New STAR TREK BEYOND TV Spot Heavy on Action, Adventure, and Teamwork


There have been several STAR TREK BEYOND TV spots airing in the United States over the past few weeks – mostly we’ve not covered them as they’re just recuts of the existing trailer footage – but a new one arrived last night with several new scenes of the Enterprise crew and their adventure in this summer’s outing.

Featured in this commercial are several new shots of the USS Franklin, as well as the film’s opening attack on the Enterprise – and the answer to McCoy’s question: “You really want to go back out there?”

The USS Franklin heads back into space. (Paramount Pictures)
Kirk thinks he and Spock make a good team. (Paramount Pictures)
The USS Franklin prepares for liftoff. (Paramount Pictures)
Kirk prepares to take on the Swarm soldiers boarding the Enterprise. (Paramount Pictures)
Spock fights off the Swarm soldiers invading the Enterprise. (Paramount Pictures)
The USS Franklin makes a fiery escape. (Paramount Pictures)

Combined with the third and final theatrical trailer released today, we’ve got plenty of new footage to comb through for new details on STAR TREK BEYOND.

  • Archer

    Looks fantastic! Looking forward to it.

  • Cold Case Posse Supporter

    Very nice! The Franklin looks like it’s going to wreck havoc.

  • Doctors Tardis

    That showed way too much.

  • Cold Case Posse Supporter
  • madmadia85

    maybe it’s me but kirk and spock in that turbolift look like the blond and brunette Barbie’s boyfriend. :/

    • senlav

      bwhahahahahah that is pretty funny but the truth is pine and quinto are very handsome men.

      • madmadia85

        oh they are. But at times it seems like the make up people for this movie are trying to make me forget that (can’t get over Spock’s hair)

      • So were Shatner and Nimoy, though maybe Nimoy’s beauty was of a more unusual kind than Quinto’s.

  • Gary

    Can’t help but think about Anton Yelchin when Sulu pushes that shifter.

  • Bifash

    These JJ movies – do they not colour Quinto-Spock’s skin a slightly greenish hue as they did for Leoanrd Nimoy in the the original series and movies? It’s not noticeable to me if they do.

  • Charlie Oakes

    Nice to see a small ship being awesome again instead of the Vengeace, Narada and Scimitar theme they had going on.

  • Xandercom

    The franklin looks more enterprisey than the enterprise.

  • Shane

    Finally a full on boarding party attack scene, I don’t care what the haters say this looks freakin cool and I was a fan when all there was of trek was Tos and Tmp.

    • Lets hope it’s more competently done than Nemesis!

      • Newdivide1701

        I couldn’t agree more.

      • Shane

        Yeah hopefully! The Klingon attack on DS9 was probably one of the best the kazon voyager one in basic was outright terrible id have fired Tuvok on the spot for that some security officer.

  • Charlie Oakes

    Paramount has uploaded a few TV spots to YouTube.

  • Tom

    Like that they are focusing on friendship and teamwork aspect of Kirk Spock relationship. Bob Orci Shatner hologram would have been nice somewhere in this movie