Now that Star Trek Beyond is out on Blu-ray in the USA, we’ve teamed up with Paramount Home Entertainment to give away two copies of this year’s newest Trek adventure to some of you lucky readers.


This edition of Star Trek Beyond arrives with the film on Blu-ray, DVD, and includes a redemption code for a digital copy of the movie – and if you redeem on iTunes, you’ll get their exclusive ‘enhanced commentary’ from director Justin Lin for free!

Between now and November 6, you can win a copy by telling us in the comments below:


Maybe it’s Kai Winn from Bajor, or Federation president Jaresh-Inyo? Don’t limit yourself to elected offices: maybe you love the Borg Queen or Ayelborne of the Organians!

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  • Preston Hamill

    Gonna go with Jaresh-Inyo.

  • Castmodean

    well I will have to go with President Okeg (From Star Trek Online). He led the Federation through some pretty dark days, and all without the help of Kirk or Picard, but with MY help (may the powers that be have mercy on the universe 😀 ) Otherwise if I have to be canonical, Hiram Roth the ‘human president’ of ST4

  • Guillaume Julien

    Klingon Chancelor Martok is one of the best, I think. 🙂

  • dantivirus

    I would say Chancellor Gorkon gets my vote. It ended up costing him his life but he knew that the Klingons would never survive unless they made peace with the Federation. He won over even Kirk, a staunch Klingon opponent.

  • Jordan

    He wasn’t around very long in this movie, but I always really liked Gorkon in The Undiscovered Country before he was assassinated by General Chang.

  • jerr

    It’s easily Abraham Lincoln from the Savage Curtain.

  • Just Saying

    Vulcan Matriarch T’Pau. She’s is the epitome of a graceful and fair leader. Is especially loved in Star Trek: Enterprise the chance we had to learn more about her, and Vulcan culture, and how it changed, thanks to her.

  • Brent Haskins

    While maybe not “elected” in the truest sense of the word, I’d easily have to go with Martok, the most BAMF of all the canon Klingon chanellors.

  • I would say ROM, who became the Grand Nagus. He was always wise, nice and his ideas are revolutionary in many ways. I loved the Ferengies even if they are profit orientated, but for me they are more human sometimes. 🙂 _\//

  • Martin Paternoster

    Chancellor Gorkon of the Klingon Empire, who had the prescient vision for opening peace negotiations with the Federation, and paid for it with his life. A true hero of the Star Trek universe.

  • Aaron

    Hmm…the Grand Nagus Zek was a pretty fun guy – he was kind of the epitome of the clueless leader. Plus, DS9 did a really good job exploring the Ferengi – so Zek became one of the most explored political leaders in Star Trek; probably only second to Chancellor Gowron – who was a pretty big ass.

  • Thomas Elkins

    I’m gonna have to go with Chancellor Gorkon. He was a true visionary.

  • David Roberts

    It would have to be T’Pau of Vulcan as she was “all of Vulcan in one package”. …or something like that…

  • Michael Williams

    Spock Prime would have to be my pick for political leader. Spock was able to start a reunification between the Vulcan and Romluan people in the 24 th century. He also tried to start reunification in the Kevin time-line even going to Romulus in the 23rd century. He also was a founder of the colony on New Vulcan and led his people after the destruction of their home world on Vulcan by the terrorist Nero.

  • Stephan


  • Myles Davis Conroy

    Mirrior Major Kira! The Klingon-Cardassian Alliance shall live on forever!

  • Neo Cortex

    Kai Opaka

  • Chris Blau

    Gorkon had the gravitas and idealism that defines a good politician in my eyes, looking to the future and beyond what divides. But, I have to give a shout out to Gowron for sheer crazy!

  • James Scott

    I’d have to go with Spock’s father Ambassador Sarek.

  • Kerry Hanson

    Harcourt Fenton Mudd, aka Emperor Mudd the First!

  • THX

    It has to be general gorkon from Star Trek vi!!!!

    Hope I win!!!

  • Bassman

    Degra from the Xindi in Enterprise

  • Kenneth Hammer

    I’m going with T’Pau.

  • Howard Bilecky

    The Efrosian President

  • James


  • Geoffrey McCarthy

    Suggestion: Are give aways for other countries at all possible?

  • NJW

    Chancellor Martok.

  • ca3

    Empress Hoshi Sato!

  • Vikram Gill

    Empress Sato from the Enterprise mirror universe. A good example of the whole “mirror image” concept, from timid and unsure (prime) to cunning and ruthless (mirror).

    Oh, and does that TOS episode where Abraham Lincoln shows up and calls Uhura a “charming negress” count? “In our century, we’ve learned not to fear words.” A lesson that’s needed now more than ever.

  • Lore, leading the Borg!

  • Chris Tyler

    Chancellor Gorkon

  • Matt Rudawsky

    Lord Garth of Elba II certainly knew how to entertain.

  • Beata, the leader in TNG’s “Angel One”.

  • Kurtwood Smith’s Federation President, of course.

  • iguitaround

    Definitely Chancellor Gorkon, trying to build bridges in a difficult time.

  • Stephen McMillan

    I would definitely have to say Damar. While yes, it’s true, he’s a murderer, he truly turned a corner in his life and realized what was needed to bring Cardassia back from the threat of the Dominion. Unfortunately, he’ll have to live with his crimes the rest of his life.

  • Roger Romage

    Ayelborne of the Organians!

  • Derek Johns

    Chancellor Gorkon

  • T’Pau, from “Amok Time.” Why?

    In the “real” world in 1967, almost no women had actual political power; the zeitgeist of the time held that women were too soft and too sweet to be trusted to wield political power properly. In 1967, I was a nine-year-old girl who was absorbing all these messages that I was worth less than the nine-year-old boys around me.

    Then along came Celia Lovsky, in her fabulous performance as T’Pau, who was so absolutely regal that she really did seem as if she were a powerful person. And there was absolutely nothing soft or sweet about her. 🙂 So great a personage as Captain Kirk was awed at the sight of her, telling McCoy, “Do you know who that is? T’Pau! The only person ever to turn down a seat on the Federation Council.”

    I didn’t find T’Pau terribly likeable, but I found her an amazingly wonderful counter to the then-prevalent idea that women were basically children who needed to be protected and who could never do anything important in the real world. Bless you, Celia Lovsky, and bless you, Theodore Sturgeon (the author of the episode).

    (I put “real” in quotes when talking about the real world because the world of Star Trek has always seemed terribly real to me. Sometimes it’s even seemed more real than the actual world. :-D)

  • Deledrius

    Kai Opaka. A quiet but strong leader who placed peace and understanding above all things, including her own life.

  • stoplookingup

    John Gill, the tragically misguided historian who brought Nazism to Ekos, then gave his life to stop it.

  • Ronald Oliver

    It has to be Spock (Prime)! ANY Star Trek fan knows that Spock (Prime) has been very instrumental (and logical) in positive suggestions, talks, dealings, and deeds, throughout the course of his career.

  • DJKuulA

    Gorkon done brung it.

  • James K

    Nanietta Bacco

  • That’s a tough one… as there are many I liked for their political views… such as Janeway’s approach to situations… she always tries diplomacy first, but if that fails, she will do whatever is necessary to protect those under her command or those who are innocent.

    As for outright political leader, I’d have to go with Martok, a true Klingon warrior, with a sense of justice and morality. I wouldn’t mind having Martok as a political leader.

  • Stefan

    Kahless is my favorite leader. Even though he passed away long ago, he had a profound impact on the Klingon race. I think it was an interesting twist in the episode when they cloned him too.

  • captblsisko

    Red Forman in Star Trek VI. That President was not above the law.

  • Ason12

    Kai Opaka

  • Anthony Hetherington


  • Kenneth Flanagan

    Harcourt Fenton Mudd for emperor in 2268

  • Mike

    Gul Dukat … yes he was flawed, and basically evil, but he was one of the most fleshed out Trek villains (and political leaders) in terms of character.

  • Loafbone

    The Presiden of the United Federation of Planets, because it’s such a badass name.

  • Charlie Oakes

    Q of course !!!!

  • Juliet

    Spock Prime 😀

  • Zarm

    Chancellor Martok, the best hope the Klingon Empire has for restoring its waning honor!

  • Gary Neumann

    Federation President from Star Trek VI.
    He was a smart honest man, who never tried to push the legal boundaries of his office. Additionally, we was willing to hear out unacceptable plans such as operation return as well as receiving the Romulan and Klingon ambassadors to his office in Paris. A remarkable man.

  • Jack

    The Borg Queen. Voting for anyone else is Futile

  • Denes House

    I loved Gowron – the dude had the coolest bug-out eyes ever. Sneaky, dangerous, even funny at times. Loved him.

  • Brian

    Gul Dukat

  • Simon Rasmussen

    Chancellor Avel Durken from the TNG episode “First Contact.” He genuinely wanted to move his people forward, but only if he could achieve consensus with those who opposed doing so. An encouraging message for the 21st century, where all-or-nothing politics so often dominates.

  • Mo

    Kira Nerys.

  • Arnold de ruiter

    Surak of course, bringing logic to a way of life.

  • Jeremy

    Commander Donatra – making the most of her position in the midst of uncomfortable change

  • Corey Herman

    Empress Hoshi Sato.

  • Tony

    The Borg Queen…without a doubt!

  • Kris Webb

    Chancellor Gorkon, because he was a visionary who put the welfare of his people firsr and foremost.

  • Amy Thompson

    Jonathan Archer… With Enterprise out of service & having been diagnosed with a neurological condition, Archer begrudgingly accepted a promotion to Admiral. He wasn’t happy about being grounded but eventually realized that he could use his position bring differing species together.

  • Darrell M. Stark

    Grand Nagus Rom is my favorite. I know we only have like 2 minutes of screentime with him, but through the books, I’ve really come to love his approach to things and character development.

  • CaliburnCY

    I’m gonna go with Shakaar, Kira’s former resistance cell leader who eventually became the First Minister of Bajor.

  • Drew Watson

    Admiral Kirk!

  • Wayne Pastamasta Zachary

    Gorkon, Hands down,

  • Ryan

    Weyoun 5, mainly because he was a lot more fun to watch than many of the other political leaders.

  • David Meek

    Picard in his role as the Arbiter of Succession right before the Klingon Civil War. All of the episodes around that time period depict a good blend of diplomacy, level headed thinking, and fair impartiality, something we would do well to remember in our own politics. I would love a copy of Beyond for my kids!

  • Captain Sisko.

  • JD

    Martok, he was a solid leader for the Klingons.

  • Timothy

    Admiral Nechayev is my favorite political leader. She truly brings the Star Trek spirit to Star Trek by being so lacking in common sense. lol

  • Matt

    Vkruk, Shinzon’s viceroy in “Star Trek: Nemesis.” In reality, HE was the one who was truly bringing the new Romulan government to galactic dominance — and if Shinzon had followed his instruction more closely, their diabolical plot would have succeeded. I find his personality to be a
    fascinating mixture of genuine compassion (seen in the fact that he raised, nurtured, and protected the outcast kid); genuine and realistic political views that could almost be described as noble (establishing the Remans as a galactic power after a long era of
    slavery); the bravery to fight on the front lines and die for his
    ideals; and an intelligent, level-headed perspective that — again — only failed because his ONLY superior ignored his warnings.

  • Becca Seppamaki

    MARTOK!!! He didn’t want the job, and well he’s AWESOME.

  • Emory

    I would have to say Kai Opaka from Bajor.