The new Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVD box set hits stores next Tuesday – the first reissue of the popular Trek series in North America since the original 2003 release – and today we’ve got the first hands-on photos of the new collection!



This new space-saving box set contains all seven seasons in three DVD cases, with two three-year Epik Pak cases and the final season of the show in a traditional seven-disc pack.



The cover art for each case is, frankly, gorgeous – the colorful, stained-glass look to each design (and the outer box, as well) gives the impression of looking through one of the mystical Orbs of the Prophets, with those distinctive crystal facets on every face of the packaging.



Inside each case, the artwork contains the colorful patterns – along with a breakdown of each disc’s video content.



As expected, the discs themselves are identical to the original 2003 DVDs released in North America – save for the lack of disc art found on those first sets – right down to the on-screen menus.

The familiar DVD menus carry over to the new ‘Deep Space Nine’ collection.

Like those 2003 sets, all of the special features released through Best Buy-exclusive bonus discs (seen below) are not contained in this new collection. While they are part of the standard Deep Space Nine DVD sets outside of North America – due to different contractual requirements in Europe and elsewhere – they’re not part of this set.

(Fortunately for Enterprise and The Next Generation, the Blu-ray sets for those shows contained all the original Best Buy content in their HD collections.)

Also left out is David Livingston’s audio commentary track on “Crossover,” recorded specifically for the Alternate Realities Fan Collective DVD set back in 2008.

The Best Buy bonus discs – released in 2003 – remain excluded from the new box set.

Despite the exclusion of the Best Buy content, this new North American DVD box set is the most affordable way ever to bring the entire Deep Space Nine saga home for fans in the USA and Canada – for a sale price of under $100 USD, this entire collection is near or below the 2003 single-season DVD prices.

And while the series is, of course, available through a multitude of streaming platforms, the DVDs are the highest-quality presentation of the spin-off series available in the marketplace, since the outlook for a future high-definition remastering doesn’t appear to be coming anytime soon.

So if you’ve been holding off for all these years on buying Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – or if your old season sets have started to fall apart (something affecting many!) – now’s a great time to revisit the Bajoran sector.


You can order this new box set through our link below. Otherwise, you’ll find the box set (as well as newly-packaged individual seasons) in stores February 7.


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  • Matthew

    I don’t understand why we will care until it is released on bluray

    Star trek is in a sad state

    • Roger Birks

      Star Trek in a sad state?

      We have a new tv series in active production and the movie series is rumoured to have a fourth in preproduction. Hardly a sad state…

      Deep Space Nine and Voyager are simply (probably) not popular enough to warrent the considerable expense of bringing to bluray. And as the series ages over the years to come that becomes even more of an issue. The series is 20 plus years old and looks it in a bad way. I find it quite hard to watch it, the picture quality is so poor.

      But be an optimist. It may happen once the costs of doing the work are worthwhile for the money it will bring back.

      • James Goss

        Yes, a sad state. A TV show with too many red flags – showrunner quit before they even started, numerous production delays. The films (outside of WOK, NEM and JJ films) are amongst the worst looking Blu-rays on the market. The only positive is the next movie, even though Beyond underperformed (thanks to STID).

        • James

          I think Beyond underperformed because it wasn’t very good. Unlike STID.

          • Roger Birks

            Ive only seen Beyond once properly and if I am honest, it didn’t do it for me. I was bored of all the overkill action. Into Darkness was OK, but nothing special either for me. I cant understand why critics liked it so much, really. First Contact was better than it I thought!

        • Pedro Ferreira

          Beyond was much better than the previous two movies.

        • Lorenzo Heard

          He didn’t quit, he was fired.

      • Lorenzo Heard

        DS9 not popular enough?!!!! The DS9 box sets are the biggest selling box sets in Star Trek. As of five years ago, they sold 11 million box sets, far more than all the other series. I don’t know where you got your mis-information, but lately Paramount has put out a release proclaiming DS9 the most popular Trek of all!

    • Devin Serpa

      There won’t be HD DS9 or VOY. So don’t hold your breath.

      • Tone

        This information is nothing new. I see they are still perpetuating the same lie that sales were terrible and they made no money… blah blah blah.

        The TNG remastering was done so that CBS could sell TNG to streaming services, as they were not getting any interest from streaming services besides Netflix, who at that time were not paying top dollar for Trek content.

        So it was simply a move to make the Crown Jewels much more attractive, and able to command a far higher licensing income.

        The Blu-Ray sales to the public were always meant as the icing on the cake, don’t forget that one of the biggest mistakes CBS made was the season 2 debacle, which affected fan confidence, thus sales, as well as the expensive recall on the season 1 discs due to shoddy quality control in the sound dept. So CBS also had a large hand in messing up the return on their investment. However Netflix signed a deal for the rights to stream Star Trek, and that paid for the project, fully.

        • bgoo2

          I know. Sales are sooooo terrible that…. wait for it….. they are releasing a DVD box set in 2017.

          Very contradictory.

          No market to remaster in HD for streaming services for future decades of sales and licensing?…. BUT apparently enough of a demand that there is a prediction it can be profitable as yet another crappy DVD release?

          • Tone

            Yeah, especially as the DVD market is tiny these days, and most fans already have it.

        • Devin Serpa

          “Both shows extensively used CGI effects that were only ever rendered in the lower videotape resolution, which means all the shows’ special effects would need to be completely recreated. ”

          Let’s buy the rights and do a Kickstarter.

        • CoconutDust

          Do you have a source for this? Specifically that Netflix licensing alone paid for the (TNG?) remaster?

          If what you said is true, this is great news because it means there’s more hope for a DS9 remaster. However, the problem is that a DS9 licensing deal is way less lucrative than TNG which was the most popular series. So if the math doesn’t work out for DS9, we will never see a remaster.

      • Folks were saying the same thing about TNG just a few short years ago…

        • Devin Serpa

          Saying what exactly?

          TNG was cut in 20Megapixle HD then downscaled for broadcast. To save money DS9 and VOY had 480p CGI from it’s creation. Everything would need to be reanimated.

          • Tone

            Actually TNG and many of it’s effects were shot in 35mm film. Film does not have “megapixels”.

            The same goes for DS9, which used CGI very sparingly until much later seasons. So a DS9 remaster is not that hard to do, compared to Voyager, with most special effects being CGI.

          • Devin Serpa

            Sorry I read both articles, it was from this one:


            “35mm film has resolution of about 20 megapixels or greater. Comparatively, NTSC video, used in North America and Asia, has basically 640 pixels by 480 scan lines of resolution… far, far, FAR less than the resolution of 35mm film.”

          • CoconutDust

            It is hard to do. TNG and DS9 were both shot in 35mm however that film was immediately transferred to video for ALL post-production. The original film is uncut. It’s not like a movie or old show (TOS) where there’s a finished piece of film that you can just rescan for a new format every few years. To remaster DS9 they would have to go back to original film reels and re-cut re-process re-color and re-composite every moment of the entire series. Yes they’d have to re-do all CGI ship shots because these shots don’t exist in HD. But, the issue isn’t CGI versus 35mm it’s worse than that. It’s that no post-production was ever done on the original film.

            Apparently the reason they remastered TNG for millions and millions of dollars is because TNG was the most popular one, but sales didn’t meet expectations. I really hope they decide to remaster DS9 in order to sell to streaming services but I’m not too hopeful.

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Yeah, nothing new here. The only glimmer of hope is the fact that CBS will one day have to upgrade all their shows to HD to make them attractive to digital streamers. I don’t think it’s a question of if but more of when.

        • CoconutDust

          I’d like to hope that it will happen. However, streaming expectations have to warrant a licensing deal that would cover the cost of the gargantuan DS9 remaster. This was easier for TNG because TNG was the most popular one.

          I’m a die-hard TNG trekker and I never had interest in DS9. Well, until very recently, which is why I’m here looking for info on potential DS9 remaster…

          • Pedro Ferreira

            I know it would be expensive but if they measure the long run it could be profitable to do this. People who don’t know anything about cost and restoration are going to be annoyed they spent money on a TV show that looks awful on their TV.

  • Daniel Shock

    It’s probably not worth it to them to do this…but if they really want to save space they could put them all on blu-ray in standard definition. The whole series could be done in just a few discs.

    I know…I know…people would be confused and complain.

    • Impecunious Joe

      If the disc content is the same as the old releases, I’m guessing the discs are being pressed from the same masters, which is what allows them to do this new release at all – they don’t have to spend anything on it for anything except the new packaging design and perhaps the disc labels.

  • Patricio Gonzalez Rojas

    Beautiful. BUT I don’t buy the same thing over and over again….
    we need an HD upgrade, not only for a Bluray release, also for streaming services and tv broadcastings.
    Lets stay positive on this.

    • Devin Serpa

      DS9 wasn’t cut in HD so it won’t be released in HD. They have to cut it from negatives, CBS isn’t made of latinum

      • Tone

        Please just stop shilling for CBS.

        • Devin Serpa

          Wow you don’t like facts?

          • Zarm

            Why should they put money into it when every time they release something, people say ‘I’m going to wait for the box set,’ or ‘I’m not going to buy this?’ If you want them to put the money into it, they need to have an expectation of actual making that money back afterwards. This thread is filled with their exact incentive to not remaster DS9 in HD, because everyone says they’re not going to buy what Paramount has released. You have to support the products that come beforehand, if you want to show them there’s enough interest for an HD remastering later to be profitable. It’s just simple business. Quark would understand. 🙂 A vague promise that the series would be bought if it was in HD doesn’t give them any motive to make it. Sales of DS9 DVDs to indicate that there is still an interest in DS9 does give them some reason to believe it would be worthwhile.

          • Devin Serpa

            Hmm perhaps, but I still have the whole set from early 2000’s. This isn’t exactly a case of self-sealing stem-bolts.

  • Locutus OfBorg

    CBS What a missed opportunity, I live in Argentina and wanted to buy by Amazon the complete collection of DS9, but I see that again they did not incorporate subtitles in Spanish, so I will not buy it, it’s a shame as they surely lose a number of sales sognificantes for this , I have no doubt that with VOY the same thing will happen.

  • Robert Anthony

    How much do I love that box art??? #alotalotalotalot

  • Tone

    I wonder if these are identical to the original release, or if they have re-telecined them?

    • James Goss

      Considering the menus are the same, I would bet that the disc content is exactly the same as 2003.

  • bgoo2

    Is this a time-capsule retro post?

    This can’t be real, right?

    Is this just to sell off the left over discs from 10 years ago?

    Never mind BD…. actual SD DVD’s are completely dead as a format.

    WHY WHY WHY is this an “upcoming product”.



    D V D ?

    • Devin Serpa

      It wasn’t cut in HD so there won’t be HD.

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Neither was TNG but that was remastered.

    • Impecunious Joe

      Because they already have the disc masters from the old releases and thus can press this set using them, with very little in the way of new costs – just the new packaging. Doing anything else would be significantly more expensive, and likely lose money, but merely issuing a new box of the old discs brings in essentially gravy if it sells even kind of okay.

    • Zarm

      Why do people keep saying that? It is NOT a dead format, and the people trying to kill it are the reason we’re not getting this show on blu-ray!

      Profitability of disc sales is a major incentive for the creation of bonus content, and the release of projects like the TNG remastering. This Brave New streaming World- in which all your content is at the whim of a service provider who could take it away or stop carying it at any time- removes that incentive, and chokes off the media market. If DVDs are dead, a lot of the projects that some of us love are dying with them. And for those of us who still want to own our entertainment rather than rent it from someone who could choose to stop providing it at any time, it is really irritating to repeatedly see the false claim the physical media is dead. They may not be of interest to you, but some of us still treasure them.

      • bgoo2

        Blu-Ray is not necessarily dead. DVD is. Sales are literally fractional if almost non-existent.

        Who is going to argue that the sheer ease and convenience of streaming services can compete with physical scratchable media?

        And every year, the compression artifacting on streaming services gets less and less.

        Just because I want to see DS9/VOY be re-mastered, doesn’t mean I’m in denial of certain tangible facts about the delivery medium.

        • DaMac

          Uh DVD still largely outsells Blu. That’s slowly changing for years now, but more casual fans thought DVD was fine and never bothered with Blu. Now they’re moving to streaming so slowly DVD is dying while Blu and 4k Blu carve out a niche collector market.

          • Ace Stephens

            Don’t know what you’re talking about – it will upset the the people upset over nothing!

        • Zarm

          I would happily make that argument. I would rather own something then rent it; rather know that it is in my collection, then have its availability subject to the whims of the providers putting things up and taking them down, not to mention the necessity of an internet connection. Internet goes out, folks travel to places where internet is not available- DVDs still work, and require no data plan. There are special features and other materials that streaming rarely includes; and that, as a business model, streaming provides no incentive to create. Certainly, Blu-ray is a preferable alternative, but for those things that have not been released on Blu-ray, or simply when the DVD at times is cheaper, it is absolutely still preferable to streaming. The artifacts may be getting less every year, but even a simple comparison of Deep Space Nine and Voyager on Netflix shows at the DVDs are still superior. The idea of trading in all the advantages of owning your own physical media simply for convenience is baffling to me. I guess it works for some people, but I would sooner see streaming go extinct than physical media.

        • Muldfeld

          More DVDs are made than Blu-Rays. Lots of indie films like “Christine” or shows that under-perform like “Halt and Catch Fire” (which is the best show in 5 years) are only released on DVD.

          • bgoo2

            Hi. If it helps you out, those titles are both available on Blu-ray

      • Robert Anthony

        I still buy them. (I’m a dinosaur, hear my RAWR.)

      • Muldfeld

        Great point. I hate streaming stuff and want to own everything on hard copy. I love my DVDs!

  • Devin Serpa

    Lol the colors look like water color. But I guess it need a it because it’s just the same set, even the same DVD menu.

  • bgoo2


    February 3, 2017 – For Immediate Release

    Paramount Pictures and CBS Corporation are pleased to announce that just in time for Star Trek’s 51st anniversary, a brand new standard-definition re-release of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will be available on a media format made popular during the original syndication run of the series.

    CBS President Les Moonves is quoted, regarding this release, “Yes, we are well-aware that this is the 17th release of this TV series on DVD in the past 20 years and that it is already available on every single streaming platform currently in existence, but market research shows that there are several self-abusing consumers who sold their original DVDs of DS9 nearly a decade ago at their local flea market”.

    Moonves continued, “We understand that a new behind-the-scenes documentary is being produced this year by original showrunner Ira Steven Behr and we wanted to ensure this DVD box set would be released in stores in time to exclude this documentary from inclusion as a value-added bonus as we feel dedicated fans of the series would not be interested in seeing new commentary and material.”

    “Understanding the high-resale value on Ebay of Best Buy bonus discs from the turn of the century, we are also pleased to announce that many original DS9 featurettes from previous DVD releases of this series are *not* going to be included in this new 2017 box set release. We would be remiss if we didn’t uphold the tradition of gray-market Asian knock-off DVD sales on CBS/Paramount understands the importance of maintaining the stimulus of an international economy, and including all previously released bonus features in an official 2017 release risks devaluing these after-market private sales”.

    • Muldfeld

      It took me a while to realize this wasn’t official. I couldn’t BELIEVE Moonves would utter the words “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, let alone all the jokes you put in there. Nicely done.

  • bbock

    Way to phone it in, CBS.

  • Neil Kesler

    Here’s the reason why we won’t get ds9 and voyager on blu ray

    • I predict a DS9/Voy remastering project after CBS All Access fails.

      • Devin Serpa

        Like Kes kinda predict?

    • Mike C.

      $40 million for both series doesn’t seem unreasonable. I’m sure CBS will spend several million per episode for ST:D.

      • Neil Kesler

        I completely agree with you 100 percent Mike, it would be a complete jackpot on the big kahunas at paramount cbs and us viewers
        I finished watching TNG on blu ray on my 65 inch led tv and I have to say even from the first year back in 1987 , it looked good , then when the show was near its conclusion in 94 it looked even better, as DS9 premiered in 1993 , as it continued til 1999 it looked even greater with the space battles and that would look amazing on a big screen home theater with the classical music scores of orchestra

        • Mike C.

          Thanks for the article. Great read. My feeling is that eventually it will happen. It’s too valuable not to exploit. Speaking of my own Gen-X-er experience,I avoided TOS b/c of the bad transfer and fx. I would argue that millennials and younger likewise avoid shows in SD.

    • jerr

      great article.. Clift notes: “not enough people bough the TNG BluRays” . TrekCore has been saying that for a while.

  • Mike C.

    Bluray remaster or nada.

    • DaMac

      So you don’t want to own the show ever if they don’t remaster it?

  • Two Siskos but no Bashir on the case art? Smooth move CBS.

  • Christopher Roberts

    Thank you for doing this review. The packaging looks lovely at any rate. Although they should’ve swapped S1 Avery for Siddig, so none of the main cast are duplicated on the covers.

    Had the Best Buy content been included, I’d have imported… which is no mean feat, given how much the taxes would likely be.

  • Michael

    No 4K, no sale.

  • laser4567

    Wait, so no new special features and the exact same disc menus? The only way I would consider buying this is if it’s like $30 for the complete set. Otherwise, I’ll just watch them on Netflix. I wish I hated DS9 and VOY so I didn’t care that they aren’t going to be on Blu Ray, but they happen to be my two favorite series. 🙁

    • Zarm

      I will say that, having watched this on Netflix and sometimes substituting the DVDs- of which I only have the first three seasons, because of the expense of buying them these days- there is a difference in quality. In fact, there can be an interlaced flickering or blurring whenever there’s a camera pan or motion on DS9 (on Netflix) that is quite distracting. So the DVD copy could still be well worth the upgrade. It’s not the dramatic step up in quality that you get with a Blu Ray, but it is still a step up in quality from the Netflix version.

      • laser4567

        Yeah, I understand that. I have all of Voyager on DVD, which I bought when they first came out. It’s just hard for me to justify spending $100 on DVDs in 2017 when CBS hasn’t made any effort to improve from their 2003 release.

      • CoconutDust

        Really? I’ll have to try the DVDs. The streaming quality of DS9 on Netflix is garbage, especially after watching the beautifulTNG remaster.

        If the DVDs are noticeably better than the streaming, that means they should just do a re-transfer. So wtf. I mean, the full remaster for $20 million dollars would also be great, but, just give us a better video scan for streaming in the mean time….

  • Thomas W.

    Although I accept the fact that we will never get a HD/UHD release of DS9 and VOY, I can’t imagine that they are not able to improve the DVDs. The old video masters – which have no 480p/576 “resolution” – could be scanned/digitized/converted in 1080p or 2160p. And they could improve the colors. I am shure DS9/VOY would look much better with a litte improvement.

    Every amateur can do little improvement with modern video software. With the original video masters it should be possible to present this shows much better without spending millions of dollars. The software could do this automatically.

    A re-release of the 14 year old DVDs in 2017 is a shame and joke. Even my old VHS tapes have a better piciture quality.

    • laser4567

      Yeah I don’t see how these will sell well at all. Everyone who cares about the special features already has the DVDs, and the people who don’t care will just watch them on Netflix. They also won’t be cheap enough for people to buy on a whim when they see them at the store. I think when these sell terribly CBS will use it as excuse to not remaster DS9 or VOY saying there’s no demand. Oh well, as a VOY fan I’ve gotten used to getting screwed over by CBS.

      • Thomas W.

        That is not a question of sales but a question of honour.

        • CoconutDust

          If you question it, a demonstration can be arranged!

  • Muldfeld

    I had no idea there were “Best Buy” exclusive discs for all 7 season sets; I thought it was just Season 7. Major bummer on my not having the discs for Seasons 4 though 6, since I LOVE Ira Steven Behr and the Ferengi. It’s this kind of corporate oligopolistic crap that I HATE. Why screw fans over this way?

    I’m buying another set of the original DVD sets because I don’t want to damage my autographed ones. The art work, the packaging, the disc art are so beautiful. This rerelease is such a sad-looking set.

  • trekjewel

    Does the UK version of the DVD “Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Full Journey” contain the best buy retailer exclusive bonus content?

    • Brent Sandlin

      Yes it does. The box set has them all.

  • Tony

    This is a great cost effective way to get favorite shows whenever you want without relaying on an internet connection or a monthly payment plan for both Netflix and fios. Very affordable at $89.99 @ best buy as opposed to the previous complete release on DVD in early 2000’s (which was approx $350). Let’s face it blu-ray has made DVD’s cheaper!

  • Alien Timetraveller

    Recieved my copy today. Its the Canadian release I think. I skipped to Season 2 as I already own Season 1. Season 2 Disc 1 does not contain the correct content. It is a copy of Disc 6. So I do not have the first 4 episodes of Season 2. Well done CBS. So sick of your half baked crap. Les Moonpies or whatever his name is deserves to die poor. I will update if there are more discs like this.