The first Star Trek box sets of 2017 are in stores now, and it’s a return to the 2150’s with Enterprise on DVD and Blu-ray!

After more than a decade, CBS has released the first North American re-issue of Star Trek: Enterprise on DVD (though multiple sets have been put out in Europe over the years), as well as the first complete-series Blu-ray collection of the show since the season Blu-ray sets finished their run in 2014.


Both new box sets contain the full four-season run of the prequel Trek series, with all of the previously-released DVD and Blu-ray disc content from past sets. Not included on the DVD collection are the Best Buy DVD bonus discs from the original 2005 debut, however those video features are part of the Blu-ray contents.

In addition, Shuttlepod One: Declassified – the only bit of retailer-exclusive bonus material from the 2013 Season 1 Blu-ray release – is also missing from the sets, a Best Buy-only streaming presentation never released on disc in North America. While this is a disappointment, it’s not a surprising exclusion based on previous CBS home releases.


The Enterprise DVD collection is comprised of 27 discs across two disc cases; a now-familiar, oversized Epik Pak case holds the first three seasons, while a standard six-disc case contains Season 4 inside the glossy slip box.


The cover artwork for each case is certainly a striking design, featuring both the ship and crew in some of the best-looking Enterprise packaging CBS has ever released.


As we’ve seen throughout the last year, CBS really loves the Epik Pak case style, and the first three seasons are stacked up in the removable disc trays inside the first large case.


As for the new four-season Blu-ray collection, the smaller number of discs (only 24, compared to the DVD set’s 27) means that the whole series can fit into one Epik Pak case, with the same artwork as the outer slipcover.


Unlike the UK Enterprise Blu-ray box first released in 2013, the North American set doesn’t arrive inside a heavy, protective outer box; this new set has just a simple paper slipcover to surround the plastic disc case – which easily starts to show damage around the thin edges.


As with all the other Epik Pak releases, the full Enterprise Blu-ray disc stack is removable from the outer case, so be careful when you’re opening the shell case so the discs don’t fall to the floor.


*   *   *

If you’ve been holding off on picking up Star Trek: Enterprise, now’s the best time to pick up these seasons in these full-series collections – and unless you prefer to import from the UK (as the Blu-ray discs are region-free), this is the cheapest price the series has ever featured in North America on either disc format.

The hours of newly-filmed bonus features created for the Enteprise Blu-rays alone make the set worth the sub-$80 price — from the hour-long ‘In Conversation’ discussion with Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, to the full-cast reunion roundtable, to remarkably-candid interview segments with the cast and crew (including the rarely-heard-from Jolene Blalock).


Netflix and other streaming services will always allow for quick and convenient revisitation to Star Trek: Enterprise, but with the depth of behind-the-scenes material on the Blu-ray release, we’re always going to recommend you invest in the full story of Star Trek: Enterprise for your home collection

The new Enterprise DVD set is available now, and while the Blu-ray box is exclusive to Best Buy for a few more weeks, you can preorder the Amazon release (due February 14) from our link below.


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Star Trek: Enterprise
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  • Matthew Boston

    I still have to ask if the Blu-ray set had the same death grip on the discs that mine did when I got it from Best Buy last week. I actually had to file down the bits so that way I wasn’t making 45 degree bends pulling the discs out.

    • The Epik Pak disc hubs are rather tight, true – though we didn’t have to file down any plastic to get ours out!

      • Matthew Boston

        I think my S1D6 was the worst. I pulled out the other three discs on the page and even then I had to use pliers to pinch the the bit together to get the disc out just so I could file it down.

        • Michael


  • Robert Anthony

    I hope that these re-releases with better prices encourage more people to embrace this show. I love Enterprise, and I firmly believe that season four, is the finest complete season of any of the series in the franchise (other than the series finale). This show was on fire that year.

    • Fctiger

      I think the show being on Netflix has done it a lot of good and people like me who gave up on it earlier could watch the whole thing without spending hundreds in DVDS for it. Heck actually had every single Trek show free online until just a few years ago when I guess they decided All Access was going to be a thing. But I watched the show mostly on that and grew to love it. I rewatched all of season 3 and most of season 4 a few months ago.

  • spooky

    I’m not picking this up again… I bought the clunky hard plastic encased DVD sets years ago and then replaced those with the 1st sets of Blu-rays.

    The issue I had with the Blu-rays was that the visual effects were hard to forgive. Some of the shots looked pretty bad up-scaled. There was one episode that comes to mind especially I think it was in season three with T’Pol navigating an asteroid field with the crew unconscious or something. The asteroid models looked bad, like early 90s video game bad. It was obvious that tessellation and sub-D was not actively used on the models, so you could easily see shadow distortions and polygon popping issues here and there.

    It was especially damning because my nephews loved TOS-Remastered. Naturally, Enterprise became the next show to follow up TOS: Remastered. Of course as kids do, they pointed out on more than one occasion the many iffy effects work. However, in spite of this criticism… they still enjoyed the series as a whole. My whole point is, if we’re going to watch a space based sci-fi series that has a big budget and years of history and technical achievements behind it, we should not be seeing asteroids in deep space with polygon popping issues on a 65″ inch flat screen TV. This is especially true if its been on Blu for awhile and this is the second dip in the pool.

    • Tone

      The CGI for Enterprise was all rendered at 720p. The live action footage was also 720 for the first season, then got upgraded to 1080p in later seasons.

      Doug Drexler said that he did not want the CGI rendered at 1080p because he preferred the “soft” look of the upscaled 720p effects. It’s a shame that decision was made, as it hurt the series for the future.

      • Thomas W.

        I think seasons 1-3 were filmed on 35 mm negative. Only season 4 was filmed with HDCAM 1080p. The video masters were all done in 1080p. Only the CGI was originally rendered in 720p.

        • Tone

          You’re right, thanks for the memory jog! 🙂

      • Steven Carter

        What Doug Drexler said was BS. They didn’t want to spend any money upscaling it- it would have benifited hugely from it- the 720 FX shots don’t look “Soft” like they were done on Video like Next Gen they lust look “Pixely” it does take you out of it when you look closely.

  • Tuskin38

    Not a big fan of the lens flare on the art.

  • Snap

    While I already have Enterprise on Blu-ray, I do like the art for the BD set. The DVD art is just kinda “meh” and should really have been the same as the BD.

    • DamienL

      I actually prefer the DVD box art to the Blu-ray set. A little more tasteful I think.

  • Bolex

    First time watching enterprise .My case broke separating disk holders in 2 poor design they would have been better with just 7 disks per case 4 cases in box .Must admit agree CGI now really dated and at times I thought I was watching a video game and hd image apart from season 4 not a patch on TNG . Season 4 by far the best season

    • Michael

      I see you came onboard with the NUTrek movies….

  • Locutus

    I am very tempted by this, but I am wary of the set design. The flimsy paper cover sounds lousy. Is it true that Region Free UK releases play on all bluray players? I am curious if they are compatible with a reasonably old sony player.

    • The Blu-rays are region-free, yes – the DVD set is Region 1 (North America) only.

      • Christopher Roberts

        Any idea whether DS9 reissues on DVD will contain extras originally found on retailer exclusive Bonus Discs? I can’t recall whether it was Best Buy back in 2003, the first time the sets came out. In the UK, those features were integrated into regular sets.

        I’m potentially interested in importing, because the show probably sounds better at the right NTSC speed, as compared to PAL, and in the UK “Sons and Daughters” from one of the later seasons received some censor cuts here.

        • No, it’s not expected that they’d be included in the DS9 or VOY box sets coming this spring. We’ll check, of course, once available.

  • Michael

    No 4K, no sale.

    • Tone

      Are you serious? This show was shot in a mixture of 720p and 1080p, and you know it.

  • Michael

    Is Jolene still having emotional issues?

    • Pedro Ferreira

      Why is she having emotional issues?

  • Christopher Roberts

    After reading the back cover blurb: I guess a Vulcan High Command infiltrated by Romulans, kinda makes them “ever-present”!


  • TomR

    Considering there’s a lot of criticism of the effects on Enterprise I found looking back those that were rendered at 720p and up still look good today. The ones rendered in SD take me out a bit when I see them but there’s not too many of them through the course of the series. And the live action mostly looks great aside from the pilot (which was shot in 4×3 then cropped to 16×9 and I don’t think it holds up as well) and also the show doesn’t look truly HD until the episode “civilisation”. I thought the first three seasons were on a par with TNG-R and season four looked incredible.

    • Christopher Roberts

      I’m probably alone here in wanting a remastered “Broken Bow” in uncropped in 4:3. In the way I remember Sky One showing Enterprise back in 2002.

      • TomR

        No I feel the same way Christopher. I remember the first night it aired on Sky One. It was the beginning or season 3 they started showing it in full 16×9 I think it was cropped until then

  • GIBBS v2

    Now with enhanced motion blurring of the lens flares!

  • Rass

    2150s, not 2150’s

  • DaMac

    Nice that it’s cheaper but glad I got the individual cases with much better packaging.