In a newly-released interview with Collider’s Steve WeintraubSTAR TREK BEYOND director Justin Lin noted that the final length of his original edit ended up being two hours and twenty-seven minutes long, nearly thirty minutes longer than the final cut of the film.

Collider: So is there going to be a bunch of deleted scenes, or…

Lin: No… no. The thing that Simon and Doug, I have to say I really enjoy – these scenes come in long. But long and compelling, you know? At 2:27… well, I shouldn’t just blame them. The action sequence came in pretty long too!

It was interesting because at the end of the day, there was only a couple of scenes that I ended up not using. But it was really a contraction issue; a rhythm issue.

Collider: Oh I get it, a lot of people don’t realize you’re cutting frames, cutting little bits in the same frame, just to move it quicker.

Lin: For example, if you see in the movie, Scotty runs into the torpedo bay, and then you see Manas come in, and you see the torpedo being loaded [for Scotty’s escape from the Enterprise]. But there was this great one-er of going with Scotty – he’s trapped, he has nowhere to go – and he’s looking and looking and he finds that there’s a torpedo being repaired. He reacts like “What the hell!”

Simon did such a great job and I didn’t want to cut, and that was one of the last shots I ended up removing because it was not helping the overall [flow], even though I loved the performance; I loved that moment.

Collider: Will I see that on the Blu-ray, or will I not?

Lin: I haven’t decided yet.

Collider: I’m telling you, as all fans – they want to see this kind of stuff.

Lin: I know, I know… but I’ll tell you as a filmmaker – I spend hours and days and every frame of that movie, I’m fighting for, you know? And unless the studio gives me the money to go back in and get all those things right, I don’t feel comfortable sharing that.

Collider: I get it, I get it. It’s not finished.

Lin: Yeah. If it’s greenscreen and visual effects or CG is not totally done, it takes you out.

*   *   *

When we caught up with Lin at the London premiere, the director told us about how much material was scripted but never got shot due to time constraints, but this is his first statement about filmed footage that didn’t make it to the theatrical release.

There are hints to much of this deleted content in the various trailers and TV spots released ahead of the BEYOND debut, with several lines and shots present in those promotional videos not included in the final film.

Uhura’s status report appeared in the second trailer.
Another Uhura line, standing up to Krall and Manas, was removed.
An ad-libbed, alternate line from the opening of the film appeared in a TV spot and web featurette.
Kirk and Spock don’t answer McCoy’s “You really want to head back out there?” in the final cut.

In addition, Simon Pegg revealed a deleted scene involving McCoy’s reluctance to carry a weapon to a few days ago:

There was a whole thread in the film which didn’t make the final cut about Bones picking up a gun and having a crisis of what it meant to fire a weapon. He is a life-saver and not a soldier.

There was some really nice stuff which didn’t make the cut – which often happens – and [Karl Urban] was great with all that stuff. He’s a very funny and cool guy to be around.

A foggy view of Yorktown from the December teaser trailer.

Finally, we also know that a significant time with the captured Enterprise crew also didn’t make the final edit, thanks to Natasha Young’s recounting of her time on the BEYOND set. This also included the scenes shot by Jason Matthew Smith – featuring the death of Lt. “Cupcake” Hendorff at the hands of Krall – all of which were left on the cutting room floor.

The crew’s terror – and what they’re looking at – are all out.

Oh, and this wasn’t a cut from the trailers, but it’s interesting to note that this consistantly-used shot of the Swarm ships buzzing Yorktown’s towers – while the station crew runs below – ends up actually being the final resting place of the Franklin at the edge of the waterfront in the final cut, with the Yorktown crew running in to help.

The marketing teams needed shots of Yorktown for the trailers, as one BEYOND editor told us, but because not much was available so early in the post-production process, this shot of the Frankin resting on the city plaza was provided – with the downed starship digitally removed.

The Franklin was ‘painted out’ of this shot for use in trailers to avoid spoilers.

Anyone who reads our site regularly knows that we’re a big fan of those deleted scenes, alternate takes, and other cuts that end up not making the final edit – so we’re hoping to see at least some of this content in the STAR TREK BEYOND Blu-ray content!


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  • Reign1701A

    Kirk’s Captain’s log from the 3rd trailer also isn’t the film, the “This isn’t the last of my crew, but this is my last entry as Captain of the Enterprise”

    • Yes, that’s true – but our suspicion is that was voiceover recorded specifically for the trailers. We’re looking into it, though!

    • We’ve confirmed with the STB production team that Kirk’s “log entry” voiceover was recorded specifically for the trailers, and was not part of the film itself.

      • Reign1701A

        Thanks for looking into it! A tiny bit disappointing, I loved Pine’s delivery of those lines and was hoping to hear it in context of the movie.

  • Arch Stanton

    The “Ill see myself to the bar for a drink” line was great. I wish they would have left that in.

    • Reign1701A

      I can see why they cut it, sort of Un-Kirk like. I would’ve liked it in as well though. Uhura’s “they’re boarding us” line, my thought when I saw that was “well duh”, not sorry to see that one go.

      Was there more stuff on Krall or Jaylah’s backstory filmed that didn’t make the cut? I know there was more in the script.

    • Judith Rodriguez

      Me too!

  • David James

    If there were a lot of cuts, it never felt that way while watching the movie, and there was thankfully none of the choppiness that, say, Batman v Superman had in the theater.

    Although I suppose it might have been nice to have a few more quiet character moments amid all the crazy action.

  • stephen

    Well hopefully they go back and add the scenes if they can finish them. More Trek the merrier.

  • I hope the McCoy material that Pegg talks about makes it onto the disc; I’d love to see that!

    • Michael J. Simmons

      Watch him do an Alan Alda number, “I will not carry a gun…”

  • Quantumsorcerer

    Put it ALL on the Bluray!
    And save me a copy!

  • Philip

    Considering how much the film is struggling box office wise in the US markets, perhaps it would behoove Paramount to have Lin finish some of that extra footage up for a beefier Blu-ray release… Weirder things have happened. But I do see Lin’s point of not feeling as comfy releasing footage that feels more unfinished to him. It’s too bad he can’t just go back and make an ultimate cut of the film, w effects shots finished, etc.

    • Phil Gerard Rizzo

      I hope the box office doesn’t have an impact on them doing a fourth film, even though it has been announced.

      • Cabo 5150

        Trek is probably “safer” in terms of leeway and “forgiveness” from the studio than other franchises – but I don’t for a minute believe the fourth Kelvin Timeline movie is a certainty at this point.

        The advance announcement and “grrenlight” can and will be rescinded in a heartbeat if Paramount so deem it. Especially in the light of what can only be described as a financial disappointment if we’re being honest.

        I know we’re waiting on international box office to steady the ship, but early indicators aren’t looking great there either. Beyond could easily do less business than the likes of Terminator Genisys @$440m worldwide.

        This is all really disheratening in this 50th anniversary year – especially after such a terrific movie.

        • GIBBS v2

          I know the audience loves some eye candy but you have to believe half of the budget for the film went into special effects. You could have an immensely engaging film with a lot less dazzle if they wrote a script that did not require the amount of destruction and such and still get us that 4th film. I am saying maybe they aim a little too high with the budgets. Turn out movies less dependent on the FX factor and get more films.

          Maybe the Trek audience simply can’t grow any more (other than internationally). This is as big as it can support without turning it completely into something in name only.

          • DaMac

            It’s already Trek in name only. 😉

          • FrostUK

            The studio probably insists on that level of so-called “spectacle” after the success of films like The Force Awakens and Avatar.

    • Definitely not doing as well as the first two, but it’s already up to 160mil after 10 days. Hasn’t opened yet in some big markets, including China.

    • GIBBS v2

      While it is not blowing up US markets it will not finish far behind the previous film. Trek historically has always been a slow burn at the box office. It won’t reach some markets like China for instance until September.

  • Ian

    I’m wondering if they edited the trailer with Krall’s appearance in the trailer to avoid spoilers.

  • DaMac

    Well heaven forbid we have sensible pacing and built-up. Thank God it was all trimmed for “flow,” by which he means speed. Gotta keep the kids from looking at their phones!

    Seriously though, movie had solid ideas and moments but was rushed and overly relied on effects. Not nearly enough development for the villain, no build up of pacing. Would love to see a longer cut. Batman v Superman was improved tremendously on Blu-ray with the added half hour.

  • dep1701

    I would love to see the deleted footage, although occasionally watching these scenes I find myself being an armchair director and saying “Why in God’s name did they cut that?!”. I also hope they Rihanna video will be included ( although I wonder how much they would have to pay for the music rights ).