It’s STAR TREK BEYOND release week, and that means we’ve got a bunch of reports headed your way – starting with a look at Best Buy’s exclusive Beyond steelbook, hitting stores on Tuesday.


This two-disc set (Blu-ray and DVD) also includes a digital copy of the film – but does not have the bonus disc found in Target’s exclusive set; this one just has the standard features found in every Beyond release.

steel7 steel8

Sporting the popular Star Trek: The Motion Picture-inspired rainbow poster artwork, which first debuted at May’s Beyond fan event at Paramount Pictures, the glossy steelbook also showcases a small rendition of the Enterprise on its rear side.

steel6 steel1

Despite the shiny and colorful exterior, the inside of this steelbook is a fairly bland starfield with no additional design. Early renditions of this packaging detailed interior artwork along with a Starfleet delta design on the rear side, but that seems to have not made the final edition.

steel2 steel4

You can pick up this Star Trek Beyond steelbook at Best Buy stores on November 1 and at; release week pricing has this listed at $19.99.

Stay tuned as we bring you next our review of the Beyond retailer-exclusive bonus features, including the Target bonus Blu-ray and iTunes’ exclusive ‘enhanced commentary’ track!


Star Trek Beyond
on Blu-ray!

Star Trek Beyond
on 3D Blu-ray!

Star Trek Beyond
on 4K Blu-ray!

  • Sean

    Can we get a scan of that back cover?

    • Check the third picture down.

      • Sean

        Yes but I’d enjoy a clear version for my phone backdrop;)

  • GCFan

    Can anyone confirm…but my purchase of this seems to NOT be actual steel-casing, but plastic. It still looks beautiful, but it definitely seems to be plastic in the *style* of a steelbook case, but not actual metal.

    • Charles Baxter

      I’ve seen it at Bestbuy, it’s metal on the outer case. I wouldn’t buy it simply because of the case (although this is the best art on any of the releases)

    • It’s an official Steelbook release. It’s metal.

  • Philip

    Anyone notice the overall picture brightness on the Blu-ray looks incredibly dimmed in some scenes? And what’s interesting is on the commercials for the home video release many of the scenes I noticed looked too dark are clearly brightened up a LOT!! Before anyone assumes it’s my TV or projector, I’ve watched movies before and after the Beyond Blu and other films pop with brightness and look right on the mark. For some reason, this film just seemed to be lit too dark in some shots. Just curious to see if anyone else noticed this issue? Oh, and to be fair, Into Darkness on Blu-ray has always just popped right off the screen, with no issues of scenes looking too dark.