Saturday brought the news that 2017’s new Trek show would be titled STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – and with this new title came a teaser video featuring the first look at what is presumably the show’s hero starship: the USS Discovery.

A composite image of the USS Discovery (NCC-1031) from the CBS teaser.

Fans immediately pounced on the design of the new ship – many questioned the style of the vessel’s configuration, and noted its startling similarity to Ralph McQuarrie’s Planet of the Titans starship concept art.

Ralph McQuarrie’s “Planet of the Titans” starship design.

TrekMovie was in attendance at the post-SDCC panel press junket, where they noted that when asked about the similarity, DISCOVERY showrunner Bryan Fuller replied:

[The influence of the McQuarrie art is] to a point where we legally can’t comment on it until we figure out some things.

Fuller’s comments appear to indicate that the ship’s design is so close to the McQuarrie design that it still needs some kind of approval to be used in the new show, which seems like quite an important step in the production process.

In addition, DISCOVERY executive producer Heather Kadin told TrekMovie that not only was the video not the finished product – unsurprising, due to the long time it takes to develop CG renders – but that it was “thrown together” just in the last three weeks.

I was surprised Bryan didn’t say [it wasn’t finished footage], actually. I mean, we had three weeks to throw that together.

The concepts of the ship are totally what we’re going for, and they’ll be honed up until, I think, the day we deliver.

CBS is surely going to work hard over the six months to finalize the design of the USS Discovery, and we’re certainly interested in seeing where their visual effects team goes from this launching point.

You can watch the full interview with Kadin at TrekMovie’s report.

  • Thomas Elkins

    It needs a lot of work, IMO.

  • iMike

    Did anybody really expect to see a final design – or even near final design – this far out?

    • MJ

      Nope. But something presented to the fans in a professional manner sure would have been nice.

    • Fctiger

      Ok then why show it? Yes its comic con people expect to see something but if its not final then just not show anything OR just show a few ideas they are working on. This was presented as the ship. And I knew the effects were rushed because they havent shot ANY of the show yet, they are still builidng the sets so clearly nothing major has been shot yet. But I think people wouldve been fine waiting until they put something more permanent up. TNG didn’t show any of the ship until one month before it aired. Yes a different time but people can wait if you simply dont have it.

  • Trent

    Translation people don’t like it ,we fu-ked up and will change it .

    • Victorinox

      If that’s the case, I will not complain

    • MJ

      I hope so!

    • bbock

      Well of course. The only reason to release a very early draft is as a trial balloon to see what people think. If that’s indeed the reason, they should have prepared a few sketches and floated those first. They could leak it to, say, Trekcore who would have this exclusive from a source close to the production, couched as early stage design ideas, and get feedback from that. Maybe that’s what they’re doing, but they decided people need to see a full 3D model.

      • Ace Stephens

        …I’m sure they can clarify but I’m fairly certain that, generally, a site like Trekcore takes its relationship with the property/franchise seriously enough to not jeopardize it (even if just the perception in “fan circles” if the “leaked information” was planted) by releasing “leaked” material owned by another entity and “not intended for distribution.”

  • Mrplatitude

    I wonder if the backlash against the design would have been less if the CG and overall presentation of the teaser had been higher quality.

    • MJ

      I agree 100%. It’s the combination of the amateurish looking production values with the design of the ship that so completely derailed this.

    • Graham Kennedy

      Honestly the bad CGI doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I think of this as test footage, one or two steps above doodling a line drawing or producing a bit of concept art. And the music – I honest don’t remember a thing about the music. If you played me it again I wouldn’t know what it was. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it certainly didn’t offend me in the slightest.

      What gets me is the triangle shape. No. It’s not right. Get rid of it.

  • Wes

    How about this? I have feelings that we’re the most anal fanbase out there. Marvel or any other big name franchise has the same thing, but none as close as Star Trek. Moonves hates Trek (he’s the man who cancelled Enterprise) and probably CBS’ public relations department always has to work overtime because the fan base cries foul whenever something they don’t like they have to express their disgust on social media… Hell people have already decided to pirate the series so they don’t have to pay for another streaming service. So why is Discovery being made? Because people will pay for anything Star Trek. If I was CBS, I’d find ways to quietly cancel this before more cries of foul happen. Too much damage control.

    • Newdivide1701

      I think they are going to be in damage control override especially with the fanfilm guidelines that are at best a joke.

    • MJ

      Moonves doesn’t hate Trek. He hate’s bad ratings, and Enterprise deserved to get cancelled, so kudos to Moonves.

      • pittrek

        Brannon made an excellent point – Ron’s Battlestar Galactica’s first season had avg a million views less per episode than the last season of Enterprise, but still Galactica was considered a huge hit and Enterprise’s ratings were considered so bad that it deserved to be cancelled

        • MJ

          Did you bother to compare the ratings trend lines of BSG and Enterprise over time?

          • pittrek

            I was just paraphrasing Brannon Braga’s point from the Enterprise Blurays

          • MJ

            OK, well what Brannon was leaving out was that Enterprise’s ratings nosedived over time, while BSG’s were for the most part, fairly constant.

      • Julian Glover

        enterprise was good, even though it was the worst of the star trek series.

    • Fctiger

      That thing is an abomination to taste. I have defended this show including paying for it legally but this is one step too far. I’ll give the show a chance no matter what but this is horrible.

  • Newdivide1701

    If this were a test design, then I’m sorry to say the test failed miserably.

    I know this is an original design for the TMP Enterprise, but now seeing it in 3D it doesn’t look right. The secondary hull appearing so significantly larger than the saucer makes it feel off, as well as the nacelle positioning looks off. One could correct that by increasing the size of the saucer, and you know what you got? The Galaxy class starship wannabe.

    But even then it looks bulky where it shouldn’t be, and off. It’s like the wings take up much of the mass, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

    And my wife says it looks like cheap ass child’s toy.

    With all the ship designs that Star Trek has had, it always feel like the centre of gravity of the ship is easy to see and feels well proportioned. Here, it doesn’t. It feels like its centre of mass is near the shuttle bay rather than — in the case of the Enterprise (either one) between the saucer’s impulse engines and the Bussard collectors.

    Hell, even the unnamed Ganges class, the triangular shaped Earth ship from the 22nd century that had the Star Destroyer impulse drive configuration during the opening credits of Star Trek: Enterprise looked better even if someone had stuck possibly the NX-01 Enterprise saucer to it.

    The USS Discovery, better off using a Miranda class starship, strip off the warp engines and torpedo launcher, put on the upper nacelles and pylons of a Constellation class starship, dorsal/neck in the same position as an Enterprise class starship’s saucer (NCC-1701-A by the way), and on the bottom of the neck have a third nacelle.

    • Shawn

      When you say ‘it looks off’ what you mean is ‘it doesn’t look the same.’ Well, no, it doesn’t. This is the type of criticism people had of the Enterprise D when it first launched. People hated that as well, until they didn’t.

      It’s as though it takes place generations before and is an evolutionary ancestor of the ships we know.

      • Newdivide1701

        Actually you would be totally incorrect. It has nothing to do with looking the same or else I would be bitching and complaining about the Kelvin timeline Enterprise.

        And though people had criticism about the Enterprise-D not looking the same, it had nothing to do with looks, it was about balance. Did you even read my post? How for most ships the centre of gravity for them were closer to being, well, in the centre. The original USS Enterprise, the “criticized” Enterprise-D, the much loved Enterprise-E, the tough little ship USS Defiant, even the Akiraprise NX-01.

        The USS Discover seems to have its centre of gravity more towards the aft closer to the shuttle bays, and its engines didn’t help with the balance.

        • Shawn

          I look at this ship. I see a small ship, with a small crew. The saucer/crew area should be small. The Engine area should be big. If this is pre-TOS, the balance should be different. Because it’s using older, more primitive technology. Smaller crew, bigger engine. The original Enterprise was about equal. The Enterprise D was actually saucer heavy. It’s a steady progression away from small crews and big engines, to comparatively smaller engines and huge amounts of crew. This happens as the technology becomes more efficient. In the Galaxy Class they just jammed in so many general systems because they had the space. So they could have entire science sections.

          In this older ship everything is based around the engine. Most of the ship is. It likely would have a smaller crew than Kirk’s ship.

          So I said it sounds like you are saying it’s different. Your said, no, it’s because the balance is different. I agree. It’s different. And I think the difference makes sense. This ship. Then the Constitution has fewer hard lines, but still some. Then the Galaxy class gets rid of all hard lines. Then the Sovereign class removes the bulk of the Galaxy class (giving the appearance of being more aerodynamic).

          You will probably disagree. But that’s okay.

        • Julian Glover

          looks more like it has it’s center of lift backwards, maybe for atmospheric flight? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

  • MJ

    Memo to Brian Fuller and Company:

    If what you have “thrown together in 3 weeks” looks unprofessional, and frankly amateurish, then please don’t release it. This teaser, as was the title teaser a few weeks back, are embarrassing to watch. And now we see many of us losing some confidence in your series, and we are wondering why CBS’s great marketing machine is not assisting you to more better present early information to the fans?

    • BigMountainFudgeCake

      Rant much?

      • Seriously. It’s obviously not final, and therefore isn’t indicative of the show’s quality.

        Stop CHOOSING to be offended so much.

      • MJ

        Says the dude who posts a lot on TMZ. 😉

        • BigMountainFudgeCake

          So. At least my comments are short

      • Shawn

        The problem is, MJ is right. With people like him on the internet we cannot have pre-release content. These people honestly think it’s better to have nothing than unfinished work. Instead, they are working tireless to ensure that fans receive no indication of the direction anything is headed.

        I think the reason CBS has told Bryan Fuller not to release details is because of things like the reactions ‘fans’ have over preliminary, unapproved designs that are were partially completed as a bonus to us fans at a fan convention.

        The lesson they will learn: release even less details.

        Great. I was hoping for more. I suspect this will not happen.

        • MJ

          Nope. I have no problems with them pre-releasing info, but I do have a problem with them pre-releasing videos that, as Tonci Jukis correctly stated above, “looks like a cheap basement VFX from the 90’s.”

          They should have instead released a couple of stills of the ship — then people could comment on the ship design, and not be so focused on this amateurish, embarrassing video.

          And for all of you who are whining about how they had to rush for ComiCon for this, and I should cut them some slack — THEN PLEASE EXPLAIN to me why the “Title Teaser”, which came out weeks ago, and which they produced without any sort of schedule pressure, ALSO LOOKS like “cheap basement VFX from the 90’s:”

          I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am expecting to see very good special effects on this new series, not just lackluster Berman-era effects 2.0. This show is going to be “high-end,” right? It’s launching a new network. It needs to look like cutting edge TV special effects of today — not this crap we are seeing in these teasers.

          • Shawn

            I expect the series to be good. And to be fair, I think it would make more sense to give us details on the series, and not release early CGI work. But it’s unfair to pretend this is the final product. They probably only had a couple days to do the work by the time the assignment hit the CGI workers desk. (3 weeks could mean a week being passed around a memos, a quick sketch, and then sitting in a queue for a week. Done in a few hours. Sent back for approval.)

          • MJ

            I don’t think we are that far apart. I do realize they are sharing early work, but when the quality does not even approach volunteer fan production level in appearance, it worries me.

    • Tonči Jukić

      MJ, this doesn’t look like an incremental update to Voyager or Enterprise – it looks like a cheap basement VFX from the 90s. They need to completely change their teams, because you don’t need 3 weeks for this, you compose and render this whole video in a weekend. And it’d look better automatically. You can’t make it so bad with modern tools.

      • Tuskin38

        That 3 weeks probably includes modelling, texturing and all that.

        Plus they’re still in pre-production, they probably did work on it full time.

  • plastic_avatar


    And I was so geeked to see a reference to Phase II…

    I still make Lego ships, so maybe I think about the design and implementation differently.

    I love the design as re-rendered for Discovery.

    Just like design in actual aircraft evolution, sometimes you build something that doesn’t work the way you intended, but might influence future creations.

    Bring on the Delta-wing’ed Trek!

  • MR-AMF

    I knew this was the case. While it didn’t really bother me that they released unfinished designs and CGI renders, perhaps simple concept sketches and artwork may have sufficed if they didn’t have time to fully render the CGI shot.

  • The Chadwick

    “bow chicka wow wow”

    • laika_and_milou

      I thought the new design was a joke or a fan-made thing until I dug into the history and read up on “Titans” (which also seemed to be a joke, but wasn’t). But now I get that McQuarrie was just getting off Star Wars and he was all triangles instead of circles and tubes, and he was taking Jeffries’ design and making it his own. As a designer, I know how bad it can go when the client hands one person’s design over to someone else and says, you know, just make it betterer. I’m not going to tell you what I want. Just give me the thing I refuse to describe.

      • The Chadwick

        Im warming up to it, and I will accept it regardless, I want a new Star Trek show, and ill take whatever I can get…. but its so basic in its shape. The quality of the CG, I don’t care about, its a trial run, it will get better and I am sure the design will go through some changes.

        I can understand they want a different aesthetic but unless this takes place in the past – TMP era or a future where Klingon’s join the Federation and this is a Klingon take on a Federation vessel fine – I could not possibly see how this ship is from a future post Nemesis. Is this ship superior to the Enterprise E? I would certainly debate that. But we have no idea what era this is.

        Im not as gung ho about Ralph McQuarrie as some are with their nostalgia, I was born in 83 sooooo. I do love retro 70’s sci fi, I wish there was a 70’s Star Trek series instead of Space 1999. But the Enterprise design this is based on is far too Star Wars-y. I can respect McQuarrie’s long sci fi resume from Star Wars, to Battlestar, to Star Trek IV….but I don’t have to like this design. Its wrong to be aggressive about it, but there is nothing wrong with having different taste in aesthetics, and people should not be singled out for not liking this design.
        The Starfleet core of designers were smoking something or eating mushrooms.

        There are so many brilliant, beautiful designs from Star Trek Online they could draw from (google Star Trek Online ships, pictures), but again they all draw on TNG/DS9/YOV era designs, but beautiful none the less.

    • Bond Jamesbond

      Or chow bicka wow

      • The Chadwick

        Yes Chow Bi’cka wow is the Klingon translation I believe.

  • The Chadwick

    Ok, so the ship is what it is. Question remains. Door #1, 2 or 3. Do we think this takes place after Archer, around the 70’s retro TMP era, or is this a post Nemesis future?

    • Fctiger

      If the synopsis I read is anything to believe it would have to be post Nemesis but yeah who knows?

      • Julian Glover

        this series might not have the same ship every season. So maybe the first one around archers time, the second, TOS, the third TNG, the fourth, post TNG. It would be pretty cool if that were the case, having us run through the discovery-A, B, C etc.

    • Lyk

      After ENT, maybe pre-TOS (Maybe the Federation got their hands on some Romulan Ship with cloaking und build an hybrid out of these and an Starfleet ship. Given there can be heard the cloaking sound at the very end i suspect the discovery to be able to cloak – I even go so far to say that the discovery is to blame why later on the Federation/Starfleet is not allowed to have Cloaking Tech 😛

  • Jean Michel

    Ok, the design might not be final but it’s not like they will do a complete one-eighty on it. The final design will be almost certainly a variation of this one, but I just can’t see a radical departure.

    • Cabo 5150

      Yep, I think you’re right sadly.

      The quality of the show in terms of character and storytelling is paramount of course – but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate some nice starship “eye candy”.

      I want to feel proud of the visual aesthetic of what is essentially an extremely important “character” in the show.

      For me, that design is pug ugly – a bloody monstrosity.

    • Brian Thorn

      Unless the McQuarrie estate demands too much money.

      • Fctiger

        Its amazing someone is purposely PAYING someone to have those designs? I’m sure if someone started a collection here we would be using it to give them money not to have this skid mark of a design on the show.

        • Julian Glover

          I’m sure a lot of trekkies would do designs a lot better for FREE

  • Fctiger

    Let the spin control begin. Yeah hopefully they will do some RADICAL changes. I mean look at that thing. It’s a monstrosity. What were they thinking??? Its like something my 6 year old nephew would make and he’s a complete idiot.

    • GIBBS v2

      This is what an elementary school kid would draw. Circle on top of a triangle.

      Wook Daddy, I drewed the Wenterpwise!

      • Cabo 5150

        Ha ha, harsh, but not necessarily too far off the mark!

        • GIBBS v2

          USS Pizza Cutter

      • trekfan


      • Fctiger

        What’s scary is that sounds exactly like him too. It’s surreal.

  • I Am Jupiter

    Why does everyone care so much? It’s endearing and a core part of Trek fandom that we care at all, but there has to be a limit…

    …I mean, does a ship design really matter in the grand scheme of a show’s quality? One design can never please everyone, and it never has a direct bearing on the quality of the show. Plus we don’t know the history of the design, when it’s set, where it’s from or who designed it (within the ST universe). So many unknown quantities.

    I agree the CGI is a little underwhelming, but I don’t care. It’s not the show, it’s a teaser; which in TV and Movie terms, almost never has the final version of any given fx or CG. So I’ll happily wait for the final product.

    • Kazeite

      I think that “everyone cares so much” because, at this point, it’s all we have – that’s the only thing thus far we have to judge a show’s quality.

      For me, this particular design doesn’t work at all – it doesn’t seem to fit into general Trek design and technology aesthetic. What’s with all those sharp edges? And what’s with the triple Bussard collectors? What this tell me is that whoever approved of this design cares more about what looks cool and doesn’t respect Trek history. And this early in the development process, it’s a troubling discovery.

      • trekfan

        Yes, the ship (and its visual identity) is a vital part of the show. We’re used to a more futuristic look of the Star Fleet/Federation ships, no matter what time period they are from. I sincerely hope they will make some changes.

        • Julian Glover

          it’s not that bad, I mean i could get used to it. It prbably has some explenation for being like that anyways.

    • Graham Kennedy

      Yes, the ship design really does matter. It has been said by past producers that the hero ship is a character in a show or film. The audience *cares* about it, often as much as they care about any of the actual human (or alien) characters. To get the ship badly wrong is no different to getting the star of the show badly wrong.

      For me, if they put this ship (or one broadly like it) in the show, it would be essentially the same thing as, say, casting Pee Wee Herman in the lead role. No amount of good writing or good stories could compensate for that, right? Because no matter what you do, it’s Pee Wee fricken Herman there in the Captain’s chair, and that makes everything else look ridiculous no matter how good it is.

      That’s how I feel about this ship. It’s THAT bad. If this is the design they are going with, they’re not getting my money. It’s as simple as that.

  • Christian Gomez

    I love the new ship design! 😀

  • GIBBS v2

    I feel like it just broke too many standard Trek ship conventions (Color, nacelle shape, that heavy triangle body…) I understand there could be a hell of story as to why it looks like that but reactions are what they are after 50 years of ships not looking like that.

    • Benjiro

      Easy … Experimental ship. Joined technology project that never got finalized until the serie start.

      Just look at our own history and how experimental ships can look totally different. USS Zumwalt, M80 Stiletto, … all do not fit typical US Navy designs.

      Frankly, with some tweaking it can look better. It actually looks more functional then the typical Federation ships like the Galaxy class ( that seems to be designed around there turbolift’s ).

      • GIBBS v2

        I’ll buy that. And with a few tweaks I think they can put it on a diet and make it feel like blocky and heavy.

  • DemosCat

    Notice how the delta shape resembles the Starfleet insignia? Is that intentional? A flying advertisement of the Federation?

    It reminds me of Mel Brooks’ Jews in Space, where the spaceship looks like a Star of David.

  • DemosCat

    Lots of people have been playing around with a delta engineering section for years. Personally, I like the esthetics of the below design better, which is inspired by the TNG era.

    With its sharp edges and straight lines, Fuller’s Discovery looks like it was designed in the 1960’s, and that is probably intentional. A sort of Bauhaus-influenced spaceship design.

    • Cabo 5150

      That’s certainly better, but I think the saucer could do with being somewhat larger – the overall “balance” still looks off to my eye.

      • DemosCat

        I have to agree. The saucer section is undersized. I chose the overhead view because it avoids distortions. The appearance is far worse when viewed from the rear. Tiny saucer head, big ass. 🙂

        • Billy Pate

          “U.S.S Kardashian”….lol!!

      • GIBBS v2

        I agree, the saucer width should match that of the engines and/or be elongated a bit.

    • Jon Readman

      I could get behind something like this

    • trekfan

      This ship looks great. This design looks much better! If they only chose this design over the one we’ve seen in the trailer. And I’d prefer this registry number too over the other one (NCC-1031).

    • Julian Glover

      i hope whoever is in charge of the ship sees this post. This also doesent quite look like it’s ripping off another desighn. It seems to be it’s own.

    • Gen. Chang

      Yes, your image reflects a more starfleet look, but the show starts off not long after the Undiscovered Country, and we’ll before TNG. So, I definitely think they tried too hard to marry Klingon ship with Constellation class ship.From CBS Comic Con, the suggestion is that Kirk will be bright back from the dead at some point, and the shows will episodic like chapter by chapter. So, like novels, they could flash back and forth thru the timeline.

    • The Chadwick

      To me it looks like it’s from the 1970’s, way more disco than groovy…especially that light brown colour….70’s! But the image of the vessel you posted, is far superior. i don’t care about a bigger bulkier secondary hull, just give make it a little sleeker and aerodynamic even if it does not matter in space.

    • Lib Serum

      Much better.

  • Tarkov2009

    I remember when they released the first shot of the Enterprise D in the build up to TNG. After weeks of Entertainment Tonight updates where “we still can’t show you the new starship” and updates monthly in Starlog teasing things about the design and look of the show… flash forward to DS9 and Voyager, and even 2009 Trek where they released that finished shot of the Enterprise… the anticipation allowed for a “wow factor” that we rarely get anymore… and that’s definitely not here, where it’s clear CBS demanded from the producers “we need something to show at Comic Con” at the last minute (which is part of the industry production machine now).

    MJ is right, they should not have released anything until the R&D was done and the quality and execution should be state of the art… as has been every new Trek incarnation since TMP. Anything less, like this “teaser” would (and is) a misstep for a series with such high hopes behind it.

  • Thomas W.

    This explanation doesn’t make it better but worse. The new show is going to start in six month and all they got is this? And it took three weeks? Shame on you!

  • Joseph

    First of all, to all those people who have issues with those of us who complain about this series. The moment they decided it’ll cost us $6.00+ a month to watch the series, all criticism towards the quality of the new series became justified.

    I’m with the others who dislike the design. My issue was never with the CGI, I knew it’ll be re-rendered and made nicer. My issue is with the design itself. The ship is ugly.

    When you compare it to the Original Enterprise, Constitution-refit, Sovereign-Class, Galaxy-class, Excelsior-class & E-B variant, Defiant, Intrepid, Steamrunner, Akira, Sabre, and even the non-cannon classes like the Luna-class, Insignia-class, Vesta-Class, and others. This pales in comparison.

    I mean which one you prefer:

    There is no comparison IMHO. Even the NX-Class is better looking. Now granted most of these designs are Post-TNG universe and this series may very well end up being another TOS Prequel set Before the Kelvin incident so it can be like ENT where it exists in BOTH Prime and the new Kelvin-Timeline.

    But I’ll be honest; my Star Trek love didn’t come from TOS. I grew up with TNG, DS9, and VOY. It be nice for fans of the 24th Century Trek get some appreciation for the 50th Anniversary. However instead our timeline is completely erased via the Kelvin-Reboot and while the reboot is in the Prime-Timeline it’ll be cute about it and set it before the TOS series which frankly doesn’t excite me.

    So I apologize for “criticizing” but that’s just how I feel.

    • pittrek

      I may be a minority (I usually am re: Star Trek) but I love the design. I actually hate the second picture, the third looks nice

      • Julian Glover

        yeah, the post VOY ships start to look a little too slanted, and stretched out. Too spindly for my tastes.

    • MagicalChristianPenis

      I think the CG itself was a little underwhelming, but as far as the shape of the ship, i wonder if this may have a bearing on how the timelines have changed. Maybe the Klingon Empire is a technology sharing partner and member of the Federation. maybe that is why the ship has a mixed Klingon and Federation look. After the Romulans destroyed Vulcan in the Prime universe and changed the timeline, maybe the Federation and Klingon’s were more open to forming an alliance against the Romulans. I am completely open to how they try to swing this. I am just hoping they do a good job of it.

    • trekfan

      I’m afraid I have to agree with your view on the design. As much as I’m optimistic about the new show taking place in the Prime Trek Universe, which all those beautiful ship designs originate from, I’m a bit disappointed with this one. Honestly, I’m surprised this design was chosen given such wide variety of great Trek ship designs. However, maybe those rumors are true that the new series will take place in a period in which there is possibly a cooperation of Klingons and humans (the Federation), which would in a way explain the design that kind of looks like a Klingon-Starfleet hybrid. But who knows…
      Apparently there’s some Phase II influence as well…
      Btw, Rick Sternbach really knows how to create great ship designs!

    • mswood666

      The Prime Universe hasn’t been erased. Just because they are no longer telling stories in that universe doesn’t mean that universe stopped existing.

      I mean if no further trek was ever created would you thin they had destroyed that universe? I really think not.

      We are seeing with the Kelvin timeline a different quantum reality. But it hs no impact on the events of TOS, TOS films, TNG, DS9, TNG Films, or Voyager. Those shows and films still occurred. And still would have their universe continue

    • spooky

      Those are interesting designs but I’ve seen some others that are far more appealing, IMHO.

  • Spin-El

    My first thought was its horrible, but with some small tweaks it could be good. I just took 2 seconds to black out some of the ugly huge wing and it already looks better. Now the only thing that really needs a lot of work are the ugly nacelles. Its not the final product, I still have high hopes it will turn out way better.

    • Joseph

      It looks slightly better. If we use the current ship… frankly what I’d do is eliminate the neck all together and move the saucer back a bit:

      • DemosCat

        I like a combination of both ideas. Black out some of the delta wing *and* move the saucer section back.

        • Joseph

          What if we make the Delta wing come FROM the moved back saucer? So it’s basically flows as one:

          • trekfan

            I like your modification, Joseph. Looks much better. Could you perhaps modify the nacelles, too? I’d appreciate that. Slight modifications you made would significantly improve the look of the ship.

          • Graham Kennedy

            That’s an improvement, but cut the wings back a lot more – make them proper pylons rather than wings.

            And the engineering hull needs to be much wider at the front – look at how TINY that nav deflector is! Also instead of a box, make it into a roughly cylindrical shape.

            In other words, make it a proper Federation Starship, LOL

          • Julian Glover

            that would look fricking awesome if the nacelle wings (stabilisers[?], whatever) would be swept down slightly

          • Ben Beckett


        • Spin-El

          I like that idea

      • Ben Beckett

        Even uglier.

    • GIBBS v2

      This is what it needs. Nice stab at it.

      It feels too bulky and bloated. We have always been able to see through the ship to some degree no matter the angle. I would hope the pylons the nacelles are mounted on get angled up a bit too. It’s just a pancake right now.

    • Ben Beckett

      Still ugly.

  • Matineer

    The initial design is a bulky, industrial looking ship which is seemingly at odds with the soaring, optimistic tone of the series as described by Brian Fuller. It’s more like a cargo carrier or big warship than a “discovery” vessel. I would have expected something like the “In thy Image” Enterprise just before TMP. Nimble and elegant. I hope they’re not going overboard to make this ship different than the JJ Verse ship. Having said that, the story and characters are probably more important. My only strong feeling on ship design is that the nacelles seem to look better when they sweep up, rather than down (on Federation starships). Looking forward to the show.

  • Jon Readman

    Yeah. I have a feeling they Know they dun messed up. Total failure of a design. Very un-Starfleet and un-Earth design. I expect some drastic changes.

    • Cabo 5150

      Here’s hoping…

    • Fctiger

      The problem is there is one guy who claimed to work on the show stating its done this way because its suppose to be a Klingon and Starfleet alliance after a major war and this ship is symbolic of that alliance. Hopefully he’s talking out of his ass but IF true then we probably stuck with it but yes they can still just build more of starfleet ship and throw Klingons on it.

  • New Horizon

    The production values of the CGI really needs to be stepped up…A LOT. Three weeks should be plenty of time to put something together that has higher quality than this. It doesn’t give me a lot of faith in the final look of this

  • Fiery Little One

    I expect what we were given will be the launching pad for the final design. Which might give us a clearer idea of when this show is set.

  • Graham Kennedy

    If the design is not final, please do not just “tweak the details”. What is needed here is most emphatically NOT just slightly different shaped nacelles or a bit more hull detailing or different impulse engines.

    It is the basic concept of an Imperial Star Destroyer with a saucer and nacelles stuck on it that is the problem here. Fan reaction has been overwhelmingly negative – there are polls out there showing reactions of 5 to 1 against! You desperately need to change the basic design.

  • jackson roy kirk

    Maybe they put that out just to see fan reaction. “If it’s negative” they said, “we will kill it” (just imagining.)

  • Cliff Wagner

    Something reminded me of IDIC with nacelles at first glance. Maybe?

  • boyan

    Look at this! This is how you build a ship based on McQuarrie’s design!

    • Locutus

      Interesting! I really do like that better.

    • Julian Glover

      it’s nice, but looks to kelvin timeling ish. The endings of the nacelles especially. Still better than the monstrosity called the uss discovery

  • Simple Logic

    If you listen to the music, you will hear Federation and Klingon themes, therefore the ship is most likely a cross between a Federation and Klingon ship, however, they could have done better.

  • NVS

    A little bit of color correction (power washing?) to take away the brown makes it quite a bit nicer if you ask me

    • DemosCat

      Mirror, mirror…. 🙂

    • Lyk

      I honestly like the brown-ish color, it gives the ship an old look, which fits with the (current) design of the Discovery.

  • Rana Rahman

    It certainly doesn’t have the impact of when I first saw the 1701D. These are very basic renders, I’m sure it’ll end up looking much better than this rushed job.

    • Jedimaster Trump✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Fell in love with D within 2 seconds.

  • Michael Spadaro

    It needs work.

    • Fctiger

      Starting with a sledge hammer.

      • sergio CS

        …and continuing with a steamroller

        • Jedimaster Trump✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          and finishing with a can of gasoline and a match.

  • Well a lot of people had problem with the design already… I’m included in a way as I was waiting for a more “familiar” look, but will see. This is just a test footage, it can still be changed I suppose and if CBS listen to the fan base they can make something what we want to see. 🙂 What we like, will sell and both of us will be happy! 🙂 LLAP _\//

    • Fctiger

      This was cool. I love how big Trek fandom is. I honestly want to burn the ship but listening to your video actually has gave me a more wait and see attitude. SO I will follow your lead. And BTW, I had that Generations poster attached to my own wall 20 years ago lol. Trek isn’t perfect but its still great! Hope you enjoyed Beyond. 🙂

      • Ohh, thank you. 😉 I’m glad at least I made one person think about the whole thing. 😉 It’s going to be StarTrek and I’m sure if the studio cares about “US” they going to do changes over the design. They have some big names on this project from “prime trek universe”, so it would be changes I’m sure. 😉 Hehe, the Generation poster what I have in the wall it’s pretty old by now I know… but those things never get older. 😉 I did enjoy Beyond! In fact I’ve done a small reaction video what you can see on my YouTube channel and my website. 🙂 LLAP _\//

        • Fctiger

          Yeah it better be a few lol. Honestly I am trying but everytime I see it I still have the same reaction to it. But its early and yes when we see things in better context, seeing it the way its really meant to be seen etc people may have a different view of it in time. Either way I’m giving it a chance. It really is the story and the characters that is going to make or break the show, not just the ship.

          And I will definitely check out your Beyond reaction on your channel too. Glad you enjoyed it. Will be seeing it again this weekend in fact! 🙂

  • Julian Glover

    i could come to love this design. It doesent seem that bad really. In the trailer it looks a lot better. I just dont want to many klingons.

  • Julian Glover

    Here’s a thought… If it’s delta winged shape that could say how it might be for atmospheric work, not just with thrusters, but flying. That would be pretty awesome, and add a lot to the show, if they had to fly around in the show. I think i could come to love the ship. Especially if it’s odd design had some purpose. Also the top is a lot prettier.

  • Darren McAdams

    I don’t know bout the discovery ship they could have made a better design more advanced design

  • Dawn

    the whole world hates the design, and if thats what they going for, good luck selling merchandise

  • Snap

    To be fair, it is hardly worse than many of the ugly starship classes which began to pop up towards the latter half of the TNG-era series. One thing I do like about it is the round saucer, a distinct throwback when TNG-era saucers tended to be ovoid and increasingly integrated into the overal shape of the ship, such as Voyager.

  • PoopyPants

    I love the dish and the warp engines! The body needs a little more work.

  • Arizona Citizen

    I hate the design of the ship. Everyone I’ve talked to hates it as well. I spoke with an aerospace engineer friend of mine, an actual rocket scientist; he thinks it’s the stupidest design he’s ever seen in his entire life. it’s ugly. Hella Ugly. Fugly. The sharp edges makes it look like a flying IDIC. It reminds me of space ships that first-graders draw. Throw it out and do something else.

    • Benjiro

      Like the TNG Enterprise was such a great design? With all the rounded area’s, weak frame area etc… Klingon / Cardassian ships looked way more functional in comparison.

      Want to take out the Enterprise? Simply aim your firepower for its neck and separate the ship midway. Hey, look, they just did it in Star Trek Beyond. Or crash a smaller ship in this area ( Like the Dominion did on a Galaxy Ship ).

      Lets face facts. Federation ships are not battle ships. Same reason why we have the Defiant ( another experimental ship ).

      There is nothing wrong with this ship beyond nostalgia. If the history around the ship is interesting, people will accept it. For example Klingon / Federation project. Or Experimental armored ship.

      Its not like the Federation did not radial experiments? Did people forget the whole phased cloak experiment…

      Its a first draft, lets see how they improve it before everybody shoots it down.

  • The Chadwick

    I cant find the article on TrekCore along with Kristen Beyer there was another writer announced shortly after her and cannot find his name. Anyone know? I believe it was someone else who wrote for TNG and possibly DS9 and or Voyager. I know Jesse Alexander is onboard but cannot remember if it was him or not.

  • JK

    “Designs Not Final”. Your far better off scrapping all designs of this ship and starting over.
    “thrown together”? I’m starting to have serious concerns about the longevity of the new show. Might be time for CBS to hand over the TV rights as Kirk put it “Young minds, fresh ideas”.

    • The Chadwick

      Meh, they can work wonders in 5 months. Hey we have a Trekkie Bryan Fuller leading the team, he’ll get the job done. As he said it, he’s got our backs.

  • The Chadwick

    Basically how the Star Trek fan base is split right now.

  • spooky

    The quality of the CGI is shockingly underwhelming, the last Star Trek series ended a long time ago and its CGI had some good moments and some not so great moments. This looks like its been cobbled together by the same people… it looks dated already.

    I hope whatever redesign is coming is much better than this, for the sake of the new series. The last thing people want to do is watch a series with a big clunky hero ship.

  • Stephen

    They must have a finished design ready by now, surely? They start filming in a few weeks, and sets will coming together, do doubt with a MSD somewhere showing the shape of the thing…..

  • Pedro Ferreira

    I don’t understand the problem of using a constructed ship model. Star Trek Enterprise suffered because the ship didn’t look real.

  • Joe Lee

    I don’t like the idea of this taking place before TNG. Why do we have to keep going back? Even with the new movies. Why can’t we go forward, post-Voyager? It just seems like Star Trek is being twisted into something it’s not. The movies have completely taken away the quiet introspective quality and exploration that, for me is what it’s all about. I’m also upset that the new show a) doesn’t have an Enterprise as it’s protagonist ship and b) can only be watched (in N America) on some rinky-dink streaming service that CBS is delusional in thinking it will succeed. I feel like they’re just setting up this new show to fail.

    • Benjiro

      The problem with Star Trek Voyager time is almost everything is known around the Federation its playground. So by venturing more away from the Federation, to really explore / discover, your entering in the whole Voyager issue again ( too much focus on the ship / crew, very little of the Federation )

  • The Chadwick

    Lets not forget the USS Discovery is a John Eaves ship. A man who has been with Star Trek since The Final Frontier, worked on TNG, DS9, TNG movies, consulting (and some designs) for Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness, not to mention the man who designed the second best looking ship, the Enterprise E. Sorry Constitution refit (1701A) wins the award for best looking ship. This is early stuff people, have faith. If the Discovery is based on a retro design I for one am thrilled. If Star Trek Discovery did not go into the future past Nemesis then my next choice would be some earlier era. And right now this show – from the ship and captain’s chair design – is looking retro…new age futuristic 70’s retro, and I am all over that!

  • According to AICN, Bryan Fuller will be revealing more details about the show on August 10th at the TV Critics Association Press Tour and “There’s a big clue in the number of the ship [NCC-1031] that indicates when we’re set.”

    Fuller also said “There are aspects of our first season that, depending on how well versed you are in that mythology, you could either read into it a connection [on 31 in the ship registry being a coincidental reference to Section 31]”

  • Henry Marcel

    I can’t even describe how bad this design is. I’m embarrassed to even look at it. It looks like a 4 year old designed it. It’s so far beyond wretched that I don’t think there’s even a word to describe how bad it is. If this isn’t a joke, everyone involved in coming up with this steaming pile of crap needs to be fired and they need to start over. It’s not even me being a Star Trek “fan-boy”. It’s just BAD. Star Trek, Star Wars, it doesn’t matter. You can not put THAT on ANY television show. It’s horrifically bad. It’s criminally bad. Oh my God.

  • Jedimaster Trump✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The most HIDEOUS ship design of all time. What the hell were they thinking? Nevermind…they were not thinking. They were tripping on some bad acid. That design is f’ing grotesque. Hopefully they blow that shi(t)p up in the first five minutes of the first episode.

  • Michael Kurland

    I also think this vessel needs a complete re-design. You might want to get in touch with John Eaves, Doug Drexler, Rick Sternbach, or Andy Probert to come up with the final design. You know what they’ve done before. Surely one of them can give you the final U.S.S. Discovery. Maybe the one on top could be used?

  • Bond Jamesbond

    This ship looks huge. I mean this thing must be close to Galaxy Class size. I hope the new series goes back to the original canon and not the Jar Jar Abrams new timeline. Since it may be before TOS then it should be. If it’s only a few years before TOS they may have TOS characters in it as cameo but I would like to see it stand on it’s own before they do. Health and long life to you.

  • kjac47

    Don’t like the design of the new ship. But I don’t design spaceships on my own. I wish they would’ve pick a design from pintest, or deviant art, and pay the artist for their work. Have to count on an excellent story to win me over. Kinda of hoping it get blown up in 1st season finale, then come back as Discovery A , in next season.

  • DeWitt Page

    Definitely looking forward to a Trek series set in the “Prime Universe” after the end of Enterprise!! But, all those that are responsible for making sure continuity is adhered to, need to make absolutely sure that the ship emblem for the USS Discovery is not that of the ‘Delta Shield’. This emblem was unique to the USS Enterprise, until after her historic 5 year mission was completed, and then the Delta Shield became the emblem for all of star fleet personnel. Each ship had its own emblem, as seen in the original series, as did Starfleet and star bases. The “Kelvin Universe” messed this up big time, and if Star Trek Discovery is in fact to take place in the “Prime Universe”, then the producers and costume designers need to adhere to set continuity and have an emblem for the uniforms that is NOT the Delta Shield. Believe me, fans will notice this if the Delta Shield is used for The USS Discovery, when we all know that no one else in Starfleet used this but the USS Enterprise. I am still looking forward to seeing the new series, but the reboot Star Trek has left a sour taste in my mouth, because it just does not feel like Trek. Star Trek: Enterprise, and Star Trek: Nemesis were the last real Trek. That is just my opinion, and hoping that Discovery will allay those misgivings that the “Kelvin Universe” has done.

  • DeWitt Page

    Sorry, I meant to share this link regarding what is known as “Assignment Patches”. Just could not remember the terminology.

    From Memory Alpha:
    “In the early 22nd century, Starfleet personnel wore assignment patches on the sleeve of their left arm, in a similar style worn during the initial period of space flight on Earth. The uniform was later updated, adding the Starfleet patch to the right arm. (ENT: “These Are the Voyages…”) The assignment patch of Enterprise NX-01 was also used as a screensaver on monitors aboard the ship. (ENT: “The Catwalk”)

    In the mid-23rd century, Starfleet continued the tradition of using unique patch emblems for different assignments, albeit placing them instead over the left breast. By 2278, this styling ceased, and Starfleet adopted the USS Enterprise’s assignment patch as the standard emblem for all Starfleet personnel. Assignment patches thus fell into disuse, and Starfleet supplanted them with badges and, eventually, combadges. (TOS; TNG: “Cause and Effect”) For example, a style of Starfleet pins incorporating the Enterprise emblem was made into a combadge, used by the crew of the Ambassador-class USS Enterprise-C, by 2344. (Star Trek
    II: The Wrath of Khan; TNG: “Yesterday’s Enterprise”)”

  • Lib Serum

    Fan’s negative reaction is not that Discovery looks unlike previous Federation ships. IT IS because Discovery has an OBVIOUS and overwhelming similarity to a Klingon Battlecruiser as seen from the original series way back in the 60s.
    A visual language has been established by these shapes and forms. The designer violated that to the point you wonder if the Federation and Klingon Empire merged. That is what this design suggests. But most likely it’s a young designer, unfamiliar with Star Trek who attempted to be innovative and failed.

  • Bobby Cachiano

    It’s the ugliest design it doesn’t make since to have such a large saucer section with such a large Aft section. It looks like a ugly version of a full clean on D 12 cruiser with a big saucer thrown on top. Not tomention that the necells look like the inside of a toaster. And then the tiny little deflector it’s just not proportional I don’t see how you would go from that shit to any other version of a federation stars all the way from constitution class to Sovereign class have all flowed proportionally. You could tell that the ship originated from the same idea and evolved over time. like an automobile you can tell overtime 1950s Mustang evolution into a 2017 Mustang look similar. To think this model preceded the constitution class, would be like saying the riding lawnmower evolved into a Mustang

  • Kenton Forshee

    That design isn’t just ugly, it’s repulsive, and that isn’t a good foundation for a successful series. The ship design is as important as picking the right cast.

  • Alex Avedikian

    “If my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon. It looks like a garbage scow”. – Montgomery Scott