Posters, posters, posters – over the last year we’ve brought you over two dozen STAR TREK BEYOND posters that Paramount’s issued for the latest big-screen Trek adventure, and now that Beyond is here on home video, there’s one final poster release debuting this week!

This newest poster design, commissioned by Paramount in conjunction with Mondo and artist Matt Taylor, has been issued to celebrate the film’s debut on home media – and while it’s not available in stores, three lucky TrekCore readers can nab their own copies in our giveaway!


Between now and November 9, just answer this question in the comments below:


Would you prefer to join in the Klingon Day of Honor, or celebrate the Gratitude Festival with the crew of Deep Space 9? Take your pick of any holiday or celebration in the Trek universe, from the Klingon Age of Ascension to Captain Picard Day!

Enter your suggestion below, and watch your email for winner notifications on November 10!

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Contest Rules

  • Giveaway open to residents of the United States only.
  • Contest runs through 11:59 PM Eastern on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.
  • Only one comment per user; users with multiple comments will be disqualified.
  • Must be a registered user of the Disqus comment system with a valid email address.
  • One note: these high-quality posters are being screen-printed by hand. Paramount has advised us that shipment to our winners may not occur until December 1 due to the time needed for production.

  • Bret Lonsway

    First Contact Day!

  • Fritz Kessler

    It’s not quite a holiday, but I’m planning to do my wedding Betazoid-style. Just sayin’.

  • I would go for the Gratitude Festival! Something what we should do every day. There’s so many complains going on, little things in our every day lives and we kinda forget about the little joys what we have. Being greatful about what we have and what we achieved, should be celebrated every day. 🙂 _\//

  • post viewer

    Definetly the gratitude festival

  • Julie Taucher

    First Contact Day would be cool. Partly because there’s a part of me that desperately wants it all to be true. How amazing would it be if we actually met some Vulcans (or really any benevolent intelligent life) and broke the light speed barrier?

  • Loafbone

    The Peldor Festival, on Bajor.

  • Tanner James Day

    Honestly the Gratitude Festival sounds wonderful. I truly wish we could celebrate here on Earth.

  • J Skagnetti

    Captain Picard Day! Hands down!!

  • Zedd Wordd

    Kot’baval Festival! Long live Kahless!

  • Benjamin Yoon

    I really wouldn’t mind the “Commander Riker Day” that Picard mentioned.

  • Matt Fuller

    The Gratitude Festival would be wonderful to see and experience.

  • Mitch

    Easy. First Contact Day!

  • Rob DeFrance III

    Gratitude festival would be great!

  • Guillaume Julien

    11 octobre. The day the Federation is born could be the greatest day to celebrate for Humanity! 🙂

    Oh and, I cannot participate to win this poster, ’cause i’m french, and living in France.
    I just wanted to answer! 🙂

  • Garrett

    Gratitude Festival would be my first choice 🙂

  • mwelbornhp

    April 5, 2063, First Contact Day!

  • Locutus

    My local comic book store celebrates Captain Picard day every year. One of these days, I will join in the festivities. Captain Picard Day for me!

    • BreezyBree

      That is a cool comic book store for sure!

  • Jordan

    I’m going with First Contact Day. A pivotal, historic moment in the Star Trek universe.

  • Travis Else

    Captain Picard Day!

  • MattR

    First Contact Day, since that set everything in motion for Earth.

  • Conrad Bob

    “Day of Honor”

  • Juliet

    Federation Day on 10/11!

  • levelRaphael

    Age of ascension

  • Matt

    Gotta take Captain Picard Day!

  • SFC3

    Day of Honor! I mean, who wouldn’t want to get shocked by Klingon painsticks and eat live gagh? 😛

  • jdrednation

    First Contact Day! I want to be one of the first to meet a Klingon

  • aibohphobia

    Day of Honor … seems legit

  • Conrad Lozano

    Definitely Captain Picard Day. He’s a role model.

  • jmfoulk

    Captain Picard Day for me!

  • Laura Clark

    Captain Picard Day…bc who wouldn’t wanna celebrate that!

  • shutyourface

    Day Of Honor ftw

  • JKW3000

    Picard Day, but only because my drawing skills would fit in with the rest of the children’s drawings.

  • Bassman

    Is Jim Kirk’s birthday a holiday?

  • Jacob Bills

    Captain Picard Day for me!

  • M33

    Federation Day!

  • THX

    First contact day!!!

  • Alex Huffman

    Ahhhhh I really don’t want to say First Contact Day because everyone else is, but it’s such a great day in Trek lore – plus we can celebrate it right here in the real world!

  • Chris

    The once mentioned and never seen Commander Riker Day

  • Gary Neumann

    Considering the theme of the movie, I strongly feel that we should celebrate Federation Day. Even if this day is mentioned as background information regarding the foundation of the UFP on October 11th 2161, the Federation represents everything that our world should strive for. Excellence, commitment to the advancements of every discipline within a institution bound government, where minorities are protected and celebrated while also pushing to strengthen our culture and values.

    As James T. Kirk once put it: “A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars, a dream that made Mister Spock and me brothers.”

    We should all join the adventure and make this dream a reality.

  • jt

    Gratitude Festival for me

  • cbspock

    First contact Day

  • Brandon Wainerdi

    First Contact Day is a day I actually celebrate every year! So…that!

  • Kendub

    Federation day

  • NJW

    First Contact Day, humanity’s first steps into a new frontier.

  • Issar

    Captain picard day

    A man even non trek fans know. Through memes of course

  • Wayne Pastamasta Zachary

    Captain Picard Day of course! Make it so!

  • Jason Rico Almazan

    First Contact Day!

  • Spencer Montoya

    I’d celebrate the Klingon holiday “Day Of Honor” and evaluate my deeds over the last year. My daughter was born 4 months ago, does that count? 😉

  • hellion


  • jonahkrautter

    Captain Picard Day! What a most “engaging” holiday.

  • Denes House

    Peldor Joi! The Bajoran Gratitude Festival has always been a favorite for me!

  • John Tenuto

    I would love to participate in Commander Riker Day which Jean Luc Picard suggests because it would great to see how Will Riker would react!

  • Sean

    Kal Rekk always struck me as the sort of peaceful, meditative holiday I’d appreciate. I always appreciated that side of Vulcans.

  • thecapn

    As someone who deals with anxiety issues, I can really see the value of something like the Bajoran Gratitude festival. Burning your problems (symbolically) away would be very theraputic!

  • Matt Rudawsky

    My vote is for Rumarie, the ancient pagan festival where barely clothed Vulcans run around chasing each other

  • Avery Draper

    The RED HOUR…I need some FESTIVAL!!!!

  • Rykk Bruce

    Kot’baval Festival

  • Nimue Comet

    Let’s bring back the good ol’ Vulcan holiday of Rumarie, because scantily clad Vulcans chasing one another is amazing. Wait, I already see at least one other vote for this… I’m so proud of this community. 😀

  • number2

    First Contact Day

  • Brian

    Federation Day!

  • CoolNerd AndBlackfate

    Prixin, because it’s important to celebrate a holiday dedicated to the importance of family.

  • Mrplatitude

    Captain Picard day for sure.

    “Its for the children…I’m a role model.”

  • First Contact Day. I’m anxious to get out there and explore the universe. Shame that we have to go through World War III before then! :-/

  • James

    Gratitude festival sounds fun 😉

  • whbinder

    First Contact Day. (Seems to be a popular one)

  • Admiral SnackBar

    First Contact Day for sure!

  • Aaron

    I’m also going to have to go with First Contact day – that’s got to be one of the, if not THE most monumental day in all of human history. Unlikely, but I hope to experience that within my lifetime.

    Also, awesome looking poster!

  • Stefan

    First Contact Day.

  • BreezyBree

    I love the idea of Prixin!

    I REALLY would love to have an excuse to celebrate it. I probably would avoid heavy amounts of leola root, but overall the idea of gathering with loved ones sounds like a great excuse to meet up and eat, drink and be happy like Neelix. I loved the idea of the holiday and it’s message. AND I REALLY love that darn Mondo poster!

    “We do not stand alone. We are in the arms of family. We gather this day to extol the warmth
    and joy of those unshakable bonds. Without them we could not call
    ourselves complete. On this day we are thankful to be together. We do
    not stand alone.”

  • Stephan

    First Contact Day

  • Ronald Oliver

    It has to be First Contact Day! ..who doesn’t love contact party celebrations! 😉

  • Arnold de ruiter

    Q’s Winter Wonderland of course! (Known from Star Trek Online)

  • ahnonamis

    First Contact Day for sure.

  • Jason R. Spriggs

    The science Christmas party with Dr. Helen Noell.

  • TK

    I think I’d want to partake in a very important Trek Holiday (or should be, rather), which is “The Day the Walls Fell,” celebrating the great exploits of none other than Darmok and Jalad, at Tanagra. Temba, with his arms wide, would make for a great celebration.

  • Ryan McCue

    Definitely Captain Picard Day!

  • Deane Geiken

    I would celebrate the RED HOUR! Why? Why the hell not!?!

  • Kerry Hanson

    Festival! Festival! Are you not of The Body?

  • Judith Rodriguez

    Federation Day…with all the crazies that have threatened the Federation, Nero, Khan, Krall, it’s important for everyone to remember and celebrate the reasons the Federation was founded and that its tenets are still alive and well.


    “We the lifeforms of the United Federation of Planets determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, and to reaffirm faith in the fundamental rights of sentient beings, in the dignity and worth of all lifeforms, in the equal rights of members of planetary systems large and small, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of interstellar law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of living on all worlds…”

  • Birth of the “Kelvin” ST Timeline.

  • Corey Herman

    St. Kevin’s Day – I love ice cream

  • Chris Blau

    Captain Picard Day!

  • Dr What

    the Gratitude Festival

  • Captain Picard Day!!

  • Liam Dillon

    Outside USA excluded again 🙁 Not fair to all your worldwide fans!

  • Michael Wong

    I’m already planning on having a First Contact Day party, where my friends and I will watch…you guessed it, Star Trek: First Contact!

  • Paul

    Hi. I would celebrate First Contact Day as it signified humanity first understanding that we’re not alone, resulting in a significant turning point towards unity, exploration, and eventually the federation.

  • Shaun Holbrook

    The Klingon Day of Honor, which in reality is observed in the club I am in.

  • Ben Richards

    Definitely First Contact Day! It’s the one that started it all!

  • Justin

    Captain Picard Day!

    “I’m….a role model.”
    “I’m sure you are.”
    Cracks me up every time. 😉

  • Charlie

    Well, shoot, if I get to help, I gotta go with Rumarie, the ancient pagan festival on the planet Vulcan… “full of barely clothed Vulcan men and women, covered in slippery Rillan grease, chasing one another!”

    I’m not so good with the running around barely clothed (no one wants to see that!), but SOMEONE has to “help” the ladies with the grease!

  • Frank Pepito

    I mean, “…to explore strange, new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go…”. Come on! 😀 It has to be First Contact Day!

  • Richard Oh

    First Contact Day!

  • Charlotte

    First Contact Day 🙂

  • Tricia J

    Klingon Day of Honor!

  • Nick Hollomon

    First Contact Day no doubt!

  • Tito Conjour

    First Contact Day!

  • necroscopev

    Have to go with First Contact Day!

  • Cavalier

    Day of Honor, once, just to say I did.

  • mark johnston

    First Contact Day

  • Larry Bowman

    First Contact Day what could be more important then that?

  • Ericfromnothing

    First Contact Day for sure

  • Michael Smith

    Captain Picard day!

  • Armando Rucobo

    April 5, 2063 First Contact Day, with the Vulcans

  • Dan S

    Captain Picard Day!

  • Clement Yeung

    First Contact Day!

  • Julian

    Captain Picard Day

  • Matthew Sullivan

    Oh, DEFINITELY Captain Picard Day!!!!

  • mustaches

    First Contact Day!

  • Brandon Perez

    Age of Ascension!!!

  • Vaughan Risher

    I would want to help celebrate the Vulcan holiday of Rumarie.

  • bradroc

    First Contact Day

  • First Contact Day. =]

  • Michael

    First Contact Day! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  • Ash Kawabe

    Federation Day! Its getting close to 2161!

  • Kristen

    Captain Picard day for sure!

  • Christine Cadman

    First Contact Day for sure!

  • Homero

    I just love Mondo Posters I’m starting my collection Thanks to Ameer from Epic Meal time

  • GK

    First Contact Day!

  • lamberto

    hands down, captain picard day.

  • Stoutbeard

    Being a STTNG fan, I definitely have to go with Captain Picard Day! 🖖

  • doh homer

    We need a Risa Day.

  • Don Semonick

    Capt Picard day for sure!!!

  • Helene Govin

    What’s wrong with Voyager Day (the day they returned home)?

  • BakaHentai420

    Captain Picard Day!

  • Henry Sabala Jr.

    Captain Picard Day for sure!!!

  • Cory D.S.K.

    Hopefully some day I can celebrate Kot’baval and the downfall of Molor the tyrant.

  • Fiver

    It’s a close race, but Captain Picard Day for me!

  • jared

    First Contact Day! What awesome posters !

  • josh richter

    The Gratitude Festival!

  • Jordan Butler

    St. Kevin’s Day! Who doesn’t want a portion of ice cream?

  • kubrickfan88

    Has to be First Contact Day!

  • whatisbartfour

    I’d have to go with the day for my favorite Star Trek person captain Picard day!

  • Brendan Gordon

    Dia de los Patrick Stewart…. aka the original Captain Picard!

  • Justin Bozalina

    Kal Rekk. I would enjoy a little silence right now.

  • Eric

    The “Festival” that takes place in the episode Return of the Archons of TOS.
    but the way things are going, it may happen sooner, rather than later. :/

  • Daniel Savada

    I want to help celebrate Federation Day! Poker!

  • Co Dan

    Captain Picard Day for sure. How could it be beat?


    I would love to celebrate the Klingon “Day of Honor.”

  • verybluetardis

    First Contact Day!

  • quinn

    captain picard day!