CBS has now publically confirmed their plans to film in Toronto, via Twitter.


Originally published as an unsourced report at Pop Goes the News last week, TrekCore can now confirm (via CBS) that the 2017 Star Trek television series is going to be filmed not in Los Angeles, but in Toronto, Ontario when production begins later this year.

Toronto’s city hall was an Iconian favorite. (TNG: “Contagion”)

While southern California served as home base for all five live-action Trek television shows filmed over the last fifty years, production is headed northeast for Bryan Fuller’s new endeavor, making this just the second Trek production to be filmed outside the United States – following STAR TREK BEYOND which filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2015.

While it may seem an unusual choice to some, the city has served Bryan Fuller well, serving as a stand-in for Baltimore, MD recently on his three-season critically acclaimed series Hannibal, which ended its run last year. In addition, Fuller is also in the early days of filming on his television adaptation of American Gods, also under production in the city.

No start-of-filming timeline has yet been announced, though with a proposed January 2017 launch date for the series on CBS’s All Access streaming service, it seems that Fuller’s year is all booked up.

Just remember not to pronounce that second ‘T’.