Almost ten years to the day after Star Trek: The Animated Series debuted on DVD in November 2006, the first Trek sequel series arrives this Tuesday on Blu-ray; the first standalone high-definition release of this show.

While these HD masters first became available through September’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Blu-ray collection, this month’s three-disc set is the release we know many of you have been waiting for, since it’s available at a significantly lower price point than that big box set.

Portions of this review originally appeared in our 50th Anniversary Box Set review.


This set carries over all the text and audio commentaries from the 2006 DVD release of The Animated Series, as well as the interview features – but aside from the 1080p presentation of the animated episodes, there is no new bonus material on the TAS discs at all, a somewhat disappointing discovery.

If you’ve seen the HD version of “More Tribbles, More Troubles” on the TOS Season 2 Blu-ray, it’s a solid indicator of the quality of this set’s TAS presentation. Things are a little sharper, and film grain is more prominent, but to be honest, there’s really not much improvement that can be made from Filmation’s somewhat under-detailed animation (see our sample screencaps below).

TAS is a little crisper thanks to the added pixel information, but not much more has changed.

We were hoping for perhaps a new interview documentary feature, a new commentary or two, or at least a nicer copy of the 1970’s environmental awareness TV spot featuring the animated crew, but alas, none of that is included here.

The new high-definition menu on the Animated Series discs.

Unlike the discs included with the 50th Anniversary box set, this collection returns to CBS/Paramount’s typical blue discs, with just title and episode listings on each label; along with an episode listing on the inside cover of the disc case.


Along with the Blu-ray discs, this set also includes a set of twenty-two art cards by longtime Trek artist Juan Ortiz. They’re packaged inside the outer slipcase in their own special black envelope.

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These art cards are printed on high-quality, glossy paper, and each of Ortiz’s 2013 designs are accounted for.

While not everyone may be a fan of Ortiz’s designs, it’s not hard to see that The Animated Series is an almost perfect match for his style of artwork.


We’ve been rolling out our episode-by-episode gallery of Animated Series Blu-ray screencaps for the past few weeks, and there’s more yet to come – and you can see more sample caps down below on this page.

This Blu-ray edition of Star Trek: The Animated Series arrives in stores this Tuesday – so if it’s on your shopping list, we’d love it if you order links below.


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"Star Trek: The Animated Series" Blu-ray
  • M33

    Grateful, nonetheless! Any Trek in blu ray or 4k is awesome by me! Better for archival purposes.
    Next is DS9…

    (Some say because CBS is a corporation, we can’t crowd fund the project… but we could try. What would we have to lose by trying?)

    • CoolGeek

      Not every Trek fan likes DS9.If it does come out for its fans i will be happy for them.I dont see it happening for a very long time though if ever.TNG is the most popular of the Trek series and even that barely justified the cost of HD remastering.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        Nope. TOS is by far the most popular Trek series of all time.

    • Steven Carter

      DS9 isn’t Star Trek & has ugly Production design. it doesnt deserve Bluray

      • Tallguy

        In order: Factually incorrect, speculation, wild speculation.

        • Steven Carter

          Harsh Reality, besides DS9 fans, no one thinks of DS9 when they think of Star Trek.

          • Zarm

            I disagree… but as a Voyager fan, it just reminds me that if DS9 can get that can’t of sentiment despite its beloved status, the chances of Voyager ever seeing blu-ray are less than a snowball’s chance in fluidic space. 🙁

          • Steven Carter

            I think Voyager is seen as better & is more recognised as Star Trek so it is more likely to be remastered on Bluray than DS9. I hope it does first. between a female captain & being back on a starship it was far better than DS9. DS9 was just not Star Trek. it was an ongoing war story where humanity had apparently regressed back to 20th century issues not continuing Gene Roddenberrys vision for an evolved future of humanity.

          • Zarm

            I… kind of wish that were true, but I think for a large segment of the fandom, DS9 as seen as the best of all Treks- more of a niche than the generalist TNG, perhaps, but those that love it are numerous and passionate- while Voyager, much as I love it, is generally seen as the weak link of Trek (for reasons I disagree with; but once again, those viewpoints seem to be widespread and passionate).

            So, much as I can appreciate both (and actually *enjoy* Voyager, which I can’t really say for DS9 unless it’s an Odo episode), I don’t think you and I are in the majority there. I’m pretty sure Voyager is generally thought of as a failure, and DS9 a before-its-time smashing success, in the mold of Firefly; not as mainstream as TOS and TNG, but put on a very high pedestal but nearly anyone who has seen it. Whether those two perceptions are accurate, I find them to be the general public perceptions in most quarters.

            And while I think it would be downright insulting to leave Voyager as the only Trek series not to get the HD treatment, I can honestly see it being given a pass as not profitable enough to bother with a LOT more easily than I can see that happening to DS9. If you look at the existing season sets still for sale, DS9’s latter Dominion War seasons command $50-$60, while Voyager’s never rise above $35 or so. The demand for DS9 seems to be there a lot more than for Voyager.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            DS9 is the best of the new Trek series. TOS is pre-eminent of course, but DS9 comes in a close second. Then comes the uneven TNG. Then , way, way back, are Enterprise and Voyager.

          • Zarm

            Well, I *definitely* don’t agree with that, either. Except for Enterprise. 🙂

            But yes, this is typical of the viewpoint I was describing.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Comparing Voyager to DS9 is like comparing Spam to Filet Mignon. Voyager was by far the weakest Trek series of all time. Even Enterprise is better, and that’s not saying much.

          • The Bandsaw Vigilante

            How do you keep topping yourself for insufferability? You’re like an artist.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            I think of it, and I know dozens of fans that do also, and so you blanket decree of “no one” I have just completely disproven as false.

            When you say, “no one,” you’d better be prepared to back that up, dude, because you only need one person to counter that to show that you are wrong.

  • Nick

    I agree, the source material is terrible, I wish someone would “re-animate” this so it looks better. Every time I turn it on, I can hardly take it seriously because of the garbage animation.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      For the time the animation was absolutely fine.

  • Personally I’ve bought the DVD. The Blu-Ray edition is not something in this case that make a big difference. The quality won’t be that much better I think, unless if you watch it a super efficient TV. The series itself created in the 70’s, so no wonder why the style is like “early Scooby-Doo”, but it still makes it a loveable part of the Star Trek franchise. 🙂 DS9 and Voyager would be super great to have as a remastered edition, but I’m affraid because of the cost and the low sales of TNG it’s a bit tricky. Who knows, maybe one day… 🙂 _\//

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    THANKS TREKCORE FOR COMPLETELY VALIDATING WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING HERE FOR TWO YEARS — that you are simply not going to get much picture improvement form that limited palette and block-color simplistic Filmation animation here. A top of the line up-scaling Blu-Ray player will get you nearly the same picture from playing the DVD.


  • Daryl Bowlin

    Personally I would be thrilled if they would just re-release DS9 & VOY on DVD. Paying up to $500 for a series on E-Bay is ridiculous! I don’t see why they can’t as it wouldn’t much seeing as they already have DVD masters of both shows just sitting on the shelf so there’s no expense there.

    • DaMac

      Are they actually OOP? They were always expensive sets, $100 a piece when they first came out.

  • Steven Carter

    Glad its been released but Hate the cover, hard to tell what it is from a distance & the Art on the back looks like a photocopy of a photocopy.
    The art cards are ok but I’d rather have a portfolio of cards with art from the series or production. Paramount cheaped-out using Fan Art.

  • grandadmiralbinks

    Since I don’t yet own TAS, I will very gladly buy this new set along with all those awesome art cards!

  • Thomas W.

    TAS on Bluray doesn’t make sense. I would prefer an good remastered DVD edition of DS9 and VOY if we don’t get it on BD. DS9 and VOY look so bad on DVD on the big modern screens. Even a good BD-player oder TV set can’t do a nice upscale. The colors are terrible. I’m shure they could do better. The old DVD editions are about 15 years old and are in bad 480p VHS.

    The upscaled version of the DS9-Tribble-episode on the TOS-BD doesn’t really look better than the DVD. There must be a possibility to improve the picture without doing a complete remastering like TOS and TNG.

    • Zarm

      Sadly, there is no way for me to upvote this 10 times or more. 🙂 This is so true; even if we don’t get them on blu-ray, even a new, affordable copy (have you seen what the latter seasons of DS9 go for these days?) with a decent transfer would be something!

  • Daryl Bowlin

    Seeing as the recent re-release of TOS on DVD is only $80 I would imagine that a new release of DS9 would only be about $150. Cheaper than any set on E-Bay & in brand new condition to boot.

  • Robert Anthony

    And DS9 and Voyager are next. Right? D’oh.

  • dep1701

    Personally, I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the 7.1 soundtrack wasn’t remixed like the version of “More Tribbles,More Troubles” included on the TOS bluray set. I’m usually not one for revisionist soundtracks, but the use of original TOS sound fx , to replace the similar but not quite right versions originally used in the episode was a pleasant surprise. As long as the original soundtrack was included, I was all for the episodes on this set getting the same treatment

  • dep1701

    Got to say, having looked at more episodes in the set, I’m startled that the audio is out of sync on many episodes. It’s very noticeable on the first episode. Why? The audio on the DVD set was just fine.