Son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenerry, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry has signed on to the upcoming 2017 Star Trek television series in an executive producer role.

Roddenberry, who is also president of the Roddenberry Entertainment company and producer of the 2009 Trek Nation documentary, is coming on board to the CBS All Access series along with Roddenberry Entertainment chief operating officer Trevor Roth.

STUDIO CITY, CALIF. – March 3, 2016 – Roddenberry Entertainment President Rod Roddenberry, son of the late “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry, and COO Trevor Roth, join the new “Star Trek” television series as executive producers, joining Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin and Bryan Fuller, who was previously announced as the new series showrunner.

“Gene Roddenberry, the Great Bird of the Galaxy, left a finely feathered nest for all who love ‘Star Trek’ to enjoy,” said Bryan Fuller, Executive Producer. “And it is only fitting that Rod Roddenberry and Roddenberry Entertainment join our new Trek adventure to ensure that his father’s legacy of hope for the future and infinite diversity in infinite combinations runs through our tales as Gene Roddenberry intended.”

“Moral dilemmas, human issues, complex characters and a genuine sense of optimism: These are the cornerstones of Star Trek and are what have made it such an influential and beloved franchise for the last 50 years,” said Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Executive Producer of the series and President of Roddenberry Entertainment.

“While I will always be humbled by its legacy and the legions of fans who are its guardians, it’s a genuine honor to be joining a team of imaginative and incredibly capable individuals whose endeavor it is to uphold the tenets of Star Trek’s legacy while bringing it to audiences in a new era and on a contemporary platform.”

Roddenberry and Roth are the two newest members of the Star Trek 2017 team, joining showrunner Bryan Fuller, writer-producer Nick Meyer, and executive producer team Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin.

The full CBS press release is available at CBS Press Express.


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  • bytes

    Things are looking up.

  • Zarm

    They are really assembling a star-studded creative cast, and from a cross section of each era- the DS9/VOY, the TOS movies, the JJ era, the post-franchize fan period (and Rodenberry relation); all we’re missing is a TOS, TNG, and ENT alumni.

    I think this is an interesting approach; take the best of every era, including the fan-run, Phase II fanfilm era, and see what they can come up with working between all their strengths. It’s a smart approach.

  • Michael Broadhead

    Please have Ron Moore be next!

    • Daniel Shock

      I would lose my mind if Ron Moore joined! I would explode excitement!

    • Ron Moore is running “Outlander” for Starz.

      • The Fox

        didnt that get cancelled?

        • human8


          • The Fox

            am i confusing it with his other show?

          • human8

            with Helix (was canceled) maybe ?

          • The Fox


            But i also heard outlander was cancelled.

            hang on lets google it

          • The Fox

            you are indeed correct.
            Helix was cancelled, outlander was renewed and airs on April 9, 2016

      • Ahmed

        I don’t see a problem with that, Ron Moore is capable of running two shows at the same times as we saw with ‘Helix’ & ‘Outlander’. Lets not forget that Bryan Fuller is the showrunner of the upcoming ‘American Gods’ series on Starz, in addition to his duties as a showrunner on Star Trek 2017.

    • iMike

      I don’t see Ron coming back to Star Trek. His last few interviews on the TNG blu rays gave me the impression he was done. Obviously that was just the impression I got from it and could be totally wrong. I would of course love it if he joined the project, even though he’s doing other stuff.

    • Ahmed

      I’d love to see that happening.

      • Maya Quinto

        Yep, me too!

        An interesting idea would be to hire Vince Gilligan. Ran “Breaking Bad” and worked on “X-Files.”

      • Cygnus-X1

        That would be awesome.

    • DC Forever


  • M33

    Loving the team they are assembling! Trek Avengers Assemble!

  • Cygnus-X1

    I really hope they get rid of Kurtzman. Have the moderators reported back yet about whether The Fox appears to have legitimate sources?

    • Captain Jon

      I’d be careful about trusting anything The Fox says. Most people on these boards who say they have “inside information” tend to be blowing smoke out their butts. They’re asked to provide proof to backup what they’re saying and they don’t. The TrekCore Staff have even asked him to provide sources and he turns around and insults them and says they need to act like good journalists and do their own research.
      There was one poster who said the ST: Beyond was going to be canceled altogether, that the studio hadn’t approved the budget or anything, all while the cast was reported to be arriving in Vancouver for filming.
      Just be careful. BTW…I mentioned this in another post for a different article, but in most cultures, the fox is used to represent trickery, mischievousness and cunning. So just a friendly heads up, it’s a sick twisted game they’re playing.

      • Cygnus-X1

        Well, if The Fox is the same guy who leaked all of those rumors under the handle “Paramobius,” then I’m inclined to believe him. Most of those Paramobius rumors eventually bore out true—that Orci was out as director, that Orci’s script had been rejected, that CBS was planning a new Trek series. He leaked all of those events months before the media reported them.

        I’ve already asked the TrekCore staff to report back after they’ve spoken with The Fox and let us know whether his sources seem credible. So far, my request has received no response from the TrekCore staff, but I’m hope that they’ll reply at some point.

    • Captain Jon

      For all the hate Kurtzman gets around here, I think he should get credit where credit is due.

      1. He helped get the show green lit by CBS in the first place.
      2. He likely had a hand in at least bringing Fuller aboard as showrunner.

      So far, I have no complaints about the decisions that have been made so far, likely with Kurtzman’s involvement. Keep in mind that at one point, Rick Berman was responsible for the overseeing Trek’s television Golden Age. His problem was that he just didn’t know when to step away.

      • Cygnus-X1

        If you’re suggesting that CBS might not have done a new Trek series without Alex Kurtzman, I’d really need some proof to believe such a counter-intuitive notion. I’m sure you saw what Les Moonves said recently about Star Trek. He spoke of it being one of the most valuable properties of CBS. I’m sure he’d have done a new Trek series with or without a producer of mediocre (at best) TV shows, like Alex Kurtzman. And I have no reason to believe that Bryan Fuller would not have been involved if it were some other executive producer hired by CBS to put together a new Trek series. Not that Fuller is required for this series, anyway. There’s no shortage of talent out there to run a Trek TV show—some better suited than Fuller and some not as well suited.

        Though, I do take your point about Rick Berman. We’ve heard tell of some of Berman’s creative decisions working to the detriment of the Trek series being produced under his management, so I’m hoping that either Kurtzman is replaced or that he has no creative influence over the show. Kurtzman being strictly the nuts-and-bolts, bean-counting, keep-the-lights-on executive might be alright. But I won’t lie—I’d feel much better about the new show if Kurtzman were not involved.

        • Mo

          I believe Moonves has also (earlier) said that never liked nor understood Star Trek. It’s very likely that his current public affection for it is mostly about the business case Kurtzman probably made for it as a new venture. If Kurtzman was able to show how CBS could make money off the franchise, Moonves would’ve changed his tune in a New York minute, which is what we’re now hearing.

          • Cygnus-X1

            Les Moonves, the world-renowned business genius with four decades of top-level experience in the TV industry, wasn’t able to see the profit-potential in a franchise with 50 years-worth of market-testing and big-data until writer/producer Alex Kurtzman explained it to him? I don’t buy that for a New York second.

          • Mo

            Moonves is a serial purveyor of schlock and sausage for the lowest-common-denominator audience. In that at least, he can probably be considered a genius, yes. But he certainly wouldn’t be the first high-level tv executive who neither cared about Trek or could see its potential.

          • Cygnus-X1

            Moonves is a serial purveyor of schlock and sausage for the lowest-common-denominator audience.

            I know. I’ve seen the shows on CBS that Moonves contracted Kurtzman/Orci to produce.

            If Moonves didn’t see the potential in Trek, he wouldn’t have hung onto it all these years. He’d have sold that property for big bucks. I don’t doubt that Moonves gets consultation from creatives pitching him ideas for a show that he’s considering producing, but neither do I believe that Alex Kurtzman, of all people, was the only one (or even just one of a dozen) who could have made a good pitch to Moonves. After all, the same logic you’re using to characterize the average CBS show as schlock must also apply to the half-dozen shows that Kurtzman has produced for CBS. So, it would seem that what we have here is Little Schlock pitching to Big Schlock. And that’s where someone like Fuller comes in (hopefully) to turn the show from a schlocky pitch into a quality Trek-like series.

        • Captain Jon

          The truth is, nobody in the general public really knows what’s going on behind the scenes. Its all speculation. If CBS had intended to go to Fuller, they would’ve skipped Kurtzman altogether. So my point is that since Kurtzman was their original hire, he must have had a hand in bringing him in. He deserves credit for that.

          I understand everyone’s skepticism of Kurtzman’s involvement. I share it, but I’m not going to trash him just for trash sake. He should get credit if he makes good decisions and not have them written off. From all the information we have right now, it seems Kurtzman will be taking a backseat role while Fuller runs the show. I’m fine with that the same as you. Let’s just give the guy a chance to produce Trek in its natural medium. If he’s booted, it’s probably for the best. If not, then maybe he’s doing a better job with TV Trek then Movie Trek.

          • Cygnus-X1

            Just to be clear, I’m not trashing Kurtzman just for the sake it. I’m expressing the serious doubts that I have about his ability or intentions of producing a good show consistent with the spirit and values of the best of pre-BR Trek. As for giving credit where due, I do give Kurtzman credit for choosing Fuller and Meyer, if it was he who chose them. But, that doesn’t mean that I forget all about Kurtzman’s resume and track record. That said, it looks like we’re pretty much meeting minds here, Captain Jon.

  • SonOfDust

    Just add the Okudas and we’re all set.

    • iMike

      More than anyone else I would love to see the Okudas added!

    • The Fox

      too many cooks are involved in this at the moment as producers, however I have also been informed on how much power Kurtzman has over the series…… none, his production compnay is simply shooting the series, no creatve control whatsoever

      • hellion


        • The Fox

          people at cbs who have very seldom been wrong.

          But even if they not, the fact is you have fuller shorunning, a stuido in LA and an exec who is there ceremonially and someone who has been hired to protect genes vision

          • Cygnus-X1

            Right, that’d be my guess as well.

        • James

          Without a source, it’s pure speculation / made up nonsense.

          • hellion

            ^ this!

      • Cygnus-X1

        Kurtzman having no creative input is great news, if it’s true.

        As for all of the chefs, I was wondering what all of these “executive producers” are going to be doing. If Kurtzman and his partners are just doing nuts-and-bolts oversight, will Rod Roddenberry and his partner be serving in a capacity somewhat akin to GR’s former movie role as consulting producer?

        • Brian Thorn

          I hope that’s true. Kurtzman’s current show, “Scorpion” is very possibly the worst-written show currently on the air. It has some interesting characters, but the plots strongly suggest that no one writing that show ever attended, much less passed any science classes. Or knows anything about engineering. Or government. Or law and order. Or…

          • Cygnus-X1

            Yeah, the funniest characterization of Scorpion that I’ve heard is “The A-Team with nerds.” I normally don’t bother with those Kurtzman/Orci TV shows—Lord knows there are enough of them to choose from—but, after hearing from a few people that “Fringe” wasn’t too bad, I recently tried getting into it. I have to say that the pilot episode was enjoyable enough, but after that I really couldn’t force myself to watch many more of them. It’s a formulaic show and the formula is boring to me. Each episode is centered around some “fringe science” concept that the mad doctor uses to save the day. But, just thinking up some Frankenstein-type of “fringe science” concept by itself isn’t interesting enough to hold my attention for that many episodes. And there’s really nothing else going on in that show with character development, or thematically, to keep me interested. It’s all about the fringe-science-concept-of-the-week, and the good-guys running around in their efforts to save the day—all plot and little to nothing below the surface. At least, that’s all the first few episodes are. As I said, I wasn’t willing to force myself to stick with the show beyond that. And by most accounts, “Fringe” is Kurtzman’s best TV show.

          • proximablack

            If you enjoy sci-fi TV, I’d advise you to give Fringe a chance beyond those opening episodes. I’d agree the show stumbled a bit with those early stand-alone episodes, but when it got going properly with its ongoing mythology arc with parallel dimensions and time travel, it was pretty great. It very quickly ditched that monster-of-the-week formula, and became about something completely different. Very often they completely upended the status quo from season-to-season, so those early episodes do not really represent what the show ultimately became. If you just want to sample the key episodes of the story arc of the first two seasons, I’d say they are: 1×01, 1×04, 1×10, 1×14, 1×17, 1×19, 1×20, 2×01, 2×04, 2×08, 2×10, 2×15, 2×16, 2×19, 2×22-23.

          • Cygnus-X1

            OK, I’ll try some of those.

          • proximablack

            Come to think of it, the last few could be 2×14, 2×15, 2×18, 2×21-22, depending on where you watch it. Originally they aired a leftover episode from season 1 as 2×11, so it altered the order a bit. If the season has only 22 episodes, they’ve left it out.

  • MJ

    Great news!!!!!

  • The Fox

    Rod i believe has been anti Reboot for years (And before people say oh no he did trek nation and was pro, boo hoo), remember a lot of people were pro reboot until they saw the movie.

    • James

      Rod is not anti-reeboot, I can find no source where he expresses that (can you?) – here’s his opinion on Into Darkness:

      quote: “I’m really connecting with the fact that it had humanistic themes,” Roddenberry told 1701News. “If the last movie was lacking anything, it was lacking that. But in this one, they did a really good job of bringing in what makes Star Trek what it is.”

      quote: “In mid-2009, the Los Angeles Times reported that Roddenberry approved of the 2009 Star Trek film by J. J. Abrams. Roddenberry opined that the producers and writers “made Star Trek cool again” with the film.[6]”

      quote: “”I actually like the movie. I think J.J. Abrams did a great job,” Rod Roddenberry told Reddit readers during a live event Monday. “The first 10 minutes of the 2009 ‘Star Trek’ brought me to tears — and it still does every time.”

      • The Fox

        so you quoting 1701 news, a page noticeably with bias and has less legimtamacy than fox news when it comes to trek.
        All I am going to post are these.

        I am also going to give you a quote from the Balatomore sun

        You WERE very supportive of the first “Star Trek” movie by director J.J. Abrams. Why?

        I kept saying it was very good “Star Trek.” The movies have always
        been more action-oriented because you’re appealing to a broader
        audience. The idea-driven “Star Trek” was made for television. You can
        explore those ideas in depth.

        Now lets be clear here, this will have different tone to most trek series, it just wont be JJtrek.

        See CNN video above.

        • FrostUK

          lol none of those links have anything to do with JJ Abrams movies. One of them features Rod Roddenberry but he’s not talking about Abrams’ films. Are you Fox News?

        • Captain Jon

          I think you’re reading a little too much into the “were”. I think that was used in the question because they were referring to a past production. If he was against it, then he would have used that opportunity to trash it. Instead he notes the movies are always action-oriented for mass appeal. At no point does he say he’s anti-nuTrek.

          Btw are you referring to the Baltimore Sun?

  • Newdivide1701

    “Come come, Mr. Scott. Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant.”

    “Moral dilemmas, human issues, complex characters and a genuine sense of
    optimism: These are the cornerstones of Star Trek and are what have
    made it such an influential and beloved franchise for the last 50

    Something that Star Trek has always been maintained since the beginning, including JJ’s Star Trek movies. But hoping that with the issues are not so in your face or made painfully concrete, meaning where we can allow ourselves to work it out for ourselves. More importantly where it reveals who we, the audience, really are.

  • Alex Huffman

    “Contemporary platform.” I wonder if he’s referring to CBS All Access or the “platform” on which the show will be based.

  • stefffen


    and for the look,.. Michael and Denise Okuda please!!

    • Captain Jon

      And why not also bring in Ron Jones for the music?

      • Brian Thorn

        After the meddling he got on TNG (Berman demanded Elevator Music)? I doubt he’s interested.

        • Captain Jon

          You never know. He did Starfleet Academy and that was after he got fired. If he’s allowed the freedom he deserves and Berman isnt allowed within 25 miles of the studio, I’m sure he could be enticed to come back.

  • spooky

    Manny Coto and the Reeves Stevensens is they can’t get Ron Moore on board. 🙂

    • Captain Jon

      Why not just all four???

  • Captain Jon

    I must admit I’m rather indifferent to this news. Yeah, it’s nice to have a Roddenberry attached to the project, but what does that really mean? It says he’ll be an executive producer. How much creative input will he have? Until we learn more about how much creativity he brings to the project, this seems more like a symbolic move in my opinion, a move by CBS and the producers to try to assure fans that this will be more along the lines of traditional Trek than the current film series.

  • Captain Jon

    When is anybody going to talk about casting? Angela Bassett (Fuller’s rumored captain of choice) has told E! that she’d love to be the new captain but it wouldn’t work while she’s doing American Horror Story.
    So who else should be the captain? I think it should be someone who casual TV viewers would recognize, who would serve as a good, strong lead and be believable as the captain of a starship.
    Personally, I would go with Kelsey Grammer, a professed Star Trek fan. The only problem is he’s 61 so who knows how big of a problem his age would be. You would definitely need a younger cast to help carry any possible action that takes place.

    • Brian Thorn

      You have to have a production team on board, plan the characters, setting, etc., before you start casting. This is TV pilot season, but most of these pilots are for shows starting in the fall. Star Trek won’t start until January, so they have more time.

      • Captain Jon

        I meant anyone around here, sorry. I know they need to be much further along in pre-production first. I just was wondering if anyone was interested in discussing their own ideal casting.

    • Cygnus-X1

      Another issue with Kelsey Grammer is that, since his Trek cameo in TNG’s Cause and Effect, he’s come out as a right-wing zealot with his own right-wing TV channel, even—not exactly progressive “Star Trek” values, if you take my meaning.

  • Mo

    Figurehead. No writing or producing credits to speak of. He’s signed on for name value and money.

    Don’t assume talent is hereditary.

    • Chris R

      True. Although I did think Trek Nation was a great documentary

      Rod isnt going to be involved in the day to day

      • Mo

        Of course he isn’t going to be involved day-to-day. He’s not qualified.

        I’ll take your word for the documentary; perhaps I’ll see it someday. If only to learn more about Rod than about Trek.

  • Gary

    Pretty exciting news and so far so many “real Trek crew member” joined to this… hopefully they will bring back Star Trek in the way we like it without the twisted “JJism” non-sense, just pure Star Trek what we love. 🙂

  • Chris R

    Lets get DC Fontana next and some new young writers

  • Philip

    Everyone should re watch his documentary, “Trek Nation”, and focus on the scene where he tried interviewing his mother, Majel, and the look she throws him once she realizes what he’s doing— to me, it’s as if she felt he was just NOW conveniently trying to make a living off his dad’s creation that she knew full well over the years he couldn’t give two craps about… I wouldn’t trust his intentions at all as far as being genuine with Trek… Just my own opinion, but check out that sequence in Trek Nation and see what y’all think….

  • Alien Timetraveller

    Hope he gets better treatment this time than when he was a “Creative Consultant” on Earth: Final Conflict.

  • DC Forever


  • I am not Herbert

    kurtzman SUCKS =(