Well, it looks like those of you worried about losing your Star Trek streaming access may be able to take a sigh of relief, as Amazon has seemingly renewed their availability to the live-action series through their Instant Video service.

Last month, we reported that Amazon’s video portal was listing a countdown to this Monday — February 15 — as an expiration to their licensing of CBS programming (including the five live-action Trek shows), but as of this morning that countdown is gone.


It looks like we can all take a sign that the Trek shows aren’t leaving the service anytime soon — we hope.


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  • Huzzah! That’s certainly good news. Also makes me feel somewhat better about CBS All-Access – in that CBS isn’t pulling shows to redirect traffic to that service.

  • Ignimbrite

    This isn’t really confirmation, is it? All you’re reporting is that the “leaving prime soon” flag on Star Trek series’ is gone now, correct? Or am I missing something?

    • I believe the thinking is that if the flag has been removed, it means the show isn’t being pulled any longer, meaning there’s been a contract extension.

      • Kayla Iacovino

        We don’t even know that it was going to be pulled in the first place. Pure speculation and rumor.

        • Which is why all our articles on the subject contain question marks and speculative words like “seemingly” and “seem to be”. We haven’t claimed to have official word from either CBS or Amazon.

          • Kayla Iacovino

            Except you’ve edited the article since original posting. The original article said that “Amazon seemingly renewed their agreement with CBS”

            Edit: I’m not trying to put you down. I’m pointing out that all of this is based on speculation about the “leaving soon” flag on the video. What I’m saying is: it’d be great if anyone could get an official statement, but all involved parties have been quiet on the issue so far.

          • Sorry ’bout that – was meant as clarification above anything else.

          • Kayla Iacovino

            No apology necessary, I agree with the change.

  • 1grumpy_old_man

    It’s the 15th and I can watch on Prime.


  • Zarm

    Putting my money where my mouth is about preferring discs with the TOS sale today; but hey, any word about a 50th re-issue of the DVDs for DS9 and VOY? I get that blu-ray may not/probably won’t be happening, but these are the only Treks not really in current circulation or any recent release, and those prices are not great. Early Voyager I can get for a decent price, but latter DS9? $40-$60 a season! It would actually cost me more to get the seasons 4-7 of DS9 that I’m missing than to buy the entire $130 Voyager SERIES in some places. So, just a reissuing of the existing series- a DVD release from within the last *decade*, would be really nice!