CBS has now publically confirmed their plans to film in Toronto, via Twitter.


Originally published as an unsourced report at Pop Goes the News last week, TrekCore can now confirm (via CBS) that the 2017 Star Trek television series is going to be filmed not in Los Angeles, but in Toronto, Ontario when production begins later this year.

Toronto’s city hall was an Iconian favorite. (TNG: “Contagion”)

While southern California served as home base for all five live-action Trek television shows filmed over the last fifty years, production is headed northeast for Bryan Fuller’s new endeavor, making this just the second Trek production to be filmed outside the United States – following STAR TREK BEYOND which filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2015.

While it may seem an unusual choice to some, the city has served Bryan Fuller well, serving as a stand-in for Baltimore, MD recently on his three-season critically acclaimed series Hannibal, which ended its run last year. In addition, Fuller is also in the early days of filming on his television adaptation of American Gods, also under production in the city.

No start-of-filming timeline has yet been announced, though with a proposed January 2017 launch date for the series on CBS’s All Access streaming service, it seems that Fuller’s year is all booked up.

Just remember not to pronounce that second ‘T’.

  • DS9 is King

    I have High Hopes for this series, I Hope it will be great.

  • Neil Kesler

    Let the negative comments start flooding in.

    I for one am excited about this new series

  • Matthew Klamm

    “Where will the series be shot?” was one of the three basic
    questions with the new series I thought CBS would say something about sooner
    than this.

    The other two basic questions they could answer now are:

    1) How many episodes have been ordered for season one?

    2) Will the premiere episode being broadcast on CBS be a one-hour or two-hour premiere?

    • prometheus59650

      13 is the standard for an online series, so, quite probably, that.

    • SpaceCadet

      I’d bet money it’s two hours which would make sense for a big premiere event. Besides, all of the live action Trek series premieres have been two hours going back to TNG. Also, CBS can charge higher rates for advertising on the night of the premiere over the duration of two hours versus one, so it makes more sense financially as well.

  • melo

    Who fucking cares where it’s filmed? Just produce a good show.

    • It’s more political hypocrisy than anything else.

      It’s the hypocrisy of the darlings of the leftist progressives. It’s the Hollywood elite who falsely claim to be ‘for the little guy’ and say the top people should be taxed more, then they move their productions out of California to save themselves from the massive tax burden they want heaped upon anyone other than themselves.

      • PunditGuy

        Because California has no tax incentives for the film industry.

        Because high-tax California’s economy is in absolute shambles, while slashed-tax Kansas is an economic nirvana with six-figure jobs for every man, woman and child in the state.

        Conservative disdain for the real world is both laughable and frightening. You probably vote. Such a pity.

        • adrian mcdonald

          California has a $330 million tax credit program.

      • adrian mcdonald

        High taxes have nothing to do with it. Ontartio’s “tax” credits are paid out as cash. If I spent $1 million on a show in Toronto, the province cuts me a check for $250k.

    • Daniel Strouble

      Only a veruul would use such language in public

  • ignimbrite

    “Originally published as an unsourced report” and then you don’t give your source of confirmation.

    • TrekCore Admin

      ignimbrite, we vet and confirm all of our Trek 2017 and Star Trek Beyond stories with CBS and Paramount respectively to ensure what you read here is 100% accurate. Too many sites report rumors as facts… we’d rather maintain journalistic integrity by checking those stories thoroughly first.

    • We’ve also updated the article to specifically cite CBS as our verification source.

  • Thomas W.

    No more californian landscapes for alien planets? Too sad… I always thought the whole galaxy looks like california…

    • The tax system is one that would make any Ferengi proud.

    • jerr

      now it will be all green forests like StarGate

      • The “Stargate” shows were filmed in Vancouver – the other side of the continent.

        • jerr

          I’m not up to speed on my Canadian geography 🙂

          • The Chadwick

            Still, plenty of forests in the greater Toronto area. I live in Hamilton about an hour west of Toronto, in the Golden Horseshoe, a beautiful area, but Vancouver is far more impressive.

        • GIBBS v2

          Still endless trees but thank you for your attention to detail.

    • And here I was looking forward to seeing those beloved Vasquez Rocks again. 🙂

  • October_1985

    Yayy! I need some Star Trek in TV, it’s been too long!

  • Robert Anthony

    I’m very curious about the number of episodes per season too. …And now to pursue a secret fantasy I didn’t even know I had: be an extra in Star Trek!! (since it’s being made in my city)

    • SpaceCadet

      I want to be an extra too! And being from Chicago makes a road trip much more feasible than if I had to drive to L.A.!

      • Robert Anthony

        How many hours is the drive from Chicago to Toronto? : )

        • SpaceCadet

          Looks like I could do it in 8.5 hours! Long drive but still doable!

          • Robert Anthony

            That is a long drive. Maybe we’ll meet in a casting line. Be sure to practice your “phaser to the chest spasm-and-fall”. : )

  • TrekRules

    Since it is mostly done on stages, not a huge deal that it is filmed in Toronto(what, Vancouver too busy?) but interesting since until now Trek has always been an LA production. Makes you wonder if Paramount/CBS feel Trek is losing power now since they are filming it outside of LA where it is much cheaper to do. Guess we won’t be seeing a couple specific landscapes anymore.

    And yes, you do pronounce the second T in Toronto if you want to pronounce it correctly. Otherwise you pronounce it “Tarana”

    • adrian mcdonald

      LA is out of space (no pun intended). Last year was the busiest year on record here.

    • iSkyscraper

      Affleck had it right. Buffalo people will butcher it and say Tarana, which is completely wrong. Canadians say Torondo, where the second t is very soft and more like a d sound. Tor-on-to is dead giveaway of the typical American tourist.

      Given the vast pool of Cdn actors, will be interesting to see how casting goes.

  • Laura Cynthia Chambers

    Let’s hope that they use the city hall image again.

  • Michael H.

    Hi, TrekCore … you said this is “confirmed,” but don’t provide the source you confirmed it as.

    As I’m sure you are more than aware, confirmation means official confirmation. So did CBS or someone from the production confirm this? And if so, should you not state that here? Otherwise, if it’s not on the record, than it’s only corroboration. Confirmation is official, and on the record. 🙂

    Please let us know, because we would love to follow up and credit you guys for this. 🙂

    • TrekCore Admin

      Hey Michael – yep, we vet and confirm all Trek 2017 stories (including this one) with CBS to ensure accuracy. Likewise with Beyond and Paramount. The confirmation is mentioned in the first paragraph of the article as well as my previous comment.

      • Section31

        @trekcore:disqus :

        Do you know why this article states that CBS didn’t confirm toronto as the new star trek location?

        • TrekCore Admin

          There are often delays before official announcements or press releases are issued. We confirm what we can to avoid misleading fans with rumors that gain traction so easily.

  • David B Levinson

    We filmed DS Nine almost entirely on sound stages 4, 17 and 18. There was an episode shot near MT. Whitney but that’s about it.

    • M33

      What do you mean by “We”?

      • Timo47
      • David B Levinson

        I worked on the show as Broik, Quark’s Ferengi waiter/bartender.

        • M33

          Ha! Very cool! And a fellow fan on the boards to boot!
          One my friends was the percussionist for the first few seasons of TNG.

          It is a small world…

  • Dawnmar

    Does anyone know the process / who to contact to be an extra in Toronto?

  • The Chadwick

    I live about an hour west of Toronto in Hamilton. Slim chances but to be an extra on the show would be a dream come true.

    • Dwight Williams

      And I live four hours east in Ottawa-Gatineau. Slimmer still, even allowing for location shoots.

      Nonetheless, we’ll try to be good hosts for as long as it lasts.

  • Section31

    @trekcore staff

    I have read you only post reports which you have double checked with CBS/Paramount and you won’t publish any rumors, which I appreciate. But I will continue to post rumors with the hope that you will double check some of them as well with official sources Maybe you are able to find out if there is any truth it it. 😉

    Here the newest gossip:

    Star Trek 2017 to be set 50 years after TNG.


    • Section31

      Ok, it seems it really only was what I wrote: A rumor. The mention of the timeframe has been withdrawn.

  • The Fox

    i want half the crew on this gone.

    • EaglePig

      Which half?

      • The Fox

        Kurtzman, Kandin, Roddenberry, Fuller i dont trust but he is competent.
        Roth i am open minded about.
        The person who should be running this is Ron Moore, and he was attached before shit behind the scenes went down and the plan was to do more than one series. Then CBS saw its financial siutation and prematurely announced

  • M33

    Seems like Canada will Live Long and Prosper. Too bad we can’t keep those production dollars in the US, but alas… I will take Trek however it gets made. At least Toronto will have certainly “new worlds” for us to explore with all the new location spots.