As the 50th anniversary of Star Trek approaches later this year, mobile game company Disruptor Beam has announced details about the recently-added Battle Arena to Star Trek Timelines.

The highly anticipated Battle Arena, a player-vs-player (PvP) feature, is now available to players globally and across platforms. Since the free-to-play sci-fi strategy RPG launched on the iOS App Store and Google Play in January 2016, millions of Star Trek fans have played the game around the world.


The Battle Arena is a newly designed feature in which Captains manage their crew consisting of iconic Star Trek characters, and then compete against other Captains for prestige and valuable rewards. Players are grouped into divisions based on the rarity of their ships and crew each with their own leaderboards and daily rewards.


In addition to the above-detailed Battle Arena, Disruptor Beam has recently added hundreds of new features, characters, items and performance enhancements to Star Trek Timelines, including:

  • Dozens of New Crew Members: There are now more than 200 characters for players to obtain, including well-known characters like Picard and Janeway and other galaxy denizens such as Odo and Commander Kang.
  • Exciting Events: Players can now complete, cooperate and earn rewards and notoriety in several types of events, such as themed Mission- and Story-based events, as well as Faction Events, Galaxy Events and Cadet Challenges, with some events allowing players to impact the game’s future content.
  • An Expanded Story: In addition to primary Episodes, players can progress through side stories and other levels in Distress Calls, such as “Delphic Expanse” and “Celestial Temple.”


  • Ship Upgrades: Players can gather schematics to improve ships, making their fleets more powerful than ever.
  • Faction Mission Enhancements: With the addition of “Shuttle Boosts” within Faction Missions, players have an increased chances of success in these Missions.
  • Character Max Achievements: To help recognize players with the highest character levels possible, leaderboards tied to character and crew progression have been added.
  • Fleet Improvements: Communication with other players is now easier with new fleet management tools. As Fleets continue to expand, these exciting social tools will play an increasingly vital role in the game.
  • A Galaxy of Play Improvements: It is now easier than ever to organize and sort crew, advance in Missions, update equipment and craft items. This is in addition to thousands of other balance, stability and performance improvements across the entire game.


Star Trek fans can download Star Trek Timelines for free on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.

Players can follow new game developments by joining the Timelines community and signing up for the Bridge Crew email list, joining the Disruptor Beam forums and following the game on Facebook and and on Twitter.

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