beams…that would be a cool sight.

      • Eric Cheung

        It definitely appears that way, but I’m hoping for a reset button á la “Cause and Effect,” but with memories still in tact.

  • Csere Mihaly

    I like it. And I really don’t care if the Enterprise is destroyed as long as it serves a good story …

    • zillabeast

      Indeed, giving it all away in the trailer sets the story rather nicely. As crazy as it looks so far, I am definitely excited to see this crew’s next adventure.

    • Terry

      I am almost hoping the enterprise is destroyed so they can replace it with a better designed Enterprise NCC 1701-A, or at the very least they could replace the Nacelles which are my most hated design feature on the current design, however I would not be surprised to find the scenes towards the start of the trailer showing the Enterprise departing dry dock are in fact from the end of the film, with the enterprise having been recovered and repaired.

      • Richard Lawrence

        I detest the latest Enterprise and destroying is my hope for it. I think the Franklin is more my cup of tea. Less of a mish mash, more classic looking. Awesome.

  • Darkthunder

    So the Franklin is most likely the JJverse “Loknar Class” … Which in itself, was partly the inspiration for the NX-Class.

    • Tony Clements
      I’d always seen articles like this one saying the Akira class was the inspiration for the NX class, but I never thought it looked anything like the NX.

      • Richard Lawrence

        Turn the Akira upside down and you are mostly there.

      • Darkthunder

        Really? Doesn’t look ANYTHING like the NX? Look at the article you linked to. Several images showing details that are 100% identical, despite being separated by 200 years of history.

        • Tony Clements

          They resemble each other inasmuch as they both have a saucer, double hulls and nacelle pylons. The two vaguely resemble each other if one squints their eyes. Besides, who’s to say the NX didn’t influence the Akira (in universe). Doug Drexler gave comments on the same site page explaining real world examples like aircraft carrier lineage, the flying wing design in the B-52, and the german flying wings and the US stealth aircraft of today.

          Even from the top view, the two look different with just the pylons being the similarity. Ah well, to each their own.

          • Darkthunder

            You’re as blind as a bat, if you don’t see any similarities besides the pylons. Read the damn article that YOU linked to. Look at the pictures.

          • Guy

            Relax Francis

          • Darkthunder

            Francis who?

          • Guy

            Drake, Francis Drake for all you know

  • John Wells

    It’s cool they’re finally putting more focus on another Starfleet ship as we’ve only seen brief glimpses of them around the Spacedock in the first JJ movie. As I’ve previously said, I’m not that keen on them trashing and then destroying the Enterprise again. But on the other hand, it’d be an excellent opportunity to introduce an all-new Enterprise design at the end of the movie which will (hopefully!) be in the next few movies.

    • OphidianJaguar

      Exactly as I feel. We have not seen enough Starfleet starships and I too am also hoping the destruction will bring us a new class vessel at the end

      • Maya Quinto

        Hmmm … I still like what I consider a graceful new design.

        Except for Bud-Engineering, the nonsensical Bridge window, and glarey lights shining in peoples’ eyes on the Bridge. Must be a headache of a workplace.

        Oh yeah and the tail fins on the nacelles.

        But other than those details, she’s a beautiful lady and I love her.

  • Newdivide1701

    Perhaps people will actually see new directions or new takes in this Star Trek movie without those directions being dumb down for them. Such as Kirk and Khan being on the same side, Khan is the victim, a fight on Earth itself, and so forth. Have you ever noticed that when the people say the new Star Trek movies are “dumb down” are actually the ones that requires the movie to be dumb down for them?

    Anyways a new direction of our favourite ship being destroyed or hopelessly crippled near the beginning is indeed a new take without anyone knowing if somehow it can be restored by changing the timeline. As well being forced to take on a new ship to complete the mission.

    And before anyone gripes about there they got the USS Franklin, or why did Starfleet abandon such a ship, remember the USS Hathaway, Constellation class, NCC-2593. And if you are not intelligent enough to use google, Star Trek: The Next Generation; Peak Performance, season 2. Second last episode before Shades of Grey.

    • Sapphia

      It’s “dumbed-down”

    • BotanyCameos

      Khan as the victim and Kirk and him allied is a fascinating new take, the very opposite of “dumbed down”.

      The people who do claim it’s dumbed down are just desperately wanting to claim such things about the movies regardless of how far from reality their criticism is.

      • Eric

        I honestly don’t think STID was dumbed-down because they used Khan as a character. I just think it did not work. JJ Abrams, himself has admitted to as much. It was a mistake to try to rework Wrath of Khan. It proved to me that the writers, strangely enough didn’t even understand the original movie. For example, pop culture has always panned, Kirk’s scream as Shatner overacting. When, in fact, it was Kirk overacting for Khan’s benefit. Then you get Spock screaming khan for no good reason in the film, as a moment of real drama, not a ruse. They took on way too much in the film and instead of pleasing us superfans, who are without a doubt damn-hard to please, they alienated us by toying with the sacred, i.e. The death scene in TWOK.

        What made the film actually feel dumbed-down, was actually something else: the incessant action. Of course I recognize this may be an industry requirement today, especially if you want a descent budget, which Star Trek needs. So I accept that in principle. I’m just hoping that they get better, really fast, at balancing this with the franchises need to tell compelling character driven stories.

        • robjoh

          VERY well put Eric,and I agree. I love both movies though,but I still agree with what you just said.

          • keeblerhk

            I agree with the “dumbed down” analysis of the JJ films, primarily from the viewpoint of TOS Kirk breaking the rules to do the right thing vs. Picard’s adherence to the rules. JJ Kirk does neither. He needs to be written better. I want to start seeing new stories that push the envelope to make social commentary and challenge our perceptions of how our own society should function. I want to see more innovative concepts toyed with. And I want to see our social norms violated. (I’m also a sucker for Q, Harry Mudd, and Mirror Universe)
            That being said, I think the new movies are very well made for what they are; action flicks. I love the teases to nostalgia with the Death scene in STID, the Kobayashi Maru, and Kirk’s tryst with an Orion woman. I love that it now takes place in an alternate universe, so that producers can tell new stories about the original characters without conflicting with the original chronology.

            I also think it’s much too early in Enterprise’s story-arc to be destroying her. She hasn’t been given time to develop as the “8th crew member” for us to tear-jerk at her death.

          • Eric

            I “liked” them as well. I honestly liked ST09 a lot. Some limitations, but a great way to reimagine the original characters while respecting the prime timeline as foundational. STID, however was entertaining, but the more I watched it, the more displeased I became with its connection to TWOK.

            Abrams was good at reimagining the trek-verse for the action-oriented modern audience, adding more Star-Warsian swashbuckling fun. Great. But he just went too far with STID, partly because he just doesn’t care as much about those original characters as we do. Mix it up, right? Why not, right? For example, lets pitch Spock’s emotions way high. Having him scream “Khan” like a maniac. Strangely, we know that every Vulcan does have a raging monster under his/her skin, but what’s the motivation here? Someone like Abrams goes straight for the end product without giving enough time to building (or rebuilding) the narrative and mythos.

          • robjoh

            Oh well,I still love’em,lol! And I like this ship as well.

        • OphidianJaguar

          Well put.

      • Demode

        Khan wasn’t really a victim though. He was still guilty of all of the crimes he committed in the past.

  • sw gs

    Bridge window is not in the same scale as other windows.

    • DangerousDac

      I dunno, if the window is floor to ceiling on the bridge and you could fit an average sized human within it, I think the other windows (waist to head high windows and viewports) seem about right. The whole ship is probably only 2 or 3 decks (depending on whats under the saucer).

      If anything, its WAY more in scale than the JJPrise.

      • OphidianJaguar

        Good point, the view screen might not be floor to ceiling…making the ship seem even smaller.

  • Cory Pelc

    I wonder where this falls in the Kelvin to Enterprise timeline of ship design. Spock’s jacket appears to be more modern than the Kelvin crews uniforms. But the Franklin seems to have more of the “concrete” and “heavy” look of the saucer as the Kelvin did. I do like the gold/orange on the arms for the nacelles…but no deflector dish at all? Maybe that’s why it went down.

    • David Alexander Harrison

      Maybe it’s attached to the underside of the saucer, like on the Akira class…

  • Samuel Elsanicz

    To me it looks like a ship that falls near the “aft-ENT” era (maybe 20 years or so after ENT), especially the nacelles do have a very similar look, compared to the NX-01:

    • Hey berto

      I was assuming this was an evolution of that design as well, and if so, a nice tie in to canon that supposedly should be unchanged from the timeline reset.

      • Samuel Elsanicz

        exactly my thoughts. i wonder if STO will deal with it (I don’t think so due to the odd paramount/cbs licensing, but.. you know.. xD)

        • Tuskin38

          It probably won’t, as you said licencing. That is why STO has no Movie stuff in it other then Hobus.

      • TheRenegadeRebel .

        And yet Klingons still have forehead ridges. I think it’s been clearly established they don’t give a damn about any type of canon.

        • Hey berto

          The big disagreement I have with the explanation with this being a new timeline universe, is that, supposedly, the timeline is unchanged right up until the Narada comes back. With presumed time travel to the past from the new timeline, I’d argue that the past has been altered as well… Which allows for a full reset, which I think is important. So from that standpoint, the ridges are what they are.

          And I had the same question awhile back, and someone said that the forehead ridge issue was addressed and explained in Enterprise, so there’s that.

  • Jorge Teixeira

    Let’s not forget that this is just concept art, the final ship could be very different. Having said that, I love it!

    • Eric

      Jorge, you’re correct! The ship could look considerably different at the premiere. But since we’re all here to speculate and commiserate about a franchise we love, I’d say there’s good reason to think this will be there. has done most of the work that the USS Franklin is in the trailer, with the jacket patch and now the console image of the ship corresponding to the concept art pretty well. Like I said earlier, I think it’s a very small ship: smaller than DS9’s Defiant, larger than the Enterprise-E’s Captain’s Yacht. I’m excited to see what this little ship can do.

      • Hi Eric, I hope you are not implying we’ve copied work done by the other site. We’ve discussed the Franklin since December 14.

        • robjoh

          He means Trekcore,obviously,lol! Trekmovie are way too slow with this kinda thing.

          • Eric

   does great work by the way. Thank you.

          • robjoh

            They both do,but these days Trekmovie is kinda slow with the news. Maybe it’ll pick up again this year. I still say Trekcore did most of the work though,not Trekmovie.

          • Maya Quinto

            Unless the owner of the TrekMovie site returns with his “insider info,” I’ll be coming here first — TrekCore — for the news. You folks are really on top of things.

            That said, the present site-runners at TM have done the best they can (working time in around full-time jobs and so on), and discussions there go on for days, sometimes going frustratingly or delightfully off track among the “usual gang.”

            One thing that saddens me here at TrekCore is that people don’t discuss things for days on end. Of course, one could see that as beating a subject to death.

            BUT — One thing that *delights* me here is the great (Disqus) format, and the fact that almost all posters are polite or tolerant of each other. THAT doesn’t happen every day at TM, despite mods’ efforts..

          • robjoh

            I tend to agree with you Maya. Some of the…..regulars….over on TM can take it way too far and serious,and I have to say that they are amongst the people that give fandom,and Trekkers,the bad name a lot of people associate with Trekdom. Of course,not everyone are like that,and I’ve met mostly the good ones on all my travels through the yearsand at Comic-Con and NYCC.

            I see your posts on TM,and I even post there myself sometimes,but not very much these days. I prefer this site,to be honest. But who knows,maybe TM will return to it’s glory days again,at one point,lol.

            Hope you have fun here too. Keep Trekkin’! lol


          • OphidianJaguar

            No doubt! When I started frequenting star trek sites around 2007/2008 I went to Trekmovie for info, but they have been slacking, just like the official trek site and treknews and 1701news. Thetrekcolletive posts a lot of star trek stuff and Trekweb disappeared. TrekCore is my go to, the best.

        • Eric

          Sorry about that. I fixed my mistake.

          • No worries, Eric! We appreciate your readership and kind words.

      • Jorge Teixeira

        Eric, I know, hence my “speculation” 😉

      • Doodledibob

        so it’s now in the 2nd trailer, and it looks like they pretty much kept the shape of the ship 1 to 1 from the concept art. At least the general shape of it. We only get to see its front for a couple of blurry frames. Still glad that they decided to incorporate it into the movie, as I always loved ships like the NX.

        • Eric

          I agree. The second trailer was sooooo much better than the first. I’m hopeful. I said earlier here that I think the USS Franklin seems smaller then DS9’s Defiant, some kind of scout ship. That still seems true,but it’s definitely patterned after the NX class which is a great nod to the broader timeline. I am hopeful that this will be a better film than we’ve seen in a long while.

  • Eric

    I honestly think this ship is considerably smaller than DS9’s Defiant. Look at the size of the bridge window in relation to the rest of the saucer section and the Windows around its rim. It’s a really small ship in comparison to the Enterprise. Probably not more than 4-6 decks. Someone here questioned if there is a deflector, but keep in mind that we haven’t seen its belly yet. I agree this ship, because of is size, may be more consistently designed the Enterprise in this timeline. That’s a welcomed addition.

    • Darkthunder

      Another thing to keep in mind, is that not all ships even in the PRIME universe had a visible deflector. Just look at the Miranda Class (most famously as the USS Reliant in Wrath of Khan). Not the bastardized-version in Star Trek Online.

      • Tuskin38

        Bastardized? The Miranda in STO is pretty accurate outside of the deflector.

        • Darkthunder

          Model is fairly accurate (besides the bastardized added deflector), but the texturing is far from accurate. Fun to see your name over here. Fortunately for me, your downvotes don’t mean much on Disqus.

          • Tuskin38

            I wouldn’t have downvoted if could have. I don’t downvote over opinions.

    • OphidianJaguar thinking its like one deck maybe two. The conceived section of the hull puts the bridge on the same level as the windows of the saucer…looks like one deck to me. And yea, Defiant seems larger.

      • Eric

        If you look at the image with Scotty, you can see the digital dismay image of the ship. It’s bottom half looks like it has at least two more decks so that would make at least four. But of course the image is blurry. We are all speculating. So I would gamble at least 4 decks.

  • Helen_Girly_Brown

    Tough little ship.

  • Bill Murray

    I like it a lot. Very reminiscent of the Loknar class.

  • DemosCat

    Why does the Franklin look like it’s been through a sand blaster? Did someone forget to include a deflector? 🙂

    Based on its design, is it supposed to be a follow-on to Archer’s NX class?

    • OphidianJaguar

      Deflector is more than likely on the bottom of the hull. Again this might not be a complete final design.

      And yes, it does appear to be one deck…Star Trek still having some issues with size representation lol.

  • prometheus59650

    I like it. It’s kind of rough.

    • OphidianJaguar

      Yea…like R. U. P. H. ruph!

  • Ben

    Thanks for the excellent research and work Trekcore Team!

    design wise I get a strong NX Enterprise feeling. I really like that a lot.

    That “sleek and flat” ST insignia logo on the other hand hopefully is just a place holder.
    It looks so much better with an outside outline or border of some sorts

  • Thomas Elkins

    Looks old, like post-Enterprise but pre-Kelvin.

  • keeblerhk

    I wouldn’t say this ship design is unique. It reminds me an aweful lot of NX-01 Enterprise. But the hull texture looks a little rough, as though it’s a dated/old ship. On seeing it, my first thought was “Mirror Universe”. Perhaps an archaic design from the past of the Mirror Universe? Food for thought. Maybe not likely, but fun to think about.

    • The Divine God of Pooch Poo

      Agreed. NX-01 was the first thing I thought as well. Plus the rest of it is a mash-up of TOS movies and reboot. I don’t think it’s that original at all.

    • OphidianJaguar

      As Darkthunder said, Loknar Class.

  • patrick

    Is it possible that Enterprise is not destroyed at all – that it’s the Franklin which is crashed down there on that planet? That the film’s promotional-materials are merely misdirecting fans? I’ll admit to not having observed every photo and video which has been distributed.

    • Eric

      its pretty clear that it’s the Enterprise that’s being destroyed in the teaser, a Constituion Class starship. The Franklin, both in the concept art and the teaser, looks very different. It’s muuuuch smaller and darker in color.

      What I am wondering is if the whole attack and plot of the film revolves around a battle simulation that the crew doesn’t know that they are in. Mind control, not a holodeck since that would be jumping the timeline. That would also be in keeping with the type of stories told in the TOS. And at the end of the film, the Enterprise is restored.

      Haha! So if this does in fact happen, remember where you heard it first!

      • Maya Quinto

        HMMMmmm …!

        “This is where the final frontier pushes back” — in the Universe of the mind. Hmmm.

    • OphidianJaguar

      Nah, in the breakdown you can see its the Enterprise.

  • Michael Spadaro


    Looks like a design from Enterprise.

  • Seamus Shameless

    It almost looks like a Romulan bird of prey that was captured by the Federation and refitted as a Starfleet vessel.

  • Amos Greig

    This looks like a FASA Loknar Class Frigate a design made by the Andorians seeing as how Enterprise borrowed a lot from the FASA and LUGTrek guides to the Andorians could get on board with this.

  • Dave

    If the Enterprise gets destroyed in Star Trek Beyond, there could be the Enterprise-A at the end of the movie.

  • ¡David Oakes! 

    If Enterprise does not even attempt to fight back in this movie before getting trashed – that’s two whole movies she’s gone without so much as firing a phaser. Hope they have a decent battle before she’s destroyed.

  • Nexus Arcana

    Not a bad looking re-design of the old “Loknar Class” ship model from the 1980s.

  • cornerofthemoon

    I hope that the latest “new” Enterprise-A looks more like the the one in the original movies. They can tweak with it a bit but it would be nice if “old becomes new again”

  • US Centrist

    The Enterprise itself has not even engaged in a good ship-to-ship fight yet (the Narada doesn’t count), the Enterprise just took two separate cheap shots at it. All the Enterprise seems to do is break down or get the crap beaten out of it in a battle for the most part. Now we’re going to destroy it? Wow, that’s original. 😐

    Hollywood has been out of ideas for so long it’s just going to change into a tradition of both dumbing down and repackaging old crap for younger and dumber generations.

  • Christopher Glenn McLane

    The USS Franklin reminds me a bit of the original Enterprise from the tv show Star Trek Enterprise.

  • Kyllein MacKellerann

    The Franklin appears to be one of the exploration class vessels and it is Canon, at least in the original Trek Universe; remember Picard’s Stargazer? Same basic design, no engineering hull and the warp nacelles were mounted at the rear of the saucer section.
    One disappointment, though: In the “New” Trek, Starfleet is still a Mahan-type navy while the last of the primary Trek series suggested the beginnings of a Nimitz-style navy (i.e. Capital Ships [Mahan] being replaced by Carriers [Nimitz]) as modernization begins in an over-used, heavily damaged and seriously-in-need-of-new-hulls prime Starfleet.
    As for the viewscreen mounted at the front of the bridge area of the main saucer, thanks. All that’s missing are the target rings and the big “Shoot Here” holograms around it. Okay, this is science fiction, granted; but even science fiction should occasionally nod to common sense.

  • Richard Lawrence

    It looks like the uniforms and ship is post Archer stuff. Nice.

  • Lonewriter

    The USS Franklin looks awfully similar to the NX-01 Enterprise which was a ripoff of the Akira from Star Trek First Contact, it’s like they aren’t even trying to be creative. To borrow from Star Wars, I have a bad feeling about this.

  • Ranter101

    The NX is my favorite class and I was worried that JJ would corrupt it too, but this article puts me at ease. The Franklin looks more like one of those kit bashes from FASA’s Star Trek Fleet game. Super stoked about a non-JJ inspired series coming out from CBS. And to be fair, JJ’s movies are good, and the crew is fantastic, but calling it trek is a long shot. Not enough drama, not enough tech exposition.

  • Exar Kun

    I swear, you guys(and gals) with your insipid hatred for the “new” Enterprise from JJ’s 2 films makes me laugh! Personally, I think the design was perfect considering it is an ALTERNATE timeline now, with different influences on the science of Warp Drive, the nacelles, the ship’s size, etc. being redone by the changes caused by Nero’s jaunt into Star Trek Universe.
    If they had simply taken the Enterprise from TOS and did a “slight” modification, that would have shown severe laziness and defeated any notion of the timeline being disrupted!

    I remember back in the mid 80’s when TNG was being launched, and pics of the Enterprise D were shown on TV specials before the first episode was released, as well as in trade magazines covering this “new Star Trek”, and the BBS’s of the time, the magazines, the interviews with fans of the time, almost to a person, HATED the Enterprise D for looking too “sleek” and “birdlike”. They complained then, as you all do now, YET, the Enterprise D has become one of the MOST BELOVED ships to carry the name Enterprise, and for me is THE BEST Enterprise EVER!
    This Enterprise may not be THAT bad ass, but it is a really nice “change”, but in keeping with the basic aesthetics of TOS’s Enterprise.

  • Eskimo Micronian

    I think and hope that the USS Franklin is in fact an NX-Class. Yes, it looks different, but so does the Enterprise. The Franklin looks like a movie interpretation of the NX. Also, Spock’s uniform looks like the Star Trek Enterprise uniforms, also movie reinterpreted.
    I suspect the plot may involve time travel (either virtually or in reality) and an effort to protect the timeline, and somehow the Enterprise (NCC-1701) crew gets control of an NX for the purposes of dealing with the enemy.