We are still a bit away from learning any major casting news for 2017’s STAR TREK revival on the CBS All Access streaming platform, but we’ve got one new name that may be associated with the new show: award-winning production designer Mark Worthington.

While we have not yet been able to officially confirm this with CBS, Worthington has begun to list this appointment on his resume at Worldwide Production Agency, his professional representation.

If true, the sets for the new Trek series will be created by Worthington, who has been nominated for five Emmy awards and ten Art Directors Guild awards for his work on American Horror Story, Ugly Betty, and the pilot episode of LOST in 2004.

1. 2004: Lost – “Pilot”

Worthington took the now-famous Oceanic Flight 815 plane crash set from sketch to screen for 2004’s launch of LOST on ABC, an outdoor location on Mokulē’ia Beach on Hawaii’s island of Oahu.

2. 2011 – Present: American Horror Story

The imaginative sets of FX’s annual horror anthology have been crafted by Worthington each year since the show’s launch in 2011, with a wide variety of themes from a disturbing carnival, a mental asylum, and most recently, a terrifying hotel.

3. 2015 – Present: Scream Queens

The Kappa Kappa Tau sorority house at Wallace University serves as home to FOX’s Scream Queens, a 360-degree set designed by Worthington for the network horror series.

4. 2006: Ugly Betty

Worthington brought a futuristic look to the ultra-modern offices of MODE Magazine, the main setting for the four-year run of ABC’s Ugly Betty.

*   *   *

In addition, Worthington has begun to include preliminary design sketches on his portfolio site, apparently by multiple artists.

Concept art removed by request. 

The production designer is a huge job, especially for a Star Trek series – where this person is in charge of crafting all the major and minor sets used in shooting, from the bridge of a starship to the cockpit of a shuttlecraft.

Of course, famed artist Matt Jefferies led design on the original Trek series. In the Next Generation era, Herman Zimmerman served as production design on TNG, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and six of the Star Trek feature films, while Richard James helmed production design on Voyager.

In the new Bad Robot-era films, Scott Chambliss served on 2009’s Star Trek and Into Darkness, while franchise newcomer Thomas Sanders has taken over for Star Trek Beyond.

UPDATE – JUNE 6, 4:45PM ET: TrekMovie.com is now reporting that Worthington confirmed his participation to them directly last month.

UPDATE – JUNE 6, 1:20PM ET: At the request of parties involved we have removed both the concept art and the previously noted project title.

  • Visitor1982

    Uh-oh, the Klingons wear helmets…. That seems to point to Nu-Trek.

    • Tuskin38

      Nu-Trek klingon ships don’t look like this though. We saw them in XI and Into Darkness.

      • (Roc) Wayne Alford

        The rumors about an entirely rebooted Star Trek with no real ties to the Berman Era just took one more step toward reality.
        I remember Rod Roddnberry’s interview he states old Trek fans will probably be unhappy with the new show.
        If this is some kind of Bryan Fuller Hannibal Goth Star Trek it could be the end of the old Trek era

        • Tuskin38

          Yeah, but Visitor was clearly talking about JJ Trek

        • danielcw

          “I remember Rod Roddnberry’s interview he states old Trek fans will probably be unhappy with the new show. ”

          Link, please

        • TUP

          I woudl hope CBS isnt stupid enough to thumb their nose at 50 years of goodwill in creating a new series. That would be utterly stupid.

  • Visitor1982

    Looks wonderful by the way.

  • DamienL

    Is anyone else surprised Mark Worthington is allowed to post these designs? Wouldn’t they want to keep things these things under wraps — at least for a little while longer? Seems very odd to me.

    • Tuskin38

      ‘Cannon’ is also spelled wrong on one of the images. (unless the ships are going to shoot religious texts at the enemy)

      • danielcw

        They are firing Star Trek canon at the fans

  • Visitor1982

    The ‘Federation Ships’, the first two pictures look absolutely nothing like any Federation ship ever.

    • Tuskin38

      The fed ships are not fed ships, the gallery is misnamed, this is the file name for one of them


      • voniatko

        still its a) hideous, b) not even resembling anything familiar. i am really hoping they make this a star trek show. how far did it go where even “resemblance” is something to hope for.

        if they just want to market a generic sci fi show as star trek ,dont even bother naming it as such

        • DS9 is King Bitch

          Most likely they will do that and that’s great.

    • Newdivide1701

      That’s because they’re Klingon.

  • publiusr

    Looks Ori

  • voniatko

    does not remind me of anything star trek….

  • Hollander

    It’s a dishonorable design for Klingons.

  • Salvador Nogueira

    Two interesting pieces about this, since I’ve seen Worthington’s resume about a week ago. It originally listed Alex Kurtzman as director for the pilot, and Bad Robot as production company associated with the project. Both are now gone from the resume. Interpreting this, Bad Robot was probably a mistake (CBS’s announced production company was Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout), and Kurtzman apparently isn’t locked as director for the pilot, although I think this still may happen eventually.

    About the klingon designs, I think they’re pretty and reflect a new visual style for Trek. Whether or not this is Abramsverse, it is up in the air. This is clearly a cerimonial ship, and it doesn’t have to follow typical battlecruiser designs though. And this seems to confirm klingons will probably feature in the pilot.

  • DS9 is King Bitch

    I love the new Designs of the new Klingon Ships they look Big and Dark and Edgy I hear that the Mirror universe will be involved and they will return in the new Star Trek TV series maybe these are Mirror universe Klingon Ships.

    • Tuskin38

      We saw MU Klingon Ships in DS9

      • Darkthunder

        Indeed we did. And they looked largely the same as their Prime universe counterparts, with the exception of “Regent Worf”‘s supersized Negh’var.

        Sorry, but this might be the first thing that I feel is bad about the new show (if the rumor is true). These designs look quite frankly… hideous. I’ll even take STO’s cheese-cutter based designs over these.

        • MJ


    • Michael Spadaro

      Really? Where’d you hear that?

    • MJ

      Please cite you source? I don’t believe this, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt if you can back this up?

    • Salvador Nogueira

      The same guy who reported the post-STVI concept mentioned this a few days ago. Don’t remember the website.

  • kadajawi

    Can’t say I’m too happy about these designs. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t Star Trek. Couldn’t they have gone with a Trek veteran for this very important position?

    • DS9 is King Bitch

      That’s the point they want to do a Star Trek TV series for a new Generation they want to Pull in old trek Fanatics by putting it in the original universe and they want to pull in new fans by making it feel Fresh and new what old trekies fanatics call Generic Sci Fi.

  • Tuskin38

    One of the klingon ships is labelled as a “sarcophagus” ship. It could be from a different era, an ancient klingon vessel

  • The interval view *looks* like an expensive set to build.

    • Tuskin38

      CG the shit out of it.

  • MJ

    Oh oh, looking at the images here, this strikes me of someone who obviously likes “really busy” designs — so I expect we are going to get more of the sort of Berman era busy design looks on ships instead of the futuristic clean lines from TOS.

    I am not very excited about this. Need someone for production design who isn’t so impressed with all the little details. Would love to see more TMP, 2001 and Space 1999 clean and futuristic designs for the new series. This dude strikes me as someone who will go in the completely opposite direction.

    And let me be completely blunt here — his Klingon ship looks like shiit!

    • Rover’s Chocolate Log

      I dunno. His pedigree is very good, and if this ends up being prime universe I’m sure they will have to consider what came before and not stray too far from it….but yes, the “Klingon” ship does worry me a little. .

    • It’s concept art! Concept art always starts extreme, explores wild ideas. Similar to concept cars. And just like concept cars, by the time they are produced the concepts have been refined and are usually closer to what has come before. Now, maybe that won’t happen here and this Klingon ship will stay the same. But even then, we still don’t even know when this new show is set! Or any context at all for the existence of this sarcophagus ship. Maybe it’s not a ship even made by the Klingon Empire, maybe it’s some ultra religious breakaway Klingon cult. Way too little information to form an opinion on from my point of view, positive or negative.

  • MJ


    I.e., someone needs to provide a reality check here before they turn Star Trek from science fiction into fantasy.

    • Michael Spadaro


      Part of why the Abrams films get derided is because they ignore science completely.

    • Salvador Nogueira

      Yes, that should be a MUST from the get-go. Also, I feel most Hollywood producers don’t get the difference between science fiction and fantasy. One of the most beloved features of the 50-year history of Star Trek is that the designers always thought in terms of industrial design — the ships’ design should be guided by what its purpose is and what kind of technological heritage it comes from.

      One of the great wonders of Trek is represented by the famous wall in the writers’ office for Trek 17: the family of Enterprises. If you go from the NX-01 to the Enterprise-E, you see there’s clear evolution and technology heritage from one design to the next. And that is because the designers decided they should honor Matt Jefferies established view, instead of throwing it away in favor of their own favorite personal ideas of what would look cool. That is the sad part in the JJprise, with its Budweiser engineering. It works well within that movie, but it doesn’t work at all with what was established earlier in Trek (and that’s alright, since it was a reboot, but it shows how much they didn’t understand the difference between fantasy and sci-fi).

      And it is funny how those guys think they have to reinvent designs in order to modernize a franchise. Do they? I always thought what makes a series current is mostly writing/directing/editing. The Force Awakens looks like a modern movie (certainly faster-paced than the original Star Wars) and that didn’t take a new version of the Millenium Falcon.

      They could do a Star Trek series following to the letter old designs, and it could look as current as tomorrow. Nobody thinks, for instance, that to make a current-style movie set in the 40s, you should redesign the 40s historical style…

      Well, let’s wait and see.

      • MJ

        Agree with you on Budengineering — that was a brain-fart for sure.

        But I also must give JJ and company credit for going to with a “clean Enterprise” design that preserved the key elements from TOS history (albeit it doesn’t look as nice), rather than going for the all the extra details, over-done tiling, and chaning the proportion of the ship in frankly ugly ways, that Berman era Starships went with.

        • (Roc) Wayne Alford

          Yes because the gumball machine Spock took apart in the WOK engineering with warpy plastic walls was so much more realistic along with the hundreds of rows of fake buttons and lights that everyone was somehow supposed to memorize. Old enterprise looked like cardboard plywood and Lite-Brite toys but keep convincing yourself new trek was less realistic LOL

          • MJ

            Roc, actually I agree with you in terms of the sets, but where we disagree is I think showing the Bud factory doctored up as Engineering was just completely unconvincing.

            But sure, the sets from TOS movies and TOS had lots of room for improvement, but they tried to make it look like advanced technology, versus kind of regressing to an industrial factor look.

          • Charlie Oakes

            The Enterprise bridge in 2009 and Into Darkness is what I imagine a 23rd Century Space Vessel to look like.

      • (Roc) Wayne Alford

        Once you see the bizarro planned TV series reboot JJ’s stuff may look like pure Trek in comparison

        • Salvador Nogueira

          What do you know that we don’t? 😛

          • jonahkrautter

            Probably nothing. That clown’s obviously a troll trying to get fanboys riled up.

        • MJ

          That is entirely within the realm of possibility.

    • danielcw

      Real science isn’t really a requirement for Science Fiction, but it helps

    • pittrek

      Why? Don’t you just love red goo which can blow up planets?

  • The Magic Christian

    The first ship looks like the Lexx

  • Michael Spadaro

    Those Klingon ships look rather ornate, considering that, in the Prime Universe, the Klingons have clearly favored a drab, industrial ethic. Then again, this IS concept art, and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time Klingon conceptual designs were ornate.

  • Muzer

    Hmm. I’m still feeling pretty on the fence about this. Perhaps my optimism has been taken down a tiny notch, but on the whole I’m still on the fence. See this graph:


    (For contrast, here is my optimism graph for the upcoming film, vastly simplified to the main beats:)


    • MJ

      Dude, great minds think alike — this nearly exactly follows my views on both of these.

      Well done!

    • Douay-Rheims-Challoner

      I’m almost the exact opposite in regards to talent; at least, Simon Pegg interests me far less as a writer than Bryan Fuller (and the movie doesn’t have Joe Menosky or Nicholas Meyer either, obviously.)

      And I generally like the nuTrek films.

  • M33

    The inside of the Klingon ship looks like the inside of the Narada.

    Although, many of the interior design sketches for TNG at first looked pretty bad, too. And something good did come out of it in the end.

  • Guest

    Really gonna miss the production design of Herman Zimmerman and the concept designs of John Eaves, Doug Drexler and Rick Sternbach. Those guys really set a high bar. I hope the new production designer can live up, and that it still feels like Trek.

    • ADeweyan

      I actually had an opportunity to chat with Rick Sternback a month or two ago. He said he had sent his info to the studio and told them he’d be happy to work on this, but he hadn’t heard anything back.

      I can still hope, though.

  • Guest

    All of those designs look atrocious. I realize Herman Zimmerman is in his 80s, and is probably retired, but they need to get a production designer with similar aesthetic leanings. Also, Hire John Eaves, and some of the other TNG/DS9/Voyager era concept artists to design ships, props, etc. so that there’s some consistency.

  • stjanss

    It seems the artwork vanished from his website… is that a good sign?

    • Locutus

      Probably a sign that it is some kind of actual concept art. If it was totally unrelated to the series, Worthington would not have removed the art from his website. Also, the request for Trekcore to remove the art also suggests to me it might have been real concept art.

  • pittrek

    I was hoping that they bring back Zimmerman 🙁 That concept art looks horrible.

  • hellion

    those sketches look complex for the sake of complexity.

  • Philip Grom

    Call me crazy but when I saw those sketches I didn’t automatically assume those were sketches of Klingon ships or Klingons, etc… I took those as a separate alien race we haven’t seen b4 that’s potentially helping the Klingon’s restore power/energy after the loss of Praxis? Regardless, funny to see some flipping out over the designs and the show hasn’t even aired yet– why not wait until we see the finished product, eh? lol Cheers!

    • Locutus

      Well, one of the pictures was labeled “Klingon Sarcophagus,” so it is pretty reasonable to assume they are Klingon ships. However, I thought one of the ships looked reminiscent of a Romulan Warbird from TNG, although much smaller give the scale demonstrated by the human figure in the picture. The front end of the ship reminded me a lot of the front end of the Warbird.

      • Philip Grom

        I’ll take the fall on that one lol I didn’t even notice the label… For some reason I feel like it’s some offshoot of Klingon’s or a new race they befriend that promises to get them back to the level of power they had b4 Praxis exploded…

        • Locutus

          Yes, I agree. I speculated above it might be some ancient Klingons returning, perhaps the return of Kahless even.

          • George Dienhart

            Or perhaps the new series takes place directly after ST: TUC, it could be Gorkon’s Funeral barge.

          • Locutus

            I like your theory there. That fits with some rumors and the fact that Nick Meyer is onboard.

            It is a little questionable whether the Klingons were warp capable during the time of Kahless. Then again, it could be a sublight sleeper ship like Khan’s vessel.

  • Locutus

    The “Klingon Sarcophagus” ship reminded me of an ancient cathedral with its ornamentation. In particular, it harkens to the Basilica de Sagrada Familia in Spain, designed by Gaudi. Sarcophagus is an interesting choice of words, as it refers to a stone funeral receptacle like those used by ancient Egyptians or Christians. It does make you think the ship is ceremonial. A possible resting place for Kahless the Unforgettable?

    One story in “Rightful Heir” describes his departure: “‘I will go now, to Sto-Vo-Kor. But I promise one day I will return.’ Then Kahless pointed to a star in the sky and said, ‘Look for me there, on that point of light …'”

    Wild speculation is too much fun.

    • Salvador Nogueira

      That would be so cool!

  • Harold Heretic

    Just google images of Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona – similar in a lot of ways..

  • Joseph Armstrong

    Did anyone get screenshots? Is this stuff still posted anywhere?

  • MJ

    The fact that CBS or Worhtington asked for these to be removed at least tells us that they must also have noticed the legitimate constructive criticisms we all had here of those ridiculously baroque Klingon ships.


  • deanomh

    Being a lover of clean, sophisticated design work — these (recently removed) images are of the insect exoskeleton-inspired/overly busy design types I despise. Not excited at all about the look they’re going for here. That gooey/sticky phallic design ethos they’ve been working on look like horror/fantasy, not Star Trek. I’m crossing my fingers they instead decide to go with realistically beautiful, strong/clean lines for the ship designs. (Not holding my breath though).

  • David Zane Taylor

    where can the concept art be seen? I’m sure it’s still out there somewhere.