In a new interview released this week with the MORTIS horror-themed podcast, Star Trek veteran character actor Tony Todd described himself as being on a casting “short list” for CBS’s new Trek series coming to the CBS All Access streaming service in 2017.

Tony Todd: “CBS is doing their own series again… I’m on a very short [casting] list.”

David Ward: “Oh, so you’re actually on the list for the series?”

Todd: “Yeah. I’m on the list for a couple [of shows].”

Ward: “Well, if you’re in the series, I’ll give it a chance – because there is not a lot of mention about [the prime or alternate timeline].”

Todd: “It’s a year away. They’re not even going to get official cast until, probably, the fourth quarter of the year. And my only concern about it is that it’s going to be that [CBS All Access] online thing; I don’t understand that part.

I’ve never done a series regular — I’ve always avoided it because I like playing different characters — but this is one year that we’re looking at some stuff, so I’m sure that we’re going to be popping up and everybody’s going to move on on sometime very soon.”

Todd, who most notably appeared on all three 1990’s Star Trek shows – most notably as Kurn, Worf’s brother, and as the older Jake Sisko in DS9’s “The Visitor” – also participated in the Prelude to Axanar fan film released in 2014 and is currently guest-starring as the voice of the evil villain Zoom on The CW’s The Flash.

Tony Todd as an older Jake Sisko. (DS9: “The Visitor”)

As he mentions, any official announcement for the show’s cast is likely months away, as the 2017 series is not expected to launch until at least January of next year. For comparison, Scott Bakula’s casting as Jonathan Archer was released on May 11, 2001, less than five months before Enterprise premiered on UPN — and until we hear something from CBS more directly, this should be treated as a no more than casting rumor.


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  • prometheus59650

    Works for me.

  • bytes

    I have enjoyed Tony Todd in Star Trek. Not so much in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. Not his fault in my opinion.

  • Robyn Berry

    Kurn was Worf’s YOUNGER brother.

    • klingonska

      bIlugh! (“You are correct!”)

    • Chucking Dice

      Why does it bug me that they haven’t fixed that yet? There’s so much going on the world, and for some reason a Star Trek site getting Kurn’s genealogy wrong is truly disturbing to me. Rodek son of Noggra would be furious….if he could actually remember who he really was supposed to be.

  • DistantEarlyWarning611

    Tony Todd is incredible. He played the best Klingon of all time, Kurn. He also played other parts on ST and did an excellent job. But when he played Kurn he was truly Klingon to the core. Love that guy.

    • GIBBS v2

      Googley Eyed Galron and One Eyed Martok are my all time favorites. Kurn was fantastic as well, he had an incredible voice and intensity.

      • DistantEarlyWarning611

        Gowron and Mark were great too. But there was something about the way Tony Todd did Kurn. He was so Klingon that there was no trace of Human in him at all. From the way he looked, tall and lanky down to his actions and his voice. It was so real to me.

        • GIBBS v2


  • Locutus

    Happy to see they are considering some Trek character actor veterans **cough** [Jeffrey Combs!] ** cough **

    • GIBBS v2

      Love that guy! Shran was one of the best things Enterprise.

  • TrekCore is so good at keeping us abreast of all the news. Thanks!

  • steve

    It’s gonna suck. It’s not TNG timeline and takes place in the past. No Enterprise either.

    • Eric Cheung

      So the only show that would work for you is on the Enterprise E or F? That’s a pretty narrow set of prerequisites.

      • Rass

        I can’t even take the guy seriously after his comment.

      • FoghornKeghorn

        In my opinion, I just want it to be in a natural post TNG / VOY / DS9 universe, not the JJ-Verse. Move the story forward and stop with time-travel, deus ex machina and reset button timelines.

        • Zarm

          Although- and they could still do this and Star Wars fans would feel their pain- but it would either have to be set a good ways after (a hundred years at least), or else overwrite/undo all of their ongoing media tie-ins (relaunch novels, STO, etc.), which doesn’t see the tactically wisest. So I could see it being a continuation set in the NEXT Next Generation. 🙂 (Although since most pitches these days seem to include a Federation decaying from within or somesuch… that could be a rather dark continuation of the accomplishments of our heroes from the other series. Then again… Star Wars fans can feel THAT pain, too). 😉

          All of which to say- that is my hope for a setting, too (that, or a TOS-movie era… but I think that’s probably a pipe dream)- it just has its own set of challenges to be an organic outgrowth of the time period without doing something to step on the toes of the rest of the franchise.

        • Eric Cheung

          To me, I don’t really care which continuity it’s in, as long as the tone and philosophy are true to Trek. I mostly object to the rampant destruction and whitewashing in the JJ movies. But at least on that latter point, Bryan Fuller would be a big step in the right direction.

          I want to see more of civilian life in the Federation. I want to see life in a post-scarcity, post-capitalist, unified government of Earth and/or the UFP. For decades Trek has inspired engineers to create the technologies dreamed up by the show, but I want Trek to inspire politicians and economists next.

          I kind of share Berman and Braga’s worry about going too far into the future, in that at some point the technology and society just becomes a ridiculous parody of a world that just manages to be a reflection of the real world.

          • FoghornKeghorn


    • None of those things is true – at least, as far as we know. CBS has not addressed *any* of those things. Anything else is simply unfounded rumors at this point.

      • Kayla Iacovino

        Agreed, steve, where have you heard this???

    • Rass

      Oh, grow up.

  • Section31

    But why does he think there won’t be official casting news until the fourth quarter when the series is slated for a January release? I mean, as has been said, Scott Bakula had been casted 5 months prior to the premier. So shouldn’t it be realistic to expect casting news in August?

  • Hayde Christiansson

    Great choice, much better than one facial expression Bassett. And I hope they get good actors in other roles, maybe have somebody like Kyle MacLachlan as an admiral.

  • Steve Martino

    So that’s why he left Axanar?

    • BotanyCameos

      No, he left them many months ago (due to their internal problems and mismanagement of money etc.), so it would have been long before this.

  • The Magic Christian

    I hope he makes the cast.

  • Zarm

    Okay, firstly, cool as that graphic is- *ahem*- it is the SEVENTH series. TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and then this.

    Secondly… that’s awesome. Just rewatched The Visitor, and constantly watching The Flash. Tony Todd’s the man, and I’d love to see him on more Trek.

    • It’s the sixth live action series, and just as “Enterprise” was referred to as “Series V” before it had an official title, we’re following the same tradition.

  • Kayla Iacovino

    Well spotted, TrekCore! Wouldn’t Todd be great in the new series? I’d be totally for it.

    • I am not Herbert

      Hey Kayla,
      …how ’bout lifting the unfair ban on my posting to trekmovie?
      (or do you all still fear the truth?)( and suck as a result) =(

  • SpaceCadet

    Tony Todd is an amazing and underrated actor! In a just world, he would have at least been nominated for an Emmy for his guest turn as the elder Jake Sisko. If he joins the new series, it’s all the more reason for me to tune in.

  • JasonAW3

    The question I have is whether or not this will be set in the Old Trek univers, the Abraham’s Universe or even the Next Generation era.

  • FoghornKeghorn

    Please be set in the original TOS / TNG / DS9 / VOY universe… please.

  • Willie Jones 3rd