Adam Savage’s TESTED Showcases New STAR TREK BEYOND Costumes


Former Mythbuster Adam Savage – who hosted the May 20 STAR TREK BEYOND fan event in Los Angeles – rolled out a new edition of his TESTED web show today, which features some of the best looks at the new costumes designed for this summer’s Trek adventure.

kirk-costume jaylah-costume scotty-uniform 25677 uhura-uniform franklin-uniform

New costume designer Sanja Hays’ work was on display at the fan event, and these close-ups are wonderful views at the gorgeous new wardrobe.

  • guess the sulu mannequin was cold. 😬

    • burkej4


      Clearly yes!

  • Locutus

    At first, I thought the blue jackets looked a bit goofy. Upon further examination, I am thoroughly impressed. I particularly like the collars on all of the costumes.

  • Phil Gerard Rizzo

    Does anybody know if Rubies costume company, is going to make replica versions of these costumes, weapons latex masks of Krall and Jaylah? On eBay there are various companies that are selling the blue and yellow jackets. I have a leather jacket version of one.

  • Bill Peter

    These star trek costumes are so great ! Amazing designs !

  • Binyamin Koretz

    I like to have a breast pocket for my extra glasses. I guess I’m just not cut out for Starfleet.

  • Kerry Hanson

    Zippers? ZIPPERS? Next thing you know, they’ll have pockets! And the Great Bird wept…

    • Charlie Oakes

      Nobody needs pockets in the 23rd century because ?

      And Gene Roddenberry only came up with Star Trek. Everyone else just made it good.

      • Kerry Hanson

        Just having some fun. TOS and (mostly) TNG uniforms never had visible zippers or pockets. It was a conceit of Roddenberry’s to provide the uniforms with a futuristic look and feel.

        • I figure there must be a never seen dressing machine that stitched officers into their uniforms. Or perhaps a short-range transporter?

          • Kerry Hanson

            “Visible.” The zippers were hidden up by the collars of the TOS uniforms, and Bill Theiss, the TOS costume designer, was notorious for sewing people into costumes (the Mugato, for instance).

  • Tzadik

    What is that last one? It’s not the “duty uniform” or the “jacket uniform” Pine wears…

    • It’s the “Starbase Yorktown” duty jumpsuit.

  • The Chadwick

    I really hope Anovos makes replicas of those blue and yellow away team uniforms or even just the jacket.

  • David Dennis

    They always had zippers–I see them in the original episodes—in HD!

  • Section31

    I am still a bit worried regarding the lack of the marketing. Here in Germany in my local cinema no trailer is running. I don’t even know if the second trailer ran here at all. No posters, simply nothing that hints at a new trek movie. And even if there were any advertisement at this points no one would see it because cinemas are literally empty until July, 10th because of the European Soccer Championship. It might be too late to get attention for it in the ten days between the end of the Championship and the release of the movie.

    • Nothing to worry about. Into Darkness only counted on 51% of its total box office coming from ‘foreign’ markets. 😉

      • Section31

        Yes, but doesn’t Paramount want to improve that? By the way, one month prior to Into Darkness the cinemas were flooded with posters, standees, etc. But now there is nothing, at least last time I checked last week.

  • Snap

    I don’t particularly care for these uniforms, with the exception of the women not having any real sleeves, I feel the uniforms in Trek 09 and Into Darkness are much more in line with the classic Trek look. I particularly dislike the ugly raised collars on the duty uniforms.

    Minor gripes aside, I’m looking forward to Beyond hitting theatres.

  • jonahkrautter

    When is there going to an ANOVOS or other official reproduction of Kirk and Chekov’s blue jacket? There are imitations on eBay, but nothing like these.

  • The ‘environment suit’ is really growing on me. I’ve been a fan of the new matte-colored duty uniforms since first laying eyes on them. Those shiny, patterned uniforms from the first two films looked like costumes.

    Have we had a detailed look yet at Elba’s outfit?

  • eyeresist

    I’m intrigued by the swirl detail on the redshirt’s insignia.