We’ve already brought you reviews of both the regular bonus material and the retailer-exclusive features found at Target and iTunes, but there’s more than just video content around at each Star Trek Beyond retailer!

Monday night, we showed you a look at Best Buy’s Beyond steelbook, but let’s now take a peek at some of the other packaging exclusives around the marketplace for the newest Trek film.

Target: Slipcover with Interchangeable Artwork


First up is Target’s special slipcover package, with a set of four double-sided art cards to let you customize the look of your Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray set (along with their exclusive bonus disc found inside).

target-slip target-cards

This transparent, plastic slipcover allows you to swap out any of the cast artwork for the character of your choice, letting you feature Jaylah or any of the Enterprise crew on the cover. The rear design matches each other release of the film.

*   *   *

Walmart: Mini Ship Model Gift Set


At Walmart, the retailer is carrying an exclusive gift set including three mini-ship models of the Enterprise, the Franklin, and one of Krall’s deadly Swarm ships.


Along with the models is the standard Beyond Blu-ray with slipcover and contents. These ships are made of somewhat sturdy plastic, but will surely bend or break if enough pressure is put upon them.

The Franklin, the Enterprise, and a Swarm ship.

ships4 ships2

When we say “mini-ships,” we mean it: each model is only a few inches in any dimension.


Here’s a size comparison between Eaglemoss’ Enterprise NX-01 and the Franklin mini-ship: a significant step down in size.


Still, these little ships make a nice addition to your Trek collection, or may find a home on your desk at work.

*   *   *

Amazon: Qmx Mini Masters USS Franklin Model

Photo by @jskagnetti for TrekCore.

Those of you who splurged on Amazon’s exclusive Beyond gift set will find this larger, plastic USS Franklin model from Qmx in your mailbox, along with the 4K UHD, 3D, and standard Blu-ray discs included in this release.

Photo by @jskagnetti for TrekCore.

This is certainly a nicer model than the one found in Walmart’s set, but surely pales in comparison to the forthcoming Qmx artisan replica (with internal lighting), or Eagelmoss’ Franklin model coming in 2017.

Photo by @jskagnetti for TrekCore.

As for the unique 4K / 3D / Blu-ray combination found in this release, don’t get too excited for any other alternative packaging; the 3D disc is found in a disc envelope beneath the standard 4K slipcover.

*   *   *

Other Editions

There are still more steelbooks coming out of Europe in the next few weeks, and we’ll keep our eyes out for any variant packaging designs that may end up in the hands of Trek collectors.

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the other more common Beyond Blu-ray releases you’ll see on store shelves this week.

The 4K Ultra HD edition.
The 3D standalone release, featuring the IMAX movie poster artwork.
The three-movie Kelvin Timeline digibook, which is missing most of the Trek ’09 and Into Darkness features.

Phew – that’s a lot of variations out there… but we’re sure you’ll find one (or a combination of multiple) that will meet your collecting needs.

Sound off in the comments below: which versions are on your shopping list?