As we reported a few weeks ago, La-La Land Records is set to roll out several new Star Trek score collections in the next few months, and today they announced the release date for Star Trek: Enterprise Collection – Volume Two, which is set for September 27.

We don’t have a track list available yet, but once published by La-La Land we’ll bring you that update.

In addition to Enterprise, the La-La Land team also released some additional detail about the forthcoming Star Trek: Voyager collection on their Facebook page, where they revealed that technical issues delayed Voyager to the January/February 2017 timeframe – and since Enterprise was ready to go, it was moved up in the schedule.

While you’re waiting for the September 27 Enterprise launch date, you can check out all the other wonderful Trek music collections La-La Land has available at their website.

  • James

    I hope it includes Azati Prime, I can’t wait!

    • BCSWowbagger

      Came here to say this. I bought Volume 1 largely to support it so Volume 2 would get made and have Azati Prime on it.

    • awesomesocks42

      that episode’s music is right up there with best of both worlds, I can’t wait!

  • What episodes have good music? Too much of the show was bland Rick Berman-approved wallpaper unfortunately.

  • DamienL

    Awesome! Love me some Enterprise

  • Robert Anthony

    I’m always glad to see enthusiastic discussion about Enterprise. It’s so (undeservedly) rare.

  • Yeah!!!! Can’t wait! 😀 _\/

  • Jamie

    I’m there on release day to get volume 2 of the great music from Enterprise.
    Shame Voyager got bumped, but at least we have something new to appreciate.
    Hoping for Azati Prime too, and the recap teaser music from Season 4 “Cold Station 12” it is such a powerful short piece from Jay Chattaway!

    I wonder what the technical issue is with Voyager?
    I hope the Voyager collection has a good number of tracks dedicated to Scorpion pt 1&2

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Will they pay me to listen to it?

  • jackson roy kirk

    This Is Fantastic News!!!! I Love Soundtrack Music and Enterprise Volume 1 is one of my favorites!!! I’ll be on their site at 12:00 PST Sept 27th!!

  • Steven Carter

    Why has this not been mentioned on this site yet?