Last fall, Paramount Pictures put up the first teaser poster for STAR TREK BEYOND – a placeholder design using the 2009 film’s photos – at the MIPCOM Entertainment Expo in Cannes, and it seems that CBS/Paramount has continued that trend for both the upcoming film and next year’s new Star Trek television show as well at the MIP TV international television trade show.


First up is this square presentation of the STAR TREK BEYOND key title art, which also sports the “Star Trek 50” logo we’ve been talking about since our exclusive debut last spring. Nothing really new to see here, but this is the first combination of those two graphic elements we’ve seen.


Additionally, paired with CBS’s other premium television projects, this large poster for the 2017 Star Trek show vividly announces the return to the small screen, in a design reminiscent of that early sales graphic we saw two weeks ago. Again, there’s no spoilers or hints to the direction of the series, but as CBS president Les Moonves detailed earlier this year, it’s a big draw for the international market.

Thanks to Romain Nigita from 8 Art Global for spotting these!


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  • The Fox

    AND YET, STILL NO TRAILER, OR ADS, OR any real marketing, just posters which have been out for like, well since january

    • Neil Kesler

      Relax dude! This could be a good thing. I swear people like you are similar to children, having a temper tantrum if they dont get a video game or candy bar

      • The Fox

        no i just dont care, not gonna bother, releasing pictures like this honestly is not news since the beyond picture ha been out for months

        • Neil Kesler

          And let me ask you a question sir… If the movie is a success, are you going to kick yourself in the rear !? Eventhough alot of the fans would say The Motion picture and The Final Frontier were bad, they both had a positive things that had occured.
          TMP we saw our heroes on the big screen with Bill Shatner as an admiral kirk, Jerry goldsmith who composed the soundtrack

          TFF we thought that this would be the last installment of the great crew, but we also found out that Spock had a brother, McCoy thinking that he shouldve been a better son to his ailing father and Kirk pretty much admits he was afraid of dying and falling. And Mr goldsmith composed this feature film as well.

          On that note if you quit your pissing and moaning you might be actually surprised

          • The Fox

            its not going to be a success, movie needs to make a lot more money than it is to make a profit.

    • TrekRules

      What do you expect them to have? They are still working on the ideas, no cast, no nothing. They make a trailer that will be generic and have nothing to do with the show and people will complain too. What’s the point then?

      • Locutus

        I could be wrong, but I think The Fox is referring to Star Trek Beyond not Star Trek Series 2007. With respect to Star Trek Beyond, I do think now would be a good time to roll out a trailer. Given how ill-received the teaser was by many fans, a good trailer could win them back.

        • kadajawi

          That depends on them having something they can make a good trailer out of.

          Besides, if they are smart they will avoid trailers that give away too much of the plot, but that limits the possibilities.

        • Brian Thorn

          If they couldn’t get one out for Superman v. Batman, they should just wait and have a new trailer around the time of Captain America next month. Releasing one now would just be hitting theaters for a bunch of middling movies. We need it out on a blockbuster.

      • DangerousDac

        I’d bet a dollar he’s talking about Beyond, not the TV show.

      • The Fox

        i think the point is, this movie is supposed to be released in 90 days and no trailer in any theatres, no mention from anyone at paramount, no nothing. Just heavy reshoots.

    • danielcw

      It worked for Mission Impossible 5 last year …

  • madmadia85


  • Lauren Burton

    It’s clear that (if they’re following canon of sorts), that the new series will be based in the TOS or TMP era, given the typeface used and specifically the Starfleet logo used, which is reminiscent of that era.

    I realise it’s a teaser but even with teasers, they give some indication!

    • Josh Heinrichs

      Not really as Starfleet has always used the Delta Shield logo. If you remember, Starfleet HQ has a large one plastered across the front their building during the latter half of Voyager’s run.

      • Locutus

        Did the delta shield in Voyager include the command department designation within it? The use of the command department designation and the TOS font do make me think TOS or TOS-movie era. They may just be trying to remain consistent with the 50th Anniversary nostalgia esthetic though. I wouldn’t really conclude much of anything from it.

        • Josh Heinrichs

          This is from the Episode “Pathfinder” from Voyager’s 6th season.

          • Josh Heinrichs

            Also, as the original poster stated it is just a “teaser” so the font could change between now and say San Diego Comic Con where I would think we get more news.

          • Locutus

            Thanks for the screenshot!

      • kadajawi

        Not true. During TOS each ship had a different insignia, and the delta shield is what was used for the Enterprise. Later only did they use this insignia for all of Starfleet.

    • lilyboosh

      That’s what I was thinking too, it looks TOS/TMP both in the insignia and the font. Can’t say I’m too excited (I’d prefer post-voyager) but we’ll see.

    • This early out, especially without a proper title, it’s entirely probable that this is just stock artwork thrown together. Hell, the initial ads for TNG had a couple snippets of TOS movie scenes thrown in, if I remember. *shrug*

    • Eric Cheung

      It’s about as clear as when the DS9 and VOY logos used the Movie Era font.

    • Thomas Elkins

      Star Trek Online uses the TOS font, but still takes place in 2409.

      • Lauren Burton

        Ermm it was established long ago that STO was not canon, therefore, we can’t count that I’m afraid.

        • Thomas Elkins

          It’s still an example of a CBS licensed product using TOS font while having nothing to do with TOS. That means that the font isn’t necessarily indicative of any particular era.

          • OphidianJaguar

            This is true. Granted novels and games are not considered canon, neither is the cartoon thankfully, its god awful. But TOS is a CBS licensed product, which I am hoping they will draw on for the new show.

        • Eric Cheung

          Fonts aren’t canon though, just like theme songs aren’t canon. They have nothing to do with what exists in-universe. Even if they were, those fonts exist in our universe, centuries before the show will likely take place. So they can use whatever fonts they want, whatever they find fashionable. As with any styles, they could be cyclical.

          Absolutely no conclusion can be drawn from the font used in the poster, except that all branding since the 40th Anniversary has used the TOS font. All merchandise, including toys and home media such as canon movies, canon TV releases, novels, and comic books, have used the TOS font. That this show’s teaser poster, a year out, uses that font merely means that it’s consistent with the overall franchise branding of the post-Berman era.

    • The Grand Nagus

      It’s pretty common in real life for retro trends come back in fashion and design. So it’s not unlikely that they could go back to using that style of logo even in the distant future.

    • jstimson

      The blu-ray release of the 2009 movie used the classic font.

      • OphidianJaguar

        That’s because its Kirk and Spock; it’s the original series redone. I don’t think that is the case with the new show.

    • OphidianJaguar

      Not always. I’d say its extremely preliminary at this point and cannot speculate based of the poster. The only thing we can assume, with almost 100% certainty is that it is a prime universe show. Willing to bet all my money this show will have its own font for the title and its own delta shield.

      • Lauren Burton

        Please enlighten, how can we assume with 100% certainty it will be prime?

        • OphidianJaguar

          Lol I do not know if I can enlighten but I will try to explain.

          Don’t misquote :p …I said “almost 100% certainty”.

          A: Bryan Fuller (wrote for Voyager and DS9, both prime)
          B: Nicholas Meyer (has said in interviews he is not a fan of the new movies at all.)
          C: Rod Roddenberry (true to his fathers trek, classic trek)
          D: CBS not Paramount (CBS is all Prime, Paramount is not)

          Those are four VERY strong reasons it would be prime. Forget that Alex Kurtzman is heading the show. CBS is running the show, not Alex. I don’t think one person will make it alternate when you have CBS, Fuller, Meyer, Roddenberry who more than likely all want prime. Its common knowledge that CBS and Paramount do not get along on the direction Star Trek should take and CBS cares nothing for the reboot movies or reboot universe. CBS has also said this new Star Trek will be true to past iterations and Gene’s vision….to me that says it all in black and white. All of CBS licensing and merchandise is prime, why would they change that? CBS owning all the TV series which are all prime universe, I think they would stick with that formula. The fact that the new movies are in the alternate universe (and making bigger bucks than past trek movies) is not enough incentive for CBS to follow that route, this is TV, not movies. I have a feeling this Star Trek will be different than what we know, more so than Enterprise. Enterprise was quite different, different enough fans (not including myself) didn’t like it. But it still fit in the Voyager, DS9 framework. This show will be far more different than what we know, possibly more edgy, not necessarily darker but I highly doubt alternate. I would bet lots of money on it.

          But until its released my views and points are no more or less valid that anyone else’s. We honestly do not know. But when I have that gut feeling I tend not to ignore it because it is often correct. I trust my instincts.

          And PS I like you pic, cute but with a little “wow that lemon was sour” look lol :p

  • Shane

    Im sure the marketing for Beyond will crank up in the upcoming months as for the series I hope its not a prequel thats been done with Enterprise and that’s the only Trek series i gave up on.

  • TheFounder

    with our luck it’s based on TAS.

  • Eric Cheung

    I think we’re at the point where we’re probably due for another trailer. The last two movies opened in the first week of May, and had at least their second trailers by the time of the Super Bowl. Since Beyond will be in mid-July, that’s about three months from Friday or next Friday, just as the Super Bowl was three months before the previous two movies. So far, we’ve only had the one trailer. By three months out, I think we had a few complete scenes released, right?

    Another factor is which movies in the next couple of weeks it might be attached to. Among films Wikipedia lists in April, maybe Hardcore Henry, The Jungle Book, Green Room, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Keanu, and Ratchet and Clank might be candidates?

  • Erik

    Well, as some stated I too think that is just a random ad-poster for the series.
    As far as “Beyond” is concerned I’m not interested at all. It will be the same for the series it it is a reboot one respectively in the crappy JJ-Timeline.
    Just my € 0,02 😉

  • OphidianJaguar

    Nice promo poster, even if it is extremely generic.

  • Unusual One

    Two thumbs up for the newest Star Trek TV series! I have already rearranged the furniture in my living room for the best view of the TV set. Now, I just have to figure out what kind of buffet I will have while watching the first episode of the new series.

  • OphidianJaguar

    I just hope this is a post Nemesis show. 100 – 200 years past Nemesis. With the way our technology is advancing today, its hard to make a show believable in the TOS or TMP era. We need to go 200 years past Picard simply for technologies sake and exploration, lots to still chart in the Milky Way. Yes I want to see what happened between Enterprise and TOS as well as post Enterprise B pre Encounter at Farpoint but I want advanced future tech, specifically tech from Star Trek Online. I WANT STARFLEET TRANSWARP TERMINALS taking Federation Starships to the far reaches of the galaxy or possible to other galaxies Stargate Atlantis style. And unique ships just google Star Trek Online ships. I also hope they finally do away with showing the credits into the show, ugh. Show some credits during the opening theme and save the rest for the end title, I don’t want a screen full of names once the show starts after theme, few shows do that these days. TNG was the worst, sometimes covering the entire screen with names and titles….serious!? Few movies these days have long opening titles, few TV shows have credits after the theme.