Friday’s long-awaited release of the second STAR TREK BEYOND trailer hit the web at warp speed, and while we spent the weekend tearing into its hidden secrets – it’s time to take a step back from the story and see what’s changed since December!

We’ve compared a number of frames from both the first teaser and new trailer below, which all feature a significant leap in both digital design, color timing, and immersive effects.






While these shots have all shown significant progress since our first look in December, it’s a sure bet that the visual effects teams will be working to improve them even more up until the last moment before STAR TREK BEYOND hits theaters.

  • Charlie Oakes

    Nice !

  • Mrplatitude

    Another good reason not to judge a movie too much by its teaser trailer!

  • Locutus

    I love seeing the evolution of these shots. Nice improvements.

    Thank you Trekcore staff! Your coverage continues to be phenomenal.

    • Credo

      Except they seem to ignore that there is a big change that well see the USS Enterprise-A… If you look closely in the second trailer to where you see the Enterprise warping through space, you’ll see the nacelle pylons are different, they look like the Enterprise-A pylons from the Prime Timeline. Still no word from them on that. Not to mention the plaque placed everywhere on the fan event. Coincidence or hints? I’ll take the latter.

      • Locutus

        Well, I hope so. Although I did a freeze frame after I read your post and can’t really make out a difference. But you might have the Eagle Eye on that one. We shall see!

        • Credo

          Check my screenshot below 🙂

          • Locutus

            I think not. I see what you are saying sort of, but it looks too similar and it is at warp, which probably accounts for some distortion. Anyhow, I would hope an Enterprise-A would be more of a change than that.

          • Credo

            Yes distortion is a possibility. I personally don’t really think that but i’m not counting it out. Anyway, this is nice speculation. Can’t wait for the movie, it would be nice to have a new ship at the 50th anniversary.

      • We’re not ignoring anything; there’s no sign of an Enterprise-A in the trailer. The nacelle pylons in that teeny-tiny warp shot are the same swept-back look as the ship in the close-up (with no -A).

        In addition, that plaque at the fan event was simply a prop left over from STAR TREK IV that was used as decoration.

        • David Rothman

          No, this version of the Enterprise does NOT have swept-back nacelles, see diagram below. The warp shot seems to be an almost perfect profile shot, you wouldn’t see that dramatic of an angle on the pylons from that distance. If it’s not the A, then this Enterprise must have been altered/refitted for this movie (not unlike the changes to the E-E for Nemesis). We already know it got a new impulse-deck at the end of I.D., maybe the pylons changed as well.

          I also find it hard to believe they would use the 1701-A dedication plaque so casually at the fan event. Why not choose the original dedication plaque, or the E-D if it was so arbitrary? They know Trekkies are eagle-eyed, so I find it hard to believe it wasn’t a deliberate tease of what’s to come.

          • We’ll have to see more straight-on shots of the STB version of the ship to know for sure!

          • Xandercom

            The bustard collectors have changed too. Before they looked like opposing curved blades spinning, but now the blades are gone and in their place are rotating straight arms. Makes sense as at least one of them was completely destroyed in STITD, although they were still the previous version at the very end of ITD at warp out.

          • Credo

            The neck also seems to have a different position. Notice that black on the warp nacelles? I hope i’m not wrong but i’m really convinced this is the Enterprise-A.

    • Yes, indeed — the Trek Core people are really on the ball!

  • Simon

    Thing about CGI is that you can put very, very early versions in trailers for people to see and then adjust and re-render them almost up until release time. That’s why I’m always annoyed when a teaser comes out and people scream about “poor CGI”.

  • The swarm ships look better in maroon IMO.

  • Alex Huffman

    Whoa. I hope this shuts down some of the haters. After all, 2009 Trek was the reason I went back and watched everything – every single episode of every incarnation. Hate if you will, but I’m a product of the reboot. I sat in the theater, loved the movie, and thought, “hmmmm, there must be something to this Star Trek thing.” I’m 25 and my favorite series is still TOS – 50 years later. 700-something hours of programming and I’m a Star Trek fan for life.

    New isn’t necessarily bad. Of all people, you’d think Star Trek fans might understand.

    • Newdivide1701

      38, life long Trekkie, and I understand.

      Trust me I can understand that people were not exactly into Star Trek the first time around, lord knows there’s a lot of shows out there that people love and I say, “Yeah, so?”

      But even I found that Star Trek started to lose its groove after — I’m not sure when. Perhaps when Voyager started to overuse the Borg plus the Dominion war, and everything became formulmatic, where it needed to look a certain way, talked a certain way, and so forth. Where it quit being Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and became either Harve Bennett’s Star Trek or Brandon Braga’s Star Trek.

      I too looked back at the original series, the animated series, and the comics from a bygone age. Where the haters say this isn’t Star Trek for this reason or that reason, and yet you look back and JJ’s Star Trek is just as much Star Trek as the trek I grew up with.

      As well they kept claiming it was a dumb down version of the “real” Trek, and you can still see the issues there whether they were intentional or not. They just were not presented to you on a silver platter, another version of dumb down.

      • Claire Brsk

        I agree so much. I’m a lifetime TOS fan and love the reboot immensely. It’s the heart & soul of TOS in a modern format.

        For years I was disappointed that we had moved so far from TOS, and then the reboot came about and we have them back, so I’m delighted with each new movie.
        And so tired of the haters and their constant double standards and made-up excuses to hate on any new Trek.

        • TUP

          Haters. Lol.

      • Ace Stephens

        That’s kind of the nature of most “brands,” isn’t it? They begin to codify their nature and then any deviation is viewed as an issue by some and so is “more of the same.”

        It took kind of “doing the same thing they did to start with” to revitalize it in this case, which is a bit odd but it seems to be a common approach these days from those that own brands.

    • pittrek

      I don’t like the new movies, actually the last 4 movies, but I’m glad that there are people like you who learn to like the classics because of the reboot

    • Shadowknight1

      The thing that really gets me is when Trekkies who hate the JJ-Trek refer to themselves as “real Star Trek fans.” It makes me angry because that implies that I, who have liked Star Trek in all its various incarnations over my lifetime(a paltry 31 years compared to Trek’s 50), am not a true fan because I ind the JJ-universe to be just as fun and engaging as the original series.

      • Newdivide1701

        Same here.

        And the term “real Star Trek fans” seems to remind me of racial purity. That only they are pure because they hate JJ while the rest of us are impure and needs to be cleansed.

  • Lonewriter

    So the Jem Hadar have a swarm now.

    • BigMountainFudgeCake

      Could just as easily be the Breen without their helmets on

  • Daniel Tomasch

    Very interesting post! I noticed some of those things in the second trailer, like the vines, but didn’t notice how different they were. The soldiers looks like they’ve been completely replaced with new ones!

  • Xandercom

    Also, I like that the warp bubble fits with (SHUT UP WESLEY) the LCARS representation. 1 min 35 seconds in.

  • D.J. Ammons

    Great analysis of the changes!