HP Enterprise Debuts STAR TREK Themed Commercial, BEYOND Tech Tie-Ins


HP’s global commercial computing spinoff, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, released a new Abramsverse Trek-themed commercial today, for an upcoming technology release they’ve dubbed “The Machine.”

Set on an alien world, a group of Starfleet cadets follows their instructor to a holographic projection of supposed HP Enterprise computing power – featuring visual effect clips from the 2009 Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness, and possibly one shot of the Enterprise (starship, that is) from the upcoming film.

In addition to the video, HPE also announced that they partnered with Paramount to develop “three conceptual technologies” that will be seen in the film.

Inspired by Star Trek’s mantra to “boldly go where no man has gone before,” Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with Paramount Pictures to propel our most advanced technology 250 years into the future in the new Star Trek Beyond, coming to theatres worldwide on July 22.

Over the course of several months, team members from Hewlett Packard Enterprise – from researchers and engineers to industrial designers and UX specialists – collaborated with the creative minds behind Star Trek Beyond to develop three conceptual technologies for the film, all based on HPE’s biggest and most ambitious research project – The Machine.

Without giving any spoiler alerts, we collaborated on three different technological concepts in the film: the quarantine, the diagnostic wrap, and the book. Each of these concepts showcase HPE’s vision for the future of technology, but are rooted in developments we hope to introduce much sooner.

Despite the Trek tie-in, there’s no formal callout of STAR TREK BEYOND in the HP video aside from the film’s name appearing the video’s title. Like the previous two Trek films, we expect there to be plenty of tie-in commercials like this.

After all, who can forget Spock and Chekov shopping for cable television, or that wacky Japanese rust-prevention spray commercial?

Get ready for a summer full of this stuff, everybody!