As we continue to barrel towards the launch of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY later this year, there are a few updates on both that series and Trek of days past we have to bring you to look forward to in 2017.

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STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE producer Ira Behr’s forthcoming documentary on that Trek series, first announced back in August, now has an official website and Twitter account.

DS9: WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND is expected to debut from 455 Films – the same production team behind Chaos on the Bridge and For the Love of Spock – this year, and documentary producer Adam Nimoy released the following information via email in December.


*   *   *, after completing their 2016 “365 Project” highlighting rarely seen photo and documentary releases around the original Star Trek series and film productions, have begun 2017 with the next generation of that project… focusing on thirty years of THE NEXT GENERATION.

Their ongoing TNG flashback posts can be found on their official Facebook account, with most also being shared on their Twitter feed as well.

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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY is just a few days away from the official launch of filming, as International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union has January 24 slated as the first day of contracted production with the Toronto-based union. DISCOVERY will be filming at Pinewood Studios in Toronto, with sets built on their 45,900-square-foot “mega stage” at the facility.

Announced stars Michelle Yeoh and Chris Obi are already posting from Toronto on social media, with Yeoh already receiving “fan mail” (addressed to her, care of ‘Green Harvest,’ the production title of the series), and Obi showing off some DISCOVERY edibles.

CBS has also released a first ‘virtual reality’ promotion for the series, with the below 360° video highlighting Enterprise starships of days gone by.

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Ongoing Star Trek comic writer Mike Johnson first hinted that we’d get a Jaylah origin story back in October, but has now confirmed that February’s STAR TREK: BOLDLY GO #5 will be an origin story for the STAR TREK BEYOND heroine – with cover art by George Caltsoudas.

We’ll have our review of this upcoming issue when released next month.

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Eaglemoss’ Official Starship Collection is releasing their jumbo-sized, 11-inch version of the original Enterprise next week in the UK (available for order here in the UK, and here in the USA for February arrival), and now have previewed an upcoming Enterprise-D edition as well.

Project lead Ben Robinson confirmed on Twitter that their are plans to release more of these ‘jumbo’ ships in 2017, with the Enterprise-E next on their agenda. Also expected are the other Enterprise starships, along with both Voyager and the Defiant, based on sales success.

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Stay tuned for more Trek news!